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  1. We have American Missional organisations here in the UK targeting small struggling congregations, offering partnerships and support. Which invariably means a replant, rebrand and takeover.

    Grace Baptist Partnership is one parasitical organisation, headed up by Pastor Robert Barry King and his three pastor sons.

    Another is Pastor Tarl Reeves from the Baptist Bible Fellowship International (Springfield). He uses a self conceived organisation called Infuse to pitch his takeovers. Comes alongside small churches initially offering preaching support, then once established partnerships are agreed he brings in his own elders, team, branding.

    Properties in London and Southern England are of considerable worth. As Mr Wood alluded in your article there initially seems to be spiritual merit in the proposed mergers, support. But this simply window dressing and disguise for an aggressive coordinated take over.

    Very very sad that they do this in the name of Our Lord.

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