Wheaton Revises Education Document; Removes Original Response

By Julie Roys
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Eighteen-months after my report exposing Wheaton College’s promotion of social justice in its Education Department, the college has revised the department’s conceptual framework. New Wheaton College President Philip Ryken also has removed the college’s official response to my report that had been posted to Wheaton’s website.

As you may recall, my piece revealed that Wheaton’s earlier conceptual framework relied heavily on far Left radicals like Bill Ayers, Paulo Freire, and Richard Rorty. It also included excerpts from my interview with the chair of Wheaton’s Education Department where she refers to Ayers as “enlightening” and claims Marxism is “not necessarily” unbiblical. The report aired in February 2010 on the former Sandy Rios Show on the Salem Broadcasting Network.

Wheaton’s original response posted to its website defended the Education Department and implied that I had somehow been disingenuous in my reporting. On the contrary, I actually gave Wheaton faculty and officials multiple opportunities to interview and to clarify their statements. I believe the report reflected an accurate picture of the college at the time.

According to Ryken, the revised conceptual framework has been submitted to the state of Illinois for approval and he hopes it will be finalized this Fall. I appreciate Dr. Ryken’s willingness to address this issue and truly hope the revision reflects substantive change at Wheaton and not mere window dressing. As I’ve written numerous times on this blog, Marxism flows from a materialistic worldview that’s completely incongruous with biblical Christianity. And, unfortunately, much of what passes for “social justice” today is simply repackaged Marxism.

I truly appreciate the heart of my brothers and sisters at Wheaton, my alma mater. Though we may have disagreed on the means of helping the poor and oppressed, we definitely agree on the desired end.

Read the original blog post and listen to audio from the investigative report.


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5 thoughts on “Wheaton Revises Education Document; Removes Original Response”

  1. Thanks for digging into this issue. As a public educator who has been just spoken to an Education Major calling for a donation from me to the Wheaton Fund, I asked that they send a student teacher my way. I would love to see what Wheaton is producing. As I see my place in school as a bit of the mission field, where some responsible “push-back” is always needed, it troubles me to think of Christ’s message being supplanted by Marx by a Wheaton grad. I don’t “fit in.” This is allowed in our democratic system. Read the pre-amble of the Illinois Constitution and you’ll see our faith is more legal than Marxism.

    Chuck Kreml ’85

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