Seeking Truth — Is Abolishing Marriage the Left’s End Game?

By Julie Roys
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Are progressives truly fighting for gay rights and income equality? Or, is their objective far more radical and insidious than most Americans imagine? Are they actually out to destroy marriage and family — and seizing gay rights as a means to this end? In this episode of Seeking Truth, Julie interviews Dr. Paul Kengor, author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.” And, in this riveting and eye-opening discussion, Dr. Kengor shows how Leftists — beginning with Karl Marx, the father of communism, and moving to Weather Underground terrorist and Barack Obama mentor, Billy Ayers — have sought to revolutionize society by smashing monogamy and anything that smacks of traditional, Christian values. And now, with the dawn of gay marriage, they may have just the vehicle they need to complete the job!    


Dr. Paul Kengor

paul-g-kengorPaul Kengor, Ph.D., is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of the college’s Center for Vision & Values. A New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen books, Kengor is also a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.


About “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage”

195002_5_We are witnessing a watershed moment in American cultural history: the sabotaging of family and marriage. Extreme-left radicals have made their arguments and tried different tactics, from the early ninteenth century to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, but at long last they have the vehicle to make it happen: gay marriage. Now, as the legal definition of marriage rapidly changes, the floodgates are open, and the fundamental transformation of the American family will take on new speed and new dimensions. Efforts to redefine the family structure have been long at work, and there have been some influential forces on the far left and communist left that cannot and should not be ignored in that process.
In Takedown, Paul Kengor exposes these origins, starting with Karl Marx, and traces them through the sordid history of people like Margaret Sanger, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, and assorted ’60s radicals. What were once fringe concepts have become accepted by mainstream thought and are today welcomed by many legislators and judges. Kengor notes how in the not-so-distant past, today’s leftists who are attacking traditional marriage would have loudly raised their voices but not caused any real damage. They would have been dismissed as left-wing cranks, crackpot German and Austrian atheistic philosophers and campus agitators with no serious concern. But now, with formal legalization of same-sex marriage afoot, they are getting what they’ve wanted for generations: the literal redefinition of the family.
Takedown exposes how gay marriage is serving as a Trojan horse for the far left to secure the final takedown of marriage that it has long wanted, and countless everyday Americans are oblivious to the deeper forces at work. Takedown takes no prisoners and bluntly shows the reader that even Karl Marx and his more anti-marriage comrade Engels would be dumbfounded at the mere thought that modern Americans would gladly join them in their rejection of God’s design for natural marriage and the family.


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4 thoughts on “Seeking Truth — Is Abolishing Marriage the Left’s End Game?”

  1. Enjoyed Dr. Kengor’s insight! He may a good point when he talked about people making statements on Twitter and Facebook like it is the truth. People want sound bites to back their beliefs, but beliefs are many times too nuanced to give 140-character post that gets at the foundation of what is being written or said.

    Thanks, Mrs. Roys!

  2. Kengor’s thesis seems to prove too much. After all, “Christian worldview” epistemology is also a product of Marxist thought. In fact, the entirety of the Continental philosophical tradition probably has borrowed from Marx in some way. By contrast, the British philosophical tradition, which “Christian worldview” epistemology expressly rejects, represents a cleaner break from Marx.

    Moreover, I don’t quite understand the evangelical obsession with the small band of leftists. Even if Kengor is correct, what suggests that these leftists have the power to carry that out? Our culture’s move to a more contractual view of marriage is basically a victory for middle-of-the-road pragmatism. The narrative of compulsory heterosexuality, bequeathed to us by Freudian social theorists in the middle decades of the 20th century, has run its course. It doesn’t take a left-winger to recognize its failings. See, for example, Michael Hannon’s excellent piece, “Against Heterosexuality,” which appeared in First Things in 2014.

    It all be interesting to see what emerges in the coming years. In most Western countries, the widespread cultural acceptance of same-sex marriage actually led to a decline in same-sex coupling in the long run. That’s because the social acceptance of same-sex coupling effected an upending of compulsory heterosexuality, which, in turn, created more socially acceptable options for opposite-sex coupling. Oddly enough, the dethroning of compulsory heterosexuality led to higher rates of opposite-sex marriage, less divorce, and greater social stability overall.

    So, why are conservative Christians opposed to the disappearance of compulsory heterosexuality? I suspect that it’s because conservative Christian churches have set themselves up as the primary enforcers of compulsory heterosexuality. That’s the primary service such institutions provide to the social marketplace. If no one needs that service anymore, it begs the question of why one needs conservative Christian churches.

    Yes, Marx had this insight 160 years ago. But it was hardly unique to Marx. The New England Puritans had much the same insight a century before Marx, having recognized marriage as a purely worldly institution whose parameters are to be shaped by pragmatic considerations and governed by the secular leaders. So, one could just as easily argue that this imagined conspiracy by the Left has its origins in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The thinkers of the Scottish enlightenment, who were hardly liberal or Marxist in their thinking, arrived at much the same conclusion.

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