Will Americans Lose the Right to Homeschool?

By Julie Roys

             Do parents have a fundamental right to educate their children as they see fit?  Apparently, the U.S. Government doesn’t think so.
             The government revealed its shocking view in an appellate court brief filed recently by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  The brief concerned a German family seeking political asylum in the U.S. so it can continue to homeschool.  German law forbids homeschooling.  And, the family faces huge fines, imprisonment and even forcible removal of their children if they return home and don’t comply.          

            Apparently, though, our government doesn’t have a problem with that.  In the brief, Attorney Holder argued that the family shouldn’t be offered asylum because the German ban on homeschooling doesn’t violate anyone’s protected rights.  That is, as long as the ban is uniformly enforced.  This argument upholds the notion of equal protection.  But, it completely tramples the fundamental right of every parent to raise his or her children according to his own convictions.
            Interestingly, the German ban on homeschooling is actually a carry-over from Adolf Hitler.  Before 1938, Germans enjoyed total freedom to homeschool.  But, Hitler saw parents as an obstacle to molding children according to his warped Aryan vision.  So, he usurped parental authority, claimed that children belonged first to the state, and imposed compulsory public education. 
            Since 1945, Germany has signed international treaties affirming that parental rights trump the rights of the state.  But, Hitler’s old statist philosophy remains alive and well in Germany.  And, as Holder’s actions show, it’s thriving in America too.  This should alarm American Christians.  God designated parents to raise children because He wants them molded according to His ideals, not the state’s. 
            Hopefully, the federal appellate court will see the error in the government’s case and grant the German family asylum.  But, if it doesn’t, we should recognize that the fate of this German family may soon be our fate, as well. 



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2 thoughts on “Will Americans Lose the Right to Homeschool?”

  1. Common Core curriculum bypasses our state legislatures (!) – and is helping create in our youth what my husband calls “the enStupidment of America.”

    Strong Marxist/Communist agenda and ideology in Common Core (and the global-speak of C-Scope, too).

    Threatening to be part of homeschooling and private schools, too.

    People can learn more and fight back:

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