How to Identify & Recover from Spiritual Abuse

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The Roys Report
How to Identify & Recover from Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse has become a hot topic as more and more pastors and Christian leaders have been exposed as abusive or toxic. But how do you identify spiritual abuse? And how do you recover from it?

On this episode of The Roys Report, I discuss this crucially important topic with Remy Diederich, a pastor and author of Broken Trust: a practical guide to identify and recover from toxic faith, toxic church, and spiritual abuse

Remy knows first-hand the pain, confusion, and damage that spiritual abuse inflicts on its victims. And with compassion, he offers helpful steps to help victims know if they’re in an abusive and toxic system, how to break free, and then how to heal. 



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10 thoughts on “How to Identify & Recover from Spiritual Abuse”

  1. Remy is the best when it comes to this topic. Go get his book if you need to know more about how to deal with abuse. Thanks for interviewing him!

  2. A short guide to identify “Spiritual Abuse.”

    Power – Profit – Prestige – Pleasure – Performance
    In a 501 c 3, Non-Profit, Tax-Deductible, Religious Corporation.
    That the IRS calls “church.

    1 – Power… It’s all about the control.
    Submission to spiritual authority becomes a primary focus.

    2 – Profit… It’s all about the money.
    Giving to the organization becomes a primary focus.

    3 – Prestige… It’s all about the image.
    The image of the organization and it’s leaders become a primary focus.
    Prestige is an illusion. In Websters, it is the power to command admiration or esteem. This comes from a word that means, illusion.

    4 – Pleasure… It’s all about you… and the proud I…
    You… and the proud I… become the primary focus.
    I… enjoying life, I… being special, I… being blessed,
    I… being rich, I… getting what I… want.
    The focus is not on Jesus and what Jesus wants.

    5 – Performance… It’s all about you… and the proud I… doing more.
    The primary focus becomes, how well you… and the proud I… work and sacrifice for the organization and for God. I… have to work more to please God. I… have to help more people. I… have to give more money and time to the organization. I… have to pray more and read the bible more or God is not pleased with me. Always doing more.

    If any of these sound familiar… Run…
    Run for your life…

    Run to the “ONE”
    Who refers to Himself as…

    The “ONE” Leader
    The “ONE” Teacher
    The “ONE” Shepherd

    {{{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}}

  3. If you are searching for what to do with your pain, remember that the Lord loves you and is very interested in hearing you express your feelings to him.

    “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Selah” (Ps 62:8)

  4. I really appreciated hearing about how we heal from spiritual abuse and not to wait for those abusive leaders to change or admit their abuses. Instead, to confront and warn and then to leave it in God’s hands and forgive. This seems simple, but was very profound for me.

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