The Gender Agenda – Coming to a School Near You!

By Julie Roys

Four years ago, if you had predicted that the end-game of the LGBTQ community was to destroy all gender and sexual boundaries, many would have labeled you an extremist on a witch hunt. I know because I made that prediction. And, in response, I received many angry denials from members of a local high school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). “You seem to believe that the LGBTQ movement wants to spark a gender-reformation. How could one reform a biologically accurate thing? Well, it’s not possible…” Another wrote: “The Gay Straight Alliances have done nothing of the sort… They merely have decided… to show that there are so many beautiful people out there that society has not tolerated for the longest of time.” However, two articles published about a week ago in a suburban Chicago high school newspaper show that’s precisely the LGBTQ movement’s intent. The articles appeared in the Statesman, the tax-payer funded student newspaper of Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, where my husband teaches math. One article entitled, “How vast is the gender spectrum?” argued that limiting gender to male and female is too restrictive. “Nothing is written in black or white,” the article asserted. “In fact, the world is filled with many gray areas. Nowadays, our gender identity is not restricted to two choices: boy or girl.” This is a shocking statement given that Genesis – the foundation for two major world religions – states very clearly in black and white that only two genders exist. Genesis 1:27 states, “God created mankind in his own image… male and female he created them.” Other religions affirm this understanding, as well. In fact, it’s been the established societal view since the beginning of human history. But, in one fell swoop, this article declared this age-old, religious understanding obsolete. And, it asserted this falsehood, not as opinion with attribution, but as fact! A second article in the Statesman further deconstructed traditional and religious sexual mores. When identifying their “sexual orientation,” it encouraged students to think beyond sexual stereotypes – not just heterosexual ones, but homosexual ones too. “I think there are infinite sexual orientations,” a Stevenson student named Cameron said. “There are so many labels. It’s impossible to number them…” Wow. “Infinite sexual orientations”? In my wildest imagination, I could maybe come up with several dozen, but infinite? And, what about the moral legitimacy of these orientations? Cameron went on to say, “There is nothing wrong with however you are. If you like boys, girls, anyone in between, or none of the above, that’s okay.” Seriously? All these infinite orientations are morally acceptable? Is this what they’re teaching students these days? What if you’re attracted to animals? A family member? The dead? (Yes, it exists. It’s called necrophilia.) One has to wonder where students get these ideas. Perhaps, it’s from English teachers like William Fritz, also the GSA faculty advisor. In the article on gender spectrum, he says, “The gender of the person you truly are can be different from (your physical features). We are not a one size fits all species.” One has to wonder how this English teacher came to this epiphany. He offered no evidence to support his claim. In fact, neither article presented any evidence for their wild assertions. They didn’t offer any dissenting opinions either. Instead, they relied solely on LGBTQ activists and their disciples – Mr. Fritz; a staff person with the national GSA; a 17-year-old “gender studies” blogger; and high school students, presumably members of the school’s GSA. Apparently, LGBTQ activists at public schools are getting bolder – and school administrators are affording them special privilege to proselytize openly. Certainly, if a Christian would try to distribute literature at Stevenson explaining the biblical understanding of gender, the administration would immediately shut him down. Yet, here gay activists are given carte blanche to spread their propaganda right in the school-sponsored newspaper! One of the people quoted repeatedly in the article on the gender spectrum is teenage blogger Kathryn Tenbarge. “To break free from conforming stereotypes is a very courageous thing to do,” Tenbarge said. “It means you have reached a level of understanding yourself that most people haven’t.” Really? So, those of us with a Judeo-Christian understanding of sexuality are simply unenlightened? The article concludes, “For now, Fritz, (another student) and Tenbarge agree there is nothing to lose from expanding the strict labels and categories our society tries to squeeze everyone into.” Again, this is just another wild assertion without any basis in fact. With all due respect, how can these self-appointed gender experts know this? To date, the traditional family model has served as the foundation for all Western Civilization. Though many today express disdain for this great civilization, one can’t deny that it’s produced some of the most prosperous and stable societies the world has ever known. But, now we are moving into new territory with unpredictable results. Yet, early indications show that this anything-goes sexuality may have devastating consequences. One woman whose husband left her for his gay lover, and took their children with him, writes in Public Discourse: “Behind the happy façade of many families headed by same-sex couples, we see relationships that are built from brokenness…. I represent hundreds upon thousands of spouses who have been betrayed and rejected.” This is tragic and certainly will have widespread ramifications for the children raised in these devastated homes. But, this is what results when one’s attractions du jour trump marriage vows. The author of the article also notes that “Every same-sex family can only exist by manipulating nature.” Unlike traditional marriage, which naturally produces children, same-sex couples must rely on “assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy or sperm donation to have children. Such processes exploit men and women for their reproductive potential, treat children as products to be bought and sold, and purposely deny children a relationship with one or both of their biological parents.” Again tragically, it’s children who suffer. But what about transgendered people? How is expanding the “gender spectrum” working for them? According to a study conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, it’s not going well. The study found that a staggering 41 percent of transgendered people say they’ve attempted suicide. And apparently, permanently changing their sex doesn’t help either. A 2011 Swedish study found that people who undergo sex-change surgery start experiencing increased mental difficulties about 10 years after surgery. In fact, their suicide mortality then rises to almost 20 times greater than the comparable non-transgender population! A case in point is a Belgian woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery and then last year chose to be euthanized. Apparently, the self-hatred that drove her to become a man persisted after her sex change. Just like she couldn’t accept herself as a woman, she couldn’t accept herself as a man, either. “(N)one of these operations worked as desired,” Nathan (born Nancy) Verhelst said. “(W)hen I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster. ” According to Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, people with transgender feelings experience psychological distress because they suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder”: just like someone suffering from bulimia wrongly believes she is fat, so a person with transgender feelings wrongly thinks he or she is a sex that doesn’t correspond to reality. McHugh says most of those who elect to have sex-reassignment surgery describe themselves as “satisfied.” However, studies found that “their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have surgery.” As a result, Johns Hopkins Hospital has stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery. As McHugh puts it, “producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs.” Interestingly, McHugh reports that controlled and follow-up studies show that 70-80 percent of children with transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings as they mature. School counselors should be challenging these students’ false beliefs about themselves. Instead, McHugh says, diversity counselors function much like “cult leaders,” often encouraging these confused young people to distance themselves from family and anyone who challenges the legitimacy of their feelings. So, our public high schools, by promoting this unproven gender-bending agenda may actually be hurting those they purport to help. Perhaps, this is because the reality that billions throughout the centuries have affirmed is actually true! We do not construct ourselves; God constructs us. And, when our confusion and brokenness leads us to deny our God­-given gender, we only harm ourselves and those closest to us. Instead of encouraging students to pursue whatever feels right to them, maybe administrators and faculty advisors should be urging them to love and accept the person God created them to be? Unfortunately, students in many of our public schools never hear this common sense, Judeo-Christian view. As these student articles show, it’s simply presumed false or too restrictive.  You may think this is happening in only liberal suburban Chicago schools, but it’s everywhere. For example, just last week, the media reported that school administrators in Lincoln, Nebraska – hardly a hotbed of liberalism – instructed teachers to no longer use “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls.” Instead, they told them to use “gender inclusive” terms like “purple penguins.” Seriously – purple penguins! Now that this radical, gender-destroying agenda of the LGBTQ community has been revealed, how should we respond? Do Christians retreat and allow the radicals to distort children’s understanding of their dignity, purpose and God­-given gender? Do we let high school administrators define our boys and girls as “purple penguins” – and use our taxes to promote propaganda?  Or, do we say enough is enough – and begin reasserting our voice in this society gone crazy? Our children’s future is at stake. And, to quote one of my heroes, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Julie Roys is a Christian speaker, journalist, and host of national talk radio show Up for Debate. Follow Julie on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo credit: “DCPS Pride – DC Capital Pride – 2014-06-07” by Tim Evanson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0



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54 thoughts on “The Gender Agenda – Coming to a School Near You!”

  1. There is no agenda. There are human beings of infinite variety. You are not God, you are not God’s judge on Earth. You are one of the infinite variety, no more, no less.

  2. I don’t necessarily agree with your views, and I find it extremely inappropriate that you used specific minors’ names, HOWEVER, I believe that people are over reacting from Stevenson. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views. Just because you are a gay activist doesn’t mean other people don’t have the right to voice their own views.

  3. “The study found that a staggering 41 percent of transgendered people say they’ve attempted suicide.” Have you considered the fact that this is because of people like YOU? People who are convinced that identifying a certain way (which of course is not by choice) will send you to eternal damnation?

    You also said that stevenson students have no factual evidence that more than two genders exist. So are you saying that the bible is your factual evidence? So are you also saying that snakes and donkeys can talk?

  4. Matthew Vincent Doto

    Hello. My name is Matthew Vincent Doto. I am on Adlai Ewing Stevenson High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Executive Board. I would like you to realize how massively hurtful and ignorant you are being. You are causing a great deal of stress to many students in your husband’s class. He openly supports your blog and therefore the hatred that goes into it. What you call common sense is only such for close-minded people, the majority of whom think that their religion is completely correct and have an issue understanding why other people don’t follow this religion. Schools are supposed to be absolutely secular. What you present as fact from the book of genesis is not, in fact, the truth as many people see it. As a person who doesn’t fit in the male or female box (I’m agender or genderless) I find your words deeply insulting. And, as a matter of fact, you cannot simply attack a student for what they are quoted on, nor can you demand proof for Mr. Fritz’s claims when he was simply quoted. For all you know he did give proof in his original statement and wasn’t fully quoted. I hope you now realize that you are simply hating for no true purpose, and that you are causing an unsafe environment in my school.

  5. Hello Julie Roys, I would like to have a calm conversation here with you.

    I do think your interpretation of the “end-game” of the LGBTQ community is a little misguided, and that is only because you seem to lack some knowledge of correct language associated with sex, gender, and sexual orientation. Also, basing your opinion off of one GSA’s school article is a little flimsy (I do see you also found articles that supported your view, and did not find any support that mentioned opposing views, much like you accused the GSA of doing). But now may I explain a few things to you:

    1. You seem slightly misguided in what sex and gender mean. “Sex” is the word that refers to the label (male or female) assigned at birth based off of genitalia the doctor can/cannot see.
    “Gender identity” and “gender” refer to how an individual identifies (this is where the spectrum comes in), it is not biological and is brain-based. On that note, a better phrase than “non-transgender” is “cis-gender” which means that the person’s gender matches or they identify with the sex assigned to them at birth.
    “Gender expression” (which you did not quite mention, but it is related) is how individuals choose to express themselves, but may not match cultural norms and therefore may not seem to line up with a person’s sex or gender (for example, person born male and who identifies as male may wear make-up or nail polish, things typically associated with female gender expression, but it does not mean he identifies as female).
    “Sexuality” and “sexual orientation” describes who a person is romantically or sexually attracted or not attracted to. There are numerous labels for this and two spectrums. One spectrum deals with romantic and sexual attraction ranging from “sexual” (experiences sexual attraction) to “asexual” (does not experience sexual attraction) (there is also debate if romantic and sexual attraction are linked). The second spectrum deals with the sex and/or gender of the person you are attracted to; it ranges from “heterosexual” to “homosexual” (and leaves room for those attracted to both, those who are indifferent, and those who matching sex and gender matters/does not matter for).

    2. Pronouns are very important when referring to a transgender person (dead or alive). I cannot say if you knew Nathan Verhelst personally, but it is better to use “they/them/their” pronouns when speaking about a transgender person you don’t know personally just in case their pronouns are not what you assume. Also, if they did identify as a man, you should refer to them as “he/him/his”.

    3. Biblical reading is all about intention versus interpretation. Many parts of the Bible have been interpreted in several different ways (can we eat certain foods or not, whether or not the disciples meant certain things as metaphors or literally). I understand why the Bible is a good source to back your information on, but also consider your personal biases in interpreting it as well.

    4. Did “Cameron the student” mean “infinite”? They are only a high-schooler and it is possible they meant a different word like “indeterminate,” or “incalculable”. It seems they are still referring to human attractions and human sexuality and not straying like you believe. There are many labels, that is true. Perhaps if you supplied more of the article it would be more clear. Anyway, the majority of people, including the LBGTQA+ (yes, there is another letter for “asexual” and a plus sign to include the other labels) community, frown upon incest, bestiality, and necrophilia.

    1. 5. The quote you take from Mr. Fritz is fairly accurate. “The gender of the person you truly are can be different from [your sex]” (is that what it said when you included “(your physical features)”?). Perhaps the phrasing of “We are not a one size fits all species” is a little strange, but it seems like he is referring to the fact that not everyone fits inside the established binary. It isn’t all that amazing or strange (as you seem to see it) that he might have this opinion or “epiphany”, it is actually very prevalent. It is not a wild assertion, if you had also relied on something beyond your own viewpoint you would have found others support this claim.

      6. We know why religious material cannot be distributed easily at schools. Schools are now to be separate from religion (which is both negative and positive). Schools do this because they cannot endorse one religion over another. There actually might have been a Christian article in that newspaper you overlooked because you were drawn to the article involving the school’s GSA. And saying that a Christian would be shut down is a little too open ended, it would, of course, depend on how they went about distributing the information. If it was in an informative way and it did not shame or bully people into agreeing with the Christian viewpoint, it would be fine (unfortunately, many Christians have a hard time presenting the idea in a way that leaves space for friendly, calm discussion).

      7. You confuse sexuality and gender again when talking about Kathryn Tenbarge. They are talking about gender identity, you are talking about sexuality. I know, it’s a little confusing when you are new to talking about the LBGTQA+ community.

      8. You like the gender binary. That’s okay, but please realize it does not work for everyone.

      9. What do you mean by “the traditional family model”? Do you mean the Western version with one man, one woman, and some children? Do you mean the traditional African (yes, vague word, but it is seen in Nigeria and across different tribal groups) and old Biblical version with one man, several wives, and plenty of children? Did you know there have been “non-traditional” families for centuries? Does your version of the “traditional family” include those who are widowed, or divorced and re-married? Does your version of the “traditional family” shame single parents who never had a spouse or whose spouse left them? Questions to consider…

      10. Straight or heterosexual people also leave their spouses for lovers. Do not act like it only occurs because LBGTQA+ people. People often get divorced. Millions of children are raised in homes “devastated” from divorce (which is more often caused by incompatible parents than people attracted to the same-sex) who grow up fine. I couldn’t agree more that when one’s attractions trump their marriage vows disorder can occur, but perhaps people should think more about who they are marrying and why. It is okay to seek counseling or a divorce before resorting to adultery. Also, using a woman whose husband left her for another man is not the best source for your argument. Undoubtedly she is bitter that he left and took the kids. The reason why LBGTQA+ people marry contrary to their sexual orientation is because of fear, lack of acceptance, and the assumption that marrying into a heterosexual relationship will “fix” everything. It typically doesn’t.

      11. Many same sex couples adopt, or try to adopt, children. Adoption takes the kids that were unwanted and gives them a home where they were so wanted so much that some couple went out of their way to find them. Heterosexual couples also may resort to alternative forms of conception including surrogates and sperm donations for many different reasons.

    2. 12. 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide, often due to societal or family rejection. Gender reconfirmation surgery is not for everyone, I cannot speak to how to go about determining if it is for someone or not, but know it is a personal decision. There are resources out there to help one decide if that surgery is for them.

      13. Just for personal curiosity could you post a link to that study by McHugh? I wish to know how it was conducted. (but also it is possible “transgender feelings” come from society trying to shove kids into a defined gender box, boys might want to where nail polish or wear pink but get called names like the f-word and girls are often shamed away from wearing suits instead of dresses, or either gender might be told “what it means to be” their gender)

      14. Is it possible God made LBGTQA+ people the way they are? Is it possible He did not mean for us to contort and become so obsessed with gender and sex?

      15. I have been following the Lincoln, Nebraska story you mentioned. The Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) want to implement training that asks teachers to avoid gender words to make the classroom more accepting for transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary kids. I read that “purple penguins” article to. You are misleading your readers into only seeing the absurd. I agree calling students “purple penguins” is silly, but the point was that teachers should avoid gendered words and consider referring to their class with words like “scholars”, “learners”, or as a classroom mascot like “PURPLE PENGUINS”.

      15. Your call to action at the end is very powerful (also a little silly because you bring back the whole “purple penguins” thing). You again confuse sex with gender, at least I assume so, it is a tad unclear. If you do mean gender than what makes you believe that God did not make a person’s gender the way they identify?

      Anyways, this post was an interesting read. Maybe in your next post you can include some of what you may have learned.

  6. First off everyone who is saying that the Bible tells us to love one another, yes you are correct but it also does tell us to judge those others who need it. Then we go onto the whole transgender thing, human’s are born with a set of either XY or XX chromosomes. We are born MALE or FEMALE, it is in our system. Although I do not agree with the way Mrs. Roy’s uses people’s name ( although they did make themselves public in writing articles) I do agree with many of the points she makes but also I disagree with some. Everyone need’s to let her be and if she is against gay’s so be it, her view and she is granted the right to share it. I think citizen’s of the U.S need to allow more criticism in their lives and not be so stubborn to the point when we get offended by such little things

    1. I thought Luke 6:37 was pretty clear on the judging. No judging, it says.

      And do you really think chromosomes have anything to do with sexual preference or sexual identity? You need to brush up on biology then.

      Moving on, no, no one needs to leave Mrs. Roy alone, if she speaks her opinion, others are equally allowed to voice their criticism of it.
      Speaking of allowing criticism, let’s start with criticizing unfounded religious beliefs, which are often used as an excuse for bigotry and discrimination. But you’d probably get offended if I told you Yaweh is based upon a Cananite god of war, and most biblical stories are plagiarized from older myths.

  7. Come on, Julie, get over yourself. We’re all God’s children, aren’t we? Or do the teachings of Moody Bible Institute preach something different, that we’re only God’s children if we conform to a certain way of looking and living? No one knows or cares what you and Mr. Roys do behind closed doors. Those things might be considered unnatural by others. Who are you to say what should or should not be? Why would you attack Mr. Fritz, a most respected and respectable man? How dare you come to the workplace of your husband, stir trouble and hide behind the cross! You have brought shame to yourself and your family. You come across a self-righteous troublemaker and there is a place reserved in the afterlife for people like you. Amen amen.

  8. As an adopted child, I am offended by your uneducated, narrow minded opinions. Should I have remained in an orphanage until I was 18? And, then what? Who are you and what do you really know about the world and the people in it? If Jesus was alive today, he would not be friends with you.

  9. The Bible doesn’t have any credible sources either. Completely discrediting someone’s article based on a fictional book written hundreds of years ago and translated into dozens of different languages doesn’t make for a steady argument. Sexual orientation and gender identification have been linked to genetic, hormonal and social factors. Many different studies have show that having homosexual attractions can be passed down genetically. The popular terminology is the “gay gene”. Another study has shown that males with multiple older brothers are more likely to have homosexual attractions. The LGBT community doesn’t have an agenda and we aren’t trying to brain wash you, we simply want to be recognized and accepted. Even though in these past couple of years being LGBT is more socially acceptable, many people in our community are being neglected and shut out because they aren’t the “majority”. Even the acronym “LGBT” doesn’t include a large portion of our community. The kids writing these articles aren’t trying to tear down you moral walls, they’re just trying to open your mind to what is out there. I would also like to point out that most of the scriptures in the Bible are outdated and no longer socially acceptable. A few examples are: you don’t sell your daughter (Exodus 21:7), you don’t kill people for working on the sabbath (Exodus 35:2), you don’t stone people for planting different crops side by side, and you don’t burn women in small family gatherings for wearing clothes made out of two different threads. It’s just no longer socially appropriate to do these things. You can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible you’re going to follow, this isn’t Build-A-Bible. I’m sorry you feel attacked or threatened by these new movements but that’s how our community feels every single day because people tell then they’re wrong and unnatural. There is no agenda. All we want is to be accepted.

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