Sex-Ed – in Kindergarten?

By Julie Roys
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Public schools across America soon will be teaching sex-ed to kindergarteners!  That is, if several national health and sex education groups get their way.  These groups are proposing new national standards for sex education that they’re urging all schools to adopt.  Already, five states have inquired about the new standards.   And, the Chicago Public Schools announced last week it plans to adopt the standards and begin teaching sex-ed to kindergarteners by 2016. 

The groups behind this plan say sex education should be treated like every other subject.  Like math or science, sexual health and relationship concepts should be introduced early and then built upon each year.           

“(T)he standards aim to normalize alternative sexualities at an early age. They also assume that middle- and high-school students will be sexually active.”

However, the concepts these groups want to teach are not consistent with biblical marriage and family.  For example, the national standards mandate that second-grade students should be able to “identify different kinds of family structures.”  In other words, students should learn that all families are equally legitimate – whether Johnny’s parents are married or unmarried, of different genders or the same.  The standards also propose that fifth-graders should be able to define sexual orientation.  Clearly, the standards aim to normalize alternative sexualities at an early age.

They also assume that middle- and high-school students will be sexually active.  By 8th Grade, the standards mandate that students be able to define emergency contraception.  By 12th Grade, students should be able to compare and contrast different contraceptive methods. 

As Scott Phelps of the Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership notes, these standards simply codify the sexual revolution, which de-coupled sex and marriage.  Stunningly, throughout the entire National Sexuality Education Standards, the word “marriage” doesn’t appear even once!  Yet, separating marriage and sex is destroying society.  Since the sexual revolution, divorce has doubled; sexually-transmitted diseases have exploded; and children living in single-parent families – the number one cause of poverty – has tripled.    
If society is going to improve, schools need to teach kindergarteners – and students of all ages – positive examples of marriage.  The last thing they need to do is adopt new standards that undermine it.  


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3 thoughts on “Sex-Ed – in Kindergarten?”

  1. No way! I am against this! this is not Godly! We christian will stand against this immorality!!! We will stand together against this ridiculous idea of teaching our kids this kind of garbage!!!

  2. No!!!! I have a son who is in k-5 right now and I can only imagine how this kind of education is going to affect his innocence!!! How could the government even think about doing this??? There must be a hidden agenda behind all these movements that must be exposed.

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