The Gender Agenda – Coming to a School Near You!

By Julie Roys

Four years ago, if you had predicted that the end-game of the LGBTQ community was to destroy all gender and sexual boundaries, many would have labeled you an extremist on a witch hunt. I know because I made that prediction. And, in response, I received many angry denials from members of a local high school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). “You seem to believe that the LGBTQ movement wants to spark a gender-reformation. How could one reform a biologically accurate thing? Well, it’s not possible…” Another wrote: “The Gay Straight Alliances have done nothing of the sort… They merely have decided… to show that there are so many beautiful people out there that society has not tolerated for the longest of time.” However, two articles published about a week ago in a suburban Chicago high school newspaper show that’s precisely the LGBTQ movement’s intent. The articles appeared in the Statesman, the tax-payer funded student newspaper of Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, where my husband teaches math. One article entitled, “How vast is the gender spectrum?” argued that limiting gender to male and female is too restrictive. “Nothing is written in black or white,” the article asserted. “In fact, the world is filled with many gray areas. Nowadays, our gender identity is not restricted to two choices: boy or girl.” This is a shocking statement given that Genesis – the foundation for two major world religions – states very clearly in black and white that only two genders exist. Genesis 1:27 states, “God created mankind in his own image… male and female he created them.” Other religions affirm this understanding, as well. In fact, it’s been the established societal view since the beginning of human history. But, in one fell swoop, this article declared this age-old, religious understanding obsolete. And, it asserted this falsehood, not as opinion with attribution, but as fact! A second article in the Statesman further deconstructed traditional and religious sexual mores. When identifying their “sexual orientation,” it encouraged students to think beyond sexual stereotypes – not just heterosexual ones, but homosexual ones too. “I think there are infinite sexual orientations,” a Stevenson student named Cameron said. “There are so many labels. It’s impossible to number them…” Wow. “Infinite sexual orientations”? In my wildest imagination, I could maybe come up with several dozen, but infinite? And, what about the moral legitimacy of these orientations? Cameron went on to say, “There is nothing wrong with however you are. If you like boys, girls, anyone in between, or none of the above, that’s okay.” Seriously? All these infinite orientations are morally acceptable? Is this what they’re teaching students these days? What if you’re attracted to animals? A family member? The dead? (Yes, it exists. It’s called necrophilia.) One has to wonder where students get these ideas. Perhaps, it’s from English teachers like William Fritz, also the GSA faculty advisor. In the article on gender spectrum, he says, “The gender of the person you truly are can be different from (your physical features). We are not a one size fits all species.” One has to wonder how this English teacher came to this epiphany. He offered no evidence to support his claim. In fact, neither article presented any evidence for their wild assertions. They didn’t offer any dissenting opinions either. Instead, they relied solely on LGBTQ activists and their disciples – Mr. Fritz; a staff person with the national GSA; a 17-year-old “gender studies” blogger; and high school students, presumably members of the school’s GSA. Apparently, LGBTQ activists at public schools are getting bolder – and school administrators are affording them special privilege to proselytize openly. Certainly, if a Christian would try to distribute literature at Stevenson explaining the biblical understanding of gender, the administration would immediately shut him down. Yet, here gay activists are given carte blanche to spread their propaganda right in the school-sponsored newspaper! One of the people quoted repeatedly in the article on the gender spectrum is teenage blogger Kathryn Tenbarge. “To break free from conforming stereotypes is a very courageous thing to do,” Tenbarge said. “It means you have reached a level of understanding yourself that most people haven’t.” Really? So, those of us with a Judeo-Christian understanding of sexuality are simply unenlightened? The article concludes, “For now, Fritz, (another student) and Tenbarge agree there is nothing to lose from expanding the strict labels and categories our society tries to squeeze everyone into.” Again, this is just another wild assertion without any basis in fact. With all due respect, how can these self-appointed gender experts know this? To date, the traditional family model has served as the foundation for all Western Civilization. Though many today express disdain for this great civilization, one can’t deny that it’s produced some of the most prosperous and stable societies the world has ever known. But, now we are moving into new territory with unpredictable results. Yet, early indications show that this anything-goes sexuality may have devastating consequences. One woman whose husband left her for his gay lover, and took their children with him, writes in Public Discourse: “Behind the happy façade of many families headed by same-sex couples, we see relationships that are built from brokenness…. I represent hundreds upon thousands of spouses who have been betrayed and rejected.” This is tragic and certainly will have widespread ramifications for the children raised in these devastated homes. But, this is what results when one’s attractions du jour trump marriage vows. The author of the article also notes that “Every same-sex family can only exist by manipulating nature.” Unlike traditional marriage, which naturally produces children, same-sex couples must rely on “assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy or sperm donation to have children. Such processes exploit men and women for their reproductive potential, treat children as products to be bought and sold, and purposely deny children a relationship with one or both of their biological parents.” Again tragically, it’s children who suffer. But what about transgendered people? How is expanding the “gender spectrum” working for them? According to a study conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, it’s not going well. The study found that a staggering 41 percent of transgendered people say they’ve attempted suicide. And apparently, permanently changing their sex doesn’t help either. A 2011 Swedish study found that people who undergo sex-change surgery start experiencing increased mental difficulties about 10 years after surgery. In fact, their suicide mortality then rises to almost 20 times greater than the comparable non-transgender population! A case in point is a Belgian woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery and then last year chose to be euthanized. Apparently, the self-hatred that drove her to become a man persisted after her sex change. Just like she couldn’t accept herself as a woman, she couldn’t accept herself as a man, either. “(N)one of these operations worked as desired,” Nathan (born Nancy) Verhelst said. “(W)hen I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster. ” According to Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, people with transgender feelings experience psychological distress because they suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder”: just like someone suffering from bulimia wrongly believes she is fat, so a person with transgender feelings wrongly thinks he or she is a sex that doesn’t correspond to reality. McHugh says most of those who elect to have sex-reassignment surgery describe themselves as “satisfied.” However, studies found that “their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have surgery.” As a result, Johns Hopkins Hospital has stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery. As McHugh puts it, “producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs.” Interestingly, McHugh reports that controlled and follow-up studies show that 70-80 percent of children with transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings as they mature. School counselors should be challenging these students’ false beliefs about themselves. Instead, McHugh says, diversity counselors function much like “cult leaders,” often encouraging these confused young people to distance themselves from family and anyone who challenges the legitimacy of their feelings. So, our public high schools, by promoting this unproven gender-bending agenda may actually be hurting those they purport to help. Perhaps, this is because the reality that billions throughout the centuries have affirmed is actually true! We do not construct ourselves; God constructs us. And, when our confusion and brokenness leads us to deny our God­-given gender, we only harm ourselves and those closest to us. Instead of encouraging students to pursue whatever feels right to them, maybe administrators and faculty advisors should be urging them to love and accept the person God created them to be? Unfortunately, students in many of our public schools never hear this common sense, Judeo-Christian view. As these student articles show, it’s simply presumed false or too restrictive.  You may think this is happening in only liberal suburban Chicago schools, but it’s everywhere. For example, just last week, the media reported that school administrators in Lincoln, Nebraska – hardly a hotbed of liberalism – instructed teachers to no longer use “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls.” Instead, they told them to use “gender inclusive” terms like “purple penguins.” Seriously – purple penguins! Now that this radical, gender-destroying agenda of the LGBTQ community has been revealed, how should we respond? Do Christians retreat and allow the radicals to distort children’s understanding of their dignity, purpose and God­-given gender? Do we let high school administrators define our boys and girls as “purple penguins” – and use our taxes to promote propaganda?  Or, do we say enough is enough – and begin reasserting our voice in this society gone crazy? Our children’s future is at stake. And, to quote one of my heroes, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Julie Roys is a Christian speaker, journalist, and host of national talk radio show Up for Debate. Follow Julie on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo credit: “DCPS Pride – DC Capital Pride – 2014-06-07” by Tim Evanson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0



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54 thoughts on “The Gender Agenda – Coming to a School Near You!”

  1. This is not a time for crazy talk but rather Biblical principle rooted in love. The GLBT movement does not know how to handle love so they throw the ‘hate’ and ‘intolerant’ bombs at us. The majority of decent folk MUST take a stand now.

  2. Ordered by their city government-Pastors in Houston, TX have been ordered to turn over sermons, email communication, etc. so they can be reviewed whether they contain “anti-gay” speech. God’s Word told us we are hated in this world and we will be persecuted for our beliefs. So be it. STAND.

    1. ‘Gods word’ also tells us that bird-blood magic is a cure for leprosy. (Lev. 14)

      Also, aren’t you too busy persecuting LGBTQ’s to get persecuted yourself?

  3. Gloria… I read about that. It’s stunning and a clear violation of 1st Amendment rights. I’m glad the Alliance Defending Freedom is involved in this case. Praying the organization is successful in fighting the city. Either way, it’s an alarming sign.

  4. If you want to blog about extremist religious views and be a homophobe, fine. Have fun. Go wild, but attacking a student for what he said in an interview is beyond inappropriate. Cameron was speaking on his views and his personal experience with his own identity and the fact that you seem to think that makes it okay to personally attack him is not just inappropriate but it is immoral. What happened to Jesus’ preachings of love? It seems nowadays people only use His words to justify and spread hate. The very idea that you would use one of your husband’s students to make a point about hate is just repulsive. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    1. Cameron put his name in public allowing himself open to be talked about, he should have thought about that before writing a PUBLIC article

    2. He did not write the article, he was interviewed for it. Also he is only a student, and shouldn’t be attacked for his views. I bet if someone took what you said, and attacked it you wouldn’t be happy either. Also the Statesman isn’t exactly public, it is more made for the students and parents of Stevenson High School, if it was public it would be in stores not only at school.

  5. Necrophilia, bestiality and incest are not sexual orientations. Sexual orientation has to do with what groups of people you are attracted to according to gender, not species or family affiliation.

  6. It’s funny how you use the Bible as your central, factual evidence and something like a universal truth as you accuse these high school journalists of “asserting a falsehood…as fact.” And you say that these articles show that “destroying all gender and sexual boundaries” is “precisely the LGBTQ movement’s intent,” but how does a suburban high school newspaper, in any way, represent the ENTIRE, global LGBTQ movement? These students are not claiming to represent or be a voice for the LGBTQ movement in any way. How can you generalize the entire LGBTQ community as having a “radical, gender-destroying agenda” from reading a high school newspaper article? These student journalists are simply attempting to shed light on how traditional gender stereotypes are changing, and are attempting to explore the modern expansions of how society defines male and female. That’s hardly “propaganda.”

    And claiming that bestiality, incest, and necrophilia are what “they’re teaching students these days”? I hope you see the extreme absurdity you have taken that source’s quote to as much as I do. I’m sure that the student did not literally mean “infinite” when referring to sexual orientation, but was rather attempting to point out that sexual orientation is not limited or restricted to traditional societal definitions. So please, do not take sources’ quotes to the extreme. They have no basis in your argument.

  7. As a Stevenson student, I’m extremely upset about the portrayal of our school and the single-sided perspective that this article attempts to shove down our throats. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, Mrs. Roys, but you are morally (as well as biblically- I’ve taken far too many bibilical classes and attended far too many church sermons to forget about the part that dictates “treat others as you would like to be treated”) obligated to reciprocate and allow others to have their own as well. After all, our “Gender Agenda” could be likened to such things as your own- what some might call a religious agenda. Please think before deleting this comment as the spaces above show you have done to others- presumably those that refute your claims. We may be mere high school students, but at least we allow ourselves the understanding of both our own views and the views of others. We ask nothing more than respect.

  8. I go to this High School and we are proud that we can be an inviting place for all people. We do not judge and allow everyone to speak their mind on what they believe is appropriate for the student body. Your hateful speech is not allowed in our school. Everyone has the right to love who they love and the government or schools have no right to change that.

    1. Are you kidding me ? We judge so so so much. I go to this highschool as well and we have a lot of stubborn kids who judge people daily.

  9. I think this article makes a great point about the bias in teaching that exists when teaching about the morality/immorality and benefits/disadvantages of being LGBT. This is particularly a problem in public schools where students are often told only that being LGBT is moral and there are no disadvantages. While this may or may not be true, students that are going to a school funded by taxpayers should be presented both sides of the argument.

    I think that the one point of caution to further the idea of unbiased teaching in the general public would be a push away from an emphasis on Christianity. There are non-Christians, non-Jews, and non-Westerners who believe the same things as you and emphasizing these religions may isolate these groups. The point you mentioned about the traditional family being the cornerstone of “Western civilization” could be expanded to “all civilization” which is a much more powerful and unifying statement.

  10. The absolute authority these students use to justify an LGBT lifestyle is proof that an agenda permeates this young culture. This world view of romantic relationship, marriage and gender is experimental at best and should be approached with humility. I worry that these young people will chase these broken paths to happiness and miss the best parts of what life can offer. It’s an injustice not to consider a Judeo Christian model of success for your life.

  11. Just a reminder: Thoughtful, civil discourse on the important issues discussed on is encouraged. Comments that are abusive, libelous, use profanity, or are off-topic will be deleted.

  12. Hello Stevenson students. Please understand it is possible to disagree with someone’s ideology and still love and respect him or her as a person. That’s how I feel towards all of you. I believe God created you in His image — and the gender He created you is part of your God-designed beauty and purpose. In my piece, I attacked no one; I challenged ideas. Part of the maturing process involves engaging worldviews outside your own and engaging ideas — not just leveling personal attacks. I think it speaks to the weakness of the LGBTQ ideology that members of its community routinely engage in intimidation, labeling anyone with different ideas as a “homophobe” or “hater.” As a journalist, I was appalled by the lack of journalistic integrity in the Statesman articles. They were completely one-sided and offered no supporting evidence. As a parent and former Stevenson taxpayer, I was appalled that these ideas would be offered unchallenged in a paper read by minors and supported by public funds. I offered evidence to support my views. And, I offered the perspective given in Scripture. You can reject that view. But, I wanted to at least expose you to it since obviously, you’re not hearing anything but radical LGBTQ ideology. Please understand that just 10 years ago, the ideas presented in the Statesman would have been thought “extreme” and “unnatural.” Just four years ago, members of the GSA vehemently denied that the ideas expressed in the Statesman were part of the LGBTQ agenda. I encourage you to open your mind and consider that perhaps these ideas are not in your best interest or the best interests of society.

    1. how come we have to respect the lgtb communities ideas but they cannot share the same courtesies with others. its such a double standard and I’m sick of it. If a person doesn’t 100% agree with lgtb kids then they get shunned but if an lgtb kid doesn’t agree with someone else’s views they are looked at as a hero. Can we all grow up a little and stop attacking each other. Isn’t it equality what they are asking for. Then they should respect others as well

    2. LGBT students have no responsibility to respect the opinions of people who tell them they’re going to hell, or who tell them what the Bible says. Equality doesn’t mean your opinion is just as valid as someone’s else’s. If it’s your opinion that the sun revolves around the Earth, your opinion isn’t equal to those who know, and can prove, that the Earth revolves around the sun.

    3. Hi Mrs. Roys. I’m a student at Stevenson. I assume many of your beliefs are rooted in the Bible, for it is said to be God’s word. You say that you only use facts, but calling us God’s creations is not a fact. It’s actually the complete opposite. We are the creation of hundreds of million years of evolving and chemical reactions. 3 billion years ago the only thing considered “”living”” on the Earth were Eukaryota cells. We have evidence for that. Your book was written by a few men to scare people, to intimidate them, to have people follow them in blatant threats. Your book is made up. It’s not a matter of debate, it’s a fact. The Bible, the Quran, and any other religios text are all made up. I find it appalling that I am 16 and have already gotten over the fairytales of Santa Claus, God, and the Spaghetti Monster, but you have not. I appreciate journalists who have a brain and utilize it to the best of your abilities. You have your faith rooted in a book that a few men decided to write to earn some quick cash. Later in the 1400s, the church was completely corrupt. The leaders of the Catholic Church were only the leaders to make money, and they admitted they knew that the Bible and Christianity was all falsehood, and they were surprised people fell for the magic. 600 years later, people still do. Grow up. Learn science. Study biology. You believe in a myth. If you don’t respond (which I know you will see this comment), let it be that you base your opinions off a mythical story. Maybe I should become a journalist and judge based off of Harry Potter (my favorite novels by the way).

    4. Im a stevenson student.

      and this article has appalled me.

      is it really your responsibility to worry about others and their own lives and who they become? Can you not respect that the world is evolving and becoming a civil place where all can be equal, whether it be race, gender, or sexuality? what if some on told you you couldnt do something because you are a women?

      Just because some one loves another of the same gender does not make us any less or different from you. As a HUMAN of this world we develop in different ways. Some may be born into religious families, some may not. Despite religion, it shouldnt matter what has been said years ago. the past is the past for a reason and most of the world would like to keep it that way. If our opinions or acceptance has never changed our world would be filled with more chaos then 10 wars.

      As a women of the LGBT community, and being bisexual myself, This is pure ignorance and arrogance mashed into one. Please take the time to educate yourself on the modern world and how beautiful and strong the LGBT community truly is. Despite this repulsive and shameful article, i know this wont have the slightest impact to bring our community down. Hopefully one day you can open your heart to love and truly see what that means.


  13. Identifying as LGBT or anything within the spectrum of sexual or romantic orientation or gender identities is not the same as a religion. Believing in equality is not the same as promoting a religion. This is not some hidden agenda seeking to destroy the foundation of America. This is being progressive, open-minded, and accepting. Just because the world is not the way that you personally experience it does not make it false or evil. I know you are trying to promote the ideas that you think will best help the youth of today. But, unfortunately, you are only spreading ideas that are hurtful and malicious to others, even if you do not see it. You are discrediting the identities of thousands of youth. I’m sorry that your worldview is so narrow that it cannot bear to witness the struggles that so many have. Your privilege obscures your vision.
    I’ll look at your evidence point by point.
    People do not try to claim that people who are cis or straight are “unenlightened”. One should simply attempt to critically think about their identity. If you find that you are straight, that’s fine. If you identify your gender as the same as your biological sex, that’s also fine. But if you fall outside those parameters, that’s also fine.
    Do you believe that that Janna Darnelle and her ex-husband should have stayed married? Do you think that two people should stay together despite one member clearly not being happy? She paints herself as a victim, which in a sense she is. Divorce, life change, and losing custody of your children is tragic. But what about her husband, and his constant struggle with his identity? Her privilege causes her to be unaware. You wouldn’t change everything you’ve ever known just ‘because’. She is welcome to talk about her own struggle, but not to discredit the feelings of others.
    You say that same-sex couples are not biologically natural. They need artificial means to conceive children. But what about same-sex couples where one or both members are infertile? How about elderly couples past child bearing age? Do they then fall in the same deviant category as same-sex couples?
    You mention that 41% of transgendered people have attempted suicide. This is likely a result of the societal pressure that is constantly telling them that they don’t exist, that they don’t matter. And this may be the case of those who have gone through transgender surgery, contrary to what Dr. Paul McHugh wrote. Despite going through lengths to make themselves at peace and happy, society is constantly telling them that they were wrong, that what they have done is a sin. Imagine what that does to a person, to be constantly torn down. There may be a correlation in his study, but correlation never means causation.
    And when considering the use of gender neutral pronouns, why not look at Sweden. They have been using the pronoun “hen” since 2012. And Sweden is the 4th most gender equal nation and the 6th happiest country (while the US is 23rd and 17th). I’m not saying that this is a direct result of using “hen”, but it does demonstrate a culture of acceptance and openness that may very well lead to happiness and equality.
    I apologize for the long response, but I hope this shows that I am equally as passionate about this issue as you are. If you wish to continue this discussion, please let me know by replying. I’d be happy to learn more about your view points, and I hope you would be happy to learn about mine.

  14. I don’t even understand how people still think this way about LGBTQIAP rights. This article while it might represent a clear opinion, is wrong.

  15. I question the wisdom of writing about events that happen in the publicly-funded secular workplace of one’s spouse. Ms. Roys’ apparent heterocentric and Christian worldview in my opinion is dangerous to young minds. By using her husband’s position to weave her anti-gay beliefs into his classroom is highly questionable at best. Fortunately, I would bet most students have open minds and know that her ideas are not in their best interests or the best interests of society. And a note to Ms. Roys: I see you have a habit of deleting comments. I trust you have the courage to not delete this one.


    Ms. Roys, respectfully. You claim “Please understand it is possible to disagree with someone’s ideology and still love and respect him or her as a person” but your article evokes nothing more than a tone of disrespect. The “Really?”s, “Seriously?”s, “in one fell swoop” and other language used makes you come across as nothing more than condescending. You should perhaps take more care in the message you are trying to portray if you claim you are not attacking any side.

    1. Ms. Roatis, respectfully. You claim “You should perhaps take more care in the message you are trying to portray if you claim you are not attacking any side.”
      I guess sometimes people get heated with issues like this. But returning the tone won’t help.

  17. Hi Ms. Roys,

    I am an atheist. Simply because a book tells you to believe something doesn’t mean it is immoral. The Bible teaches many great virtues such as love and respect for others. You, on the other hand, are showing the complete opposite to this group of people. People should be allowed to love who they would like without people like you criticizing them. I have gotten math help from your husband many times since I am a current student at Stevenson. Should I criticize him for loving you simply because I think you are completely immoral? No. Also, I do think it is incredibly disgusting and inappropriate of you to bash a student’s opinion from your husband’s high school. Stop hiding behind your Bible and wake up to the reality that others’ opinions and beliefs matter as well. Christianity does not rule.

    I’m sorry to hear that a teacher I had respected is married to someone whom I do not respect.

  18. “In fact, neither article presented any evidence for their wild assertions.”

    Funny. I could say the same about your article. And no, the Bible is not evidence.

    “It’s stunning and a clear violation of 1st Amendment rights.”

    It appears you pick and choose the parts of the 1st Amendment that you agree with. I find it interesting–but ultimately unsurprising–how you attempt to circumvent the Establishment Clause by attempting to apply your narrow-minded religious views to a secular institution. Ultimately, it’s an empty argument because you end up circumventing nothing; you do a lot of venting, though. Please spare us.

    -A Stevenson student+and common sense

  19. Although I disagree with your views, I would like to say that this article was exemplary journalism. I completely agree with David Badash. It is wrong to try to use your husband’s position in a public high school in order to instill your believes into those young minds. In your previous statement from today you say, “Please understand that just 10 years ago, the ideas presented in the Statesman would have been thought “extreme” and “unnatural.” You have to realize, however, that times have changed!! Society has become very accepting of the LGCTQIAP community. TV, music writers, and authors are now freely using gay/lesbian references because they realize that the world is changing. I truly believe you are “stuck in the past.”

  20. Thank you for engaging. I can’t respond to all of your comments. However, I think you should know that the comments I deleted were ones advocating violence against gays, lesbians and transgendered people. Also, I mentioned that my husband works at Stevenson because I believe in full disclosure. But, I in no way used his position for anything. I am a tax-paying citizen and also a parent of a Stevenson graduate and I was disturbed by what the school published. For the record, though, I would not have minded if the Statesman had published a balanced article with divergent opinions, as well as studies showing the potential harm of embracing all possible sexual orientations and other genders. I truly believe it is possible to disagree agreeably. I hope we can elevate this discussion as we move forward.

    1. So, big deal, you pay taxes, we all do Im curious to know what kind of a person embarrasses their husband at his place of work the way you have? Were the ratings on your radio show in need of a boost? It will be difficult to see Mr Roys as just a math teacher from now on. Who are you people????

  21. Listen, I’m glad you pay taxes. That’s about the only useful thing you probably do. Don’t pretend that the hateful words that you spew can hide behind Jesus’s teachings of love and acceptance. It is ridiculous to assert that Stevenson should publish studies showing some sort of potential harm to embracing other sexual orientations when there is none. It is people like you that create a societal stigma against acceptance, love, and tolerance. Beyond your unsubstantiated claims (as the Bible is not empirical evidence that you claim to demand) and personal attacks on a stevenson student, as well as one of stevenson’s most well-respected and arguably best teachers. Fritz has done so much in his life selflessly helping others- from his time in the Peace Corps, to his leadership of Stevenson’s GSA, or even the hours he spends on a daily basis working with students outside of class on coping with life’s difficulties, college applications, or improving their work in class, Fritz is an outstanding individual and deserves nothing but respect, not some wild claim that he is filling students’ heads with positive thoughts on necrophilia and bestiality (wtf even.. those are not sexual orientations, you are misinformed). There is no gender destroying agenda, only a teacher and students working together to further the concepts of acceptance and love that our society clearly desperately needs to grasp, as evidenced by the homophobic writing that you put out.

  22. I, for one, find it hilarious that you choose to cry foul when your first amendment rights are infringed upon, allegedly, by a court reviewing emails for hate speech. The first amendment states that our government is a secular one- so your criticism that “students in many of our public schools never hear this common sense, Judeo-Christian view”, implying that they should be taught religious common sense, flies contrary to the foundational principles of our nation. If you don’t agree with the separation of church and state that has been established law that everyone else in the country seems to be able to accept, maybe you shouldn’t be voicing your opinion in a land that likes to follow it’s Constitutional principles. Religious views do not belong in the classroom, no matter how badly you seem to want them to. Maybe that’s why your husband’s the teacher, and you’re not- because maybe he understands that the classroom is a secular institution.

  23. As a former student at Stevenson High School and a gay man, I could only wish that the environment was as inclusive and welcoming when I was there. To me, it seems that if you and your husband take such issue with the encouragement of teenagers to open their mind to acceptance, and at the very least, tolerance, perhaps he should take a job at a religious school instead of a public institution.

    I have problems with many of the points made in this article, but what strikes me most is your misunderstanding of biological sex and gender. I’ll even meet you halfway. Sure, God created “male and female”, indicating that there are two dichotomous beings (save for genetic issues during development), one with a penis and another with a vagina.

    But that’s it. Society did the rest. Blue clothes, soccer balls, and action figures for boys are a social construction. Gender, as we know it, is a powerful social force that often does more harm than good and bullies children to identify with labels they may not truly identify with. Girls don’t inherently like to play with dolls and wear dresses–society decided long ago that that is how they should express themselves, and now any girl who doesn’t is thought of as an outcast.

    As a self-proclaimed journalist, I would thing you have a greater understanding and appreciation for the nuance and true definition of words.

    1. Actually it’s evolution for males and and females to be attracted to the opposite sex, if everyone was gay like it sounds you intend them to be, then the human race would cease to exist.

  24. If we’re quoting the bible don’t forget to mention”Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” (I Timothy 2:11-14). So you, being a woman, have no right to teach according to the bible.

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