The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today

By Julie Roys

Christianity Today (CT) Editor in Chief Mark Galli simply can’t contain his outrage over the moral depravity of President Trump. Last Thursday, just weeks before his retirement, Galli unleashed a scathing editorial calling for Trump’s removal.

Labeling Trump’s actions “profoundly immoral,” Galli wrote: “That he should be removed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments.” Then, taking aim at fellow evangelicals, Galli added: “Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior . . . If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?”

As someone who’s been pleading with evangelicals for the past two years to speak out against immoral leaders, there was a part of me that was tempted to cheer—not because of Galli’s call for the president to resign. That’s immaterial to my point. If you’ve followed me for long, you know I’ve both criticized and praised this president when either response has been warranted. And I haven’t published anything about the impeachment process because I’ve felt anything I’d say about it would likely prove unhelpful in this extremely politically-charged environment.

But I was tempted to cheer only because an evangelical leader was apparently taking a stand based on conviction, despite knowing it would spark backlash within his own camp. This is almost unheard of in evangelicalism. Yet, considering the source, I was dumbfounded.

Here were Galli and CT—an editor and magazine, which have not only consistently failed to confront corrupt leaders but have actually aided and abetted them—lecturing other evangelicals about supporting Trump. The hypocrisy was so blatant, I stared at my screen with my jaw on my chest as I read Galli’s entire op-ed.

Here were Galli and CT—an editor and magazine, which have not only consistently failed to confront corrupt leaders but have actually aided and abetted them—lecturing other evangelicals about supporting Trump. The hypocrisy was so blatant . . .

For those who aren’t aware, CT last fall published what was arguably its most reprehensible op-ed ever. It was penned by the corrupt, and now disgraced, former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James MacDonald. And the entire purpose of the op-ed entitled, “Why Suing is Sometimes the Biblical Choice,” was to justify MacDonald’s unbiblical and morally repugnant lawsuit against me, two bloggers, and their wives. Their wives!

And as if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the shocking backstory of the op-ed. As we now know, the op-ed came after Ed Stetzer, CT contributing editor and executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, used his influence at CT to arrange a phone call between MacDonald and CT Global Director Jeremy Weber. (That phone call was captured on a “hot mic” recording, which has since been published on YouTube.)

Ed Stetzer

And about a year earlier, MacDonald had given Stetzer a $13,000 classic VW as a gift. Though Stetzer reimbursed Harvest Bible Chapel for the VW after learning that MacDonald had purchased it with the church’s money, taking such a large gift is a serious breach of journalistic ethics.

Yet when called on this glaring breach, Galli’s response was that Stetzer—a CT editor—isn’t a journalist. That’s another jaw-dropper. Whether Stetzer is a journalist or not, Stetzer should be required to adhere to the magazine’s ethical standards. Yet Galli completely brushed off Stetzer’s moral lapse. CT never reported what Stetzer did and Stetzer remained in his position.

But it gets worse.

Galli and CT also apparently didn’t see a story when I revealed that the person on the “hot mic” recording joking with James MacDonald about putting child porn on the computer of former CT CEO Harold Smith was PR guru, Johnnie Moore. Moore also is heard coaching MacDonald on how to manipulate CT into giving MacDonald favorable coverage for his abysmal lawsuit.

Johnnie Moore

Moore sits on the executive committee of the National Association of Evangelicals. He’s also the leader of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Committee. You would think Galli, who’s so concerned about the witness of his fellow evangelicals, would care that someone as morally compromised as Moore holds such prominent positions within evangelicalism. Yet, CT didn’t publish the shocking revelations about Moore.

Recently, I talked with Moore and he told me that he flew out to Carol Stream last spring to meet face-to-face with the leadership of CT to apologize for his behavior. I live within 10 minutes of CT’s offices, but Moore didn’t bother to apologize to me until several weeks ago when I called Moore and confronted him.

Unlike CT, I can’t do any favors for Johnnie Moore—nor would I. But apparently CT does, and it did.

But CT’s collusion and complicity doesn’t end there. When I published my initial exposé on MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel in WORLD Magazine, CT published an article disputing my exposé. In addition, CT did something almost unheard of in journalism: it published Harvest’s press release in full.

Interestingly, CT had done something similar about a year earlier when famed apologist Ravi Zacharias was caught in a sexting scandal. Like MacDonald, Zacharias pre-emptively sued his accuser before she went public. And then, after the woman had signed a non-disparagement agreement and could not speak, CT published Zacharias’ full statement against her.

At the time, I was more naïve and remember being convinced by the CT article that Zacharias was innocent. I have since read Steve Baughman’s book, Cover-up in the Kingdom, and now realize there’s a lot more to the story than CT reported. I have questions for which I’m continuing to seek answers.

There also was the time CT kicked me out of its studio after I blew the whistle on the Moody Bible Institute and got fired from my job at Moody Radio. Before then, CT had allowed me to use its studio to record podcasts.

But apparently burning a bridge with a friend of CT’s was not allowed, regardless of the veracity of my reporting. Galli later apologized to me for the rude way CT had treated me. But he stood by the decision to rescind our prior agreement.

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass. But if you’re Donald Trump—a figure despised by the Left and rejected by a significant minority on the Right—Galli and CT will unload both barrels.

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass.

I suspect the reason for this hypocrisy is that CT depends on the evangelical industrial complex to survive. It needs its evangelical advertisers and relationships with top Christian celebrities and thought leaders to remain in business. But CT doesn’t need Trump.

The magazine has been building its more progressive base for years. And as Matthew Schmitz, senior editor of First Things, noted in an op-ed in the New York Post, most of the leadership class within evangelicalism is far more liberal than the movement it supposedly represents.

Galli likely knew his op-ed would make him a hero to the people who write the books, sell the books, organize the conferences, and staff Christian colleges. It seems a calculated risk, and one that’s apparently paid off. As Galli told CNBC, three times as many people have subscribed to CT than have unsubscribed since his op-ed went viral.

So I get it. Mark Galli and CT made a brilliant move, which has enlarged their progressive base and will allow the magazine to go precisely where it’s been straining to go the past decade. And Galli’s op-ed will likely launch him beautifully into a “retirement” replete with speaking invitations and opportunities to freelance for secular publications.

But let’s not pretend that this was all about righteous indignation. Galli and CT clearly only care about “justice and righteousness” and preserving the witness of evangelicalism when it suits them. And it’s not just Trump who’s “dumbed down the idea of morality.” Galli and CT have been doing that for years. And they’re the last people who should act as though they have a moral platform from which to pass judgment.



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148 thoughts on “The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today”

  1. I have read several comments from Christians about forgiving Trump and not judging. But I have comments that somewhat build on each other:
    1. Forgiveness is extended when there is a response of repentance. Just as we had to respond to Christ to receive forgiveness (He doesn’t forgive the sins of the unrepentant people who do not respond to the gospel), the same is such in the physical. To go around extending forgiveness to unrepentant people is sloppy agape. Yes, you forgive them in your heart by handing them over to God in prayer. But when someone refuses to repent (and actually doubles down or gloats) when confronted, that is not grounds for forgiveness. Trump actually says he lives by the rule of not apologizing. Can anyone point me to where he apologized for bullying, cursing, and belittling others? So why are we overlooking a lack of repentance?
    2. As Christians we actually are to judge one another according to scripture. That is, we are to call one another out when we aren’t living up to the faith we profess in order to protect its reputation. Trump claimed to be a Christian when he was running for office. So even as POTUS, he can’t hide behind the “he wasn’t elected to be a pastor” argument that many on here use to justify his behavior. He professed to share our faith, so fellow believers should be able to call him out on living up to it.
    Or he could’ve been lying, which should outrage us.

  2. The best take on Galli’s editorial .I wish Galli would give an account of how CT has protected the establishment rather than using a prophetic voice against it. Although to be fair to Galli some of his editorials on evangelical reliance on so called “leadership” principles rather than godliness have been every good.

  3. Is Trump a sinner? Yes, so is every other human being on this planet. Did JESUS engage in politics? No. Did the Jews want him to destroy the Roman occupiers? Yes. Did He? No. Is Trump worse than Herod or the Roman government officials? No, read your history. Should CT or evangelicals be engaged in this political dispute? No, they should all be doing Kingdom work. What did JESUS say? Leave unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. What did JESUS say about the poor? “They will always be among us.” Did JESUS look to the government, Jewish or Roman, to help the poor? No, He commanded each of us individually to love our neighbors. If you are a follower of LORD JESUS, that is what you should do and not look to the powers of this world to do it, or put your faith in earthly powers. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world,” John 18:36. Pray for Galli and Trump…

  4. Be careful what you wish for Galli. IF Trump were impeached and Pence next in line these same liberal persecutors will try to drive Pence to the ground so Pelosi and the far left democrats could move in. Have you not watched the last three years! You want to step into the political arena? Because that is what this impeachment is and now you invoke your moral hypocrisy when you turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse in our own churches – shame on you. I’ve watched the bride of Christ trampled and the leaders such as James MacDonald doing the trampling protected by your publication and others. What about these precious women and children who are wounded forever by Christian leaders they trusted. You have no credibility to speak on immoral actions. Julie has been a warrior in the defense of the wounded and she has been persecuted. Why doesn’t someone expose the double standard here with CT since they want to go public? I guess they jumped in to get their piece of the publicity pie. CT You are self serving publication and I’ve lost all respect for you.

  5. I will say Pence has demonstrated better behavior and character than Trump. He would be a more moral leader (which both OT and NT scripture says we should care about— we repeatedly read of God striking down kings for immoral, idolatrous leadership). Under Pence we wouldn’t be in a place of turning a blind eye and defending when Trump goes on cursing or bullying tirades all in the name of “but it’s ok because his policies are good for Israel.” And that’s what this is all about. Galli called out evangelicals for defending and making excuses for Trump’s poor behavior. The response? More tap dancing and justifying and whataboutism. It all just proves his point.
    And Eric, while we are to forgive and turn others over to God no matter what, we are not to be doormats who turn a blind eye to unrepentant behavior and call it grace…ESPECIALLY when it’s a person who claims to be a fellow believer. Paul’s letters to the churches prove that. Jesus’s behavior showed that. And BTW I hope you speak on the same grace and forgiveness when it comes to Democrats, celebrities and others that Christians LOVE to hate on. Something tells me you don’t.
    Isn’t that selective too?

  6. So very true, Mary. I’ve been saying this for months but so far, you are the first to mention it also. It is so obvious that if Trump is taken down, Pence is next and he is NOT strong or wealthy like Trump so he will crumble quickly. Then it’s Nancy. She can and will pick Hillary or worse (is there worse?) to be VP. Nancy will resign. Hillary will be President…………or something like this, perhaps even worse. It’s very evil the times we live in. God is separating the sheep from the goats quite rapidly.

  7. The POTUS is not the only government official subject to impeachment. Representatives and Senators may also be impeached. Are we to believe that Trump is the only official that has used his official to further his political career or has been guilty of gross immorality? Why has CT been silent through the years? Selective morality with a political bias? This is poisoning the message that is supposed to be “evangelical”. If any professed evangelical, person or organization, takes on public immorality it must be scrupulous with regard to itself and even-handed with respect to its condemnations. Apparently CT has failed on both counts.

    There is no reason for evangelicals to rejoice in any of this. It is a time for humiliation, confession and repentance.

  8. Mark Galli chose his words very carefully. In places, they are technically accurate, but give untrue impressions. For example, he quoted CT’s Clinton editorial and implied that the current editorial was the same as the Clinton editorial. But, in truth, the Clinton editorial did not support removal. It merely criticized President Clinton’s weak apology, stated that he had lost his moral authority, called him “The Comeback Kid,” and said that the nation would take time to heal. No political action was advocated in that editorial. Mr. Galli is a trained communicator. I suspect that he knew that he was creating false impressions.

    1. I willingly left the evangelical industrial complex. And now that I know more of what it entails, you couldn’t pay me to become a part of it again. I’ll keep my soul, thank you.


      When a Christian woman speaks the truth into a situation, it takes about 10 seconds for folks come out of the woodwork to make all kinds of left-field assertions about motive rather than directly address her points.


  9. I can’t believe what I’m reading here…..are we living in Bizzaro world…All of the Presidents this country has ever had have had their shortcomings when it comes to Christianity George Washington owned slaves, George W Bush, said Christians and Muslims were worshipping the same God. Obama claimed to be Christian and supported partial birth abortion…..So dont fool yourself thinking Trump is some how in a league all by himself…..he’s brash crude and has no filter but he has stood up more for Chistians and the Constitution than any other president in my life time…remove him and the alternative is much worse….there is no perfect Christian.

    1. very good and to the point! , the very selective hypocrisy is nauseating. there is no man or woman in politics that will measure up to the high moral standard that bible call for. lol,lol,lol , most self professing christians have big problems with that.

  10. “There is no perfect Christian”. While true, this statement is often used to justify sin, whether our own sin or the sin of others we’d rather not confront or face. Galli wasn’t asking for perfection, but consistency. Christians call out the sins of Democrats, liberals, or celebrities with NO grace, mercy, or forgiveness….but when it’s Trump, now it’s all grace, mercy and forgiveness and “no one is perfect.” HUH?!?! If that’s the new tune, fine, but that means we Christians owe a lot of liberals apologies for how we have NOT been as gracious when they sin as we are with Trump.
    Be consistent in extending grace and mercy, or be consistent in calling out sin, all in accordance with the Word. Don’t be selective based on politics.
    I can’t believe that is so hard.

    1. Ok M H How about You??? Are you Sinless??? Did you sin today??? Have you lost your temper recently? Had a lustful thought? Told a lie? “Barrowed a pen from work? Let’s follow you around with cameras all day and see how you hold up.

      1. Dan, your argument is all over the place. Why are you so upset at the notion of consistently calling out sin, regardless of politics?
        There are plenty of others—even nonbelievers—who have faced public and political scrutiny yet don’t curse, bully and belittle others the way Trump does.
        To answer your questions: yes, I sin. (I never said I was sinless, so not sure where your argument came from.) And I’m grateful to have believers in my life who confront me on it. In the spirit of discipling me (and in accordance with Matthew 18), I am held accountable for my sin, and am not allowed to abuse God’s grace or make excuses like “well we all sin” or “what about YOU”. That’s how I grow in my faith. That’s how the reputation of the gospel is protected. They don’t let me walk around living any kind of way yet claim Christ. And while I’ve been mad or upset at times (confrontation isn’t fun), I know they are doing their part as fellow believers.
        Now, what does that have to do with Trump? Why is it so appalling to say that we believers should hold Trump accountable to the faith he professed when running for office? Why does that warrant attacking me (or Galli or anyone else who believes the same)?
        Something tells me you’d be ready to viciously and ungraciously attack ANY Democrat who behaved like Trump. And THAT was Galli’s point.

        1. Well M H, you would be wrong. …. you said you have people around you who keep you accountable and I do also…..but you dont have a media ripping you and your family apart every single day. You also just made assumptions about me that you literally don’t know….you just did what Trump does…you felt attacked and then attacked me….and that’s o.k I get it…..its Trumps Christian friends and those close to him whos job it is to keep him accountable not yours or mine…..we Dont know him or where he is in his walk…maybe just maybe he is growing up in his walk with Christ and maybe not ,but we are not close enough to him to know… him out on policy or if he’s broken the Law.pray for him if your not already…but we can’t keep anyone accountable that we dont know…yes call sin sin but it comes across like some people think that thier sin isn’t as bad as anybody elses.

          1. So we are to turn a blind eye when Trump curses in rallies or calls people names on Twitter because we aren’t his close friends? Or because “he’s been attacked by the media”? I disagree. Jesus was attacked and turned the other cheek…literally. Isn’t that who we are to model our lives after?
            When Trump misbehaves in public, we as fellow believers are not to blindly condone or justify it. I have actually pointed out some of his behavior as wrong and sinful to my nieces and nephews, leading them to scriptures on how and why God calls us to do better as His representatives and witnesses.
            Galli is saying too few of us are doing that, with many of us making excuse after excuse as to why his behavior is ok. This thread proves it

    2. This has nothing to do with Trump’s sin or anyone else’s sin. Up till now most didn’t even care about all this. It is all political and about votes. Here we go with the Christian shaming. How can you be a Christian AND vote for Trump? You must be a second class Christian if you voted for Trump. This is all about shaking Christians free of the Trump Train and getting them to vote for someone else. Christians are so naive.. they are falling for it! Christians need to grow up. We should stop pretending one political party is morally superiour to the other. Both parties are flawed and all our current politicans along with past politicians are flawed. Let’s just get over it. Trump lived his life openly and in the public eye. What you see is what you got. CT could have mentioned all their problems with Trump before 2016 but they didn’t. Galli and CT knew exactly what they were doing when they posted that article. They knew they were dropping a bomb. It is planned.

      If you make your own decisions on candidates, instead of letting others tell you how to the vote, you will stay out of these messes. Start looking up what policies Trump has endorsed. Look at his record. Look at what he does in regard to our Constitution. Does anyone even know the job description of the President? If so, evaluate Trump according to what the job entails and how well he fulfills his job. It really is simple.

  11. Eric: “Forgiveness does not require repentance.” Now there is an anti-Christ statement if I have ever heard one. That is not what Jesus, nor the Apostles taught. My B.S. meter just hit the red with that whopper.

  12. Actually Danny if evangelicals are going to overlook Trump boasting of sexual abuse because they get a Supreme Court justice then l would suggest to you that the Harvest Bible Chapel crowd should overlook the Paxton Singer mess because Harvest does have a couple good church programs. The cognitive dissonance in this area is disturbing. Years ago l learned why rape and sexual assault is a problem in the military. Watching people warmly embrace someone who boasts of assault is sickening. Atheists can understand the Christian faith better than many Christians. And these past two years have proven many atheists correct.

    1. That Was over 12 years ago…maybe hes repented for his vulgar talk…but it was talk NOT action…..He hasnt been accused of Rape….have you ever said things you’ve regretted…….I have

      1. Actually he’s been accused of more than talk (many other women have accused him of groping, etc). And talk is NOT ok or excusable. I can’t even believe I have to explain that. If it were said to or about your daughter or sister, would you dismiss it with “it was words NOT actions….it wasn’t rape”?!? And words have impact. That’s why there are so many scriptures on the power of the tongue, avoiding perverse speech, only using words to uplift, speaking truth in love, etc. Remember THE BIBLE?!?
        Yes we’ve said things we regret, but when we do, we are to repent and apologize.
        Trump has shown no repentance for his reckless, bullying, demeaning language. You need proof he hasn’t repented? He doubles down and boasts when confronted instead of apologizing. And HE KEEPS DOING (OR TWEETING) IT. What more do you need? Why is defending everything Trump says and does—even in the face of scripture—so important to you?
        Our great God does not ride donkeys or elephants.

        1. Amen MH! Speaking God’s Truth to power is rarely appreciated. Ask John the Baptist, Nathan, Elijah, and Moses. Trump’s lack of repentance (aka “turning around”) show that there’s been no authentic transformation. People can applaud when he does things well, but should not jettison the Kingdom mindset when his wickedness is on display either.
          Speaking of which…for those folks who neglected to fight heartily for Obama (who was appointed by God as much as Trump was, if we’re consistent), this behavior is pure hypocrisy. Someone also reminded us that since we live in a Republic, ALL of our elected leaders (e.g. Pelosi) must have been approved by God, so to be truly consistent, we need to embrace all Democrats and Republicans with their flaws and defend them vigorously. Yet no one wants to do that, right?
          We serve the Lamb, not a Donkey or an Elephant

          1. tend agreed with you , except on a couple of points ; selected by God doesn’t necessarily equal “approved” . “we need to embrace” hardly !! pray for ,yes , seek their welfare ,yes. but embrace that is just not correct.

  13. Mary you have some good points. I applaud Julies work. here is a spiritual war going on here. It has been said by some that Trump is compared to King Cyrus, a secular king of ancient times, a tool in the hand of God (Is:45)

    Trump will answer to God for his words/actions. Us as well. God uses whomever He wants as His tools. He is Lord. He chose a secular king to set His exiles free.

    How does this all look with spiritual eyes? Consider too the abuses that can come with a far left political agenda (and yes the right has its own)—more abuse against precious women, children, men. Women in rough spots told they need to slaughter or kill their baby inside them to solve their “problem”:

    Children who need counsel given given drugs that could stunt their growth and hurt their bodies and minds in the name of an LGBTQ agenda. Religious people told their rights don’t matter in light of created sexual liberties. Men dying deaths of despair since they aren’t connected and aren’t surewho they are or why they’re here. Refugees and families at the border separated because we have such a messy immigration system…

    God is exposing our double standards and where we haven’t been committed to His Word or Ways. And you don’t need politics or stupid agendas or selective outrage. Or pride.

    Church, where are you?

    What you need is the Light of the World.

    And hearts like Mary, Mother of Jesus,
    “Let it be so unto me, as the Lord wills, I am His Servant.”


    Merry Xmas Everyone :)

  14. WOW, REALWORLDDICSIPLE, I didn’t know that you and M H had the power to look into people’s hearts and determine if they are saved or not….I’m so sorry I doubted your powers…..was King David a man after Gods own heart??? Because after years of being Gods appointed King he committed murder and adultry. He also was a horrible father to his children and had a vicious temper….yet the Bible says he was a man after Gods own heart….I’m not defending Trumps bad behavior I acknowledge it…but You M H or Me dont Know him well enough to make a claim of ” there’s no authentic transformation “. That’s Gods Department not ours…..and dont assume that I dont give the same luxury to Nanxy Pelosi or anyone else who Claims to know Christ, last week my father and I had a long discussion about that very topic …we shouldn’t make Judgments about things we THINK we know
    but really dont know.

  15. A Christian is first and foremost inclusive, compassionate, empathic. How those of you that claim to be Christian can support an administration building a message of fear to build a political base, that buys into that fear either by embracing it or simply ignoring it for convenience, has been the most vexing circumstance in modern politics that has occured in my life time. Any that don’t see and understand this just need read some of Bannon’s material early in as their political strategy took shape, or better yet, go read the discussion on Strategy from the author of Everything Trump Touches Dies…the author was a flag bearer of Republican Political strategic for years. Fear can’t be dominant in ones life and also have room for faith. Faith excises fear, it inspires compassion, acceptance, empathy. What CT did was brave…now…now those of Faith must reexamine hearts and pray…and break free of the fear that has so entrapped them that they rally to the flag of a man spreading it for the purpose of centralizing personal power to serve his own ego and purposes.

  16. You simply are utterly wrong, you live entrenched in fear. I’m a Never Trumper for some strong reasons…and I have many such friends. We don’t all love Pence…but we would embrace that change with euphoria. Why? Because included with all his sins, and the most fundamey issue, is that Trump is INCOMPETENT. Pence is NOT Incompetent. Please see us to a world where the cancer that is Trump is removed and Pence has enough time…or someone does…before we end up with a Warren or some such as President. That’s why booting DJT NOW has awesome advantage vs. waiting. The Reps HAVE a year to repair the damage…

  17. President Trump walks in darkness, we are not to judge those outside of the faith…they have a horrible judgment coming if they do not repent.

    As Paul said to King Agrippa, and Festus, “I wish not only you, but also all who hear me this day, might become such as I am, except for these chains.
    This is a Christuan response to those who are deceived by the god of this world.

    Father have mercy on those professing Your Name, who actually do not walk in a manner that glorifies You…

    How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace. Hebrews 10:29

    There is no fear of God before their eyes..

  18. No your simply utterly wrong, you dont know Mike pence either, He backs Donald Trump whole heartedly, his words not mine…but I guess we will have to agree to disagree…..let’s pray for who ever is in power

  19. The comment stream here is typical of the Internet these days and it is a crying shame. The reality is that the vast majority of “Christians” do not actually believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. We vainly echo the “Lords” prayer but we do not actually believe, nor even want what it clearly says. We are to look to Jesus’ actual physical return to assume all power and all rule on this earth. We are told that there is no end to the increase of His government, as many Christians just got reminded of when those scriptures are re-read at Christmas each year. But we do not believe it and have become pragmatists who do not pray, nor do we actually want God to interfere with our efforts at self-government. The average white “Christian” would vote for the Devil himself as long as he tickles our ears with promises of promoting conservative policies and judges. The average black “Christian” would also vote for the Devil himself as long as he tickles our ears with promises of promoting liberal policies and judges. The reality is that we are already voting in the Devil’s servants with expectations of them doing us good. The problem is not just with Trump and Nixon, but with everyone running. They are all narcissists and such as these only do evil while pretending to do good. Our latest president is just much more in your face with these evil attitudes, and I see that as a trend. I expect our next Democrat president to have the same character. We are all hypocrites for supporting evil within our own party.

    And that leads to Julie’s post. The CT principals are also narcissists and evil men. They are not worthy of praise and so that is also true of the rest of the industrial machine. They are there for their own self-interests and not ours. They are political, telling a subset of their own faction what those people want to hear. They are outraged by the hypocrisy of others while refusing to honestly deal with their own log in their eye. This institution was started by a hypocrite and liar called Billy Graham. He became filthy rich by selling a lie of many books that were ghost written for him, but he told us that he actually wrote him. This is not a “Christian” thing to do, but for many who put him up on pedestal they do not care. They too want to be rich and famous and will cut corners in trying to get there. They are another reason why we need Jesus to physically return and set things right. Jesus is the only One who can hold power without having it corrupt him. Our human systems are not the answer, they are the problem. Jesus is coming back to save us from destroying ourselves with our own systems. Our pride keeps telling us that we do not need Him. Our religious and secular institutions will save the day. But The Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks the truth. Our institutions will destroy this planet and will kill all of us in the end! It is vain to put any hope in them. Time to look up and actually want Jesus to be Lord. We have to stop wanting to be lord first, though and I think that is at the very heart of this problem…

    1. Misterjesperson I dont know you, and I dought that you are Racist ,but Your post sounds extremely Racist…..Like all black people are Liberal and all white people are conservative……I think some people vote with their Brains not their skin color.

  20. I am not American (Canadian) and I am so confused by you all. So you would rather have a president who is social acceptable (not that I support any bullying or nasty talk from Trump I) one who says what everyone one wants to hear but his policies are for murdering babies, supporting homosexual lifestyle, repressing people of faith and support globalism etc. Hasn’t many of your presidents said they are Christians Obama included. I don’t get it.
    Aren’t we supposed to pray without ceasing for our governments.
    “He sets up Kings and deposes them” Daniel 2:21
    We aren’t happy with our leaders either but we have to trust in God that He ultimately allows them into leadership for purposes that we may not understand. But I choose to trust in God! He is in control.
    1 Peter 2:13 “submit yourselves for the Lords sake to every authority instituted among men ….“

    1. MT – it isn’t about wanting someone who is more socially acceptable. It’s that we as a church have come to accept and justify unBiblical behavior because we get the policies that we want. (TBH we don’t even fully agree on what those are, because MLK was a globalist: read his quote on the MLK memorial, taken from his 1968 speech warning against prioritizing nations and citizenship over humanity…and while I agree with MLK, I know many Christians find that concept evil)
      And it’s the justification and overlooking of bad behavior that’s the issue.
      Upstanding behavior and God-honoring policies do not have to be mutually exclusive! WE are the ones making it so when we say it’s ok for leaders to behave poorly because of policies we like….or trash a leader who demonstrated upstanding character because we hated their policies.
      We CAN call a sin a sin (or a bully a bully), even when committed by a leader whose platforms and policies we like. AND…wait for it…take a deep breath….we can admire the character and temperament of those whose platforms we entirely disagree with.
      IMO, part of the reason we look foolish to unbelievers is we have not grasped this concept. It’s like pulling teeth to get us to admit that Trump’s cursing tirades are undignified sin…and God forbid we dare to say the Obamas demonstrated grace under fire or that they raised lovely daughters. We are so “all or nothing” we look foolish.

      1. M H -You still confuse me i have no problem admiring someone’s character but why is that more important than policies?
        Again you want an upstanding citizen not one for upstanding policies.
        AND if God wants him out he will be out.
        He is in control!

        1. Where did I say I want an upstanding citizen not one for upstanding policies? Please point to it, or acknowledge you read into something I did NOT say.

          I cannot believe I have to say this to fellow believers, but character matters, period. Our character permeates beyond our actions and reflects our hearts and our convictions. We can go all through scripture and show how and why it matters to God…so doesn’t that mean it should matter to us? Throughout scripture we see God condemning those who have the right outward behavior (like setting policies) but whose hearts are far from him (which is reflected in our character and speech…out of the overflow of our hearts, our mouths speak…do we need to recall all the cursing and name calling made by Trump?). We see that God looks on the heart (character, love for Him) while we as men look on the outward appearance (actions, status, what someone is doing for us).
          I could ask you why policies matter to the point that you are willing to overlook character….that is NOT Biblical. But the question you did NOT answer is: why does it have to be either/or? Why can’t we call out leaders whose policies we like when they blatantly (and unrepentantly) sin? What are we afraid of?

          What I DID say is that it does not have to be mutually exclusive. Since you clearly disagree with me on this, tell me why it has to be “policies OR character” and can’t be both?

          1. It is not that it cannot be but that it rarely if ever is. David had character flaws that I assume many would not vote for. Has Trump sent a man to his death to be with his wife? I find it hard to find someone in the bible someone today would not call a flawed character. I have liberal atheist relatives who won’t believe the bible because of them and how God presents them.

            How can I call anyone who promotes killing infants a good character regardless of how polished, well educated, well spoken and good looking they may be? I have been in a NICU and help my 31 week old child and seen 27 week old children fight for life. I can tell you first hand these children are alive when people are cutting them up. If someone promotes that as good and had good character then on what ground….

            I agree there is nothing wrong with calling out Trumps bad speaking and promoting sexual immorality in treatment of woman but where is the outrage over other forms of what scripture calls sexually immoral being called good by the liberals?

    1. Its about Mammon, success and fame. The famous narcissists that we have heard about trying to make themselves famous, rich and selling a go$pel. They are not doing what Jesus taught. They are doing what the Pharisees did and they are equally condemned by Jesus own words. They promote each others fame and fortune not Jesus Christ.

    2. Back in 2012, Skye Jethani coined the phrase, “Evangelical Industrial Complex.” You can read the original 2-part article in several locations. Several or all of the following search terms should quickly locate the articles:

      “Skye Jethani The Evangelical Industrial Complex & the Rise of Celebrity Pastors Pt. 1 | Out of Ur | Conversations for Ministry Leaders”

  21. DK, Quick judgmental comments like this without looking in the mirror and asking yourself if your own hope is in Jesus or this world are the problem. I rest my case. Political sounding nonsense instead of actually taking the Words of Christ seriously and personally. I am not commenting about race, but about rather or not Christians actually believe in the physical government of Jesus Christ. I guess you either do not or simply do not care…

  22. Who’s being Judgemental???? Sounds like YOU are in YOUR POST…..” most blacks liberal….most whites conservative… you know all black people and all white people???? And you dont know anything about me….but that doesn’t seem to stop you making Judgments about me….does it?

  23. Trump and Galli are two different issues.Trump doesn’t ask for forgiveness.He is an evil man but this is not the forst century.Paul did not criticize the government out of pragmatism to get the gospel out.Those that give approval to Trump will draw the LORD’s condemnation.I have prayed for Trump’s downfall and some prayers have been answered and more will come before the LORD is done with him.The best thing Trump and all those who have been silent and not rebuked him is to repent and pray that the V.P. gets in and does not pardon Trump.Trump needs to pay for his crimes and God’s forgiveness can be his.

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