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  1. A church under the authority of one man, is not stewardship, its Dictatorship. I know. I have encountered it. LORD HELP US ALL. PLEASE.

  2. God bless those who are bold and brave enough to speak out about the abuses they experienced and witnessed. I went to Harvest for a period of time…James always seemed to me to have a haughty attitude but I liked when he spoke clearly about Godly vs ungodly behavior according to Scripture. There were a lot of young people there so I surmised they liked having clear spiritual teaching about right and wrong according to the Word. I am Charismatic and Harvest is not, so I left. That was a number of years ago. I pray for Godly transformation at Harvest, wherever it’s needed. A humble heart is a Godly heart.

  3. Thank you for your bravery and honesty and transparency. We all would struggle the same way most likely but you made the decisions to turn and that’s the best part.

  4. i listened to the walk in the word radio program. i matured in my christian faith through the spoken word of pastor macdonald’s ministry. i am sorry for the environment that appears to be dishonoring to god at the harvest home church…but the truth remains…god’s word will not return void.

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