Voddie Baucham
Pastor, author, and seminary professor, Voddie Baucham.

Voddie Baucham Go Fund Me Raises Nearly $1.3 Million

By Jackson Elliott

Thousands of donors gave to Christian leader Voddie Baucham’s GoFundMe page for medical expenses, raising nearly $1.3 million in only five days.

Baucham announced on Feb. 12 that he was returning to America from Zambia to get medical treatment for heart failure and that he was uninsured. He arrived with his wife in Texas on Feb. 16, where Baucham was delayed by the rare snowstorm there from reaching his final destination—Jacksonville, Florida.

However, yesterday, Tom Ascol, the president of Founder’s Ministry, who organized the Go Fund Me for Baucham, tweeted: “(Baucham) & (his wife) Bridge flew directly to the Mayo Clinic in FL last night. He is there now. Please continue to pray for him, Bridget, the doctors & others attending him.”

In Baucham’s most recent Facebook update four hours ago, he announced that his health has improved.

“Someday, I’ll tell the whole story of how the Lord shepherded us here, but for now, I’ll just say we are grateful to be where we are,” he wrote. “Up to this point we have been playing defense (i.e. don’t die!). Now we go on offense (find the problem and fix it).”

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The original goal for Baucham’s Go Fund Me was to raise $750,000, but Ascol raised the amount to $1.25 million as donation numbers rose.

“I’ve consulted with medical providers & learned that, w/ the issues he’s facing, he could be looking way more than $1mil in costs,” Ascol tweeted. “I added an update to the GFM page. Please pray!”

Currently, the page has exceeded its goals by $36,000. Most of the donations are under $2,000.

The exact nature of the treatment Baucham will be receiving remains unclear. Baucham and Ascol have not publicly announced what the medical procedures are, nor what they will do if there’s money left over.

The Roys Report reached out to Ascol but did not receive a comment.

Heart surgeries can range in cost from $130,00 for less complicated heart surgeries to more than a million dollars for heart transplants.

Baucham announced on Facebook that he had first noticed symptoms at the end of December, but thought they were due to tiredness, not a hereditary heart defect, untreated sleep apnea, and a possible case of pneumonia.

He also asked his followers to donate for his medical needs on GoFundMe, not through his ministry site, and to pray.

Jackson ElliottJackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.



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43 thoughts on “Voddie Baucham Go Fund Me Raises Nearly $1.3 Million”

  1. It’s an awkward subject to bring up but in light of many who struggle with medical bills without the benefit of Pastor Baucham’s profile––why did he not have medical insurance? I read that in one of the earliest postings.

    1. Immigrant in USA

      He lives in Zambia, Africa with what is possibly a modest salary. The per capita income of Zambia is about $3000 a year. Although I don’t know his salary, I don’t think its much more than $10k a year. With that salary it isn’t affordable to get a US health insurance, and doesn’t make much sense to get one especially when he doesn’t live in the US.

      He was once the pastor of a church in Houston, but he went to Africa as the dean of a theological seminary.

      1. Has he ever revealed his income and assets? I’m just wondering in the light of the MacArthur revelations. Well-known pastors should be open about it.
        Baucham has penned a lot of books and they’re on Amazon.

        Maybe he’ll be transparent about it in light of how much has been raised. Who knows, maybe he’s given a lot away…

        1. Immigrant in USA

          Back when Voddie Baucham ministries was still active as a non-profit in the US, the 2014 Form 990 with IRS states that he earned $100k per year from his ministry, and $50k in additional compensation. Not exactly low, but considering that he has 9 children, it seems reasonable.

    2. Pray that he will recover. Also, we should all be so “lucky” as to get GoFundMe support for dire medical needs that some experience. Good to know he is in good hands now.

  2. First time I have heard of this person so he must be well known to receive so much financial help. I hope God sends help to the millions facing similar hardships.

    1. Feminist who think they are Christians, hate him. So do who roll in social activism and equality and White lives matter and Black lives matter groups. I mean those who consider themselves Christians among them.

      In my limited opinion, he is a blessing to hear. Personally I have learned from few that I have listened. Cheers.

  3. He said he has not health care coverage.. I’m sure there will life long followups. People gave and could see the amount already donated. We should but out and let them prayerfully and quietly do what they feel the Lord wants them to do.

  4. Health care insurance is a western idea. This preacher is from Africa. Most people in the world do not have insurance (and do not need it). In fact, we are in such a terrible state in the US in part due to our over-dependence on insurance (forced to buy it) , our hospital system, all the “research” based on “risk” assessment, and an over-trust in our health care system (instead of a trust in God).
    When I read about this my heart struggles with anger and frustration. Why would so many people give so much for the health care of this particular preacher, when many lesser known preachers don’t even have food to eat? Is it because he is famous, and thus in an elite group?
    Being a missionary kid who grew up in Africa, I can barely stomach this. I hope that he survives, but it makes me sick thinking of how much money is being poured in without donors having any idea what the problem is or what the treatment will be.
    I’d be interested in knowing if he was recently given one of the covid vaccines.

    1. Are you saying that people should not give to him because people don’t give to other less famous preachers? What is the logic behind this argument?

    2. Eli, Voddie Baucham is American and has only been in Zambia for a few years. He is a public figure who has spoken at many conferences and written a ton of books.
      Informationcradle estimates his “net worth” at between half a million and a million dollars.
      They could be wrong, of course.

      I have no comment on this article apart from to yet again plead for transparency. I fully believe that pastors and ministries which rely on the public to fund them should be 100% transparent about income and assets. Transparency should be the norm. We shouldn’t know more about the incomes of sports stars, politicians and celebrities than we do self-proclaimed “ministers”

  5. I won’t wade in to the muck on this feed-but I will say this. Dr. Voddie’s life is worth saving. To everyone else reading this…so is yours.

    1. I mean… do we not have better things to write about? Voddie does have the right to medical privacy and honestly if he or his ministry were to misuse the money (God forbid) the Lord will bring forth justice. Only the Lord can see his heart for what it is..

      1. LISSA, you sort of forfeit some of your rights to privacy the second you set up a gofundme page. Given the man’s network of friends, it seems like he could have arranged to keep the issue private and pay his bills. But he chose to announce it to the public and is begging the public for help. So, 1. inquiring minds want to know, and 2. beggars can’t be choosers.

  6. I have followed Dr. Baucham for many years. I own several of his books and CDs. His trial, coming on the heels of the Zacharias scandal, certainly presents at a time when the Christian community is on high alert (for wolves in sheep’s clothing). However, I think we have to examine our own hearts if we are side-eyeing the (overwhelming!) generosity of people who want to love and support this man.

    Nearly a decade ago I was diagnosed, as a U.S. citizen without health care, with a stage 4 cancer. I have no national platform, no network of Christian leaders or large circle of influence. Nobody knows me from a can of paint. But the Lord provided. Totally and completely.

    The fund has raised a lot of money (and money makes us funny). But I do not believe it is wise to question the way God works in the lives of His individual servants. I made a modest contribution to Voddie’s fund out of my own limited means, simply because I was led to give. As Believers we have to allow people to be led by the Holy Spirit without question and interference. And we have to not succumb to unrighteous judgement. As Lissa so accurately said, “[I]f he or his ministry were to misuse the money (God forbid) the Lord will bring forth justice. ”

    Praying for Voddie, the people of Texas and everywhere that are suffering from weather disasters and all those who are in lack, despair, ill health, loss and grief because of the events of this last year.

    1. I had a friend who survived covid and a gofund was set up to help with for medical recovery and daily piling of bills. It was no small amount that was raised, no one famous, just a true servant of God. Thankfully not Christian famous-we like to crucify them.
      Those who gave, gave from THEIR MEANS as they were led. God allows it to rain on the just and unjust, it’s ultimately God’s doing! Here is a man who “should”have the means(someone’s opinion) but is asking for PRAYER concerning the needs, all of them, and God has seen fit to move the hearts to give. I’m guessing your $$$ is not in the pile. What is done with what remains, if any, also not your business. Keep it I hope!
      Idc, how “righteous” the intentions of this scrutiny may or may not be, God sees YOUR heart, and rest assured, God will surely deal with it, as He sees fit.

  7. Reader, do not dare begrudge the generosity of another just because you think the money could have gone elsewhere.

    “Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?’” (Matthew 20:15, ESV)

    ““Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” He said this, not because he cared about the poor, but because he was a thief, and having charge of the moneybag he used to help himself to what was put into it.” (John 12:5–6, ESV)

    1. Leland, I think your choice of the John 12 passage is highly inappropriate. Voddie isn’t Jesus and to think of Judas in this context is extremely wide of the mark.
      I have not seen anyone “begrudging” the amount raised. They are asking legitimate questions. As Christians we should WELCOME questions. We’re by definition “part of a body”, not “private citizens” in the same sense secular people are.

      We shouldn’t know more about what sports stars, presidents and celebrities earn than we do “brothers in Christ”.

      These men are self proclaimed “ministers” and “servants of God” who wouldn’t sell one book if they hadn’t been made famous off the back of the Gospel. A glance at Amazon shows this man has sold many.
      There would be no issue at all if there was 100% transparency. It should be public knowledge what these men earn and what their assets are. If it was shown he had lived on $30,000 a year all his life and given the rest away then nobody would be asking any questions.

      But he’s a consciously PUBLIC FIGURE (which was and is a choice) who is basically funded by believers. There should be nothing hidden.

      If the informationcradle website estimated my “net worth”, it wouldn’t be “between 500,000 and 1 million dollars” (their estimate for Voddie). But it shouldn’t be up to “informationcradle”. If any brother or sister in Christ asked me how much my ministry received in donations and how much money I had in the bank, I’d answer immediately. It would be known.

      I came out of the RCC and the Vatican’s finances are notoriously undisclosed. It should not be likewise in Christian circles.

  8. The comments here are so overwhelmingly ridiculous I can’t even stomach it. This site breeds a contemptible group conflating
    A lack of money with spirituality. Y’all poor folks aren’t more spiritual because you haven’t worked hard in your life! Some of you lazy Christians need to hear that.

    1.3 million isn’t that much for a possible heart transplant.

    The logic being used here is so stupid! People know how much has been raised, and are giving freely. Yes Voddie has a larger audience than most pastors. That does not mean this is wrong in any way. Mheuston needs to go bury their head in the sand, or maybe just put their hand back in the cheetoh bag and off the keyboard.

  9. The whole tone if this article insinuates there is something untoward going on. Tom Ascol has provided timely updates as has Dr Voddie, as he has been able, and they have been as transparent as they can given the uncertainty and changing circumstances. For the author of this article to be asking what will happen to unused funds at this time is totally ridiculous and forming a narrative that shows no evidence of being true. If Christians want to give, and they thoughtfully prayed and their conscience is clear, then let them freely do so. Dr Voddies ministry has been a blessing to so many and you can see this from the comments on Go Fund Me how God has used him to further the Gospel and stand up for truth at a time when many ministers waiver in the face of public opinion.
    In regard to his “net worth” – who cares? He is very open about how his books and speaking tours in the US allow him and his wife Bridget to support their large family (who by God’s grace all apart from 2 have have come to them via adoption). They moved half way around the world from the comfort of the USA, to Zambia to further the work of the Gospel there and equip local people with biblical teaching and education.
    I have no issue with reporting the situation but shame on you for treating this as a “rich well known pastor asks for funds for health treatment…doesn’t say where unspent money is going”. That is the tone of the article. Speculation and uninformed narrative is unhelpful and leads to gossip mongering. We should be praying for the saints when they are facing challenges and hardship. If you are compelled to give, then give joyfully…that does not come with conditions. I will say with confidence the majority of those who are giving are not “name it and claim it” Christians or those who want to be seen to be giving to someone because he is well known. We are wanting to support a brother in Christ who is running a hard race while giving Glory to God every second of the way. Please pray for the Baucham family, and yes, wisdom in the days ahead.

    1. Thanks for saying this Rebecca. Yes, Voddie hasn’t said what he’ll do to unspent funds. But during this time Voddie was stuck in days of travel from Africa to Texas where airports were closed while battling heart failure. Give the man some time to literally breathe! For the article to presuppose that something fishy may be going on with unspent money, and to completely ignore the evidences of his godly character (that he has adopted multiple children, that he left the US for ministry in Africa) is just slander.

    2. Rebecca and ANON..Totally agree. The man is just starting treatment for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!! So NOONE knows how much will be “unspent”!!!!!! He may even need more. If he needs mechanical therapy an LVAD alone costs upwards of 80k just for the device, not including the surgery and after care. The aftercare will entail numerous Dr visits, blood thinners, potential hospital readmits etc…

      So for someone to even question about “unspent monies” is either
      1) naive about his condition
      2) looking to cause division
      3) looking to cause division and disparage a person.

      Also those questioning “why doesnt he have insurance” let me ask this question…is US health insurance accepted in other countries? Will hospitals and Drs in Zambia accept it? Does the US insurance agency allow it to be used in certain places? Is it to expense to have a policy in Zambia? People really need to get a grip and get off the everybody is crooked narrative and judge RIGHTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. unless his intentions are not pure to begin with. I know people like him, who want to make a name for themselves and think they are so much smarter than God and the rest of us. They want to be the first person who uncovered something devious, and they think themselves angels of light. Good and righteous and THEY will expose the church for what it is (whatever corruption they think may be happening) They honestly don’t care about God or His people, and especially His servants. Modern day Pharisees.

    4. Thanks Rebecca. Could not agree more. I am a pastor and I had brain surgery in 2016, without insurance it was $900,000. Thankfully we have insurance, but there were still thousands of dollars in meeting deductibles and paying for what was not covered. Some very generous people in our church helped us. I am thankful for the generosity of the body of Christ and Voddie has blessed many people. I find the tone of the article to imply something unethical is going on and I find it utterly distasteful.

      1. Pastor Brian, thanks for sharing. I pray the Lord has restored your health and you able to keep running the race set before you. Praise God for the generosity of church family! I am sure the critics on this page would not begrudge help if they were in need…but with humility accept it in whatever form it came while giving thanks and Glory to God for His provision.

    5. Rebecca, it’s as though you read my mind. Thank you for your words. I wholeheartedly agree. Frankly, I have given money to people that I don’t know at all but felt led to do so. So, why would I be skeptical of giving to a man the Lord has used to bless me and my family with his exposition of God’s word? It is my honor to give.

  10. Doesn’t this article border on yellow journalism….or worse yet, pre judging someone with very little evidence. Don’t they teach rightful way of journalism in colleges any more? The author, Mr. Elliott , needs to do better.

  11. I looked at the “go fund me” page for Voddie Baucham today and noticed that the name of a woman called Kristen Ellis featured more than once. I do not recollect seeing her name mentioned before. She is listed as the beneficiary and it is stated that the fundraiser is for her! There is an update on the page (presumably by Tom Ascol) which states that Kristen Ellis is “the authorised representative for the Baucham’s Medical Trust and will be assisting transferring the donations directly to the Baucham family.” I’m curious as to why she wasn’t mentioned before and also why she is listed as beneficiary. I’m also curious about the Baucham’s Medical Trust, as Tom Ascol never mentioned it, or Kristen Ellis until today. The Baucham family are mentioned. Does this mean that the donors are now supporting the entire Baucham family?

    1. SW..If you can see past any bias on your part it is clear that Kristen is more than likely the go between for the distribution of funds from the account. Legally Ascol may have had to put her name on it due to her being the distributor of funds. Rather than the family worrying about the funds and for transparency Kristen was probably placed in charge of the account.

  12. Update from and about Voddie Baucom:

    Update from Voddie Baucham:

    We thank God for a very successful surgical procedure yesterday. Everything went perfectly, and, Lord willing, I should make a full recovery.

    They suspect that the heart failure was induced by an arrhythmia (actually two). This is good news because the procedure I underwent is designed to eliminate such arrhythmias, this allowing my heart to recover and remodel. In other words, I am not expected to stay on the heart failure track (which ultimately leads to transplant) but regain full heart health.

    Of course, time will tell if they fixed it all, and I will be monitored closely for the next few months. But we are hopeful.

    Please continue in prayer for him and his family!!!


  13. I am amazed about the people that are more concerned about how much money people have given to Voddie than they are about Voddie himself! Isn’t that interesting coming from those who profess Christ? You guys are a TRIP with all capital letters!

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