RZIM Suspends All Fundraising in Wake of Zacharias Scandal; Board Member Says He Won’t Resign

By Julie Roys
Ravi Zacharias
Images of Ravi Zacharias are displayed in the Passion City Church during a memorial service for him in Atlanta on May 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) yesterday announced it is suspending “all fundraising activities” following “recent revelations” concerning its late founder, Ravi Zacharias. Meanwhile, a longtime RZIM board member posted on Facebook that he has no intention of resigning from the board, despite calls by “atheists” to do so. 

The actions follow the conclusion of an investigation, which found Zacharias had sexually assaulted and harassed several massage therapists who had treated him. The investigation also found that Zacharias had used RZIM funds to pay his victims and obligate them to do whatever he asked.

On its website, RZIM posted: “(W)e find it prudent to suspend all fundraising activities until a path forward can be envisioned that includes care for all of Ravi’s victims, as well as the staff and supporters of RZIM.”

Also, Tony Cimmarrusti, who says he’s served on RZIM’s board for 25 years, Tuesday posted to Facebook that he will not resign despite “a devout atheist, or group of atheists” who “have attempted to publicly defame, slander and say to me, you ‘must step down.'”

“Until I hear from the Lord, I am not abandoning the team of young teachers, evangelists and leaders,” Cimmarrusi wrote. “There may come a time when I will need to resign . . . But ‘quitting when the going is toughest’ does not seem like the way forward, at least not at this juncture.”

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Cimmarrusti apparently was responding to comments earlier in the day by Steve Baughman—the atheist lawyer who first reported Zacharias’s misconduct in his 2017 book, Cover-Up in the Kingdom—and Benjamin Wheeler, an avowed atheist and abuse survivor advocate.

In reply to an earlier post by Cimmarrusti on forgiveness, Baughman publicly identified Cimmarrusti as a board member and commented: “Ravi is now a confirmed pathological liar and sexual predator . . . And all you have to offer is some sappy cliche sh-t about forgiveness? you (sic) are a coward. Shame on you.”

Similarly, Wheeler commented, “As a board member of RZIM, you should have known . . . about Ravi’s horrific international sexual predation since at least 2017. Your and the board’s failure to have stopped him 2017-2020 constitutes irrepairable (sic) failure on your part. I’m ongoingly deeply shocked that you and the entire board haven’t resigned in shame or outrage or both.”

Cimmarrusti is listed as a board member on RZIM’s 2015 IRS form 990. However, RZIM has not filed a 990 in six years and has resisted calls to identify the members of its board. An Open Letter by the board published last week in response to the investigation report was signed simply, “The International Board of Directors.”

Cimmarrusti has since deleted not just his one Facebook post about his board service, but practically all the posts on his Facebook account.  The thread from Cimmarrusti’s post about his board service, however, was captured in screenshots and is posted at the bottom of this page.

Many of those commenting on Cimmarrusti’s post voiced support for Cimmarrusti. “Thank you for all you did as a board member,” wrote one person. “No doubt the ministry of RZIM is making a huge impact for the kingdom of Heaven.”

“Tony. God called you there to serve,” wrote another. “Wait until He calls you to leave.”

RZIM Board Reply 1RZIM Board Reply 2RZIM Board Reply 3RZIM Board Reply 3

The RZIM announcement at its website currently does not appear on mobile devices, but only desktop. Below is a screenshot of the announcement:




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80 thoughts on “RZIM Suspends All Fundraising in Wake of Zacharias Scandal; Board Member Says He Won’t Resign”

  1. I hold the person closest to Ravi responsible, his wife. She knew him best. Surely, surely she had an inkling that something was not right and she chose to ignore all the warning signs. Yes, the Board should have done something about it, but they didn’t live with him. “See something, say nothing.” She ought to be ashamed.

    1. I also thought this however Ravi could be a rather nasty character so perhaps just perhaps she was too terrified to say anything it’s just a thought

    2. I’m not exonerating Ravi’s wife, but her situation might have been more difficult than anyone else’s. That is, if she wasn’t completely complicit and enjoying the fruits of Ravi’s fundraising. I don’t know anything about the situation but Ravi’s wife might have been the victim of extreme abuse herself. A counselor of mine who specializes in spiritual abuse once said to me, “There’s plenty of blame to go around.” Very true. It doesn’t all land in the wife’s lap.

    3. Janice McKenzie,

      100% spot on. She knew the scum that she was married to, quite possibly before they even got married, and the money was too good for her to pass up.

    4. You have no idea. You weren’t there. Assume much? Ravi has been exposed but you know nothing about his wife. None of us keyboard warriors do. Nothing quite like to mob mentality. Wait until they’re after your spouse for something you have done.

      1. If RZ wife is so innocent then why doesn’t she hand over all the evidence that has been asked of her multiple times and release Thompson from her NDA? I am afraid her behavior doesn’t add up to what an innocent person would do. She simply looks like she is covering her bum.

        Read Ruth Malholtra’s 26 page summery on this organization and you will see a pattarn of deception and coverup within. RZ daughter would attack people that questions her dad. There was a lot of gaslighting within the leaders of anyone that questions so how do you know they are not gaslighting the public? Even RZ had a woman fired at his spa when she complained to her boss that he would not take no for an answer. RZ simply canceled her with a snap of his fingers.

    5. Love can be blind. I find it sad that we are shaming everyone close to Ravi people BEFORE we know the details. If Ravi was as good as a manipulator as lori Ann Thompson indicates, then he also manipulated and betrayed his family members as well. If we keep going with this line of reasoning then we should blame and ridicule every single person he abused for not speaking up and allowing it to continue. This default “guilty of association” is the brainchild of mob mentality which loves to chomp its way through peoples lives making horrible things worse!


        Really Elicia ??? Love is blind ? My Bible says that God IS love , so what are you saying ?
        1John 4:8 KJV says :
        “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

        So was it love that left a frightened 16 year old girl ALONE in a hospital before and after you (Margy) arranged an abortion when in 1973 in Canada it was illegal to do so ? The answer is NO it is not and this is just one example from the beginning of rzim , do you really think it got better ? The answer is NO by looking as Jesus said at the fruit.
        By the way of course it has to come out that rz deceived them as they walk away with millions and probably start up again in order to deceive even more “Christians”

        You said “This default “guilty of association” is the brainchild of mob mentality which loves to chomp its way through peoples lives making horrible things worse!”
        Amos 3:3 KJV Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
        How about 1John1:7 KJV But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with
        another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

        Which means that if one of us is not walking in the light the we do not have fellowship as BELIEVERS and that goes for all of us even those at rzim


          Not only do we not have fellowship BUT the blood of Jesus Christ his Son DOES NOT cleanse us from ALL sin if we are NOT WALKING IN THE LIGHT


            Then it stands to reason that if anyone is not walking in TRUTH and LOVE then they are not walking in the light……….

        2. Throw your Bible verses around all you want. We do not know the details about what Margie knew in regards to his horrible behavior. You are playing jury and judge from behind a computer screen and this limits your knowledge of the facts. Period.


            And you sound ( type) like a male hiding behind a female name and your demeanor sounds like something that permeates from the upper eschalons of rzim , you should be very very ashamed.
            In regards to “throwing Bible verses around” ….. Jesus Himself said ” MY sheep hear MY voice and I know them and they follow me” Somehow by your comments I sense that you really don’t know Him like most if not all of rzim’s “upper mgmt”
            By the way there are plenty of facts ALL OVER the internet regarding rzim and the despicable individuals involved , are you one of them? because for you to be able to type :
            ” You are playing jury and judge from behind a computer screen and this limits your knowledge of the facts. Period.”
            Shows that you just both judged AND lied by claiming to know the limit of my knowledge of the facts

            PERIOD ? that sounds like more of the stuff that comes out of someone’s mouth like an Abdu.
            Again you should be ashamed and I feel sorry for you in a very big way.

        3. If one person is at fault it is Ravi. If two people are at fault it is Ravi and Tony Cimmarrusti – Harvard bred genius and super-self-righteous advocate for 33 years of blindness.

    6. Agree that his wife should have done something. She provided the cover of respectablity that allowed his behavior to continue. She kept the mask on and that is common in these situations.

      I do not think Ravi Zacharias had a converstion experience in his life. He is what Indians fondly call a nominal Christian which is Christian in name only. I am very concerned that RZ got away with this for so long and that he penetrated the upper eschelons of Christian leadership. What is wrong with this picture? Are our top leaders just covering for each other? Chilling to think about.

      This was a man that abused women that often had prior abuse in their lives. What kind of Christian man does that? He knew their stories and still took advantage of these poor women. Absolutely sickening. They need to have a thorough investigation of everyone in that ministry, and it’s finances, by experts. Then close it down! If they keep it going it just looks like a money grab. The whole ministry is build on lies, fraud and abuse.

      How nice they have stopped fundraising but how crazy to think that anyone would donate to this toxic, harmful organiztion. It is delusional to think that their good outweighed the abuse. Absolutely insane thinking going around in Christian circles!! Next thing we will hear is that Ravi Zacharias wasn’t that bad because he didn’t kill anyone! If Christians lower their standards for RZ how low will they go for the next person who harms?? Please stop this insanity! Believers should be better than this!


        Thank you Kay for your comments !!
        I believe that BELIEVERS are better than this insanity , it seems that it’s the “Christians” that seem to have some problems (or a lot) WHOOPS ,did I just say that with my outside voice ?

        My Bible says in Acts 11:26 that “the DISCIPLES were CALLED CHRISTIANS FIRST at Antioch” it is my humble understanding that this was 12 to 20 years AFTER Jesus walked and died and rose again which begs the question ….. What were they called when they walked with Jesus ??? cuz it wasn’t “Christians” and you can tell by the messes all over this website that “they” are not working out so well and everybody will see that IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE and I’m pretty sure that if someone is in their right (Spiritual) mind they are not going to want to get ANY of that mess on them … yuck !

        I have to go now and address the Christian above you that’s talking about love………..

    7. Tony Cimmarrusti is at fault. He has endorsed
      Ravi Zacharias
      Co-founders of Willow Creek: Bill Hybels and Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian
      Hillsong’s: Carl Lentz
      Harvest Bible Chapel: James MacDonald
      Gordon MacDonald
      Jimmy Swaggart
      Jim Bakker
      Peter Popoff

  2. Clearly Tony did not know him very well. He did not think it a problem when Ravi travelled with a young female masseuse? and at the company expense too?
    The worst part of all this everyone seems to have forgotten; that over 40 years ago Ravi counselled a 17 year old girl to kill her unborn child for his own selfish glory. That made him an accessory to murder.


      Hi Jacob , I believe she was 16 when she was ” counseled by ravi to have an abortion . Abortions were illegal in Canada in 1973. So it was ravi’s wife whose best friend worked at the hospital that arranged for it. Oh yeah that same woman/nurse ended up marrying ravi’s brother , cool eh ? NOT
      That makes margy complicit to the murder and this is how rzim started out.
      Do you know anyone else that was a murderer and liar from the beginning ? Jesus Himself said it was satan
      I believe Him

    2. Tony knew him very well. Tony was part of the problem. He is at fault as much as Ravi. He is the Harvard genius who is able to figure out every problem, coach every kid to success and give over the top speeches on living a pure life. Yet he can’t spot a problem with even the structure of the membership of the board? Come on, Tony was in on it and part of the problem. He is a narcissist and sold himself out for attention and to be near the rich and famous. He has done it all his life. Look at his history. He loves to be near people who make him look more powerful and successful. Then he Oh Shucks it in videos. Tony is at fault. There is no humility.

  3. Without fundraising, the organization’s days are numbered. Had fundraising continued unabated, I doubt they would have made this decision. This indicates to me their fundraising has dropped through the floor. The Board should see this as a lack of confidence in their leadership from the donor base.

    1. Agree! The whole place should shut down, and the staff go get regular jobs like the rest of us.

      Another example of why our giving should be to our local churches and ministries, and only to larger ones that we have first hand experience with, or have researched well.

      Besides any sexual issues with Ravi, or other leaders, many of these organizations misuse funds donated by people who expect them to be used for actual ministry. Such fund misuse, by itself, would be enough reason not to give.

      – GB

    2. It’s finished anyway. Think of the time scales here:

      1. Let’s say 9 months to do the investigation into RZIM’s culture;

      2. Another 9 months to figure out the changes that are needed going forward;

      3. A further 12 months (RZIM moves very very slowly) to implement those changes from top to bottom;

      We’re now looking at 30 months — two and a half years! During that time, none of their remaining speakers (e.g. Michael ‘Gone to Siberia’ Ramsden, Vince ‘I see No Evil’ Vitale and Abdu ‘Intimidate the Witnesses (Gently)’ Murray can do any public speaking).

      So … who pays for the RZIM cruise ship to sit prettily in the harbour, doing nothing, yet burning millions of dollars a year? Especially with fundraising suspended.

      I don’t know what their reserves are (I was an RZIM staffer until the middle of the last decade) but I can’t imagine they have the funds/cash reserves to follow this route. Therefore it’s not a case of if but when they sink out of sight.

      In other news:

      * Big RZIM staff “town hall” meeting two days ago. Lots of fireworks as board and senior staff tried to duck tough questions. Max B-H will give you the info, @Julie.

      * RZIM Canada staff have finally forced their board to speak to them — for a mere 45 minutes on Friday. The chair of the Canada board (Dr. Ken Gamble) is also on the RZIM International board and so probably has some questions to answer …! Be worth @Julie trying to track down and speak to Dr. Gamble.

  4. Julie,
    Youre revelation concerning pastor’s and Christian leaders like Ravi Zacharious who abuse , make vast amounts of money, have a abundance of material possessions is honest ,truthful journalism.
    Please continue in your love for the Gospel to illuminate the truth.
    Sadly it appears many of your Mega Churches and organisations like RZIM give their Leaders large amounts of money, big houses and other ‘perks. These include in Ravi’s case the ability for him be hailed ,almost infalliuble.
    Sadly , on the contary he caved in to the desires,lust of the flesh finaced by donations to RZIM!
    Walk in the Spirit, says the Apostle Paul……….and you will not fulfull such desires. Galations ch 5 v22 are the fruits of the spirit……………Ravi on stage projected love , joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith!…………off stage was a living , walking talking HYPOCRITE!
    How he could so brilliantly defend the Gospel and yet continue to disobey his Lord when he wanted , almost demanded sexual relationships with women and for years embarassed, abused and ruined so many lives.
    Not only has he failed the Christian World at large, but above all his Lord and his wife he professed to love and
    The New Testament is full of the dangers of materialism, money, adoration from men, desires of the flesh etc etc.
    But like me I trust whoever reads the email ceases to seek help in our Christian walk only from our Pastors , Ministers or charismatic leaders ,
    It was on that cross, that Jesus liberated me, In the words of a Sunday School chorus;
    Turn your eeyes upon Jesus
    Look full in His wonderful face
    And the things on earth will grow strangely dim
    In the light of His Glory and Grace

    P S……………..Check how the money you give to your Church,charity or Christian organisation is being spent.!

    1. I have to say “Amen!!” Allan, and very well said.
      Isn’t “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” such a beautiful (and yes, so appropriate) hymn?

      I am glad many are recognizing and applauding Julie Roys’s efforts. I pray that encourages her.

      To love truth is to love THE Truth i.e it’s to love Christ. Satan, after all, is “the father of lies” (John 8:44).

      “I am the way, the Truth and the Life” (Jesus in John 14:16)

  5. Allan Jenkins (United Kingdom)

    I stumbled upon Ravi Zacharius sermons on line over a year ago. The teaching was bibllical and so inspirational I encourged many Christian friends to lsten and support this ‘wonderful man of God’!
    Alas ,discovering this flawed man had put aside his faith when he sought to abuse many women for his own sexual gratification.
    Like tens of thousands of Ravi’s hearers we are shell shocked…………..such a man led such a double life.
    Like millions of people, World wide we must look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.
    He alone sustains all those who trust and live for Him.

    1. Let’s shut it all down and execute his staff. Clearly that would be the right thing to do. There is no forgiveness. We are all perfect. While we’re at it, are we shutting down the Catholic Church as well? As far as I know RZIM hasn’t murdered MILLIONS of true believers. It’s business as usual for the pedophiles and satan worshipers in Rome. Let’s make sure we judge and persecute fairly. We really aren’t letting the cesspool of the Vatican off the hook are we? Or just evangelicals? I’m so confused.

      1. chris cook,

        so, as long as christian leaders don’t murder someone (just rape, extort, defraud, lie, cover up, etc….
        little things like that), we just rock them gently and say,

        “there…there…. This is a nice boy. This is a good boy. This is a mother’s angel. And I want the world to know once and for all, and without any shame, that we LOVE him!”


      2. So unless a Christian leader murders someone we should be OK with all other abuses? If you let RZ off the hook how low will the standards for Christians go in the future? We just keep lowering the bar and lower the bar. Pretty soon Christians will find a way to justify a leader killing someone if we keep going this down this road. I really am not comforable with this line of reasoning.


        You are not confused Chris , you know exactly what you are doing , it’s classic (what a cool word , 1st time I have used it)
        Why would you execute the staff and neglect the board of directors AND family members?
        That’s some really twisted stuff ya got there! Good luck!

        Heeeeey ! you’re not ONE OF THEM are you ?

        1. I figured no one here would say anything regarding the Roman Church and its pedophile priests.

          Deflect? Nope. RZIM is going down and I don’t care one bit. I never knew the man, never went to hear him speak, never gave him a dime. I heard him from time to time on the radio and thought he was great, like most people. Boy was I duped.

          My point (though I thought was obvious but I don’t know that I’m dealing with critical thinkers here) is that organizing the lynch mob to “shut it all down” and blame his wife and staff for his crimes is shocking to me. But I’m not suprised. If you had any reading comprehension and/or honesty, you would know I didn’t excuse the man. But I don’t expect much out of our “civilized” western society these days. Let’s burn everyone at the stake that doesn’t agree with us!

          I’m FULLY DISGUSTED with his crimes. I’m outraged that a man, especially one of his stature, could use his power to abuse vulnerable women. It truly sickens me. But I see much less concern for his victims here than the hate directed at a dead man.

          Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

          I’m truly hurting for his victims and there are probably many more we don’t know about. I think RZIM should spend all of their energy and resources while their still functioning to help these women heal. I pray they receive love and healing from the Most High.

          I don’t see much sympathy for the victims in all of this self righteous judgement and hate. Is anyone that is attacking me (and I do enjoy it) doing anything for these victims? Or just spewing your hate and fake outrage? Is anyone looking in the mirror? Anyone helping any widows and orphans? And you guys can make it as personal as you want, I enjoy the interaction. Thanks for getting my blood pumping.

          Confused? Yes I’m still confused. A known, centuries old, global pedophile ring run by sodomites and satan worshipers who have murdered millions of Christians gets a free pass–on this thread and almost everywhere else. But not from me. Can’t do it. I mentioned hate? Yes, I hate the Roman Church. We are supposed to hate what is evil and cling to what is good. Do I think ignorant catholic parisshoners should be held accountable for the crimes of the popes, bishops, nuns, and priests? Of course not. But a tiny bit of research goes a long way. But this article wasn’t about the catholic church was it? I guess I must be deflecting again…..

          Are any of you outraged at all that Bill Clinton and Joe Biden raped numerous women? Are you blaming their wives and staff? I sure hope the mob doesn’t come after your family when you’re dead.

          Blessed are the merciful, for they will obtain mercy.

          I think I need a shower now. God have mercy on me for all of my sins. Help me to live a holy life pleasing to You. Apart from You, I can do nothing.

          I pray we all seek the Father while we still can. Come Lord Jesus.

          I’ve said all I need to say. I’m not too interested in personal fights but love to exchange ideas. I know I have the gift of offending people but that’s not my purpose. Good day all.

          Oh and one more thing………..If any of you that don’t like what I have had to say and have called me out by name, are doing anything at all to help these victims, please let me know. I’ll come along side and join you.


            Hi Chris! Thank you for taking the time to share and explain your points and I wanted you to know that I for one appreciate you sincerely.
            I took the time to look up “Critical Thinker ” because I had never looked at that before and I wanted to know whether I was or wasn’t , here’s what it says:
            “Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment. The subject is complex, and several different definitions exist, which generally include the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.”
            Quite interesting especially all the “selfs”. Thank you for that, I guess I am one and I’m glad

  6. The board member does not seem to realize he was complicit and severe measures must be taken. It does not help that he gets all this sappy Christianese from his followers.

    Jesus is a God of love and Justice.

  7. RZIM is circling the drain, it is only a matter of time before it sinks completely. If the staff and employees are smart, they would head for the lifeboats while there is still time. As it is, the name of Ravi Zacharias has become dangerously radioactive (as the former UK branch has realized). Suffice it to say, employment here will not look good on a resume, just ask anyone who was employed by Enron.

  8. I’ve been a Christian for 41 years, served as an elder in two local churches, taught hundreds if not thousands of bible studies and small groups, been in a faithful marriage for 36 years. I’m no atheist Tony Cimmarrusti. And yet I argue that the RZIM board either knew or should’ve known what was going on. The board should quit hiding behind a veil of secrecy and reveal their identities, resign immediately, and be willing to be investigated further for both sex crimes and fund misuse. To do anything less only continues to abuse the victims, keep additional unknown victims from coming forward out of fear, and protect the vast empire known as RZIM. There must be more hidden sins from either Ravi, the board, or both for this charade to continue.

    “What motivates false narratives is a zealous ambition to protect a brand, defend a reputation, or preserve the glory of an ambitious leader, a zealous church, and its board of leaders.” Scot McKnight, A Church Called TOV

    1. I would go farther and say RZIM must be dissolved completely and any and all assets be used to make restitution to all the victims. Whatever is left ove should go to either Boz’s organization or others that actually help abuse victims.

      As for the employees and staffers, I suggest they find another job or line of work (once the stench of working for RZIM wears off). It may take a while, just ask all those employees who worked for Enron.

      1. “(once the stench of working for RZIM wears off). It may take a while, just ask all those employees who worked for Enron.”

        the stench has never worn off. it never will.

  9. Plz help me understand, Ravi:

    – Owned 2 apartments & spent 256 days btwn 2010 & 2014 in Bangkok a city known for sex trafficking
    – Had his female massage therapists living in 1 of the apartments
    – Traveled with his female massage therapists
    – Settled a sexual lawsuit by paying the female accuser & requiring her to sign an NDA
    – Co-owned 2 day spas
    – Falsified and then changed academic credentials
    – etc

    And no one within RZIM knew anything about this??
    Anyone want to buy some ocean front property in Arizona? – lol


    1. Well said, TJ James. It is sad that board members like Tony Cimmarrusti have become defiant instead of contrite in the face of this mess. it just goes to show how dysfunctional this organization is.

      1. Let us not forget the cognitive dissonance and all the psychoses caused by the Sunk Cost fallacies. That also explains why Tony is having his tantrum. He knows his gravy train is about to end and will be unemployable after it ends.

    2. TJ, add to your list the following:
      – coerced a young woman to obtain an illegal abortion of his brother’s baby
      – used donated funds to hire female massage therapists (his own sex workers?)
      – hid donated funds and board members’ identities behind the veil of being a church for last 6 years
      – has/had family members as well paid executive staff members
      – obtained and saved hundreds of nude photos of women on various electronic devices
      – committed sexual assault/rape against who knows how many women
      – brought in massage therapists (sex workers) from overseas

      It was the board’s job to know all of this. They failed miserably, are complicit in the severe damage done to dozens/hundreds/who knows how many women, and should be held accountable. All sex abusers use enablers to pull off their activities.

    3. Wake up, Tony Cimmarrusti, the Christian world, myself included, is calling for you and the rest of your grossly derelict, shamefully failed board buddies to resign yesterday due to your complicit, enabling actions that allowed a serial liar, sociopathic manipulator, sexual and spiritual abuser, etc., to roam free for decades.

      You somehow missed a mountain of evidence that has been obvious for years even to the general public, not to mention a whole mountain range you should have known about as an insider. Apparently you thought Ravi’s narcissistic, sick suicide threat was all in a day’s work for him.

  10. Maybe churches will start listening more to people’s “accusations.” Maybe past accusations that were dismissed will haunt them now. Maybe they’ll seek out those people that left the church because they weren’t counted as worthy of consideration compared to their pastor’s supposedly “upstanding character in all things.”


  11. I threw out (no way could I donate) any and all RZIM books today. I’m so sad that I spent hard earned money on anything RZIM. Yet I did and am so so disappointed that what I thought was a legitimate man of God has turned out to be a predator. Ive never been a TV preacher kinda person but I thought Ravi was different . How wrong was I! No more preachers, no more wealthy American pastors. I’m done.

    1. Holly,

      Don’t b too hard on yourself. I also donated a lot of $$ over many years to this duplicitous evil genius. No more will I give to these big name “Christian” leaders of the Evangelical Industrial Complex. I need to see their 990’s or financial stmts. I will give to the poor or less fortunate but not to these Million Dollar Babies. What passes for Christianity in developed countries is an absolute disgrace.

    2. Holly H, one thing that has come out of this for me is a renewed love of the local church and to grow under the teaching of the shepherd God has placed in my life. I do not need the teaching of Ravi Zacharias or John MacArthur anymore. I have a pastor who teaches me God’s word and loves me. That is all I need.

  12. I believe RZIM needs to disband as a ministry. A ministry built by a hypocrite cannot be sustained. Yes, we are all sinners saved by God’s grace. Yet we need to be held to a higher standard. A ministry proclaiming God’s word needs to be morally pure otherwise it becomes a laughingstock to the world.

  13. Praying that God’s direction in resolving this immense scandal might be forthcoming by those on the Board of Directors.
    Will continue to pray for Margie, ms Davis, as CEO,
    & youngest daughter (who I believe was ministering to the women in the red-light district in Amsterdam.
    Blessings to those precious grandchildren who lost the only grandfather they knew.
    🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼


    John Otrhalek wrote ” Tony. God called you there to serve ”
    All I can say is….. I don’t know what to say…… God called you.. God called you there … God called you there to serve ….
    Wow John really? Maybe you should march right on over to rzim and fix the WHOLE STINKIN, VILE MESS UP
    after all apparently you have insider info and know God , gee whiz you must know everything ! Why have you been holding back from all the rest of us little ones?

  15. This article makes me unsure we should be putting all the blame and responsibility on the RZIM board. Q: what were Tony Cimmarrusti’s qualifications to be on the board in the first place? A: he worked successfully in finance for many years and could advise the organization on financial matters. Should he have looked more closely into the money matters and seen the problems? Yes, of course. But unfortunately, he’s not the only board member ever to have gotten the wool pulled over his eyes by sleight-of-hand.

    The more fundamental problem rests with churches like the CMA who ordain people carelessly, and who don’t oversee them. I’m not saying a looser structure, or lack of structure, is the only flaw. The Roman Catholic church has very in-depth structure, which was still gotten around by cowardly bishops.

    I think we need both solid structures of accountability, and individuals being watchful and unafraid of the universality of the sinful human condition. These individuals may be ordinary Christians with the gifts and talents that clean up churches or call leaders to account. People like Julie Roys. People like you or me.

    1. If one person is at fault it is Ravi. If two people are at fault it is Ravi and Cimmarrusti – Harvard bred genius and super-self-righteous con-man.


    Hi everyone,
    I’m sorry but I can not remember how many board members there are ( did I see 20 somewhere?) Anyways whatever the number is, can you imagine with me for a moment that 10 or 20 grown (not physically children) human beings ,probably successful (by worldly standards) decided at a moment in time to be a part of the rzim board of directors (IN SECRET to the outside world) and that each and everyone of these individuals thought that that was a good if not a great idea because they are at the moment on the board………. I even bet that they all call themselves Christians too and each and everyone one decided that being on a “secret” board was the way to do things……..
    I believe it shows just how worldly something can be….. Whatever happened to being led by the Eternal Spirit of the Living God and asking for His Discernment and His Wisdom BECAUSE He knows the BEGINNING , the MIDDLE and the END of a matter. By their fruit you shall know THEM and they that are LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD SHALL BE CALLED THE SONS OF GOD.

    Hebrews 5:12-14

    For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first
    principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

    For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

    But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who BY REASON OF USE have their
    senses EXERCISED TO DISCERN both good and evil.

    If someone thinks that someone USES,EXERCISES and DISCERNS just because they call themselves a “Christian
    then you are deceived and part of the problem out there today.


    Oh , and these same board members also thought it to be a great idea to rake in millions of bucks a year and in return give out …… did I read correctly ?……. less than a million?

    Romans 3:10 -18 summed up in vs 18
    “There is no fear of God before their eyes”

    1. In what world is a man tried and convicted without a chance to defend himself? In this one obviously. Whatever happened to presumption of innocence until proven guilty? There were witnesses in the case of the woman caught in adultery and yet even so Jesus told her accusers that those of them who were without sin should throw the first stone. In the case before us there were no witnesses, just details from 10 or more years ago from, according to the report, the one masseuse who agreed to be interviewed, and may have been mistaken in her recollection, who knows? There’s no opportunity for a cross-examination or refutation. Whoever the anonymous people were who made claims of impropriety, they would have known about the settlement made with the woman who tried to extort $5M from Ravi over nude photos she sent to him that there is no evidence he ever requested, and they might have been just trying their luck as well, or just attempting to discredit him, as many are doing here. In the absence of a fair hearing we may never know all the facts, but whatever the case, we know that God doesn’t only use perfect people, since there aren’t any. He still called King David a man after His own heart, in spite of the grievous sins he committed, which were orders of magnitude greater than anything Ravi is accused of having done.


        Wow CHRIS ERASMUS are you in a time warp or something? YIKES ! Practically every word that you have written has been blown to smithereens in the past 4 or 5 ravi Blogs with their corresponding comments just on this site alone. Just so you know, part of just one of your comments ” the woman who tried to extort $5M ” is truly disgusting and ignorant . There is a chance that you could be “innocently ignorant” (I hope so) in which case I suggest that you go ( at light speed) back and devour all the info available concerning the despicable and corrupt rzim and then come back and apologize to the rest of us here for your comments.
        I would suggest that anything less than that would mean that you truly are ignorant (and like it that way)

      2. Chris, read the report. The allegations that Christianity Today investigated and published last fall were confirmed by the law firm’s independent investigation. Would a law firm risk there reputation by putting out a report with no evidence. Where is your discernment? Do you think you can transfer $10’s of thousands of donor funds to massage therapists without a trace? Plus all the texts, photos , etc. This is tip of iceberg stuff given the short time frame and scope of the investigation. And then there’s another King David comparison…wow. Read the report and tell us where Ravi’s heart was…spoiler alert…it wasn’t after God’s heart based on his secret life. Would you also give the same grace to catholic priests accused of sex abuse? Are they still of God’s heart??? Just wow.

        1. One can ask the same question, do FBI or various police departments risk their reputation when they investigate someone and charge someone for some crimes based on those investigations? They have power to obtain documents and take testimony (with the risk of jail if they lie), unlike this law firm. With all that rigor how many cases are dismissed by courts for various reasons? How many times FBI expert witness lied in court (please google it – fiber/hair expert), and see how the Olympic bombing case was investigated. Also, what about the Steel dossier? Etc. One can only give so much trust on such a report. I am surprised RZIM didn’t opt for a second opinion from another investigative body.

          I have read the whole report, absolutely not impressed.


    This needs to be repeated (from the “OPINION: Spokesperson’s Letter Reveals RZIM’s Spiritually Abusive Leadership & Consequences Of Protecting “Ravi” & “Brand”) some more amazing info regarding the bs of rzim

    From this website: From this page: https://ruthhutchins.com/post/rzim-governance/
    and she has other RZIM posts. I do not recognize her name but she does look to be doing good research.

    The Board in 2018: “Importantly, this 2018 document lists the Directors by name. This is the only public disclosure of the Directors that I can find after RZIM stopped filing 990s. They were:
    Ravi Zacharias, Peter Sorensen, Mo Anderson, Phyllis Beard, Margaret Zacharias, Christopher Blattner, Tony Cimmarrusti, Sarah Davis, Veronica Colondam, Stanley Foltz, Wee Tiong Howe, Paul Kepes, Darryl Lanker, William Payne, Chuck Zeiser, Casey Cook, John Diepersloot, Dr. Kenneth Gamble, and Beth Sankey.”

    1. Good Morning Crying From the Mountain. I very much appreciate your response to me above in the comments. I wanted to directly respond to your post but wasn’t able to for some reason higher in the comment section. I hope you are able to see this one.

      I’m glad you turned down the heat on our conversation. I sometimes (many times actually) run too hot and emotional when I get going. Thank you for your measured response. I love when we can learn from each other and trust me when I say, your numerous posts have made me think quite a bit. Iron sharpens iron.

      You made my day. I hope you are experiencing God’s love and grace on this wonderful sabbath day.

      Take good care of yourself CFTM.


        I found it! Thank you so much your words have touched my heart and I am very encouraged !
        You know what? I have noticed that there are responses on these blogs from certain different individuals that seem to all sound quite similar in their comments. I’m thinking that Chris above (not you) and now Susan (last ravi article before this one and an Elicia are either “ravi agitators” OR there could actually be a (notice the small c) “christian spirit” out there that people are under the spell of that truly is not of the TRUTH.
        They also seem to quote King David stuff too (please read MD’s response above).

        I personally love the “nobody’s perfect ” one when Jesus Himself said in Mat 5:48 “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect ”
        Sounds like a direct commandment to me , you too?
        Here’s some King David stuff for us:
        Psalm 139: 20-24

        ” For they speak against thee wickedly, and THINE ENEMIES TAKE THY NAME IN VAIN (small c maybe?)
        Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
        I HATE THEM WITH PERFECT HATRED : I count them mine enemies.
        Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
        And see if there be any wicked way in me, and LEAD ME in the way everlasting”

        Chris my name is David , Thank you again

        1. Great to meet you David. Godspeed.

          I don’t think I’ll be back though. I’m acting like a serious hypocrite on this site. I really blew it just now on another thread. I thought one of my comments was censored and I threw a tantrum. After I posted my tantrum I realized my previous comment had been posted. I really need to get back on my knees and get back to the basics. I need to return to my First Love before it’s too late. I need to work a lot harder at living in peace and showing a spirit of gentleness and grace. I’m rather ashamed of myself right now. Especially considering I told other people that they should be ashamed.

          If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

          Take care brother. Thanks for being so nice to me.


            Well Chris there are some out there that truly need to be deeply ashamed(and I’m not saying you)
            , perhaps your radar could use a little fine tuning and you know the greatest technician ever.
            Wisdom and discernment are a couple of His very finest tools and the great thing is that He gives those out to them that ask.
            Please remember that Jesus in Mat 12:48 asked a question “Who is My mother and WHO ARE MY BRETHEN ?
            The answer in verse 50 : For whosoever shall DO THE WILL of my Father which is in heaven, THE SAME is my brother, and sister, and mother.
            Which means to me that not everyone that names Christ or says they are a Christian are my Brother , I look for kindness , gentleness and love especially as well as the rest of the FRUIT of the Spirit , hey you have those!
            You really are a PETER aren’t you ? Somewhat impetuous , bold and you love like bear !
            Forgive yourself and get back on the mission soldier !

          2. What a wonderful Godly interaction between you two. Thank you. I deeply admire you both. With much respect.

      1. It seems, in my mind, that you speak quite accurately in my stead. I appreciate you. Thank you. I am not an orator and I need someone like you to represent me in ways that I cannot.

  19. If one person is at fault it is Ravi. If two people are at fault it is Ravi and Tony Cimmarrusti – Harvard bred genius and super-self-righteous advocate for 33 years of blindness.

  20. Tony Cimmarrusti, RZIM Board Member, is proud to proclaim to anyone who will listen how he graduated from Harvard and has an MBA. What he won’t disclose is how he has historically throughout his career buddied up to the rich and famous. I did some digging and I have seen a pattern in Mr. Cimmarrusti that reveals his lust for power and admiration. He is very likely a narcissist. All of his accolades, if they were true, would have resulted in him objecting to a board that was led first by Ravi and secondly by his wife with two other family members on the board and the rest sycophants like Tony. He sold out just to be around perceived greatness and to have people express admiration for his stated Christian values. He appears to be phony and his history shows he has a volatile temper –when provoked – it all comes out… the real Mr. Cimmarrusti. I demand that all records of voting of the board be revealed and let’s see if the board at any time voted to veto a desire of Ravi or an embellishment to Ravi’s life of luxury. Let’s see how much money and benefits were lavished on board members. Let’s reveal all of the enablers and like-minded partners like Mr. Cimmarrusti. If one person is at fault it is Ravi. If two people are at fault it is Ravi and Cimmarrusti – Harvard bred genius and super-self-righteous individual.

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