The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today

By Julie Roys

Christianity Today (CT) Editor in Chief Mark Galli simply can’t contain his outrage over the moral depravity of President Trump. Last Thursday, just weeks before his retirement, Galli unleashed a scathing editorial calling for Trump’s removal.

Labeling Trump’s actions “profoundly immoral,” Galli wrote: “That he should be removed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments.” Then, taking aim at fellow evangelicals, Galli added: “Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior . . . If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?”

As someone who’s been pleading with evangelicals for the past two years to speak out against immoral leaders, there was a part of me that was tempted to cheer—not because of Galli’s call for the president to resign. That’s immaterial to my point. If you’ve followed me for long, you know I’ve both criticized and praised this president when either response has been warranted. And I haven’t published anything about the impeachment process because I’ve felt anything I’d say about it would likely prove unhelpful in this extremely politically-charged environment.

But I was tempted to cheer only because an evangelical leader was apparently taking a stand based on conviction, despite knowing it would spark backlash within his own camp. This is almost unheard of in evangelicalism. Yet, considering the source, I was dumbfounded.

Here were Galli and CT—an editor and magazine, which have not only consistently failed to confront corrupt leaders but have actually aided and abetted them—lecturing other evangelicals about supporting Trump. The hypocrisy was so blatant, I stared at my screen with my jaw on my chest as I read Galli’s entire op-ed.

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Here were Galli and CT—an editor and magazine, which have not only consistently failed to confront corrupt leaders but have actually aided and abetted them—lecturing other evangelicals about supporting Trump. The hypocrisy was so blatant . . .

For those who aren’t aware, CT last fall published what was arguably its most reprehensible op-ed ever. It was penned by the corrupt, and now disgraced, former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James MacDonald. And the entire purpose of the op-ed entitled, “Why Suing is Sometimes the Biblical Choice,” was to justify MacDonald’s unbiblical and morally repugnant lawsuit against me, two bloggers, and their wives. Their wives!

And as if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the shocking backstory of the op-ed. As we now know, the op-ed came after Ed Stetzer, CT contributing editor and executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, used his influence at CT to arrange a phone call between MacDonald and CT Global Director Jeremy Weber. (That phone call was captured on a “hot mic” recording, which has since been published on YouTube.)

Ed Stetzer

And about a year earlier, MacDonald had given Stetzer a $13,000 classic VW as a gift. Though Stetzer reimbursed Harvest Bible Chapel for the VW after learning that MacDonald had purchased it with the church’s money, taking such a large gift is a serious breach of journalistic ethics.

Yet when called on this glaring breach, Galli’s response was that Stetzer—a CT editor—isn’t a journalist. That’s another jaw-dropper. Whether Stetzer is a journalist or not, Stetzer should be required to adhere to the magazine’s ethical standards. Yet Galli completely brushed off Stetzer’s moral lapse. CT never reported what Stetzer did and Stetzer remained in his position.

But it gets worse.

Galli and CT also apparently didn’t see a story when I revealed that the person on the “hot mic” recording joking with James MacDonald about putting child porn on the computer of former CT CEO Harold Smith was PR guru, Johnnie Moore. Moore also is heard coaching MacDonald on how to manipulate CT into giving MacDonald favorable coverage for his abysmal lawsuit.

Johnnie Moore

Moore sits on the executive committee of the National Association of Evangelicals. He’s also the leader of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Committee. You would think Galli, who’s so concerned about the witness of his fellow evangelicals, would care that someone as morally compromised as Moore holds such prominent positions within evangelicalism. Yet, CT didn’t publish the shocking revelations about Moore.

Recently, I talked with Moore and he told me that he flew out to Carol Stream last spring to meet face-to-face with the leadership of CT to apologize for his behavior. I live within 10 minutes of CT’s offices, but Moore didn’t bother to apologize to me until several weeks ago when I called Moore and confronted him.

Unlike CT, I can’t do any favors for Johnnie Moore—nor would I. But apparently CT does, and it did.

But CT’s collusion and complicity doesn’t end there. When I published my initial exposé on MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel in WORLD Magazine, CT published an article disputing my exposé. In addition, CT did something almost unheard of in journalism: it published Harvest’s press release in full.

Interestingly, CT had done something similar about a year earlier when famed apologist Ravi Zacharias was caught in a sexting scandal. Like MacDonald, Zacharias pre-emptively sued his accuser before she went public. And then, after the woman had signed a non-disparagement agreement and could not speak, CT published Zacharias’ full statement against her.

At the time, I was more naïve and remember being convinced by the CT article that Zacharias was innocent. I have since read Steve Baughman’s book, Cover-up in the Kingdom, and now realize there’s a lot more to the story than CT reported. I have questions for which I’m continuing to seek answers.

There also was the time CT kicked me out of its studio after I blew the whistle on the Moody Bible Institute and got fired from my job at Moody Radio. Before then, CT had allowed me to use its studio to record podcasts.

But apparently burning a bridge with a friend of CT’s was not allowed, regardless of the veracity of my reporting. Galli later apologized to me for the rude way CT had treated me. But he stood by the decision to rescind our prior agreement.

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass. But if you’re Donald Trump—a figure despised by the Left and rejected by a significant minority on the Right—Galli and CT will unload both barrels.

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass.

I suspect the reason for this hypocrisy is that CT depends on the evangelical industrial complex to survive. It needs its evangelical advertisers and relationships with top Christian celebrities and thought leaders to remain in business. But CT doesn’t need Trump.

The magazine has been building its more progressive base for years. And as Matthew Schmitz, senior editor of First Things, noted in an op-ed in the New York Post, most of the leadership class within evangelicalism is far more liberal than the movement it supposedly represents.

Galli likely knew his op-ed would make him a hero to the people who write the books, sell the books, organize the conferences, and staff Christian colleges. It seems a calculated risk, and one that’s apparently paid off. As Galli told CNBC, three times as many people have subscribed to CT than have unsubscribed since his op-ed went viral.

So I get it. Mark Galli and CT made a brilliant move, which has enlarged their progressive base and will allow the magazine to go precisely where it’s been straining to go the past decade. And Galli’s op-ed will likely launch him beautifully into a “retirement” replete with speaking invitations and opportunities to freelance for secular publications.

But let’s not pretend that this was all about righteous indignation. Galli and CT clearly only care about “justice and righteousness” and preserving the witness of evangelicalism when it suits them. And it’s not just Trump who’s “dumbed down the idea of morality.” Galli and CT have been doing that for years. And they’re the last people who should act as though they have a moral platform from which to pass judgment.



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151 thoughts on “The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today”

  1. Sorry,different time different context.I am all about getting the Good News to the whole world.We also have an obligation sand freedom to correct the church that gives their blind support of such an evil leader as Trump.Your handling of historical context needs some work.Amen to praying for Trump but God has already answered my prayers on the impeachment and look forward to him being put out of office and being tried for other crimes and sent to jail.He may get God’s forgiveness but still should be punished for crimes of obstruction of justice ect. Trump’s behavior has kept me confessing my sin but I will not hold back on the above topics.
    There will also be judgement for the killing of babies.

    1. God must answer prayers differently for different people. God answered my prayer by having Donald Trump elected President instead of Hillary Clinton. Maybe God has a sense of humor by getting your hopes up with the impeachment endeavor.

      1. @Duncan
        You are naive to think that God answered your prayer by electing Trump? Gee I recall 4 million more folks voted for Clinton. Besides I think God has more important things to do. You remind me of the crazy folk at Harvest…

        1. Why talk down to people and use words like naïve and crazy? I think it is wonderful that you have a different opinion. You are right that Hilary Clinton received more popular votes than Donald Trump. However, I don’t understand your point as the electoral votes are what decides the election. As to your point that God has more important things to do; I’m sorry but I disagree. If God knows the number of hairs on my head (Matt 10:30) even if I don’t have as much hair anymore, I’m sure God is keenly aware of all the happenings on planet earth.

  2. A huge step forward for the church would be to stop with all the “whataboutism” and address the sin we were confronted with. And yes, Julie, as much as I respect you, this blog post is one HUGE whataboutism: a complete downplaying of what Galli raised by responding with “yeah, BUT what about…” Not ONE sentence calling for prayer and reflection on what was exposed. Multiple paragraphs of responding by going on the attack.
    This behavior is mimicking the world. Worldly politicians do that (we watch the GOP and Dems do a constant ping pong of “whataboutism”). Unrepentant sinners do that when confronted.
    I am prayerful that we as the body of Christ can humbly consider and address what was exposed, not so we can remain a voting bloc that “gets our way”, but so we can protect the reputation of the gospel.

    1. @M H

      exactly spot on. Roys did a colossal redirection. Nothing to see here but WHATABOUT this??? Hey Julie and you other supposed ***Christ Followers*** focus on what issues Galli raised about Trump. How the Evangelical community can rationalize and compartmentalize the evil and yes it is evil that Trump is doing is beyond me. From Trumps hatred of immigrants, to putting kids in cages, to trashing the environment, to his evil hatred tweets, to his raping women, he is on his 3rd wife, his many affairs with porn stars. And ya’ll are ok with that???

      1. Hey Joe , the kids in cages started with Bush and was carried on by Obama and ended with Trump…Trump is married to an Immigrant…he hasn’t trashed the environment..the Rapes and the porn star are heresay..hate filled tweets are debatable…but you are right he has been married 3 time unfortunately for you that’s not Impeachable…but 1 out of 7 ain’t bad.

        1. You are right our immigration policies have been broken for years. Please remember that next time Republicans try to claim Democrats are for open borders. If that were true, then the argument about “kids in cages” during the Obama administration doesn’t hold. And if Dems are all open borders, why did Obama deport more than any prior president? Hmm.
          But yet again, another “whataboutism” argument.
          Trump is married to an immigrant….that argument doesn’t mean much. Slave masters slept with their slaves, but didn’t think they deserved to be free. Whites employed blacks throughout Jim Crow/segregation—and even fought along side them in the military—but still didn’t find blacks equal enough to vote or even eat in the same restaurants. Today, the same white alumni cheering on black athletes to win championships for their alma mater will write scathing letters to the university about admitting too many black students (I know, I’ve read them as an officer for my alumni association). Overall, people will be people—they will set aside prejudices if they are getting something out of it.
          And Trump’s issue is with non-white immigrants, which excludes Melania. I mean, that’s why he wanted to end chain migration—but said nothing when Melania used it for her parents. IMO, it all points to Trump is simply self serving. That makes for a poor leader.
          Trump bragged about groping and harassing women HIMSELF. No hearsay in that. There’s proof he approved paying a porn star…for what? Sad you overlooked these as if ok.
          But in al honesty, the fact you find hate filled tweets “debatable” rather than “unacceptable” says it all.
          And ignoring a congressional subpoena, and not allowing key members of your administration to comply with their subpoenas is grounds for obstruction. That IS impeachable.
          Trump can end that by simply complying with the subpoenas. But either the truth is even more criminal or he’d lie, which is also more criminal. THAT’S why he isn’t doing it.

        2. Thank you. How insanely gullible so many are. Do your deep research, folks, (like Julie does BTW) and stop believing the ungodly, liberal media. Remember God puts leaders in power whether we like them or not. Our service is to pray for them not write op-ed’s on your way out the door. What cowardice. I appreciate Julie’s courage.

    2. Julie’s article was exposing the hypocrisy within the body of Christ. This is exactly what we are called to do…warn those of wolf in sheep’s clothes. Clearly this man, Mark Galli is not qualified to be speaking on behalf of truth and righteousness while he can’t even discern his own sin, and those he is responsible for.
      So it seems wise to deal with our own house before deflecting to the mannerisms, words, actions of a president who isn’t even holding a religious leadership position.

      1. Erin, do you feel the same way even evangelicals are criticizing liberals? Do you start talking about “dealing with our own house first”?
        And God struck down political leaders who were disobedient and idolatrous throughout the Bible. So where did this FALSE TEACHING of “but Trump doesn’t hold a religious leadership position, so it’s ok that he curses, belittles and bullies” come from? It sure isn’t the Bible.
        And it sure isn’t the tune we sing when criticizing celebrities or Democrats. You can read this thread and see the ungracious criticizing of liberals, but when someone criticizes Trump and suddenly it’s “grace, mercy, and he isn’t a religious leader!” Well neither is Pelosi, Clinton, or Hollywood, so where is the “grace, mercy, and God is in control” when trashing them?
        You want to clean house? You can add “having a double standard based on politics” to the list too.

  3. Wow. I wish Evangelicals were as on fire for and protective of Jesus as they are of Trump. Just because this man is president and the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders DOES NOT mean that Trump is beyond reproach or correction. He is not above the law or being held accountable for his words, actions or behavior. The man is repugnant and has been from the beginning. The fact that so many Evangelicals were desperate enough reach into the sewer to elect such a vulgar, Godless, and morally bankrupted human being is disgusting to me and has set the cause of Christianity back significantly. Then to claim God selected Trump is just blowing me away. Nothing takes place outside of God’s permissible will. However, just because God allowed Trump to be elected sure doesn’t mean he approves of him or what he’s done. Trump, out of his own mouth, said he has NEVER prayed or asked God for forgiveness. Yet Evangelicals and their cult leaders ignored the man’s own words (as per usual) by branding him a “baby Christian.” How does a man who has NEVER accepted Jesus as his savior become a “baby Christian?”

    CT is talking out of the side of their mouth on impeaching Trump. They, and their founder (and his son) created the very atmosphere within Christianity that gave rise to Trump. Now you’re concerned about him and want a pat on the head for saying he should be removed? You won’t get one from me. Trump is merely a puppet of the Evangelical right and their desperation for political power (at all costs) in our country. But where is Jesus in all of this? He told us to render unto Trump what is Trump’s and render unto God what is God’s. We are not to blindly worship any leader. Period. No matter how many policies he institute that we agree with. Twisting and bastardizing scripture to try to say otherwise is just gross.

  4. Dan, your point is the one that counts. The alternative is morally FAR worse. Almost all of their values are evil. Yes, I said it–evil! Are we sickened that we have two or more bad choices? Certainly. So, we have to choose the less immoral alternative. The left’s alternative has already shown how opposed to Christians they will be. If God chooses to purge the Church through an anti-Christian agenda, I hope and pray that I will have the courage to stand strong for Jesus regardless of the consequences. The early church had to respond to governments that tried to stamp them out, and the late church (our generation) will probably have to do so as well. This link is just one example of the anti-Christian bias of far too many in the Democrat Congress.
    If I have to choose between one badly flawed character and a whole movement of wrong values, in the end, that’s not a hard choice.

  5. I believe the real problem is that Christians don’t understand the role of the church or the role of government. Many are letting the roles get intermixed. Christians also seem to want someone to tell them how to vote. Do your own research and pray that God give you wisdom when you go into the voting booth. Please stop letting other people or media tell you how to think. People in America want to believe their party or candidate is morally superior. Both sides have flaws and politicans are flawed as well. One person simply can’t fulfill all your expectations so we all need to grow up. Be grateful you can vote someone out. Many people don’t have that freedom in the world.

  6. I haven’t read everything in the Bible, but I thought it said God Himself put people in the government. I quickly looked up the verse I thought of : King James Bible “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” I also saw this one: ‘Submission to Authorities
    1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2Consequently, the one who resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.…Berean Study Bible” I also thought a harlot helped the disciples hide and she and her family were saved from death. I assume that God can use the unsaved, even the “bad” people to do HIS work. Since the election was so close & came out the way most thought it wouldn’t, makes me wonder. Did God cause that? I don’t know, but the the verses above make it sound like we should accept whomever is in power, unless they are really doing something bad, & now days especially,, that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, since so many are lying or can’t prove anything.My big complaint is that peole are accusing Trump when others have done the same & even worse & no one said or did anything then. Presidents have committed adultery while President & even in the White House. They & other politicians have aided the enemy, paid the enemy,endangered & even caused the death of our own, & committed very immoral acts, & no one said anything. For me, saying Trump has done this & that & he is awful,etc., is strange, & not fair, because no one said anything when many others did the same or worse. I don’t keep up with the news, so I don’t know a lot of what happens. I don’t think what someone did in the past matters if they are are no longer doing it, especially if God forgave them. I think people can have their own personal opinions, but they shouldn’t let it affect their job as a politician. Even if a politician doesn’t believe in God, he still needs to follow the Constitution. I think that’s why a lot of them want to change or ignore the Constitution, because it is based on God & written by some godly people. And a lot of people hate that. But it is still a fact. I always say, “You can’t argue with the truth. Well, you can, but you’ll just end up looking like a fool.”
    I don’t think we had very good choices in the election, but hopefully, the next one will have a lot better choices.As far as I’m concerned, this is the answer: “2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” The only problem, is, many Christians no longer call things wicked that GOD says ARE wicked. “Aye, there’s the rub.”

    1. Sarah, your post proves my point. You’re upset because “others did it too!” is whataboutism at its finest.
      And just like my mom didn’t accept it when I said “but my brother did it too!” (when I was 5), we shouldn’t accept it from our President. To quote my mom, “AND?! It wasn’t right then, and it isn’t right now!”
      We even see Jesus admonish one of His disciples for whataboutism.

  7. Trump claims to be a moral Christian man. I don’t know much but I do know that a Christian does not talk like or act like Donald Trump. Gods grace is amazing so I leave his salvation to God. Just saying that as an example of what a Christian man in leadership is all about …Me. Trumps iOS not that man.

  8. Susan Vonder Heide

    Some people hate Trump so much that they think that anybody (no matter what their history) who criticizes Trump must be some sort of hero and that anybody who has a nuanced view of Trump must be some sort of villain. Such blind hatred is not helpful for civil discourse.

  9. I understand many wanting to support President Trump for things such as a conservative supreme court, anti-abortion, etc. However, the church does not NEED secular leader for such things. When I look at President Trump I think of Nebuchadnezzar during his reign. The prophet Daniel served with grace and commitment, but he also confronted Nebuchadnezzar for his evil lifestyle. He did not pretend that all was good when it was not, The result was God judged the man but it also appears that His eyes were open to who was really in charge. I’m not privy to the private meetings many of these leaders have with Trump, but it does not appear that he is challenged about some things he needs to be challenged about. I say this because generally when he hears things he does not like about himself he attacks those who made the comments. In closing, I think it is hypocritical in how this same group treated President Obama. Even in the light of Nero’s wrath, the apostle Paul continued to give honor to whom honor was due, simply for the fact that those who are in authority are there because God allowed it. I must add, I did not vote for President Obama or President Trump, but I respect the office they possessed.

  10. I also must add that I believe this current impeachment scenario is really about President Trump winning the election and the Democrats simply attempting to get rid of him. The president does not help his cause though.

  11. @ Keller

    Hearsay huh? Trump bragged about grabbing women’s pus**s. That is on tape. And Trump is a White Nationalist along with his sidekick Steven Miller insuring that no black or brown immigrants get into the country. The bible talked about how we should treat immigrants – Hebrews 13:1-2 – “…show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels…”

  12. Hey Joe sounds like Hate is getting the best of you…..Check out Exodus 20:16….. I’m not saying Trump hasn’t said stupid and immoral things because he has …but that isn’t rape. And saying He’s a White Nationalist Just doesn’t match what He’s done with his policies…like granting clemency to 1st time Drug felons…many of whom are black and brown people ,unemployment has NEVER been lower for minorities Ever. …I could support Trump just on his stance for the life of The Unborn alone, many of whom are black and brown babys……But I can understand why some people can’t stand him……if you dont like Trump that’s ok if you think he’s incompetent that’s ok too… him out of office ……but slander isn’t right ,ever …..lying about people because we think that they’re bad is wrong, what people think doesn’t always match the facts…..Just my opinion.

  13. Dan, if you consider responding to every point you raised as hypocrisy, it now makes sense why you didn’t respond to a single one of mine.
    You ignored bragging about groping women and called hate filled tweets “debatable” instead of “unacceptable.” That proves EVERYTHING Gallo was talking about.
    At least PastorDaveJ acknowledges Trump is badly flawed.
    And it sounds like we will all agree to disagree on the importance of character. Just pray it doesn’t come back to bite you: you have set a precedent for immoral behavior being acceptable and upstanding character being irrelevant in a leader. Don’t start changing your tune when bad behavior is committed by a Democrat. Remember what you accepted and defended in a Republican.

    1. I’ll do what I think is BEST just like you….and if I feel like changing my tune I will….but unlike you I’m not under any dilusions, that there is some “perfect” candidate out there…Trumps stand for the life of Unborn babies alone is reoson enough to support him…many of whom are black and brown…let alone his economic policies,to me he’s the best of the bad choices we have….I dont want a candidate who says all the right stuff and DOES John McCain, Obama Goerge W Bush or his dad…I’m done with empty promises..say what you want but Trump has delivered on many of his promises.

      1. Don’t worry old white republican Evangelical Neo Nazi farts are becoming the minority in the USA. They still try voter suppression tricks but in the end they will lose.

        1. Joe:

          When I showed up to vote in my primary and general election, the nice African American lady at the voting booth check-in table asked for my Driver’s License.

          I smiled and happily agreed to show my Driver’s License.

          Note: I didn’t cry racism !!

          She was only doing her job, her civic duty. Her important job is a Civic Duty, that if Liberals would permit everyone would do, ……would stop and end the many stories of deceased people and dogs voting in Cook County elections.

          But Liberals were never really in favor of fair elections, were they Joe ?

      2. Where did I say there is a perfect candidate out there? Or is that more of you putting words in my mouth?

        My belief that hateful tweets are NOT debatable but are unacceptable and unbecoming of a leader (or ANYONE) is not saying there is someone perfect out there. It is simply calling bad behavior what it is, not overlooking or justifying it. And it is supported by scripture. That is what matters to me.

        It is sad that we are at this “either/or” crossroads where we have to choose between moral behavior or good policies, and that any request for our leaders to speak and behave with dignity and integrity is chastised by fellow Christians.
        It is baffling that a fellow Christian sees my desire for our POTUS to stop with the cursing, belittling and bullying as thinking there’s a “perfect” candidate out there.
        We can just disagree.

    1. “Contentious”
      That’s the word I’m getting here. Believers being contentious with each other about a contentious President.

      Where are the “wailing women” (Jeremiah) who are praying for our land?

      Why are we not united in prayer? It says in the Bible we need to pray for leaders. The Bible is full leaders who were wicked…Pharaoh, Ahab, the Herods…

      Or secular. Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus (who decreed Israel to return from their Babylonian Exile)

      No Democrat or Republican no matter how ideal or contentious will save us. Politics will not.

      We are the Church.
      We need to pray.

      Fellow watchmen, are you watching and praying?

      It’s 2020 almost. Time to watch and pray!

    1. My comment should have come under Paul Duncan’s comment.
      And I am with you S couldn’t agree more we need should be on our knees daily praying.

  14. The Electoral College was put in place to give the Southern White Slave owners power. Whites will continue the voter suppression tactics but it will fail in the end. Here is to praying for a real Muslim president one day. Paul I hope you will be alive to see it! Oh how the Fox folks will implode!!!

      1. @Satan
        The comments are not racist. The comments are the truth. Georgia Republicans just purged 100,000 voters. Wisconsin Republicans just purged 200,000 voters. The Republican tactics are quite clear. Deflect, gaslight, suppress & deny minority the right to vote. Roy’s article is just another example; when a conservative Evangelical Republican speaks out about Trump, the YESWHATABOUTTHIS starts immediately to protect the sickness that is Trump. Fringe US White Nationalist groups are on the steep rise. Thanks in great part to Donald Trump and his politics of hate. Jesus said to love one another.

  15. Wow. These comments show the incredible divide within the faith over our president. Although Trump speaks of Christ i never personally see him as a believer so i rather expect his foolish talk. I voted for him and will do so again because there is simply no alternative in regards to baby killing in our country. He appointed conservative judges. He has improved the economy. I never think of the president as my friend or fellow believer so i dont expect him to play by my rules. He is foolish and arrogant and has been immoral……..but opposes abortion. I have no other choice. As for immigration i compare it to a drivers liscence. Being able to drive is a privilege you have to learn how to do. What if we just handed a liscence to anyone for free no training needed? The roads would be less safe. Coming here should be done by the rules not storming the border.

  16. MH

    I’m not familiar with God striking down a political leader for “mean speech.” However I am familiar with God taking down kings and religious leaders for sacrificing children/babies, promoting sexual perversion, and replacing God and His truths with human worship, etc…
    Which of those things is President Trump guilty of? The answer is nothing. You may not like his speech and his choice of words but that hardly qualifies him for removal.

    As stated above, julies article unmasks Mark Galli for the person he really is and not the champion of truth and righteousness that he pretends to be. He should repent and deal with his own sin. Kudos to Julie for speaking up!

    Maybe something we can agree on, let’s deal with our own sinful nature before God and not deflect or defer because we don’t like what’s being said.

    1. @Erin –

      Reread the Bible. Then get familiar with how God struck down leaders for being disobedient, immoral and idolatrous. Some versions of the Bible say God struck kings down for dishonoring Him. Is mean speech obedient? Is it moral? Is it honoring Him? Is being adulterous obedient? (Trump cheated on wife 1 with wife 2, and remember the public showdown between his wife and mistress in Aspen that hit the papers?) Is being caught lying multiple times obedient or moral? And Trump’s self serving “don’t utter a word of criticism about me or risk getting called names and bullied” is a form of human worship.

      Come on. You know it isn’t Godly. Stop reaching to justify this. Just own that you find it all ok as long as Trump gives you the conservative policies you want. Own that lying was the reason given for impeaching Clinton, but now it’s NOT room for removing a Republican because you like the policies.

      You are supporting Julie in attacking the messenger instead of reflecting on if there’s any truth to the message. It’s the same attack of “we are all sinners, deal with your own sin!” that is used to deflect and play a game of whataboutism when unrepentant, worldly sinners are confronted with their own sin.

      Let’s just own our whataboutism and double standards as evangelicals so we can face it and not do any more damage to the reputation of the gospel.

      1. MH see what I mean , You know it all , you call out Trump ,You call out ErinYou call me out , and if people dont agree with you, they’re not only wrong or misguided, and maybe we are… but they’re bad people whith bad motives , and you and you alone are right and good …who’s really giving Christianity a bad name??? Remember your earlier post “we can disagree “.

        1. Where did I say/write that anyone was a bad person with bad motives? Please point me to that. If that’s how you FEEL, then ok; I can’t tell you how to feel, not would I try. But feelings are not facts. Don’t claim I said something unless you can cut and paste it here. Don’t lie on me.

          And yes we can disagree. Isn’t that what we are doing?

          1. O.K MH , here ya go, a quote from you to me……….”Something tells me You’d be ready to viciously attack ANY Democrat who behaves like Trump “……….?is that not assuming my motives and Implying that I’m a bad guy……need more? Because there’s plenty.

      2. MH-

        I’ll get right on that…I’ll search the Bible high and low for Gods condemnation on past(not present) immorality, “accusations” of lying, and a sharp tongue(usually in response to a constant onslaught of attacks); I’m thinking it’s going to be difficult to find. That said, I sure am thankful for Gods grace in my life that allows me to be a better person. I hope and pray the president knows that grace and I hope and pray that, you too, know that grace.
        And again, I applaud Julie for exposing Mark Galli & CT; there was obviously more to the story than just an “ungodly” president.
        So, while President Trump continues to demonstrate his support for Christians, and our beliefs/convictions I will vote for him, even with his flaws. Because I agree with Abigail that his position on the sanctity of life is a far greater priority than his nasty tweet.

        1. to clarify …Gods condemnation is reserved for those not in Christ. The president says he is Christian so I take him at his word. Recognizing that the fruit of his faith may not always be there, he is still a sinner saved by grace. Like the rest of us.

  17. “Gives you the conservative policies you want”…..seriously….compare a nasty twitter feed to dismembering a preborn baby….where are YOUR priorities??????seriously!!!!! What alternative president do you guys want? Compare those proabortion candidates and then tell me Trumps nasty mouth is worse than openly advocating child sacrifice! Use the Bible to do it!

    1. I totally agree with Abagail! And M H is a bully and Dan is right as soon as anyone has an opposing view he attacks, nice real nice.

    2. I don’t really like any of our choices for POTUS in 2020 for a variety of reasons related to policies (both domestic and foreign), our growing national debt (that will eventually crush us unless we address it), and the declining political discourse (our leaders should demonstrate that it is possible to disagree without bullying, name calling, cursing, and all the other divisive drama).
      I also don’t justify, downplay, or turn a blind eye to bad behavior. That’s where you and I differ.
      Our government leaders work for us. I have no problem expecting better of them. Did it ever occur to anyone that the people WE elect will do better when we demand it of them?

      1. MH right there, in your above post….you think you know people’s motives for supporting Trump….and I quote “I also don’t justify, down play,or turn a blind eye to bad behavior ,that’s where you and I differ.”……not sure if you were speaking to me Erin or Abigail. Either way we’re not turning a blind eye, justifying or downplaying bad behavior. We all have acknowledged Trumps bad behavior…..but we only have two choices…Murder of the Unborn or uncouth behavior….people who say nice things and are very polished and support killing babies, or someone who is brash,uncouth and supports saving the lives of babies…Very easy choice for me…and I hope for you too.

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