Pool Boy Claims Jerry Falwell Jr. Filmed Him Having Sex With Falwell’s Wife in New Documentary

By Dale Chamberlain
falwell documentary God forbid granda
Hulu documentary 'God Forbid' is set to follow the sex scandal involving Jerry Falwell Jr. (right), his wife Becki, and pool boy Giancarlo Granda (left). (Video screengrab)

On Wednesday, Hulu released a trailer for their upcoming documentary titled “God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty,” which will be available for streaming on November 1. The documentary is set to follow the sex scandal involving Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife Becki, and pool boy Giancarlo Granda. 

The story will apparently highlight Granda’s perspective. 

Falwell, whose father was the highly influential Baptist preacher who founded Liberty University and co-founded the Moral Majority, served as president of Liberty University from 2007 until 2020 when he was forced to resign amid scandal

At the center of that scandal was an alleged affair between Becki Falwell and Giancarlo Granda, whom the couple met at a resort in Miami. Granda has claimed that Jerry Falwell Jr. knew about the affair and encouraged it, something the Falwell couple has denied. 

The trailer for “God Forbid” opens with images of a Miami Beach resort teeming with partiers overlaid with a voiceover of Granda saying, “As a pool attendant, I would get hit on. But if I would have known that accepting this woman’s invitation to go back to her hotel room would have led to a scandal involving the president of the largest Christian university in the world, and president of the United States, I would have walked away and just enjoyed my private life.” 

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At the time when the scandal with Granda was coming to light, Falwell had a close relationship with former president Donald Trump, regularly offering his public endorsement of Trump, defending Trump when various controversies arose, and conferring with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen when his own scandal was looming.

“[The Falwells] have a public image. But behind the scenes, they’re freaks,” Granda says later in the documentary trailer. “At the time, I didn’t really know who they were.”

Speaking about Falwell’s children, Granda says, “They had no idea that their dad liked to record his wife having sex with me.” 

Another interviewee says, “Becki was in love with this kid. Jerry was looking at keeping his wife happy…They were bringing him into a world he couldn’t imagine: real estate, politics.”

“I’m like, this is it,” Granda says. 

The trailer then seems to hint at a nefarious plot to silence Granda through fear and intimidation in light of the negative effects the affair would eventually have on Falwell’s place of influence among evangelicals. 

“I know the truth about them, and the whole world is gonna find out,” Granda says.

It was announced earlier this year that Falwell will also be the subject of a scripted limited series produced by Liongate

This article originally appeared at ChurchLeaders.com.

Dale Chamberlain (M.Div) is the Content Manager for ChurchLeaders.com. He is also a blogger and podcaster who is passionate about helping people tackle ancient truths in everyday settings. He lives in Southern California with his wife Tamara and their two sons.



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20 thoughts on “Pool Boy Claims Jerry Falwell Jr. Filmed Him Having Sex With Falwell’s Wife in New Documentary”

  1. To quote St. Luke here: “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”
    Jerry thought the rules didn’t apply to him.

  2. The sad thing is that if Jerry Jr. was any political use now, Trump could rehabilitate his image with the Christian right in a heartbeat.

    1. Greg:

      You are correct. 45 used Falwell to get into the white-house and his attempt in 2020. Even with these revelations many evangelicals will still support Falwell. What kind of family values does the Republican Party actually believe in? Seems like they are showing us with the Walker abortion situation.

      1. Rev. Bob Fritch

        The Walker abortion situation is alleged at this time. He denies it. I would still vote for Walker over Warnock, who is a antisemite, deadbeat dad, spouse abuser, liar, hypocrite, false gospel preacher.

        1. Bob –
          Ironically, Herschel Walker is EVERYTHING you have accused Warnock of. I am interested in your thoughts on Walker having 4 children outside of marriage, NONE of whom he stuck around to raise. He actually only publicly claimed 1 child until the others came forward and forced him to change his own campaign speeches and website. That is the DEFINITION of deadbeat.
          All of this after he gave speeches on “family values” and denigrated fathers not being in the homes. THAT is the definition of hypocrisy. The proof of his payment for the abortion has been shown; he was reckless enough to send a check and a card. He was even more reckless by “forgetting” who the woman was – when she is the mother of 1 of his other kids! Goes back to that deadbeat dad claim. And given his pro-life speeches, it adds to his hypocrisy.
          Walker has an ex he has abused – to the point of beating her and holding a gun to her head. He admitted to this, but claimed “he was mentally ill at the time.” Mental illness is NOT synonymous with nor does it excuse abuse (also a note for Kanye’s antisemitic rants).
          Walker has been caught lying about his duties and role as a former police officer.
          The list goes on.
          Yet Warnock is the problem? Republicans MUST remove the plank from their own eye first. Walker is a DEEPLY flawed candidate. They had several choices and settled on a lying, abusing, hypocritical, womanizing deadbeat dad who admitted “I’m not that smart” when preparing for the debate. I’ll wait for the “well it’s ok when it comes from a Republican” justification.

      2. Once the truth about Falwell was known he was rightfully shown the door. You refer to Republicans as “they” which would indicate you are a Democrat. As such I assume you support the Democrat platform of family values that includes abortion on demand, teaching our kids the LGBTQ lifestyle, de-funding the police, eliminating cash bail for crimes up to and including 2nd degree murder, not prosecuting theft as long as they take under $900, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinians, having the DOJ target parents who object to school curriculum.the list goes on. I am confused why you would object to Hershel Walker assuming you are a Democrat. If you believe the charges against him are true I would think this would make you support him since paying for abortions would be the right thing to do from a Democrat perspective. It is us on the right who should be unhappy.

        1. Bill:

          That is a lot of word salad and what about ism. At this point if Walker admitted he paid for an abortion you and others would forgive him and vote for him.. On the other hand if Walker never admits he paid for the abortion you and others will vote for him. Republicans, the Party of Godly people make up your rules as they suit you.

        2. Bill – Your description of the Democratic platform is one oversimplified exaggeration. Nuance is important: By “abortion on demand”, do you mean such medical procedures defined as abortions like removing the remains of a miscarriage or treating a potentially-fatal septic uterus? (That is the GOP “no abortion under ANY circumstances” stance Walker supported – then backtracked on). You can’t “teach” anyone an LGBTQ lifestyle; yet children should be taught to be respectful of those who identify differently. In Chicago, taxpayers have paid HUNDREDS of millions in settlements for police misconduct. I say hold police accountable and spend that money on improving resources on our south and west sides. Our cash bail system is capitalist, benefitting the wealthy instead of achieving justice; overhaul it. Republicans are silent about Kanye ranting about killing Jews, but then have an issue with Palestine? Parents should be involved in schools, but schools shouldn’t censor material just because parents don’t like it. (At my school, parents didn’t want Black history to be its own semester course, saying “stick to Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and MLK; that’s not enough material!”, which incorrectly implies they are the “only” Black people who did anything). Schools should stand up to nonsense like that; parents are NOT licensed educators. Teach kids to be critical thinkers, how to debate facts, and to know WHY they do or don’t agree with something; not to be miniature robots of what their parents like or think.
          I stated above why I am against Walker. And I am an old school Cowboys fan who LOVED him but am now embarrassed FOR him. You should be unhappy ya’ll couldn’t find another candidate.

          1. Marin wrote “Schools should stand up to nonsense like that; parents are NOT licensed educators. Teach kids to be critical thinkers, how to debate facts, and to know WHY they do or don’t agree with something; not to be miniature robots of what their parents like or think”.

            Can you provide us with one single passage from Scripture that teaches that what children learn is to be determined by “licensed educators” whose objective is to ensure that children do not adopt the values of their parents?

          2. Daniel –
            Can you show me where licensed educators are to ensure children do NOT adopt the values of their parents? I asked both my grandmothers (retired teachers at the middle school and college levels) and my brother (a teacher at a junior high charter school), and they were astonished at such a fearful exaggeration. They are to teach children to be responsible, accountable, informed citizens, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders. That means knowing how to critically think, develop and debate ideas. Take a breath here: parents can be incorrect! And I want our teachers to have the knowledge and boldness to speak up when parents ARE wrong! My parents integrated their respective schools, and my grandmothers were teachers in newly integrated schools. I’m SO grateful they didn’t back down to parents who were screaming, “Integration is going to ruin our kids! Race mixing is a step towards communism!” Those parents were wrong.
            Parents are to instill values in their children. That involves sharing WHY we believe what we do (especially as Christians), NOT censoring EVERYTHING we disagree with, afraid that our children will develop different views. If you trust scripture, trust that when you DO “train up a child in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it.”
            I’m so grateful my parents didn’t run screaming to the school to take out books and topics when I learned things they disagreed with. They encouraged me to think with questions like: “Do you agree? Why or why not? Does that align with scripture? How?” It made me VERY strong in my faith, and equipped me to stand up for it ON MY OWN. Brainwashing is NOT building faith.

  3. I”m old enough to remember when evangelicals were all up in arms about how character counts and morality and all that. Looks like it was all lies after all. What else have evangelicals lied about? Can anything they say is “truth” be trusted and believed?

    1. Rev. Bob Fritch

      Be careful not to paint with a wide brush, there are many evangelical leaders who are very godly with nothing to hide about their pasts. It is always very sad with an evangelical leader falls, but Jesus still forgives and says to them “go and sin no more” as He told the woman caught in adultery.

    2. Tim:

      I also wonder if evangelicals have been lying about many things for many years? I’m not sure that Democrats have ever made the case they are the moral Biblical examples to follow like the Republicans. Today in 2022-Evangelicals=Christians=votes Republican regardless of character and morality. What changed for Evangelicals and when?

  4. Terence Emmanuel

    My main issue for years is why people still regards Liberty U as the Christian premier university when the head has been so rotten.

  5. Jerry did an article in Vanity Fair admitting he’s never been much of a Christian, and indicated his dad was a hypocrite too. The fake moral supremacy is blinding.

    There are sins of OMISSION and COMMISION.

    Republican Christians act as if they are on the moral high ground, and they obviously are not! All they focus on are sins of commission, which are not forced on anyone. A sin-free world is called HEAVEN.

    Whatever you say about Democrats, they are live and let live. People have a right to reject God and go to hell if they want to. As a Christian, I have an obligation to tell them about God and convince them that they should, and one day will, acknowledge HIS Supremacy. They are not guilty of sins of OMISSION.

    Society as a whole suffers from the result of bad parenting period. We are ALL drained and may never be the same because Republicans Christians insisted a person who is the result of bad parenting should lead this country. Thanks a lot.

    Paul said, “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.” Galatians 2:20

    Democrats do try to care for the poor and downtrodden. Give them credit for that.

  6. So Falwell is carrying on a three-some and and at the same time is leading the largest Christian University. It is amazing how many Christian boards do nothing even when many concerns are raised for years.

    Oh by the way, Falwell got a 10 million dollar severance package when he left Liberty. I wonder if that 10 million came from student’s college tuitions….. why do so many boards of Christian entities engage in Machiavellian politics and then they say their institution/church is so “Christlike” … …pretty messed up….

  7. Marin Heiskell and Debra Howard. You are my heroes. Thank you for your articulate and well-reasoned responses, with which my mind and heart totally resonate.

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