Video: An Unmistakable Move of God to Purify His Church

By Julie Roys
Julie Roys Restore

In the past 24 months, journalists and bloggers have exposed rampant abuse and corruption in the evangelical church—from James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel to Bill Hybels and Willow Creek, the Moody Bible Institute, the Southern Baptist Convention, Gospel for Asia, Liberty University, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. I firmly believe this is no accident. It’s part of a powerful move of God to purify His Church. And we need to join God in what He’s doing.

This was the message I brought to the RESTORE Chicago conference at Judson University on November 2nd. My talk included stories I’ve never told before, showing the miraculous ways God gave me sources, audio, and even legal support as I followed His lead in exposing wrongdoing at Harvest and Moody. And just as God gave David “one smooth stone” to slay Goliath, He’s likewise given each of us a unique role to play in His purifying work to slay the godless “giant” of the “evangelical industrial complex” or “celebrity machine.”



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20 thoughts on “Video: An Unmistakable Move of God to Purify His Church”

  1. I am so grateful for your bravery! You have stood against these dirty churches and their many secrets! Thanks. I am looking forward to supporting your ministry. I am a pastors wife..soon to be X pastors wife! My husband was abusive and our church /st. Andrews Presbyterian church in Newport Beach refused to hold him accountable. Shawn Reilly amd Chap Clark refused much many attempts for help. Your revelation is unveiling the thousands of corrupt churches where abuse is prevalent. Please keep speaking in the filth on our churches! You are making a difference. May God protect you! And provide for your ministry.

  2. God bless you Julie for sharing these snapshots of your journey.

    “A wise man in the storm prays to God___ not for safety from danger___ but for deliverance from fear”

    I believe that came from No More Christian Nice Guy

    Even within the circle of those who seem to think that they and their church are the exception to any form of evil, they will rally around a theological belief system that leaves out massive amounts of Biblical text all the while going around patting each other on the back____ the prophets are gone

  3. Incredible message !! It sure would be nice if all the “James MacDonald is the 13th Apostle and cannot do any wrong” on Twitter would abandon their fanaticism and just listen to 5 minutes of this video. Powerful message !! Relevant, timely message. Elders ( both old and new ) of HBC: did you listen to this message yet?
    Rick Donald: did you listen to this message yet? James MacDonald: did you ………..never mind….already know the answer…

  4. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

    Excellent presentation Julie. Continue pressing on for the glory of His name.

  5. Thank you so much Julie for this powerful, convicting message!! It really has helped me recognize my own sinful nature to hide, overlook and not fully examine my own deceitful heart under the light of scripture. May the Lord bring me to the place of anguished prayer, repentance and brokenness where His purifying work is done!!

  6. An amazing story of God at work and a challenge to courage. Thanks for sharing this video Julie. You have been a Godsend and we are so grateful for you. This is a somber warning to pastors and church leaders. God will raise up people to defend His reputation. He will not long be mocked. Hallelulia!

  7. Wow. Many thanks to you, Julie; grateful to God for your video message.

    Praying many will hear your words and take to heart what you’ve said.

    Your message to Evangelical America is timely and true and needs be to heard and heeded by the Church today.

    As painful as it can be, born-again believers in Christ rejoice in the purification of His bride, the Church.

    Yet, there are many today who feel the need to make much of the church at the expense of the glory of God. They are more interested or comfortable propping up the church’s image and making much of it vs. making much of Christ, who alone is high and holy.

    God’s voice, a voice that thunders, will forever seek to magnify His name vs. exalt the Church. We would do well to do the same.

    In fact, despite what some of us have been told, the Church is not the hope of the world. Christ is. If we the Church are the hope of the world, the world is in a world of trouble. Jesus is the hope of the world. May our hope always be in Him and not in the Church.

  8. That video was better than I have the ability to express with words. I found it so encouraging as one who was called in 2008 to work in this vein to expose the darkness and to see God tear down Satan’s Evangelical Industrial Complex. Hypocrisy and false image building are the primary tools of the Devil. What is happening is about wolves, tares and goats leveraging the power and authority of God to build, not Jesus’ Kingdom, but there own private serfdoms where they are the ones feared and worshiped.

    I have publicly spoken out and given my testimony about Voice of the Martyrs which has become a scam and worse a tool for many years for child molesters to take donations and use them to abuse children. I have spoken out loudly and clearly against the perhaps 1 Billion dollar fraud of Gospel for Asia which is not about God’s Kingdom but about KP Yohannan using donations to become a Billionaire and the greatest of all of the evil prosperity preachers. His denomination serves and worships only him as he holds all power and all property in his name.

    There is a great storm coming very soon that will shake the western “Christian” governments and economies to their core. This is God’s wrath which is just about to boil over. In the midst of it those like Julie and myself will have to show courage and be a part of this new underground move of God. This judgment, like all others, starts with what claims to be The Church. I warn everyone who is currently profiting from this complex and those who are too cowardly to try to do something about it to get out of the way of God’s judgment. It will be severe and to those standing close by evil men like these will be struck right along with those whose character is of the Dark Triad of Personality disorders just like those prophets of Baal that were mentioned in this video. God is not for leaders who are Psychopaths, Narcissists, nor is He for their support network of Machiavellian Lieutenants who have become rich by being right hand men in their crimes.

    Julie, please consider me a coworker committed to the same cause. May God continue to do what only He can in order to bring an end to this great evil in our day.

    1. Sir, would you please show evidence about Voice of Martyrs and Gospel for Asia? My husband and I are newer believers, and we donate to Voice of Martyrs, and I know someone who donates to Gospel for Asia. Please let me know. My resources are for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom, and if what you said about these ministries are true, please show me evidence, and I will stop donating and will also share the truth of these ministries to others. Thank you, Sir, Cindy

  9. Thank you so much for this; I can so relate. It was much needed encouragement! The verse you quoted at the end brought me to tears. Unfortunately, the “EIC/CM” trickles down to smaller churches as well and similar forces can drive them just as easily. We must all keep fighting the good fight. Blessings to you!

  10. 1 Peter 4:17 ” For the time is come that judgement MUST begin at the house of God.” God is moving. I’m thankful, prayerful, and excited to see God reclaiming his church from the grasps of the money changers and idol worshipers.

    I’m so tired of phonies in the pulpits and pews impersonating God’s church. I’m grateful for people like Julie who have the platform to be heard and the commitment to obey. Let us all be encouraged by this video and the events that have transpired this past year to allow God to use us also to help restore honor, integrity, and truth among God’s people.

  11. Julie: The Holy Spirit used this message to directly speak to me, encouraging and reaffirming a similar path God put on ( as you said, I didn’t sign up for it) to speak out about sexual misconduct and the cover- up at my former church ( who sued me for exposing a cover-up) and my former Christian college employer ( who forced me to remain silent or to be fired). Thank you. Douglas Lay.

  12. Julie, thank you so much for your courage and not running away when God drafted you to this difficult battle! I graduated from Moody just shy of 20 years ago and just became aware of all of the bombshells that have rocked Moody, Harvest & Willow Creek. My heart hurts so much. I LOVED my time at Moody. Dr. Vanlaningham was one of my profs and I loved him. I was heartbroken to hear his sermon on silencing voices of accountability. I honestly believe he is a good man and God will work in his life and minister through him. Anyway, in light of John MacArthur’s hurtful comments about women, I want to say that I am extremely blessed to see you taking a stand and protecting the church. Male leaders have NO place in shutting down strong Christian women who are leading in ways that the men are failing to do. We need more women who have these gifts to step up like Deborah did in the Old Testament. I think a lot of these abusers would be without a platform if men and women worked together to promote strong, biblical, courageous leadership! I did want to mention that I attended Mark Jobe’s church when I was at Moody and I am thrilled that he is the president of MBI. I think he has the right kind of faith and humility and am praying that he surrounds himself with good accountability and support. We are all weak and need each other.

  13. In the case of Gospel for Asia all that is necessary is to google the court case which was recently settled out of court. Millions are in the process of being returned because the principals had no case that could survive a jury trial. You can also look over the posts of Prof. Warren Throckmorton Blog who is a major figure in exposing the fraud and the GFA Diaspora website created by former US workers who saw the problems in person.

    In the case of the Voice of the Martyrs you can google the suicide of Tom White in April of 2012. Tom took over from the founder and built the org. up to where it is today in terms of size and fame. I saw the news initially not from a Christian source, but on the Fox News main webpage. Then you can read the words of the founders son Michael Wurmbrand who was fired when he asked the VOM board to look into the high probability that Tom used donor funds on trips overseas with false passports to enter certain countries and pay for children who were persecuted or whom were being prostituted out by orphanages pimping them. I worked and volunteered there for a time and I know that he periodically disappeared with few if any really knowing what he was doing or where he was going. He just returned with pictures of those he claimed were Christians and with stories that cannot be confirmed to be real. Then you can go to the ThouArtTheMan blog where my story was publicized where I go into detail about what I experienced while I was there.

    Finally you can read and or watch the video produced by a small house church about the money given to the only publicly known cause, which was an orphanage in Nigeria run by their then chapter president where he is accused of sexually abusing multiple girls at the orphanage. This is the only thing that any of us know where any of the money went to, and in this case it was another leader who was, like Tom, a child molester. Is that a coincidence? Did Tom build a network of ministries or child molesters using donors to fund their evil? The only evidence anyone has is of the latter. I do not know how many links I can put here before the spam filter prevents this from being posted. But a little work with google will tell you everything that you would want to look at.

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