Why “Imposing” a Christian Worldview is Vital

By Julie Roys
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            “Personally, I think homosexuality is wrong.  But, I don’t necessarily oppose gay marriage.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to impose my views on other people.”

            Ever heard a statement like that?  I recently did from a teacher at a Christian school.  Interesting.  Christians didn’t use to believe they were imposing a view on society; we merely thought we were advancing principles, which are universally true. 
            Those who founded this country enshrined this idea in our Declaration of Independence:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal . . .” (italics added)The Founding Fathers understood that for society to thrive, it needed to adhere to God’s intent in creation – not popular opinion.  Yet today, some Christians are reluctant to uphold God’s standards.  Today’s society is much more diverse, they argue.  So, Christians must keep their convictions private and not assert them in the public square. 
            This view overlooks the fact that all societies are based on some worldview.  If we remove Christianity as our foundation, something else will necessarily take its place – in our case, secular humanism. Make no mistake, secular humanism is not neutral to Christianity; it’s hostile to it.  It rejects creation for evolution.  So, man doesn’t need to adhere to a revealed identity; he can construct his own. It rejects sin as the cause of suffering and instead blames human suffering on religion.  So, Christian morality doesn’t help society; it hurts it.  These are false beliefs.  And, basing public policy and law on a false belief system will eventually cause society to implode.
            Consider a study published in the July issue of Social Science Research.  It found that the children of gay parents fared markedly worse economically, educationally, socially, and psychologically.  That’s no surprise to those of us who understand that God created marriage for one man and one woman for life.  Yes, we can reject God’s purposes, but not without consequences.  And, this is precisely why Christians should not shrink from advancing a Christian ethic in the public square.  We’re not imposing our view; we’re proclaiming God’s view and protecting society from self-destruction.


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2 thoughts on “Why “Imposing” a Christian Worldview is Vital”

  1. As christians it is impossible to impose a world view, or belief on anyone, yet this is the language of those who hope to silence christians and indeed will seek to impose their world view/belief on us. Take the Chick-fil-a(?) example. There was certainly no imposition by the company on society as a result of the president’s view, yet the Chicago politicians felt it necessary threaten them with an implied run out of town. As a contrast, the HHS mandate imposed a certain set of beliefs on us all without regard for the conscience of any constitutionally protected citizen and thought all should welcome the imposition.
    This is the difficulty we face; to understand that to live our faith means to propose, not impose both by word and example. By living this way we may face persecution, but ultimately those who live the christian world view will be at peace; the peace Jesus spoke of. We will not have that peace if we water down, or shy away from making/living that proposal.

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