Pro-Life Ministries Stay The Course To End Abortion In A Post-Roe Nation

By Kim Roberts
pro-life ministries
An anti-abortion protester at a pro-life march near Denver, Colorado. (Photo via Flickr / creative commons)

With the United States Supreme Court’s decision last month in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case to overturn almost 50 years of a federally recognized right to abortion, anti-abortion ministries across the country are not closing their doors.

Some may tweak their strategies, but the essential work remains the same — to faithfully serve women and promote the message that all life is precious.

The Radiance Foundation, founded in 2009 by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger, is an educational ministry committed to creating “a culture that believes every human life has purpose.”

After the recent Dobbs decision sent the abortion question back to the states, Bomberger said his group will continue working to promote its same life-affirming message. “Our focus has always been nationwide,” he told MinistryWatch, adding that the organization plans to focus especially on those states with radical abortion laws. 

“As an adoptee and adoptive father, I’m just rejoicing,” Bomberger emphasized.

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He pointed out that currently, the Radiance Foundation is helping with research for a case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In that case, Bomberger said, it is fighting against the claim that it is “racist not to fund abortion through Medicaid.” 

pro life ministries
Ryan and Bethany Bomberger (Photo: The Radiance Foundation)

The Radiance Foundation has been very active is demonstrating the connection between race and abortion. “Abortion is the leading killer of Black lives in America, outnumbering the top 15 causes of death — combined,” Bomberger said. 

In reaction to the notion that — as some have suggested — “now the real work begins” since Roe is overturned, Bomberger was a bit incredulous.

“They haven’t been paying attention,” he noted. “The work has been being done by Christians for a long time. In a way, it’s a bit insulting.”

However, he did acknowledge there is likely to be an exponentially greater need for Christians to “step up to adopt children, especially from foster care.”

Bomberger is optimistic about the continued financial support for pro-life ministries. “Pregnancy centers do the work with love and compassion,” he said. “They meet the need. They don’t need to change their message; they just need to be bolstered.”

CareNet supports one of the largest networks of pregnancy centers in North America, claiming to have saved 823,000 babies from abortion since 2008.

CareNet president and CEO Roland Warren is grateful for the Dobbs decision, but acknowledged, “While it’s been overturned, it has not been overturned in the hearts and minds of many.”

He has been working to prepare CareNet’s network of pregnancy centers and staff for the overturning of Roe v. Wade for years by asking, “What would you be doing the day after Roe is overturned? Then that’s what we should be doing now.”

He said CareNet has focused its efforts on two aspects: 1) building strong families by encouraging them to follow God’s design for marriage, motherhood and fatherhood and 2) helping those families become disciples of Christ. 

Warren said 86% of women who have abortions are unmarried.

The ministry to women with unplanned pregnancies must be “transformational, not transactional,” Warren told MinistryWatch. “We’re not just saving the baby.”

But he also pointed out that “pregnancy centers alone can’t be the response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.” Instead, he wants to see “armies of people in churches” supporting women and helping in discipleship.

One tool CareNet has developed is a kit for small groups called “Making Life Disciples” to be used for training church members to offer practical help for women in case of an unplanned pregnancy.

Live Action founder and anti-abortion activist Lila Rose reacted to the Dobbs decision, saying while overturning Roe “is a necessary first step, giving states the prerogative to regulate abortion is not a final victory.”

She recognizes many states will still have legalized abortions within their boundaries, so the work must continue. “We will not have true justice until the Supreme Court acknowledges the truth that under our Constitution, every American — born or preborn — has an inherent right to life protected by the 14th Amendment.”

In an email to supporters in late June, Rose acknowledged that financial support for her group is down, a phenomenon she said Live Action has never experienced before. 

Rose attributed the decrease to the current financial strain many Americans are facing due to rising inflation but also added, “Many people who care deeply about ending the killing of preborn children think that ending Roe will completely end abortion … so they’re no longer investing in the fight.”

Although the once-recognized constitutional right to abortion was recently overturned, Rose believes there is still much to be done to “change hearts and minds from pro-abortion to pro-life and activate more individuals than ever before in this fight — in every city, town and state.”

This piece is republished from MinistryWatch with permission. 

Kim Roberts is a freelance writer who holds a Juris Doctor from Baylor University. She has homeschooled her three children and is happily married to her husband of 25 years.



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13 thoughts on “Pro-Life Ministries Stay The Course To End Abortion In A Post-Roe Nation”

  1. “He [Roland Warren] said CareNet has focused its efforts on two aspects: 1) building strong families by encouraging them to follow God’s design for marriage, motherhood and fatherhood and 2) helping those families become disciples of Christ.”
    That mission statement must be accepted and respected, but in terms of saving unborn lives, it is both strength and weakness. Strength because of Christian belief and impulse. Weakness because ultimately that belief is an ideology working in the human field of multiple ideologies: and the push-back across that is going to be immense; as in the wider global and national populations, Christianity is losing ground.
    That Roe v Wade was overturned, required Trump and a complex alliance between him and American Christianity; where nothing in that alliance is safely sustainable. The forces that brought Roe v Wade into being, will push back, and the Trump component will no longer be in place.

  2. Abortion is a serious moral issue. Every abortion is a tragedy–something has gone wrong–but I do not believe that every abortion is the murder of a human being. Particularly in the first trimester.
    10-35% of fertilized eggs do not implant. Only about 55% of all fertilized eggs go to term, mostly because they do not implant or spontaneously abort in the first trimester. If you believe that God is the author of all things, He is not a mass murderer..
    Ireland and France permit abortion up to 12 weeks, but make it available. (WHO says that Russia has the most abortions per capita. Israel is 11th.)
    Abortion pills does not work after 10 weeks. At least half of all US abortions are by pills. That trend will continue.
    93% of all US abortions are in the first trimester. After that, it is usually either lack of funds or access, or a serious problem with a wanted pregnancy.
    Pro-Life activists compare their work to Abolition of slavery. A closer political analogy is Prohibition. Politically, if the Anti-Saloon League was willing to permit 3.2% beer, it probably would still be in place.

  3. Kimberlee Keiser

    I’m so happy to read this article to hear more about what is happening in the pro-life movement! This is an issue that we should all become more educated about. It is of utmost importance to God’s heart & we need to make it important to us too.
    I want to encourage all readers to celebrate the end of Roe vs Wade by donating (time or money) to a pregnancy center. They are under attack by domestic terrorist groups & really need our increased prayer and support.
    Thank you for this article, Kim!

  4. Clearly the abortion ‘boom’ is a direct consequence of the ‘free love’ boom of the 60s. Sanger couldn’t have wished for a better means of eliminating her ‘undesirables’ if she’d tried.

    1. David, I would instead associate both of those things with the two world wars that preceded the 1960s. Societal edifices around the Earth came crashing down. New possibilities were seen by the millions mobilised in numerous armies. Technological advances smashed the glass ceilings of what was considered possible. Certain nations emerged immeasurably wealthier and more powerful than before. Defeated nations had to reinvent and rebuild from ground zero. Ideologies, such as religions, which had been the societal glue previously, were put on the back foot, their meaningfullness and persuasive power diminished. Specifically, nature re-emerged as a challenger to God, as a fulcrum for human understanding and believing and acting. All of that then still playing out. Regards abortion, respective concerns about God and environment (as we approach 8 billion population), play out.

  5. Interesting the article mentions the 14th amendment as a guarantee for persons born and unborn to life, etc., when in fact the 14th is the foundation of why only 7 deranged individuals on the Supreme Court had the power to make a decision that led to the murder of 63 million plus persons, and fueled the growth of rampant irresponsible/immoral behavior in society (among plenty of other negative results).

    How so? Well, surprise, surprise, the 14th was never officially ratified with 3/4 majority vote, and it’s well documented.

    “ Fourteenth Amendment has had precisely the effect that its nineteenth-century
    Republican party supporters intended it to have: it has greatly centralized power in
    Washington, D.C., and has subjected Americans to the kind of judicial tyranny that
    Thomas Jefferson warned about when he described federal judges as those who would be “constantly working underground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric.”
    It’s time for all Americans to reexamine the official history of the “Civil War” and its aftermath as taught by paid government propagandists in the “public” schools for the past 135 years.”

  6. In addition to the 14th amendment giving unintended, monstrous power to the Supreme Court, the other devastating consequence is it eventually made everyone in the fifty states slaves of the United States on a Federal level (District of Columbia).

    Much has been written about this. Some good info here:

    Millions of people in recent years (a great awakening) have been filing necessary documents to terminate their uninformed and unsolicited Federal Citizenship, and are becoming, once again, sovereign persons/individuals residing in the states. And, yes, they are no longer paying the fraudulent income tax.

    If anyone is unfamiliar with these concepts here is a consolidated summary of one of the several ways people are going about the process (testimony of someone who recently did this starts around the 27 min mark):

      1. Ken, Obama did much in attempts to halt anyone and demonize them during his time in office who was waking up to the system of slavery in the US. His 8 year reign was a strategic part of the New World Order.

        Have you seen Putin’s latest speech where he condemns the US’s part in the NWO?

        “ Everyone should understand that this process cannot be stopped. The course of history is inexorable, and the collective West’s attempts to impose its new world order on the rest of the world are doomed.

        At the same time, I want to say and emphasise that we have many supporters, including in the United States and Europe…

        To reiterate…there is a growing understanding that their ruling elites’ blind obedience to their overlord, as a rule, does not necessarily coincide with their national interests, and most often simply and even radically contradicts them. Eventually, everyone will have to face this growing sentiment in society.

        Today, these ruling elites are raising the degree to which they manipulate the public consciousness right before our eyes. The ruling classes of the Western countries, which are supranational and globalist in nature, realised that their policies are increasingly detached from reality, common sense and the truth, and they have started resorting to openly despotic methods.

        The West…has now degenerated into the opposite: totalitarianism.”

  7. The Roys Report picked a good article to examine. I was always glad to see that many pregnancy centers were emphasizing a more complete picture on helping mothers as well as babies ❗

    I think the Roys article also indirectly pointed out abortion was a political rallying cry as much as a religious one for many people. 🤬 The following article definitely points the unholy mixing of religion and politics.

    Why is America so divided on abortion? Because a key conservative player planned it that way

    Or perhaps a more permanent link?

    The religious right was made in the battle over access to abortion rights, but now experts believe there is a much broader war being waged and other personal freedoms, as well as American democracy, are all on the line.”

  8. So of course the States that prohibit or severely restrict abortion will expand Medicaid–to reduce infant and maternal mortality.
    They will also financially support daycare, so that single mothers and wives with too many children can go to work.
    Of course.

    1. Brian Patrick

      Jim Worrest, John Fenner,

      The talking-head sheep of the mainstream hold the anti-abortion cause to a standard that no other movement in history has been held to, Let’s pretend that the anti-gun cause (which I think you both proudly belong to) was held to the same as pro-lifers are:

      1: Only gun owners are allowed to have an opinion about proposed gun laws.
      2: The fathers of aborted children are allowed to sue the clinics where their wives/girlfriends/one-night-stands had their abortions.
      3: Womb to tomb: the government shalt not make any gun law without guaranteeing total safety for every citizen at all times: all dangerous criminals locked away forever, for starters.
      4: Anti-gunners are not allowed a say-so in the process without opening up free/low-cost medical and counseling clinics for crime victims.

      Sounds pretty fair to me!

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