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RZIM Announces Name Change and Removal of Ravi Zacharias Content

By Jackson Elliott
Ravi Zacharias Sarah Davis RZIM
Ravi Zacharias and his daughter Sarah (Davis ) Phillips onstage with RZIM President Michael Ramsden and his wife.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) announced Saturday that the group will change its name and remove all Ravi Zacharias-related content over the next few months.

RZIM CEO Sarah Davis released the update on RZIM’s social media pages.

Besides the removal of all Zacharias-related content, Davis announced the creation of an abuse hotline on the RZIM site. She also said RZIM would pay a severance to staff who resigned from RZIM for reasons of conscience during RZIM’s investigation of Zacharias’s sexual abuse.

“We continue to grieve deeply for the victims who have been treated in ways that are completely antithetical to the gospel,” Davis wrote in the statement. “We also painfully and increasingly recognize organizational failures that have occurred and the repentance that needs to take place in both heart and action.”

Davis’s letter also announced that RZIM will go through an independent investigation by Guidepost Solutions to learn why the group’s structures permitted abuse.

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“We want to understand all areas of unhealth in our organization so that we can take that learning and do everything we can to prevent any kind of abuse in the future,” Davis wrote.

Responding to the statement, Lori Anne Thompson, one of Ravi Zacharias’s victims, said she planned to reach out to Guidepost and encouraged other sex abuse survivors to do the same.


As of yet, RZIM has not announced a new name. Its site displays only an explanation of the Zacharias investigation, an open apology letter from the International Board of Directors, a link for donor receipts, and links to an abuse hotline.

Removing all Zacharias-related content will be a costly endeavor for RZIM. Zacharias’s YouTube videos have sometimes attracted hundreds of thousands of views. His books have sold two million copies.

Davis is Zacharias’s daughter and has been the CEO of RZIM since 2019. Before that, she served as RZIM’s global executive director and her salary topped $216,000 in 2015. (RZIM has not reported executive salaries since 2015.)

Though RZIM no longer discloses the names of those on its board, Davis is also listed as a board member on RZIM’s 990 tax forms from 2011 through 2015. Most recently, Davis served as chairman of RZIM’s board, but she resigned that position in January.

During Davis’s time as an RZIM executive and board member, the Executrix of Zacharias’s estate has refused to release Lori Anne Thompson, from a nondisclosure agreement signed with Zacharias. 

Recently, former RZIM Innovation and Ministry Partner Specialist Carson Weitnauer suggested in a public letter that Davis should step down from leadership due to her obvious “conflict of interest.”

Weitnauer added that after he asked Davis questions about Thompson’s nondisclosure agreement with Zacharias, senior RZIM leaders confronted him for doing so.

Some people have questioned why Davis remains a leader after presiding over RZIM’s alleged cover-ups of Zacharias’s sexual abuse.

On Twitter, Steve Baughman suggested that a “complete purge” of Zacharias content should include dismissing people who enabled Zacharias. Baughman founded RaviWatch, a site that investigated Zacharias’s false claims.


RZIM tweeted that it will provide additional updates about changes as it seeks “to walk a path of repentance, restitution, learning, and serving.”

Jackson ElliottJackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.




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58 Responses

  1. Ms. Davis presided over the cover up for years and now pledges to get to the bottom of why it happened. What a joke. She has made herself look foolish. I guess it’s hard to let go of all that money. And the world laughs….. and Christians cry.

  2. It seems to me that the former Ravi Zacharias organization is taking a series of good steps, in the circumstances.

    1. it looks good and will surely pacify a good many english-speaking donors and critics.

      until it becomes clear all their efforts explicitly ignore Asia, the logical locale of most of his victims.

      Ravi had ready translations into Thai & Mandarin for phrases to exploit humans with for his sexual gratification.

      RZIM makes no effort to reach these people.

      1. They should try. I fear there are so many. Maybe start the thread with the salon employee they have so many pictures of and the massage therapist RZ kept in an apartment very close to his. Surely they know of others. I did.
        An RZ survivor.

      2. It’s true that there’s much more that should be done. However, that doesn’t mean what has been done is bad.

        1. All efforts are a good thing. Purposely ignoring most of the victims because it would cost too much (too incriminating with most of the liability, supposedly too difficult) is beyond unethical.

          Ravi fund-raised like crazy, bringing in $40,000,000 one year.

          Can’t help but suspect it was to pay for when the jig was up, which he knew was bound to happen at some point.

          1. SOOOOO not true. It’s not the tree of good and evil wrapped up together. It’s the tree of a certain thing – the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.

  3. Not good enough! Release Lori Ann Thompson and the victims from their NDAs, remove all family members from the board and shut the place down!

    1. Mike Smith exactly.
      But that takes Christ-like humility.
      I’m not sure anyone running an organization and earning at least a quarter of a million dollars annually can even grasp true humility.
      As Jesus says re camels and needles: it’s almost impossible. And the reason is that pride (which is blind by nature) inevitably accompanies wealth

  4. RZIM should shut down completely, not rename itself. All leaders should be fired, and required to go out and get regular jobs like the rest of us. The organization should set aside remaining funds for legal expenses and any victim assistance payments.

    This statement …

    “We want to understand all areas of unhealth in our organization so that we can take that learning and do everything we can to prevent any kind of abuse in the future,” Davis wrote.

    … does not make sense, there should be no future for the organization. Plenty of people on this forum could tell RZIM what went wrong.

  5. As James White stated on his Dividing Line program, RZIM should close its metaphorical and literal doors and give away their resources and assets to other 501c3s.

    James also speculated about something sorta obvious but maybe not to many in the non-reformed world: was Ravi under elder-supervision from a church? Was he *actually* a member of a church? There is no office of apologist in the church. I listened to the podcast about the woman that claimed Ravi told her to get an abortion – at that time, he attended a church but was he a member of one now? And, as someone who traveled the world and visited many churches, why did it seem no one else was questioning this?

    1. Watch James White’s attitude to Dave Hunt during their Calvinism debate on YouTube.
      Does White sound humble to you in that interview?
      People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
      It’s most important to be submitted to JESUS and under HIS supervision. People can appear “under elders’ supervision” and tick every church-ian box but is their HEART surrendered and are they completely submitted to the HEAD (Colossians 1:18, Ephesians 5:23) i.e Jesus?

      And no, I’m certainly not saying RZ was: it appears the complete opposite.
      But Christianity is about the person and Christ first. If that relationship is in the right order then every other one will be (as Paul says in his letters), including husband/wife, child/parent…and church member/elder.
      THIS is the number one issue.

      The unBiblical pastor-as-CEO system, the conferences and “experts” and “qualified apologists” in “Christian culture” today…these all enable the proud and facilitate those with “god complexes”.
      Because they imitate the world and the world’s systems

      1. “ Watch James White’s attitude to Dave Hunt during their Calvinism debate on YouTube.
        Does White sound humble to you in that interview?
        People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
        Dave Hunt’s position couldn’t hold water against Calvinism. That doesn’t mean he was “attacked” by James White. Very emotional argument you have.
        (Jude 3)
        Post Tenebras Lux

      2. I don’t necessarily disagree with much of anything you’ve said. But James White’s attitude during a debate is not at trial here. You come across in your own comment the same way you accuse James White.

        Correct, the heart should be submitted to Jesus. But Elders help shepherd and provide discipline and Godly wisdom and advice. I also totally agree about conference overload, but it’s important to realize that God does give us leaders – they’re human, too. God DOES NOT expect us to live a life without other Christians — iron sharpening iron.

    2. Correct on James White.
      Ravi was not accountable to ANYONE! That’s at the core of RZIM mess.
      (Jude 3)
      Post Tenebras Lux

  6. My husband and I instructed our children while growing up in our home to pay more attention to the behavior of people in authority than to their words, especially if the behavior contradicted those words (we included ourselves as people whose behavior warrented their observation). Trust and respect are earned, and when repeatedly violated by authority figures with untrustworthy, disrespectful behavior, they lose all credibility and expectation of stewarding the power entrusted to them. What possible redemptive or healing purpose is gained for Ravi’s victims by Ms. Davis keeping her leadership position? The time is long overdue to prioritize and facilitate healing for the survivors.

  7. Once again, the Zacharias family provides smooth words but avoids the hard steps to face their role in enabling Ravi Zavharais’ abuse. All of the Zacharias family must step down and stop making money off of their father’s name and “legacy”. The organization should either go public with all Board members and financials and without Ravi’s family in positions of power, or close its doors permanently. That said, no one should donate to an organization that has family members on the Board or won’t be 100% transparent with financials.

  8. They need to clean house and come clean. That means getting rid of anyone who enabled the horrors their leader perpetrated, releasing people from NDA agreements, and paying restitution to all the victims.

    A name change and talk of repentance (in classic evangelical-ese language no less) are not nearly enough, especially when a family member who probably helped in the coverup is still in a position of power.

  9. re: reporting information or file complaints to Guidepost or Rachael Denhollander:

    The Update From RZIM, Sarah Zacharias looks impressive to the eyes of english-speaking donors and critics.

    What stands out in bold relief is all the effort made NOT to reach the target audience of Asia.
    (where logically most of the victims are)
    —How are the human beings in Asia whom Ravi exploited to know any of this?

    —Do they even know the man we know as Ravi Zacharias is associated with something called RZIM?

    —How is anyone in Asia supposed to know to look at something called the RZIMHQ website?

    —Why do the phone numbers only take calls from US, Canada, and Mexico with english, french, and spanish translations only?

    —Why are there no phone lines for calls from Asia?

    —Why are there no translations in Thai and Mandarin, to reach the human beings Ravi exploited w/his own Thai & Mandarin translations of “a little bit further” & “not enough”?
    “Our top priority right now is the process of care, justice, and restitution for all who have
    been victimized by Ravi’s abuse”

    –Really? Why are no resources being devoted to going into Bangkhok, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia to find these victims?

  10. They are pointing to an outside agency when they know that leadership needs to step aside, all family members deposed from leadership, release Lori Anne and any others that have ND agreements, investigate other countries with victims, name all board members and list executive salaries.

    They really need to shut down the whole thing, get secular jobs, and then see what the Lord has way down the line. I realize this is the last thing they want to do, but it should be a viable alternative.

    There. I just saved them consulting fees.

  11. All this is a pitiful final attempt at stemming the tide.

    And it won’t work. RZIM hit an iceberg and will go down the like Titanic.

    Just wait until all the stuff from Thailand hits the ‘Net.

    That is the next shoe that will drop.

  12. Let him without sin cast the first stone. Perhaps we should purge the Bible of all content from Paul, since he confessed to persecuting Christians and called himself the chief of sinners. Obviously we need to delete all Psalms written by David, since we know what he did with Bathsheeba. Wait, did God use sinful men to speak his word? Then God is an enabler. Perhaps God should resign and get a secular job.

    1. In your attempt to defend the indefensible you bring up King David again. David was a political leader, but that doesn’t stop you from defending pastors and leaders who are NOT biblically qualified to be in positions of leadership.

    2. Having the truth revealed is not casting stones. God is truth. Writings of RZ are not equivalent to the Holy Bible written by God. Apples & God.

    3. T. ROCK,

      1) No one is threatening to stone anyone to death here.

      2) That “chief of sinners” you cite from 1 Tim 1:15 has been badly mistranslated. Paul was saying he was a “prime example” of who Jesus came to save, not the “chief of sinners”.

      3) David confessed to his sin, repented, and faced all of the lingering consequences. He didn’t engage in a perpetual cover-up.

      4) No, God did not use “sinful men to speak his word”. His Word (Jesus) called and calls all men to repentance and belief in the truth. Hi Word (Jesus) said there would be many false teachers speaking in His name. But His sheep will never follow a stranger, but rather will flee from him. Because we know the voice of the Shepherd. Anyone who climbs into the sheepfold any other way is a thief and a robber. (John 10)

    4. The idea that we should not/cannot judge another person’s ACTIONS is WORD is anathema to Scripture. Throughout the Bible and including the NT, Jesus, Paul and others DEMAND that we judge actions and words. In some cases, Paul even tells us to “mark and avoid” those who preach another Gospel or live in a way that defies the authority of God and His Word.

      Your attempt at sarcasm backfires on you and proves you know so little of the Word written by the God whom you claim to worship.

      David did NOT live a lifestyle of SIN, did he? He was fully repentant, wasn’t he? God forgave him, didn’t He? Yet, the CONSEQUENCES of David’s terrible sins remained. God was fully repentant and yet understood how UNWORTHY he was to be saved by God at all.

      Where was Ravi’s repentance? Where was his commitment to God and his own wife? It is likely that RAVI designed his life in such a way as to give himself greater freedom to SIN and to cover it over. John makes clear in 1 John 3 the truth that if we are in Christ, we do not continue to “sin.” He is not there referring to occasional sinful failures because we cannot attain sinless perfection in this life. John is telling us point blank that if a person is an authentic Christian, he/she will no longer live a LIFESTYLE Of sinful practices. The thief will steal no more. The adulterer will no longer commit adultery.

      If a person does NOT remove themselves from lifestyle sins or continual sinful practices, John clearly states that they never knew the Father. You want to disagree with John or the other apostles on this?

      Why are Christians NOT doing what God’s Word tells us to do? We ARE to judge the words and actions of ourselves AND others. We are to do this to know from whom we should “mark and avoid” (Romans 16:17).

      There is unfortunately, an excellent chance that Ravi was not even SAVED. He spent decades LYING about his credentials and teaching experience. Then he segued into sexual predatory behavior leaving one woman after another in his wake. How is this CHRISTIANITY even remotely? Why are you DEFENDING him as if God looks the other way, or simply says, “Well, Ravi is a sinner”? How is it possible to CONTINUE to live a lifestyle of sin while being a Christian? It is NOT possible because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Should the Holy Spirit not be able to turn the person around (who is actually a Christian), He then may choose to remove that person from this life early. Romans 1 clearly explains the downward spiral of the unbeliever who has a seared conscience.

      The “let him who is without sin cast the first stone” is an oft-quoted saying but you’ve taken it out of context entirely. Jesus was referring to the HYPOCRISY of the religious leaders who, incidentally, only brought the WOMAN found “in the act” of adultery! Where was the MAN? Mosaic Law indicated that BOTH were to be brought and judged, not just the woman.

      The idea that Christians should not use discernment and should NEVER judge another person’s words or actions is why there is so much apostasy in the current visible church!

      You have NO right to take Scripture out of context and twist if for your own ends. Yet, you and many others do this continually. God EXPECTS us to judge our own actions and words and He also expects us to be BEREANS and compare EVERYTHING to Scripture.

      Why did Paul call out specific people, even naming them in Holy Writ? Good Lord, wake up. Are you reading the WORD daily? Are you hiding it in your heart? Are you attempting through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to live in such a way that your actions, your thoughts, your words bring glory to God?

      It is 100% clear that Ravi did not, but designed his life to ENABLE him to sin and to COVER all his sin. That is NOT the mark of a Christian! It is the mark of the devil and John says that also in 1 John 3:4-10. Can we also remember that Jesus Himself said the “tares” will be mixed with the “wheat” until the end of the age when God’s angels will separate them at that time? The visible church is filled with TARES and Christians are largely silent, not wanting to offend. Those who do say something are called “Judgmental” even though they’re obeying Scripture.

      The visible church today is as powerless and as ineffective as the Laodicean church of Revelation, fully apostate, embracing everything and everyone. Is it any wonder Jesus asks, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?”

      If He returned today, He’d find “good feelings” and social justice warriors who are so insipid toward Him that their shock at His return will leave them speechless.

      May the Lord God help us to renew our loyalty to Him and may we be willing to purge everything out of our life that hinders our growth.

      Ravi did the exact opposite.

      1. The line – “God was fully repentant and yet understood how UNWORTHY he was to be saved by God at all.” in my previous response should have said, “David was fully repentant…”

        My apologies as I do not see a way to edit my comments so I’m adding it here.

  13. Kinda late to the party Ms Davis. Why did it take 2 months to draft an apology? Ask your mom to drop the NDA & allow your dad’s legal team to speak…

  14. RZIM needs to find and pay EVERY victim…THEN? It needs to close its doors.

    1 John 3 tells us that authentic Christians do NOT continue to practice sin. John is not speaking about being sinlessly perfect, which cannot occur in this life. He is noting that the authentic Christian cannot continue living a lifestyle of sin and explains why this cannot be the norm.

    Ravi not only LIVED a lifestyle of sin (first by lying about his credentials and teaching experience), then moving into sexual deviancy), but he designed his life in a way that COVERED his sins, keeping them hidden.

    Not only did the RZIM board negate and/or attempt to keep things hidden from the public, but other churches, seminaries and para-church orgs not directly connected to RZIM did the same.

    Anyone read Steve Baughman’s book? He’s an attorney and atheist who fully documents tons of facts up to the Lori Anne debacle. While he could’ve taken the time to poke fun at Christianity and God, he did not do so. In fact, his book is well-written and fair.

    I’m not sure how Ravi could’ve been an authentic Christian if what John says is true (it is). Ravi was much more than simply a man who had his faults (as we all do), and fell in sin from time to time. He actually controlled his life in such a way that his continual sins went unnoticed for decades and when they began to sneak out, he did his best to cover them all up. The board at RZIM is culpable whether they think so or not.

    I believe the only reason they are now taking the approach they are taking is because they have absolutely no choice so they are trying to turn lemons in lemonade.

    Why did so many seek to protect Ravi? One reason and one reason only: MONEY.

    In one year, according to public records, Ravi’s “ministry” brought in nearly $50 MILLION dollars in donations.

    Why are close friends and/or family members on the board at RZIM? Why are they raking in six figure salaries? Why, after 2015, did RZIM stop releasing information related to how much top people at RZIM made?

    His daughter in 2015 made $215,000/year for her position as CEO. WHY?

    These aren’t ministries. They are CASH COWS!

    David Cloud at Way of Life Literature reminds us of this truth:

    “The New Testament warns repeatedly that the end of the church age will be characterized by apostasy and spiritual confusion rather than faithfulness to the truth (i.e. Mat. 24:3-4, 11, 24; 1 Tim. 4:1-5; 2 Tim. 3:13; 4:3-4; 2 Pet. 2:1; Jude 3-4).”

    We are there. The visible church of today is no different from the Laodicean church of Revelation. That church was totally apostate as is much of Christendom today.

    No wonder Jesus asks, “Will the Son of Man find faith on the earth?” when He returns.

    1. Fred,

      Well said.

      I still think that this attempt at stemming the sinking of RZIM will ultimately be unsuccessful. I imagine any remaining staffers with common sense will update their resumes, take the severance package, and do something else. There are not many lifeboats remaining and the RZIM Titanic will be underwater shortly.

      I would be very surprised RZIM exists in any form by the end of this year (especially once RZ’s abuses and antics in Thailand come out).

      The only question is how much can the inner circle and the family members can loot and put in offshore accounts.

    2. Go look up the bylaws for RZIM. If I am reading it correctly it would only take two people to stop a board of 17-19 people. The Zacharias family had 4 family members on the board. So in essence they gave an appearance of a working board but it was highly controlled by the family.

      Now they are rebranding, which is basically protecting and promoting the brand, which got them in trouble in the first place. Yet we are lulled into a sleep by them when they promise this time it will be different? Yeah..right. Not buying it. I think it is distasteful to say the least.

    3. Hi Fred, don’t forget Ravi and Margy both were involved in the murder of an unborn child way back in 1973 , in fact one could say his “ministry” was shaped by the terribly selfish counsel he gave that day as well as Margy more than helping to carry out ravi’s counsel by arranging the murder through her friend who ended up marrying ravi’s brother who caused the child in the first place. Also abortion was illegal at that time in Canada.

      Interesting how Jesus said ” Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer FROM THE BEGINNING, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  15. “(especially once RZ’s abuses and antics in Thailand come out).”

    is RZIM pursuing this (and i just missed it)?

    1. Scottie,

      RZIM and the law firm they hired are not pursuing as I understand it, but I am sure other journalists and investigators are doing the research.

      It will only be a matter of time when RZ’s life in Thailand will be exposed.

      1. CM, add India and South Korea in that mix. RZIM had Korean donors that gave lots of money. I am sure he visited their contacts in South Korea by day and Korean massage by night. Maybe we will see a RZIM raid in India like we saw with KP. RZ also gave speeches in India and they have many massage therapists in that country. There are about 400,000 Indians living in Thailand and many more visit. RZ could have been taking Indian therapists to Thailand and leaving them there. That is another way to human traffick. Who knows?!

        I am in the camp that this organization needs to shut the doors. Rebranding is just another way to keep the money flow coming. No one should make money off the foundation of this in my opinion. It is distasteful. IF the children really want to help the Gospel, and help humanity, go to a third world country as a missionary. I might believe you are sincere then.

        Will the Guidepost investigation be made public? Will the public know how many victims, their ages, and where they come from? What about human trafficking suspicisions? How much of donor money was used for RZ activities? Will the public know or will RZIM still remain to work behind a veil of secrecy? I think we can all guess the answers to those questions.

  16. Walter & Fred,

    My apologies for not being as woke as the two of you. My awestruck wonder at your divine gift of infallible interpretation of God’s word. My gratitude for your heavenly appointment to provide correction to such a misguided and ignorant sinful man as I. Tonight, I will pray that God will grant me even a small portion of the measure of your wisdom and righteousness.

    Did Ravi sin? Certainly. Do we know the truth of exactly what he did? No. But a dead man cannot defend himself. Does that stop you from speculation, rumour, conjecture, or gossip? Obviously not. So, is your sin less wretched in God’s view than Ravi’s? Unfortunately for you, no. Well then, perhaps all of your thoughts and communication expressed here should be deleted, as you endorse the deletion of every thought and word spoken by Ravi.

    Three questions — Was sinful Paul used by God? Was sinful David used by God? Was sinful Ravi used by God? Now, to answer the last question, why not listen to the dozens of hours Ravi available on YouTube. If you do not believe that God used that man to speak to the lost and to the saved about His truths, then we live in different realities. It is likely that we do.

    I do not defend Ravi’s sin. I do not defend your sin. But I will listen carefully to what all of you have to say, because God has always used sinful men to speak the Truth to those who seek it. With one exception, that’s all He’s ever had to work with.

    There is a problem with Christians who want to “cancel” the speech of a dead servant when it is learned that he engaged in sexual sin of unknown quantity and duration, as if either makes it worse. I think Jesus referred to that problem metaphorically as a board in one’s eye. Good news, there is a remedy. Bad news, you can’t remove something until you first recognize that it’s there.

    T. Rock

    1. Did Hitler sin? Certainly. Do we know the truth of exactly what he did? No. But a dead man cannot defend himself. Does that stop you from speculation, rumour, conjecture, or gossip? Obviously not. So, is your sin less wretched in God’s view than Hitler’s? Unfortunately for you, no. Well then, perhaps all of your thoughts and communication expressed here should be deleted, as you endorse the deletion of every thought and word spoken by Hitler.

      Makes about as much sense.

      1. Bravo JMN! I find it so odd people use David to justify sin. He would probably be horrified to hear that. Wrong perspective. Look at sin from God’s view.

        1. Kay,

          I couldn’t agree with you more. I too find “… it so odd people use David to justify sin.” I would like to read a post from someone who did that. I’ve looked at all of them here, and don’t see a single post by someone trying to justify sin. We all know that we shouldn’t do that, right?

      2. JMN,

        I like your rebuttal, except for your misrepresentation that I endorse the deletion of every thought and word spoken by Hitler. I do not. I am not fearful of ideas, words, beliefs of those with whom I disagree. And you are certainly free to misrepresent my position, and I defend your right to do so.

        T. Rock

        1. Merely quoted you and inserted Hitler’s name to show how little sense your defense makes.
          Did that go over your head?

          1. My Dearest JMN,

            You ask, “Did that go over your head?” Absolutely. And around me, under me, and into the abyss of the incomprehensible. I originally argued that all of Ravi’s writings, sermons, and words should not be deleted from the earth because he was such a sinful man. In your reply, you then remove the name Ravi and insert Hitler. And that is to prove, “… how little sense your defense makes.” Well, I like the fact that you are testing my argument with an extreme example, yet my argument has met your test. Clearly Hitler was one of the most despicable human beings to ever live. I would not delete Mein Kampf from the earth. His thoughts and words don’t scare me. Even more ironic, you wish to insert Hitler, the killer of 6 million+ Jews, for Ravi, a man who likely engaged is a variety of sins of a sexual nature, to explain the fallibility of my position. One might find your comparison to be unfair from a human perspective, but at the same time, God just sees sin. It’s not the quality or quantity of the sin that’s the problem, because all of them stand in the way of eternal life, unless washed clean by the blood of Jesus. I’m merely saying that the revelation of sin engaged in during a person’s life does not render all of his writings worthy of being cast out from civilization.

            Now, let me test your argument. JMN sinned. T. Rock sinned. Hitler sinned. Therefore, every word written by all three should be deleted. Or, perhaps you draw a distinction. Let’s say that I agree, (which I don’t). Your sins aren’t that bad, so all of your writings can stay. The sins of T. Rock and Ravi are worse than your sins, but I haven’t engaged in sexual abuse and Ravi did. So maybe my writings can stay, but Ravi’s have to go? Help us all out kind sir, where do we draw the line?

    2. “If you do not believe that God used that man to speak to the lost and to the saved about His truths, then we live in different realities. It is likely that we do.”

      Do you think?

      A little more than five years ago we learned something about this man you say “God used”. Because a man named Steve Baughman pointed out the fact that that the now “dead servant” was lying. Mr. Baughman is not a Christian with a board in his eye trying to “cancel the speech of a dead servant”. Mr. Baughman is a responsible Atheist with a very keen eye, and he deserves much credit for detecting and reporting the deceptions of a living liar.

      Five years after Mr. Baughman’s first reports, we now have the testimony of many witnesses and victims. Ravi Zacharias’s own children and the organization that bears his name can’t even vouch for the guy now.

      But you go on right ahead believing that God uses liars, swindlers, thieves, adulterers, greedy or sexually immoral people to speak for Him – the very people we know will not inherit the Kingdom of God. There’s no need to apologize to me for “not being as woke”. You don’t owe me any explanations.

  17. Walter,

    Look at that. We actually agree. You live in a reality where “liars, swindlers, thieves, adulterers, greedy or sexually immoral people” should be cast out of your very holy, pious, pristine world. I live in a reality where no person is free from sin, no not one. It looks like your world is filled with very fine, honorable people, such as the Pharisees.
    Not mine. My reality is filled with sinners. In my world, Jesus says to welcome, socialize, and share the gospel with “liars, swindlers, thieves, adulterers, greedy or sexually immoral people” You remember, the ones that Jesus said that he came to world to save.

    1. T.Rock

      Jesus spoke of “lost sheep” and he spoke of “wolves”. I’d be interested to hear your take on the difference.

      On a non-theological note, you won’t find “The Cosby Show” reruns on TV anymore for a reason that has nothing to do with the content.

  18. Circle of Hope Girls’Ranch Owners Charged with Abuse After Women Spoke Out on TikTok.

    The Missouri AG said this was “one of the most widespread cases of sexual, physical and mental abuse patterns against young girls and women in Missouri history”
    Boyd and Stephanie Householder, the owners and operators of Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch, were taken into custody Tuesday after the Missouri Attorney General’s office filed a litany of charges.
    Court records show Boyd Householder, 71, faces 79 felony counts and one misdemeanor, including charges for child molestation, sodomy, sexual contact with a student and neglect of a child. Stephanie Householder, 55, faces 22 felony charges for abuse or neglect of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child. The alleged incidents occurred from 2017 to 2020.
    NBC News

    God is most certainly cleaning house and there is not much the abuse apologists can do to stop Him.

  19. Will Sarah, Naomi, and Margie with their enormous salaries now run this new enterprise?

    Staff has been let go to restructure. They cannot remain.

    And Lori Ann Thompson must be released from the non-disclosure statement.

  20. Ravi’s victims did not experience the fruits of the Spirit emanating from his behavior.

    Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Self Control, Humility, Patience, Faithfulness.

    All missing.

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