Trump evangelical advisory board
President Donald Trump with pastor Paula White at a dinner for evangelical leaders in the State Dining Room of the White House, Monday, Aug. 27, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Trump and Religion Advisors Launch New National Faith Advisory Board

By Jack Jenkins

In another sign Donald Trump is eyeing a run to regain the White House, the former president and his religious advisors announced the launch of a National Faith Advisory Board on Thursday, apparently aimed at reinvigorating his conservative Christian base.

The new initiative, first reported by the Jewish Daily Forward, was formally unveiled on a conference call organized by Intercessors for America and led by longtime Trump adviser Paula White. The Pentecostal megachurch pastor said the new effort, which includes participation from “70 executives,” is intended to continue the “great work that we have done,” referring to efforts she oversaw as head of the Trump White House’s faith-based office.

White drew parallels to the creation of a previous “faith advisory board,” a likely reference to a group of largely evangelical Christian leaders who advised the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and operated as an informal council on religion matters throughout his presidency.

“It grew to the most robust coalition in modern day history,” White said of the board’s work. “Our unity brought unprecedented victories, influence and access.”

White was joined by Jennifer Korn, who previously served as a special assistant to then-President Trump through his White House Office of Public Liaison. Korn told listeners the new National Faith Advisory Board would be “continuing the work of the White House Office of Public Liaison on the outside to make sure that we are one strong voice.”

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Trump took up most of the rest of the call with lengthy remarks in which he critiqued President Joe Biden’s record on faith-based issues — “a lot of things have happened with respect to faith and religion, and they’re not good things” — and praised his own tenure, saying, “one of my greatest honors was fighting for religious liberty and for defending the Judeo-Christian values and principles of our nation’s founding.”

He listed various Trump administration accomplishments popular with conservative Christians such as designating Jerusalem the capital of Israelfounding a new White House faith officedeclaring churches “essential” during the coronavirus pandemic and appointing conservative judges to the federal bench and the Supreme Court.

Trump alluded to this week’s decision by the Supreme Court not to block a Texas abortion-related policy, saying, “even last night, you’re getting some very powerful decisions, more powerful than anybody would have thought.”

He also reiterated the claim he “totally obliterated” the Johnson Amendment, a section of the U.S. tax code that bars religious groups and other nonprofits from endorsing candidates. (Trump’s 2017 executive order sought to hinder its enforcement, but did not eliminate the statute.)

Trump then fielded questions from leaders of various faith organizations — most of which are focused on politics — including Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes; Brian Burch, head of; Dave Kubal, head of Intercessors for America; Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Managing Director of the Coalition for Jewish Values; and Dave Donaldson, co-founder of CityServe.

In answering their questions, Trump criticized Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it “a mad rush” and bemoaning the Taliban’s seizure of U.S. military equipment.

Trump referenced hypothetical future scenarios “if we’re able to get back in,” while repeating the widely discredited claim the 2020 election was “stolen” from him. In discussing the Catholic vote, he acknowledged he had lost ground with the bloc in his four years in office.

“I’m a little bit surprised that we didn’t do better with the Catholic vote,” Trump said. “I think now they would give us a vote. I think we got about 50% of the vote. And yet, we did a lot for the Catholic vote. So we’ll have to talk to them. We’re gonna have to meet with the Catholics.”

According to an election analysis published by Pew Research this week, Trump drew support from 50% of Catholics overall in 2020, a 2% dip from 2016 (Biden took 49%, up from the 44% Democratic contender Hillary Clinton claimed in 2016).

The shift was more dramatic among white Catholics, a key constituency in battleground Rust Belt states: Trump’s margin dropped from 64% to 57% between 2016 and 2020, whereas Biden won 42% — an 11% improvement over Clinton in 2016.

The former president expressed frustration with the lack of support from Jewish voters, despite his administration’s support of Israel. “Look what I did with the embassy in Jerusalem and what I did with so many other things … Israel has never had a better friend, and yet I got 25% of the vote,” Trump said. “I think they have to get together. There has to be a little bit more unity with the religious groups all represented on this call.”

Polls of Jewish voters during the 2020 election varied, with a Republican Jewish Coalition survey finding 30% support for Trump and a separate poll conducted by liberal group J Street reporting just 21%

Trump made similar remarks while answering a question from Yates of My Faith Votes.

“All I can tell you is that I think we have to have a great election and we have to have a powerful vote,” Trump said. “If we don’t have a very powerful vote, then Jason, I’ll be talking to you in the future, but it won’t be very positively.”

Trump, a former Presbyterian who converted to non-denominational Christianity near the end of his time in office, was also asked directly about his belief in God.

“It’s all based around God — it’s so important,” he replied. “God is so important to the success of what we’re doing. Because without God, we have nothing.”

The call ended with a prayer from Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, which Trump visited during his 2020 campaign. Morris who was among the religious leaders who gathered in the White House Rose Garden to celebrate Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court in September of that year, a maskless affair later called a COVID-19 spreader event.

Morris prayed for Trump and his family, saying they “have taken more of an attack from the enemy than any president we can ever remember.” He added: “And yet, Lord, he continues to stand strong for Jewish people, and for Christians, and Lord, for the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation.”

Morris then closed by echoing Trump’s criticism of Biden and reiterating the debunked suggestion the election was “stolen.”

“I pray for those Americans that voted the wrong way,” he said. “I pray, God, that they would see what … poor administration, what that does to a great nation. I pray, Lord, that you will do something even, also, Lord, for our election system. That we will never have another election stolen from the American people — from the American people. We should be concerned about that. So Lord, whatever we need to do to fix the electoral process, I pray for that.”

As the session ended, White told listeners there would be monthly calls and to keep an eye out for “instruction.”

“Thank you for this unity coalition that has always had such influence and power to move things,” she said. “We are in a great battle, but I sense we have the ability to bring some great victories.”

Jack Jenkins is an award-winning journalist and national reporter for the Religion News Service. 



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57 thoughts on “Trump and Religion Advisors Launch New National Faith Advisory Board”

    1. Do we know who else is on this council? Last time it also had some pastors who were not in the Charismatic movement, such as Robert Jeffress and Jack Graham (full disclosure: I’m a member of Prestonwood where Dr. Graham is pastor).

      1. Can you ask your pastor why he would endorse Paula White a woman who promotes Mother Moon and told the women of her church to watch porn to educate themselves about sexuality. There is video evidence of this.

  1. The thing that haunts me the most is that Trump is surrounded by false teachers and snakes from the word of faith cult

    Trump is awesome his religious advisors not so much

    What a predicament ! I guess the wolves have the money and the blind sheep masses

    I’m only commenting and pray God give us His voice ! Is he testing us if we are for a man surrounded by snakes or are we for Christ regardless the price

    Who will we serve A nation or Savior that rebuked wolves like Paula white and Morris that brings shame to the gospel

    1. I lost the zeal for Trump after learning of all the leading WoF dominionists who hold the “Christian” position in support of him, as well as his doublespeak on several hot topic issues. The American Dream is not the Gospel message, though a tempting one for many believers.

  2. Looks like Dear Leader is laying the ground work for another Presidential run…

    He was fond of saying “We love the evangelicals”… and the evangelicals loved him back!

    So it will be the same playbook for his presidential run, during the 2 year Republican primary he will obliterate the opposition through character assassination… and then during the 3 months leading up to the general election, all the evangelical prophets and pastors will come out and say how they love Trump and all the evangelicals need to vote for Trump.

    I am starting to think the evangelical movement in the U.S. is fake, broken and has lost its way.

    1. Starting to think…? I’m beyond thinking about it; it’s a fact now imo. When did I start thinking about it…? GWB and evangelicals love of invading other countries and torture… they were showing their lostness then already. They’ve been fully lost (yes, in a spiritual sense) for a loong time.

  3. When I first started to follow the Julie Roy’s website I was impressed that a Christian would tackle sin in the church. I didn’t expect the political viewpoints of the left to be so prevalent. I support President Trump because I support his attacks on Globalism. He may be a little rough around the edges…but hey…he is from New York. The weak get eaten for lunch. He is the best thing that has happened to the Christian Right. I can live with the rough edges. And to throw sand in your eyes….the election was STOLEN! I believe the truth is still coming!

    1. I think it might be a problem for your politics when you view a website that holds the church accountable for abuse of all kinds, racism, lack of care to refugees, supporting leaders who show no spiritual fruit, etc as holding “views of the left” If your party doesn’t care about those things…your party might not be about Jesus.

      Also, is there a drop dead date when we’re going to get this proof about the election being stolen? Qanon keeps pushing back the date Trump is going to expose everything….

    2. Not supporting Trump does not automatically mean that one “supports the views of the left ” This kind of simplistic thinking is a huge problem among Evangelicals.

      Also, saying Trump is “a little rough around the edges” strikes me as overly sanguine.

      1. So if you do not support Trump and you do not support the views of the left then who did you vote for in the last election? If you did not vote at all that is a very poor answer. If Trump runs again against yet another abortion on demand gay lifestyle supporting Democrat who will you vote for? What president in your life time was more supportive of Christians than Trump? If you are looking for perfection in a politician you are not going to find it.

        1. I like how you ask me a question and then try to control me by designating what is an acceptable or unacceptable answer for me to give.

        2. Bill, not “looking for perfection” but no, I felt led to not vote in the last election. Since that was my outcome after praying about it, I do (or don’t do) as the Spirit leads me. Being “supportive of Christians” is great, but does not a good President make on its own. I do basically nothing without praying about it first. I’m also on You Tube often and read comments of those who say they’re Christians, and far too often see “Trump is our savior!” Those exact words, and that devastates me. His “Faith Advisors” are apostates for the most part, which also gives me pause. I’m sorry, sir, but as Gordon is entitled to his opinion, we all are, and I also am not a “fan” of Trump. He DID do some good things, and I DO believe he’d have handled the Afghanistan thing a LOT better than Biden did. As a country leader, he did a pretty good job, but as an Evangelical President, I cannot agree that he even is one, I’m sorry, but Biblically, he plain isn’t. I mean nothing negative to you except that you shouldn’t “grill” anyone here because they don’t share the same opinions. I take the word of God with utmost seriousness and respect, and President Trump, as all of us have and do, needs to make some changes. Simple as that. We ALL fall short, and some of us simply cannot follow him as ANY type of a leader concerning faith issues, sorry.

    3. The election was not stolen! Trump said months before the election that he could only lose if the election was stolen! It was a fair election! Nearly 2 million more votes were cast for President Biden! Trump is a cry baby sore loser!

      1. Zachary U,

        81,283,098 – 74,222,958 = 7,060,140 more votes, not “nearly 2 million”

        “Biden won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast. He is the first U.S. presidential candidate to have won more than 80 million votes. Trump won 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8 percent of the votes cast. That’s more votes than any other presidential candidate has ever won, with the exception of Biden. (Third-party candidates picked up 1.8 percent of the votes cast.)

        More than 159 million Americans voted in 2020: 159,633,396 to be exact. That’s the largest total voter turnout in U.S. history and the first time more than 140 million people voted.”

        Biden is the most popular President in history according to election, but I am having a hard time finding anyone that will claim to have voted for him.

        Having nearly 20,000,000 more vote totals that historical norms is very unusual.

        To quote Gangs of New York:

        “Remember the first rule of politics. The ballots don’t make the results, the counters make the results. The counters. Keep counting.”

        “The appearance of law must be upheld, especially while it’s being broken.”

        Jim Broadbent – William ‘Boss’ Tweed

    4. Trump pressuring Raffensperger to “recalculate the votes” in Georgia is the most damning evidence we have of corruption regarding this election. Frankly, I don’t understand how anyone let this go.

      1. Loren M,

        Why did Hillary Clinton join Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential nominee, in asking for a recount of the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania of the 2016 election? How did we let this go?

        If the elections are honest, an audit of votes will not change the outcome and we as voters would welcome the openness of the process.

        Selective outrage has no place when applying ethics and standards.

        Both sides are playing by the same rules, and we need to stop pretending there is a real difference between parties.

        1. I think we agree on the larger point. I have no faith in either party. However, Trumps recorded phone call to Raffensperger was blatant coercion to fabricate the results, not just recount them. It’s beyond me why this isn’t being prosecuted. I can only speculate some behind the door agreement where the Democrats agree not to pursue this if Trump keeps quiet on some other dirt on the Democrats side.

  4. Why are evangelicals who support the policies of Donald Trump either unwilling or unable to call him out when he lies? Pastor Morris and this group are publicly endorsing the lie that the election was stolen. Shouldn’t truth matter most to faith?

    1. Alan L,

      Because Christians at some point decided Jesus is a Republican, and we cannot criticize any men who represents Christs politics.

      When we do try to hold these politicians to a higher standard Church leadership will quote Paul, usually recent Romans 13 translations (instead of Jesus in Matthew 22:15-22/Mark 12:17), which also conveniently protects church leaders from scrutiny.

      Anybody in a position of power is supposed to live according to a higher standard (not perfect, but honest), but we as Christians/society no longer hold them accountable because we do not want to be accountable for the decay in our Churches/government.

      I am not addressing the election in this reply, only the mindset of Churches/congregations when it comes to politics and why they refuse to call out leadership for dishonesty.

      We no longer care about truth under God’s Law, only whatever is the easier path and benefits us the most, otherwise we would not tolerate abortion, homelessness, families unable to feed themselves, lies told by leaders, gender choice being taught to kindergartners, Pastors living as celebrities or celebrity lifestyle, etc …

      1. “We no longer care about truth under God’s Law, only whatever is the easier path and benefits us the most, otherwise we would not tolerate abortion, homelessness, families unable to feed themselves, lies told by leaders, gender choice being taught to kindergartners, Pastors living as celebrities or celebrity lifestyle, etc “

        Very true.

        Politics is nothing more than an illusion/trick to keep the moronic masses in full support of the psychopathic ruling class. A entire century of historical/medical indoctrination in schools and universities is sufficient to keep the evil system afloat via gullible people.

        “History is a set of lies agreed upon”. Napoleon Bonaparte

        Our current situation with choices in politics is no surprise given that in WW II many American bankers, auto manufactures, businesses men and politicians were handsomely profiting from supporting both sides of the war. It was during this era the Bush dynasty was born.

        These people should’ve been hung alongside those found guilty in the Nuremberg trials, yet they got away with it and the media knew it, and hid it from the public. Nothing new today.

        It’s no surprise really that the company which holds the world record in fraud is making obscene profits from the unscientific idea that the world’s population will die unless each government consumes their products.

        This is only the tip of the iceberg:

        Seems more people are waking up due to current events and becoming apolitical.

        1. Kenly W,

          “Seems more people are waking up due to current events and becoming apolitical.”

          I pray this is the case. The Red vs Blue narrative is to keep most from seeing it is a false binary, not the 3rd or 4th options available, and it is only useful in keeping us divided.

          My political friends (both sides) keep saying “if only this or that person would be president, then things would be different and the country could be saved.”

          They truly believe putting one relatively healthy blood cell in office is going to suddenly cure the cancer of our political system or church leadership. No mention of God in their plans to save the country.

          “… in politics is no surprise given that in WW II many American bankers, auto manufactures, businesses men and politicians were handsomely profiting from supporting both sides of the war.”

          Or the fact the US was the front runner in the Eugenics program:

          “The Rockefeller Foundation helped develop and fund various German eugenics programs, including the one that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.” wiki

          We are not taught that NASA was run by SS Officer Wernher von Braun and fellow scientist brought to America in Operation Paperclip, or that JPL was run by a satanist Jack Parsons.

          They do not openly reveal the rot that has been present in our scientific/medical community for decades, but maintain the scientific community is only interested in “honest, virtuous” research.

          Chase Bank still uses a modified swastika for their logo.

          Funny how the US gets all of the credit for ending it “righteously”, but none of the fault for starting or maintaining it, all the while teaching how evil Germany was.

      2. I was one of those Christians that accepted for too long that Republican was the right/best/only way for a Christian to vote. There may have been a time when American society and culture embraced Christian ideals and morals, but that’s not been true for awhile, and I’m hard-pressed to find America ever embracing Christ. The reality we would do well to face is that this country is now secular not Christian, and we have never furthered the cause of Christ by becoming partisan. It should always be free to speak truth to all sides. If it is partisan, let it be to Christ. The Church loses its witness of Christ when it becomes identified with Republicans, Democrats, or any other party.

        I think Christians who embraced Donald Trump failed him and the country by their silence and acceptance of his lies. They love the man, just not enough to be honest with him or about him.

        What I wonder is when secular America finally turns against the church, will it be because of our love of the truth in Christ, or because we didn’t love truth enough?

  5. I can’t claim to be a Christian, if that is understood as being totally taken up in aspiring to Christ-being; but I respect those who do make that commitment, my wife being one such.
    However, when you run such aspiration through Church structures and processes, it all gets so compromised by so much, to do with individual differences and institutional aspects. I then see the relation between DT and (perhaps predominantly evangelical) Judeo-Christianity, as exemplifying and manifesting this compromising to a testing degree.
    Given what understanding of Christ-being I have, I see no evidence or manifestation of it, in DT. Instead, what I see in DT is egocentricity of a very worldly type, and socio-political manipulating of an extreme order.
    Is there then a risk of long-term damaging of Judeo-Christian evangelism, which might otherwise be contributing strongly to the good in human occurring.
    Arguably a crucial aspect of J-C evangelism, is in offering a living alternative to a materialistic secularism always at risk of becoming so hegemonic, that it snuffs out alternative ways of being human. My sense being that if DT could secure personal power through snuffing out evangelism,he would do it in a heart beat. [He speaks to this in what he has to say about erosion of support for him across various faith groups. Fault lies only with them; they have weakened; they are failing to understand. He is constantly flirting with equating erosion of support for him personally, with failure of evangelical zeal. Incipient snuffing out is incipient here.]
    DT, to my mind, relies on personal processing that has much in common with J-C evangelism, and many other faith-based challengers to materialistic secularism. But the crucial difference then lies in what is intended by the respective personal processing. DT only intends an egocentric sustaining of his personal power and position; there is literally no God manifestion or evidence in anything he is or does. While the God-cleaving person who is intent in following the Christ example, to some degree makes God evident in what he/she is and does.
    I just can’t see how alliance between DT and J-C evangelism, in any way enables greater God sense or commitment in our collective life.
    What we saw in events at the Capitol, and what we see in continuing absolute faith in DT’s claims about things (such as the election being “stolen”], speaks to a hijacking of the authentic and necessary dynamics of J-C evangelism (and other faith projects), by a very mundane and worldly political project. Faith in God and the Christ example, that dynamic nexus in being human, that can take on and transcend a prevailing collective world, in order to secure God-cleaving; has been so taken over by a political project, that it can deny and affirm anything that is convenient to that political project.
    Evangelism is crucially grounded in dialogue with fellow human beings. With DT evangelism’s resource is being used to create and sustain politically convenient polarisation in which conflict replaces dialogue.

  6. President Trump is “Saul who has become Paul.” He should be cheered-on by the evangelical community as the ONLY PRESIDENTIAL PERSONALITY proclaiming God’s Word and Natural Law. Period. (“Don’t doubt him! – “Thank you, Rush!” – (In heaven) – “See you soon.”)

    PS: So, you really prefer the Democrats and Biden/Harris and the devious calculation of what life is worth? They are the party of Satan and death. Period.

    1. Greg, what you here say, speaks to the manner in which we who are not in the DT fold, are failing to grasp what he is and means for others who are in his fold.
      I’m then tempted to consider the crux of difficulty in this, around the matters of polarisation and absolutism.

      Could you expand on what you mean by Natural Law.

      My own understanding has it that nature (the way things have ended being, circumstance) is in some tension with God-centred meaning-making.
      I like John’s focus on the word. It does seem to me that the “discovery” of God (as represented in the Bible), emerges from language. It then seems to me that John is pressing for something within nature, but not simply of it.
      The Judeo-Christian project has then grounded itself in the word, written and spoken.

      Regards DT specifically, it seems to me that he is not God-exemplifying or Jesus-following in his recourse to language.

      However, I say all this from outside the DT fold, with insufficient grasp of what it is to be within that fold. So we remain without the dialogue we need.

    2. “They are the party of Satan…”

      Conflating human beings, God’s image bearers, with an inhuman evil being is reckless. It is dehumanizing and gives people license to treat their neighbors with hate instead of love.

      1. Tell that to the 60 million aborted pre-born infants who were ALSO made in God’s image and likeness.

        God said: “Thou shalt not kill.” The Democratic Party – headed by chief merchant of death, Obama, is satanic because they are directly confronting God and saying, “Hey, we’re the party you been waiting for. We can do God’s job better.”


        It’s so easy folks. Don’t be deceived by Democrats.

        Everything becomes a function of utility once you give up on life (…”Right, Mao? Stalin? and their latest-Biden: the Americans trapped in Afghanistan.”)

        The Democratic Party doesn’t give a rip about Judeo-Christian ethics and THAT is what our nation was founded upon and remains the basis for the virtues we define as public policy and law.

        (Kim Foxx…going to charge the individual who shot the 4-year old during Labor Day weekend – by his own admission – the child visiting from Alabama? Can’t you see? Disrespect for life shows up everywhere.)

        Trump understands this and has advocated and seen that public policy – to the extent he could influence it – lines up with God’s Word. Period.

        1. I think it’s possible to be deceived and yet not be an irredeemable agent of Satan. I’m thankful that at one time I was in darkness and God was merciful to me in Christ to rescue me, as I’m sure you are too.

          Satan’s our enemy, yes. But we’re called to love those deceived by him, not conflate the two.

          As for abortion, let’s see what happens with a conservative majority on the SCOTUS. Even if Roe is overturned, abortion goes back to the states. Abortion ranks lower than immigration and cancel culture issues as the most important issues for Republicans.

        2. So Greg. Thou shall not kill. You mean like when we go to foreign countries under the guise of bringing democracy and slaughter in the hundreds of thousands!!! Is that thou shall not kill? Hitting a bus full of children and calling it collateral damage. The evangelical industrial complex has been the cheerleaders since Vietnam. A trillion dollars and twenty years to lose. Just like Vietnam. But the evangelicals and generals grew rich. Yeah that’s what Jesus meant when he gave us the beatitudes.

          1. Mr. Weigel…that is a totally irresponsible and unsubstantiated comment. Shame on you.

            The USA does NOT target innocents as military targets – same with Israel. Both countries make every effort and use great discernment when considering military force against legitimate combatants and often do NOT do so if there is the possibility of known civilian deaths that will result.

        3. Greg G,

          “Judeo-Christian ethics and THAT is what our nation was founded upon and remains the basis for the virtues we define as public policy and law.”

          “The Democratic Party – headed by chief merchant of death, Obama, is satanic …”

          Barack Obama received 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008 and 69% four years later.

          The Jewish community usually votes democrat:

          What do you base our country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics?

          I suggest you read the Talmud and see how all non-Jews (chattle) are to be treated, or watch interviews from Rabbis in Israel on the subject of Christians.

          Ben Shapiro on Jesus: “I think he was a jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans and got killed for his trouble.”

          If they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God/died for our sins, then we have very little in common spiritually (besides the OT), and our values will be based on different standards.

          This does not mean we cannot work towards a common goal, but to assume we have the same ethics is flawed. See Chutzpah

          I would apply the same standard to different Christian communities (Amish, Baptist, Southeren Baptist, LDS, Jehova W, 7 Day A, Catholic, etc …), wiccans, Buddhists, Muslims, etc … they all believe in a god, and have very different ethical standards for their communities.

      2. Paul K,

        If they act like demons, then they should be treated as such, but yes, party affiliation does not automatically make someone evil.

        Have you ever noticed how a lot of politicians/actors/pastors appearances change into something that looks evil over their careers? I believe that is due to the immoral compromises they make that eats away at their souls and manifests physically. Like a drug addict, alcoholic, or smoker will start to look sick after having exposed themselves long enough. If you can stop it early, you can reverse or stop the rot in the soul/body.

        One of the greatest spells ever cast upon the public was “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, we need to get back to judging a book by its cover. We should always give someone a chance, but we should no longer blindly give our trust based on their carreer, it must be earned.

        Have you ever noticed whenever the TV shows a murderer, pedo, rapist, gang member, etc … the reaction is generally “of course, look at them, why was nobody suspicious of them?”

        1. “ If they act like demons, then they should be treated as such…”

          Jesus differentiated between demon-oppressed humans and the humans themselves. That’s why he cast demons out of people instead of casting the people out.

          I’m glad God is someone who doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve.

          1. Paul K,

            There is a huge difference between someone who is demon possessed, and someone choosing to live a demonic lifestyle. I am not describing someone that sins. If they are freely choosing to embrace Satan, then they have totally rejected God, and have no place around my family, friends, or community. All sinners are welcome, but not those who serve Satan.

            Christ did not come to unite, but to divide, and we have to decide which side we are going to follow.

            “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.” (Revelation 3:16-17)

            We cannot serve 2 masters and be true to God.

            This is not the time to willfully bring wolves among the innocent, and claim all of us can get along. As men in our communities we are responsible for what we allow into our churches and homes. If we do not protect our wives, daughters, sons, parents, friends, or grandparents, who will? God let’s us know what to look out for, but it is up to us to apply His teachings.

  7. Can RNN talk about any political figure besides Trump? Personally I dont understand why Trump would want to put himself through the constant negative news about him. He did a lot to support religious freedom but he is not our Savior. It is ok to vote for someone who supports your views. Saying that Biden is the moral guy is a complete lie.
    Where are the articles about “deeply Catholic Biden” and his radical views for abortion on demand? Or his complete disregard for the military deaths or the Americans/Afghanistan interpreters left behind? He is rude to reporters (if he agrees to talk to them) and name calls all the time.
    He has been caught in many lies (but maybe it is the dementia). He opened our borders to COVID positive immigrants but wants to restrict our freedoms because of the surge?
    I know why they don’t report on these because most news outlets are controlled by the Democratic party. It seems ok to trash Trump, threaten him and his family and make up stories if you can’t find anything. Say one bad word about Biden and you are fired.

    1. Trump would have left Afghanistan even earlier, had he won a second term (the withdrawal on that timetable was his plan, including the release of 5,000 Taliban fighters last year), and he would undoubtedly left tens of thousands more Afghans behind, since there was no way his administration would have allowed that many Muslim immigrants into the US.

      It’s utterly ludicrous for Trump fanatics to condemn Biden over Afghanistan. But then, it’s par for the course, since party loyalty and fealty to Trump matters more than the truth (or anything else for that matter).

  8. Just thinking about how Greg and Paul and others who have posted thoughts, do not appear to have much that they can agree on. Yet all might claim to be orientating to a concern with God-centred meaning and practice.
    The human world is changing greatly and rapidly. What God means to various individuals and groupings, is diversifying. Just as in human society generally, it is proving fundamentally difficult to secure much agreement and any consensus as to what commitment to (the J-C) God subsists in.
    It seems to me that the Old Testament had to do with mediating a Jewish people on the ground of G_d. The New Testament had to do with the promise of mediating a universal people. Along the way to where we now find ourselves, Judeo-Christianity was hijacked to mediate a stage of the Roman Empire, and later various other Empires and Nation states. Across all this, how you can cut and slice and pick and mix what it is to be God orientated, takes myriad forms. All that before how current human life is shaping how J-C is understood and exploited.
    Seems to me that one thing that we need, is restraint in how we approach and grapple with the diversity of understanding of Judeo-Christianity.

    1. Colin, I have really enjoyed reading your comments and perspective. To me, it sounds like your wife has given you an accurate sense of what it means to be what I would call a “true Christian:” someone who affirms the Trinity, especially the truth that Jesus is both fully God and fully man, equal to both Father and Spirit, and who died a sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of His people, which would include those in every tribe. tongue and nation. Your understanding is that one who believes these things has an overriding purpose in their life—to become more like Jesus, and when you observe DT, you do not see a lifestyle pattern which would indicate this to be his overriding purpose in life. So, the question is, why would so many who would consider themselves to be Christians, so fiercely align themselves with him? I think the answer is that they think only DT is politically strong enough to push for their values, of which protecting the unborn is usually top priority. Other values would be individual liberties, and safety from persecution for their beliefs from the Bible. I personally think that you are exactly right in your observation that DT does what is most expedient for himself, and at this time, courting Christians with the promise that he will stand up for their values, is an extremely effective way to guarantee their political loyalty. There remains the very real possibility that if Christians were no longer useful to him, he might choose to make decisions that would be the opposite of their values, but from their perspective, their is already one in the White House who is right now making those kinds of decisions.

  9. And, the grift rolls on…😖🥺

    Jesus is a great product – including a great product to gain secular power and control – and, oh boy, does Trump have some great grifting teachers about how to use the name of Jesus to fill his own pocket – and gain status with ignorant, care-less, worldly religious lemmings…😖🥺

  10. Well, thankfully Biden beat Trump in this past election. And let’s be honest, Biden is doing a superb job so far!

    I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us😂🤣😳

  11. I doubt Satan has anything to do with either of the two political parties. His time on earth is limited. He is far too busy persecuting Christians and attempting to preventing doomed souls from receiving the gospel of Jesus.

    Neither the democrats nor the republicans lead by following God first and foremost.

    “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. ECCLESIATES‬ ‭12:13‬ ‭

    1. Marin H,

      Who do you suggest?

      If we support/vote for any man/woman in a leadership position that isn’t God’s servant, then we have consented to be ruled by ungodly people, and this will not change until we demand better.

      1. Andrew –

        I find it sad that after selecting Trump out of over a dozen GOP nominees in 2016 – 16 to be exact – there is still talk as if he’s the only option. (And considering evangelicals apparently know that Jesus is a Republican, I’ll leave the narrow focus on only the GOP alone LOL).
        Evangelicals have 3 years to find and/or raise up another option. Stop idolizing this man as the only answer. Demand better.

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