Trusting the “Experts”

By Julie Roys

By Julie Roys

“I think we just need to trust the experts.” So said one mother at a recent school board meeting. She was responding to several of us parents who expressed concern about some books on our district’s required reading list.

The experts? “You’ve got to be kidding,” I thought to myself. We have some excellent educators in our district. But, I would never uncritically delegate to them full control over my children’s education. Many teachers don’t share my beliefs nor my values. As one of my son’s teachers warned my husband tongue-in-cheek, “You don’t want your son to be in my class. I’m a pagan.” This same teacher informed us he doesn’t just teach English; he teaches worldview.

I fear we Christians trust public institutions way too much. My husband and I are reading a book my son is supposed to read this summer and I’m appalled by the book’s content. It describes one boy’s coming of age – an experience which included multiple sexual encounters with two of his father’s employees. The book describes these experiences approvingly and in detail.

I can’t imagine any Christian parent wanting his child to be exposed to this material. Yet, this book has been part of the required reading in our district for several years. And, to my knowledge, our small group of concerned parents is the first to object to it. My guess is that few Christian parents know what their kids are reading. Too many, I believe, are trusting the so-called “experts.”

But this blind faith in the supposed benevolence and wisdom of experts isn’t confined to education. Every week, it seems, I encounter a Christian brother or sister who feels no alarm over the increasing power-grabs of the federal government. They believe government operates like a good father and seem to completely overlook the way man’s depravity impacts human institutions. If they simply study history, though, they’ll discover that every powerful government eventually becomes an oppressive government. We need to pay attention and be wary of increasing government control.

Just last week, for example, President Obama announced he’s considering converting the stock the government owns in America’s banks from “preferred” stock to common stock. Big deal, right? Well actually, it’s a huge deal. Preferred stock holders can’t vote on company management and policy. Common stock holders can. If the government converts its stock, the federal government will become the majority shareholder in more than 500 financial institutions in America. That, I believe, is a frightening scenario.

If the government controls our nation’s banks, all loans essentially will become government loans and will come with strings attached. This means businesses no longer will be able to operate without government control because practically all companies require loans. Christian schools likely will have to hire gay teachers. And, Catholic hospitals will be forced to perform abortions.

We’re not there yet, however. We still have the freedom to oppose the nationalization of our banks and to influence curriculum in our public schools. But Christians need to stop trusting the experts, inform themselves, and get involved.



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3 thoughts on “Trusting the “Experts””

  1. My parents fled from Eastern Europe in the 1940s to escape big government tyranny. Now the same thing is happening in America, but there is nowhere left to flee. As Julie Roys writes, we must resist the forces of darkness.

  2. Thank you for your comment, John. I find the clearest thinking on this subject comes from those who have lived in socialist republics. I fear in the U.S., we’ve been lulled into complacency.

  3. Im just wondering, how do you resolve the required reading in your child’s school? My first child, a 6 year-old, is going to public school next year. What should I do to guard him from such thing in school? I heard lots of bad stuff in Chicago public school. But with three kids, we cannot afford to send them to private school. What is your suggestion if we have to send our kids to public school? Thanks Julie!

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