Dallas-Area ‘Revival’ Event Merges Conspiracy Theories, Partisanship with Worship

By Bob Smietana
On August 6-8, 2021, more than 1,000 attendees gathered at Frisco Convention Center in north Texas for a Christian-backed event billed as 'America's Revival' where Pastor Greg Locke spoke. (Photo: Bob Smietana / RNS)

The organizers of America’s Revival love Jesus and America, too.

And they believe God still has a plan for the United States. 

“He loves the United States,” Joshua Feuerstein, a Oneness Pentecostal preacher and founder of America’s Church, told a crowd of more than 1,000 worshipers on Friday.

“He’s not done with this country.”

The three-day Christian Nationalist event being held at the Frisco Convention Center, north of Dallas, was part tent revival, part megachurch extravaganza and part political rally. It began with a video promoting a conservative online pharmacy and a word from the head of a pro-Trump, conservative Christian insurance company who said he refuses to wear a mask and offered audience members a chance to win a new AR-15 rifle if they texted their number to his company.

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“You come to worship Jesus and leave with a gun,” he told worshipers. “Amen.”

After the commercials, a megachurch-style service began, with recording artist Draylin Young leading the congregation through songs like “How Great is Our God,” “You are Good,” and “Reckless Love,” while on a stage flanked by a pair of giant America flags. 

Christian Nationalism — the idea that being a Christian is an essential part of America’s identity and destiny — was on full display. 

The words “America’s Revival” were projected on a screen behind the band, with an American flag waving in the background. At center stage was a pulpit resembling a presidential podium, with a seal of the United States on the front. The pulpit sat on a carpet that featured the same color scheme and seal found in the Oval Office.

Featured preaches Feuerstein and Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, filled their sermons with a mix of patriotism and piety, with callouts to Donald Trump and claims faith was more powerful than COVID-19.

In his sermon, Feuerstein told the biblical story of King Ahab and Jezebel and how they faced off against the prophet Elijah. He described Ahab as a senile old man and Jezebel as someone who “slept her way to the top.”

“Does that sound familiar?” he said, leading to raucous cheers from worshipers. A number of conservative pastors have referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “Jezebel” — a term used for an evil or corrupt woman.

The biggest name at Friday’s event was MyPillow.com CEO and election conspiracy theorist, Mike Lindell, who gave a rambling speech about how God saved him from a cocaine addiction and detailed how he “fully surrendered his life to Jesus” after meeting Trump.

He joked that his friends called him saying, “Who is that crackhead up there?” after Lindell was photographed in the White House with Trump.

Lindell then listed what he called a series of miracles that allowed him to uncover how the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump. He promised to reveal more evidence about the election in an upcoming “cyber-symposium” to be broadcast on his new website, Frankspeech.com.

The symposium is the latest election conspiracy project from Lindell, who told supporters the 2020 election would soon be overturned and Trump would return to the White House. He then promised the voting machines would be “melted down and turned into prison bars.”

Lindell told worshipers they should not fear because “God’s got his hands in all of this.”

“This is going to be the greatest uniting of our country ever and the biggest revival for Jesus in history,” he said.  

His remarks were greeted with waving flags and cheers of “U.S.A! U.S.A!”

Trump’s presence seemed to fill Friday’s event. 

Feuerstein told worshipers he wanted to hold an even bigger event in the future at the stadium used by the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, where the former president would be the primary preacher. 

Before the worship started, a group of women in white dresses with single red letters posed in front of one of the giant American flags, spelling out the message “TRUMP WON.”  Outside the main exhibit hall was a pair of Trump stores, selling merchandise with pro-Trump, pro-God messages.

There was also a booth for PatriotChurches.us, staffed by a retired Army colonel turned software salesman, and a display for MoreKingdom.com — a Pentecostal T-shirt company with slogans like “More Lord,” “Mas Señor” and “Make America Godly Again.”

Landon Zilbert, who designed a number of the T-shirts, said he was more interested in spiritual renewal in America than political power. The group’s T-shirts are meant to promote conversations about Jesus he said — and staff at the booth offered to pray for customers during the event.

“We’d rather do that than sell a T-shirt,” he said.

Zilbert did say he supported Trump because the former president’s values lined up with his own. He was concerned freedom to worship was being constrained in the United States, especially during the era of COVID.

Perhaps the biggest reaction during Friday’s revival came during the sermon given by Locke, a fire-breathing Tennessee preacher known for his pugnacious social media presence and his proclivity for creating sound-byte-driven controversy with his sermons.

Locke, a Trump defender and COVID-denier, recently told worshipers at his church that anyone who wore a mask would be kicked out of services.

During his sermon, Locke recounted his run-ins with public officials and reporters during the COVID-19 pandemic. His church has continued to meet, holding services in a tent.

He said his church was both “biblical and constitutional.”

“We so believe in our First Amendment right to gather that if you show up and you impede my First Amendment right — we are going to meet you at the door with our Second Amendment right,” he said.

Locke also called worshipers to spiritual renewal, saying they needed to spend more time reading their Bibles and praying. He broke down in tears at times, saying he’d begun to learn more about being close to God in recent months. 

He also issued a warning, while standing in front of the projection of a waving flag.

The church in America, he said, “was too much America and not enough church.”

Friday’s service ended with an altar call, as Joshua Feuerstein of America’s Church invited worshipers to come forward and give their lives fully to Jesus. Organizers had set up horse trough-style steel baptistries out in the parking lot — along with pop-up changing rooms — for those who wanted to get baptized.

If one person gave their life to Jesus during the event, Feuerstein said, “This will all be worth it.”

Bob SmietanaBob Smietana is a national reporter for Religion News Service.



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48 thoughts on “Dallas-Area ‘Revival’ Event Merges Conspiracy Theories, Partisanship with Worship”

    1. And Locke disqualified himself as a pastor after divorcing his wife for her former best friend.

      Pillow Man is acting strange, is he having a cocaine addiction relapse? I hope not as he is a success story of beating addiction and becoming successful.

    1. I actually thought they were trying to make that point! It was lost on them the irony… I think they lost the ability to hold any form of rational thought and reason.

    2. Frances Christenson

      Jack, I think that analogy could apply to a majority of American politicans on both sides. My hope is more third party candidates win in 2022. I seriously doubt we are ever going to get term limits and the American people tend to think my person good, your person bad…. even if they prove to be pretty much the same.

      1. How about we stop putting our faith in fallen leaders that make zero attempt to work/live under Gods Law, the TV, preachers that teach/fallback on Paul instead of Christ, and start living according to God/Christ in our own communities?

  1. I think they sound like good people. I definitely don’t think I’m above them and appreciate their patriotism. I wouldn’t call Mike Lindell a “conspiracy theorist” personally until his information comes out. He may In fact have proof of election fraud. I personally think our government is all on the same side and the system puts us against each other, but I’m probably just a conspiracy theorist. This current administration chops up babies while their alive and harvests their organs, but trump didn’t get rid of them while he was there. So hmm. There seems to be a globalist push for martial law and unrest throughout every country. I’m Leary of a Trump comeback because he advocated for Martial Law a couple times.
    America has a very Christian history and Judeo-Christian principles combined with liberalism made this country what it is. I don’t see any problem with preserving that or celebrating that. I do think it’s very harmful to put patriotism over the truths of the Bible. It’s also harmful to eliminate God from our government and act condescendingly toward patriotic Americans. The Bible does speak of deceptions in the end times so powerful that even the elect may be fooled. It would be nice to see more reporting on here about the targeting of white evangelicals” and the de-humanizing taking place toward “Christian Nationalism” and “un vaxed”. It’s very concerning being targeted and it doesn’t seem like more liberal Christians are noticing what’s happening.

    1. Thank you Sara for speaking up. I’m feeling like you…

      The author seems to express that any question of the election is a “conspiracy theory”. If it was truly fair, then why not have audits to prove the fairness? Why belittle and trash those who want our country to have fair elections? Polls show that half the country believe there was voter fraud.

      I am a resident of AZ and there is zero doubt that voter fraud was in full-swing in our red state and we experienced it first hand, which we subsequently reported. Mike Lindell loves our country and wants America to return to our foundational principles. We will never have another election “by the people” if 2020 isn’t fixed.

      A woman came forward in Georgia (she is a democrat) telling of stacks and stacks of UNFOLDED mail-in ballots in her precinct – which were basically all for Joe. We all know that mail-in ballots have to be folded. This woman came forward because her conscience was so troubled. I don’t call her a conspiracy theorist. There are hundreds of others who witnessed and came forward to report election fraud. When I was a little girl my parents taught me that this sort of thing was called “cheating” yet, in order to marginalize and vilify those questioning the election the author resorts to calling those part of a conspiracy theorist. Perhaps the author ought to stop watching MSM and read some truth like The Epoch Times to see what’s really going on.

      The current administration celebrates the chopping to bits of babies (even full-term). Some people hated President Trump so much that they are okay with an Alzheimer patient who sniffs and gropes children on camera (and by the way, what in the world has he done off-camera?) and who also gleefully promotes killing the unborn. How God’s heart is grieved!

      PS I’m absolutely not a fan of Greg Locke in any way, shape or form but how is a rally for America where he is ONE speaker wrong? Honestly asking.

      I usually like Julie Roys Report, but this author and his article are causing me great concern. This is not journalism of merely reporting an event but rather this is biased, derogatory and extremely slanted article.

      1. “read some truth like The Epoch Times”

        Linn, do you realize that the Epoch Times is owned and operated by the Chinese Falung Gong Buddhist/Taoist religious movement? And that the leader they venerate, Li Hongzhi, has claimed that computers were invented because aliens started invading human minds in the beginning of the 20th century? And that he also claims to be able to walk through walls and levitate?

        Whatever would possess a Christian to see them as a speaker of truth?

        Your post is in fact a sad litany of UNTRUTH, fed to you by the Falung Gong.

        I am sorry that you have allowed yourself to fall under the influence of such deception.

        1. Lea James,

          Do you hold the different Bible translations under the same standards?

          Have you research every publisher/author associated with the various Bible versions? If you do, you might be surprised who is responsible for “updating” the language and interpretations.

          Or do you not care because all modern Bibles are the “most accurate translation available today”?

          1. @ Andrew Thomas

            And there’s Sir Francis Crick, co-discover with James Watson of the double-helix structure of DNA, who claimed he was high on LSD when he made the discovery. He also believes in transpermia as the way space aliens populated the earth.

            Oh, and James Watson made routinely racist and misogynistic remarks for years.

            It’s too bad because I actually wanted to believe in DNA.

          2. Lea J,

            I do not know what “appetites—of King James” means (google has 0 results), can you please elaborate?

        2. Lea J,


          “Linn, do you realize that the Epoch Times is owned and operated by the Chinese Falung Gong Buddhist/Taoist religious movement?”

          Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. We do not know because:


          “Whatever would possess a Christian to see them as a speaker of truth?

          Your post is in fact a sad litany of UNTRUTH, fed to you by the Falung Gong.

          I am sorry that you have allowed yourself to fall under the influence of such deception.”

          That is a lot of of hate, judgement, condescension, lack of love, and condemnation in 3 sentences, what gives you the moral superiority/judgement/authority to talk to Lin this way? How is this constructive? Is your proof of falseness based on the ownership only? Or do you have an example or 2 for your claim? I am saddened you think this is Christian behavior.

          I could say “whatever would possess a Christian to talk to another Christian in this way?”

          Or I could ask the person making that statement if they hold the same standard of judgement to their own sources, or just others trying to help (even if it might/might not be misguided).

          1. “Or I could ask the person making that statement if they hold the same standard of judgement to their own sources”

            I can assure you that I trust no sources owned and operated by the Falun Gong. Or the Moonies, for that matter, who own and operate the Washington Examiner.

    2. You absolutely can be patriotic while a Christian. But you cannot and should not equate patriotism with Christianity, and that is essentially their message. Not only this, Christian Nationalists are defining what they think is patriotic. If they don’t like the message, it’s anti-American. So much wrong with this lack of accountability and truth seeking.

      Furthermore, people like Locke are violating people’s rights by kicking them out of church for wearing a mask. The fact they don’t see this irony is laughable at best, but telling of a truth to movements like this: they lack theology and truth when it’s inconvenient to their systems of belief.

  2. There’s a YT channel my husband and I came across about a year ago and he talks about Locke and the Christian nationalist movement as really not being biblical. It’s called E511 Ministries.

    I think a lot of people are aligning themselves with these groups because the perceived alternative is also anti-biblical. I think it’s a false choice though.

  3. Dr. Christine Berger

    These are very difficult times for the body of Christ in our country. Chiefly because of the conflicting commentaries, divisive opinions and general lack of knowledge regarding what in the world is actually going on in this country. The propaganda that has permeated the Church of Jesus Christ is grievous. One of the major reasons people are so confused is that they fail to know the Scriptures, Pastors are afraid to direct their flocks at the risk of being politically incorrect. Where were the clergy when BLM was at fever pitch. Instead of being informed and condemning this Marxist group to their congregations, they were sympathizing. Instead of condemning CRT, (critical race theory) knowing this is an old trick used by marxists they remained silent. Using the book of Romans 13: 1-2 to ensure their flocks follow govennment guidelines. Romans 13:3-4, tells us the govenment that we are to follow is for good not evil. God’s ministers for good. This is clearly not the government that is in place at this time. Any pro abortion administration isn’t worth following along. Followers of Jesus Christ need to put their time into learning God’s word and need to be led by the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit. Pray for discernment and realize that when people use the work conspiracy theory, that perhaps they need to look into some of the factual information that is being presented and not go along with the lemming mentality that is so common and being promoted by liberal media. Church of Jesus wake up. We are ripe for a full blown move of God. It is a perfect time for Christ followers to love those around them enough to share the real Jesus. Jesus was never passive. He came speaking with grace and truth. Truly Jesus is the only hope for this nation.

    1. I don’t know. I think the Nero government of Romans 13 wasn’t what most folks would consider “good.”. Yet Christians weren’t called to belligerence, but submission. The Christian right seems to ignore or even have contempt for the beatitudes of the “real Jesus” (blessed are the peacemakers, the gentle, those who have been persecuted…) Now it’s all about fighting back. Jesus challenged religious hypocrisy and those who used the things of God for self promotion. He never fought a single political battle. Politically he was completely passive.(Jn 18:36)

      And Jesus is the only hope for the entire world. He’s not pre-occupied with America. I think that’s very significant.
      Rev. 7:9, Mat. 28:19, Gal. 3:28

      1. Amen Loren. The evangelical industrial complex of Christians and mega churches are nothing more than fiefdoms. There’s the king. Aka lead pastor and the princes aka the staff and the serfs aka the congregation. Look at most of these mega churches. It’s what god err I mean the king arghhh sorry the lead pastor says is absolute gospel because he or she said god told them. And try to challenge them. Now read the names of many of these mega churches and read what the leaders do and convince me I’m wrong. I’ve witnessed these grifters and bully’s since the eightys. And the only thing they have in common is there huge wealth and excuses at why god wants them rich while people in there communities go hungry and are homeless. As they say jesussss issss la ordddd.

      2. Loren,

        Have you ever heard of The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, and Authority?


        What are your thoughts?

        We have more sophisticated Nero’s of today in the form of professional parasitic/narcissistic/lying psychopaths for Presidents that were (s)elected every four years since the use of computers as ballot boxes. Biden, Trump, Obama, GWB, Clinton, GHWB….

      3. I can’t see how this type of thing advances the real Gospel at all, maybe a false one. There’s too much carnal weaponry and fighting against flesh and blood. I do believe it’s always been a common failing, but as you said, Jesus is the only hope, and such events put the focus elsewhere.

        Luke 18:8 seems applicable as so many subscribe to a faith that consists of Jesus plus whatever else we want to plug into our lives. Sadly, a large number of Christians aren’t able to articulate what the Gospel actually is, but they can talk at length about their carnal weaponry.

      4. Depends on the translation.

        They always use Romans 13, not Jesus: Mark 12:13-17, Luke 20:20-26, and in Matthew 22:15-22 (render unto ceasers what is ceasers…), and there is a pretty big difference in language used in Romans depending on the version.

        Ex: Romans 13: 1-2 KJV vs ESV

        1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God..”

        Note the word “soul” which indicates spiritual authority of “the higher powers”. Then the statements “no power but of God” and “powers…ordained of God”. Of God to me means Christ and the Holy Spirit. Not man.

        1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God

        The first big change in the wording is from “soul” to “person” indicating flesh/body, not spiritual and answerable to “the governing authorities” points to submission to a human and human institutions. Then “authority…from God” and “those…exist…instituted by God” reinforcing the governments authority is God’s authority and above question. The change of “of God” to “from God/by God” is also points to a worldly example.

        2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

        “,,,resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance OF GOD” to me that this is referring to God, Christ, HS, and not submitting is losing your soul.

        2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

        To question governing authorities (not living according to God’s Law) is active rebellion against God, but the bright spot is we no longer face damnation, only judgement.

        1. Hey Andrew. If you keep reading through v.7 it becomes pretty obvious. I would also suggest backing up to the beginning of the paragraph in ch.12 v.9 and ask yourself if the spirit of what’s written looks anything like what this article is describing.

          1. Hi Loren M,

            I have been working my through this for a few weeks in different translations (due to Bible study group questions on the actions of government/church leaders and being told we are not allowed to question their behavior that does not follow God’s Law because Romans 13) any insight you can provide is welcome. I have a full Ro13 breakdown on what is concerning to the group, but it is long and not very well written.

            What it comes down to is this: Does the translation point to God’s Authority or serve man’s interests? Are we to submit to man or God? That does not mean we do not follow moral laws, but we are supposed to reject anything not of God’s commandments. Ex: abortion is legal and Romans 13 says we are to submit to the ruling authorities, so who are we to question it? We keep forgetting we are fallen. Who do our leaders serve? If they serve something other than God, do we have to submit to them?

          2. @ Andrew (8/10 at 4:31)

            I don’t know if you’ve referenced 1 Peter 2:13-17 in your studies, but it parallels what Paul writes and may bring some additional insight. But, of course, the assumption is that you’re doing what is good under these rulers and not blindly following commands that are immoral.

            The Roman emperors and governors that reigned when these instructions were originally written were not serving God as we would probably define it. So it wouldn’t make sense to think Paul & Peter considered “serving God” as a contingency. But submissiveness is more about attitude than absolute obedience. A submissive attitude contrasts with a defiant, self-willed, pugnacious one. It aligns very well with the descriptions given by Christ of those who are blessed (meek, peace-makers, ect.)

            Lastly, having a government like ours that allows for it’s citizens to voice their dissent means you aren’t defying it’s rule by calling out perceived wrongs. So you can speak your conscience on abortion while still submitting and giving due honor.

          3. Hi Loren,

            I want to thank you for helping me work through this in a kind no BS manner. That is in short supply these days.

            I sort of understand the politics way back then and how the letters are written with that in mind, but my concern is how it is being used today by pastors as a way to control congregations and not be held accountable.

            A bit off topic: Why are churches requiring NDAs? What is there to hide if the church is in God’s Law?

          4. @ Andrew (8/11 at 12:04)

            Yes, when pastors use submission texts as a power grab that is a definite red-flag. One of the most sarcasm riddled passages in scripture has Paul defending his credibility against opposing, abusive church leaders -2Cor 11:20 “For you bear with anyone if he enslaves you, if he devours you, if he takes advantage of you, if he exalts himself, if he hits you in the face.” Paul is basically mocking them for tolerating these kind of church leaders, rather than commending them for submitting.

            I guess speaking in the broadest sense, the Christian life, when done right, bears the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace ect. A loving person is more considerate of others, and thus more willing to yield to their desires. But when a pastor removes submission from it’s spiritual context of love and makes it more of a legal issue to benefit his own agenda, we’re not obligated to fall in line. That type of absolute submission is more Islamic than Christian.

            *I have zero experience with NDA’s and would have a lot of questions if presented with one ;)

        2. @ Andrew Thomas and Loren Martin

          I hope this makes it through because I wanted to thank you both for the way you engaged with each other. I found what both of you said to be thought provoking and without any side distractions. It was very helpful.

  4. 1. “Locke…recently told worshipers at his church that anyone who wore a mask would be kicked out of services.”

    That does not sound anything like “love your neighbor as yourself.”

    2. “[Locke] also issued a warning, while standing in front of the projection of a waving flag” saying that “the church in America ‘was too much America and not enough church.'”

    The irony in that statement was too glaring not to point it out.

    1. Frances Christenson

      Darren, it is laughable because the other side is saying you can’t come into _______ without a mask but when the situation is reversed people get up in arms. Both sides are basically saying to the other, don’t you tell me what to do!! While both sides are telling everyone else what to do.

      And no I don’t think the church should throw out masked people. I trust others to be grownup and decide for themselves. With live streaming now everyone should be comfy about attending a service of their choice and do church the way that is best for them.

  5. So, Locke’s church is constitutional? I wonder if the members can vote him out? I wonder if he has term limits?

    1. Paul the serfs can’t kick out a king. Too many prince and princess and knights blocking the way. And of course there’s the mega bucks.

  6. It is disheartening that this sort of politicized conspiracy-mongering idolatry flourishes in the American evangelical church.
    I don’t know which idolatry is worse — the idolatry of the nation or the idolatry of Trump.

    This has a lot of similarity to the “German Christians” in the 1930s who merged the cross and the swastika. We need to be like the Confessing Church instead.
    While I’m here, for those interested here is an essay I wrote last year on that point:

    1. Frances Christenson

      Al, you don’t think the idolatry of Obama, Bush Jr. or Clinton was alive and well in America? Like this is all something new? You can’t be serious. I can remember that no one could say anything against Bush Jr. after 9-11. Americans and American Christians have idolized politicans for a long, long time. Nobody complained before.

      1. Frances. Your forgetting. Oprah, on behalf of god forgave baby bush for all his sins. Ahhhh all is right with the world. Now here’s a fun thing to do. When you’re with a prayer group and they are praying for Israel, add that you want to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine. Ewwww the looks you’ll get. Remember Israeli does no wrong.

      2. Actually, Frances, some of us have complained for a long time about Americans idolizing politicians like the ones you named (especially American Christians, which is the pertinent category in this discussion).
        But the degree to which Trump has attracted cult-like devotion, to the extent of his followers denying reality and immersing themselves in lies, far exceeds that devoted to any of those others. Especially among people who claim to be Christians, who should know better.

    2. Great story about nationalism. Thank you. Interesting movie about the subject on VUDU. Rent it for $2.99. Called AMEN. non fiction. Or maybe find it elsewhere. About the guy who invented the poison used to kill the Jews. He originally invented it for killing lice. Thennnnnn a guy named dr mengali (yes misspelled but you know who he is) had a brain storm to kill, in his words, another form of vermin and lice. If you watch it spoiler alert. Ask yourself what is so different about the train they keep showing going east then west then east again. Not for kids.

  7. “…listed a series of miracles that allowed him to uncover how the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump….His remarks were greeted with waving flags and cheers of “U.S.A! U.S.A!…Trump’s presence seemed to fill Friday’s event….he wanted to hold an even bigger event in the future at the stadium where the former president would be the primary preacher….a group of women in white dresses with single red letters posed in front of one of the giant American flags, spelling out the message “TRUMP WON.” Outside the main exhibit hall was a pair of Trump stores, selling merchandise with pro-Trump, pro-God messages.”

    What an idolatrous display for a “revival” service.
    It’s readily apparent who these people were worshipping and it wasn’t Jesus Christ.

  8. Stanley Goodwin

    The Zealots during the time of Jesus’s ministry have some parallels to today’s Christian nationalists. They are not any part of His mission.

  9. Hi Mr. Hays,

    I also want to thank you for elevating the conversations beyond “my belief is bigger than your belief and to prove it I am going to attack your character/beliefs/sources in an insulting/sarcastic way, but not answer any questions when confronted with my own words/beliefs, nor provide sources when asked”

    We need more conversation where the search for truth/growth is more important than being right, but it seems that is in short supply these days in the Christian community.

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