The Roys Report Extra: What Should We Make of Crusading Bloggers?

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In this follow-up to The Roys Report on crusading bloggers, I continue my conversation with Scott Bryant, Ryan Mahoney, and Jessica Hockett—three former members of Harvest Bible Chapel who went public with damning information about the church and its former pastor, James MacDonald. We explore why publishing wrongdoing is sometimes not only permissible, but biblical, and what church members should do when they see sin in leadership. We also discuss the larger evangelical community and its failure to police itself. And lastly, we talk about how the Harvest debacle has impacted each of us spiritually.  


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1 thought on “The Roys Report Extra: What Should We Make of Crusading Bloggers?”

  1. What you refer to as the Evangelical Industrial Complex is everywhere. It permeates the “churchscape” in our culture. As a result, so much of it is simply business and the underlying mindset, corporate. I know – it’s my profession. It’s at higher levels (which is why your expose has made the news), and also at lesser levels, where I experience it. As a result, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard reports from “church people” who felt abandoned at the time of great need – generally at large, corporate churches. MBAs are more suited than MDivs. But the places are packaged well and project attractiveness. That’s what today’s seminarians are taught and pastors are encouraged to emulate at conferences. All for Jesus! He’s the commodity we sell.

    You also made reference to narcissism among pastors. This is worth exploring.

    I’ve pastored for almost 30 years, and have been in large, medium and small churches. I’ve been in a multi-staff setting, “grown” a church restart, and pastored a small struggling congregation – that hasn’t “grown”. Increasingly I am realizing that it is Christ’s church, and He does as he wants with it. The pastor is to feed and tend the sheep. Full stop. He must increase and I must decrease. I am simply His servant.

    Carry on. What you are exposing is worth it!

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