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“Pool Boy” Says Relationship with Becki Falwell Spanned Years & Involved Jerry Falwell Jr.

By Julie Roys
Jerry Fawell Jr and pool boy
Jerry Fawlell Jr. and his former business associate, Giancarlo Granda.

Reuters News just dropped a bombshell concerning suspended Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., and his wife, Becki.

The media outlet says the affair that Becki Falwell carried on with former “pool boy,” Giancarlo Granda, spanned seven years, according to Granda. Granda also reportedly told Reuters that the relationship involved Granda having sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell watched.

According to Reuters, Granda produced emails, text messages, and other evidence showing the sexual nature of his relationship with the couple. 

In a statement released last night, Jerry Falwell said his wife and Granda had an “inappropriate personal relationship,” but added that it was “something in which I was not involved.” 

However, Reuters says it verified a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation between Becki Falwell and Granda in 2019 in which Becki appeared naked as Jerry peeked from behind a door. 

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Reuters also said that Granda shared an audio recording that allegedly took place with the Falwells in 2018. In it, Becki reportedly complained about Granda telling her about his relationships with other people. “He’s like telling me every time he hooks up with people. Like I don’t have feelings or something,” Becki said. Reportedly Jerry responded, “You’re going to make her jealous.” And Granda replied, “I’m not trying to do that.”

Liberty University’s Board of Trustees have placed Falwell on an indefinite leave of absence following a racy photo and video Falwell posted online and then deleted. The board had a special meeting last Friday, but did not decide whether or not to permanently remove the embattled president and chancellor of the school.

Click here to read the full Reuters story.

Below is Reuters’ tweet with audio of the conversation between Becki Falwell, Granda, & Jerry Falwell Jr. (audio begins at :19):



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26 Responses

  1. Ok. I said in the previous comment thread that they would have to pry LU from Falwell’s hands, and I wasn’t sure the board would have the will or independence to do it.

    Well, I highly doubt Falwell survives these new allegations. Even if he completely denies his participation, there is simply too much circumstantial evidence in the form of his less-than-exemplary private lifestyle to give him the benefit of the doubt. He should resign, and if he doesn’t, he needs to be fired immediately.

  2. “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans…” (1 Cor 5:1)

  3. Interesting that so many Christians who pride themselves on their ‘discernment’ didn’t discern the rot at the heart of evangelicalism’s flagship university.

    What else are those Christians missing?

    Who else are they being deceived by?

    1. Even sadder that some think that Liberty is some kind of “flagship.” Jerry and Jerry Jr. were/are an embarrassment to the Kingdom. Jr. should be banished to the furthest reaches of the Earth.

    1. For me the relevance is that Falwell repeatedly vouched for Trump to evangelicals after revelations of Trump’s own moral indiscretions, implying that his close knowledge of the President gave him insight into Trump’s moral character.

      That Falwell was doing so while personally engaged in immorality calls into question the integrity of his assurances to the Christian community.

  4. For once, I have no words! Well, I guess I do. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of pastors and Christian workers, and the vast majority of them are not guilty of these sexual sins. That’s my hope, and that’s my expectation. When the famous fail, we all hear about it, and their failures stand out and embarrass us!

  5. It is a past relationship from years ago that has been forgiven and not being continued. Granted, not something acceptable for a Christian Leader to be involved in. But, it was years ago, confessed of and forgiven by Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki. We all make mistakes in life and they have lasting consequences. It is not something that is happening now and has not happened within any couple years. The Elders (Trustees) of Liberty University should have required more accountability. But, regardless it was in the past. Something jst seems to me that this is something that Christians need to be forgiving of if Jerry Falwell Jr. sincerely ask for forgiveness. The persons affected do not seem to be harmed and no innocent persons were harmed (unless something else comes out) I say, forgive and forget in this instance. We Christians need to get back into the mindset of grace and be forgiving.

    1. Dirk, sorry if I’m a bit dense, but is your comment sarcasm? God forbid if it’s not. He’s disqualified for leadership. That is all.

    2. In his statements today, Falwell blamed his wife, concealed his own role in the affair and used the ‘pressure’ of covering up the affair as an excuse for his other bizarre acts of dubious morality. He said nothing of sin or repentance, referring only to “important smaller things I needed to do better”.

      Those are not statements that indicate a repentant and contrite heart, which the Bible makes clear must precede forgiveness.

      “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.” Luke 17:3

    3. Years ago? 2019???? You’re kidding, right? I’m amazed you’d pull the forgive and forget card. The man disqualified himself from leadership whenever it happened. Forgiveness, yes. Leadership, NEVER AGAIN.

  6. The recording sinks lower than I could have imagined. She sounds like a teeny bopper, and not a very smart one at that. Intelligent people past the age of 12 don’t sprinkle sentences with “like . . . ” She says she’s matured?? What on earth was her behavior like before? This is unbecoming of ANYONE, never mind a university president and his wife, never mind Christians. The disrespect for the larger Christian community and the name of Christ is simply stunning. They need to be removed Immediately. Every day the Board dithers, reflects more and more poorly on them and the university.

    1. The recorded interchange was kinda cringe worthy… perhaps it was another person who said..”your making her jealous”. I cannot imagine a Christian husband chiming in like that.

  7. Grievous. So much potential for bitterness here, I hope the anger will be healed. It’s not hard to imagine how the Falwells’ behavior resonates with current students, alumni, and faculty, who were in an environment where “toeing the line” was demanded.

    1. Yes, extremely grievous for the Body of Christ , and first hand bitter feelings in the Liberty community. I wish the Falwells had departed from the scene before the sordid stuff broke in the general news media. I certainly did not need to learn about that stuff which is not even good to be mentioned by believers or nonbelievers.

      The virus of sin is so deep and the sinful deeds so offensive to God that exposure to such “news” can make anyone sick! It can dull the conscience of people young and old. We all fall short of God’s glory, but this kind of spiritual darkness almost makes Satan “shine” in his “success”. It seems that too many leaders are pursuing God with too much human strength, too much worldly wisdom, and carnal desires. Where is the place of the Holy Spirit? Did we manage to shut Him down completely these days?

    2. Have you ever been a therapist on a Christian university campus? I was for years and the number one issue clients came in for was their sexual escapades. Sexual sin is rampant on Christian campuses. Don’t be fooled.

      1. Something is very wrong. Very very wrong. The world feeds sexual desires to people all day long on TV shows, commercials, and internet…The Christians are only into the principles of the Bible, but into the Life of Jesus. We have not been taught to truly love Jesus, and desire the beauty of His holiness. People preach with head knowledge, but lack the power to live the life of redemption! We simply are not able to measure up by human strength. Please, let’s ask the Father to grant us the gift of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). Otherwise, why should people believe us when tell them about a Savior?

        The students on Christian campuses got to find their life in Christ! If what you said is a spiritual picture of the young in this land, then sex is making them dull and dangerous to themselves and others. Who will show them the real Jesus?

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