You’ve Come a Long Way Baby – Or Not!

By Julie Roys

           American women clearly need a cause.  As evidenced by Sandra Fluke’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, we’re seething with righteous indignation.  But, over what? 
            Fluke, as you may recall, ascended to prominence after testifying before a House committee about the hardship women face because they can’t get free birth control.  According to Fluke, free contraception and abortion are entitlements that American women should demand. 
            Apparently, the Democratic Party agrees.  Its national platform now supports a woman’s right to an abortion “regardless of ability to pay.”  And earlier this year, the Obama administration, imposed a mandate requiring that all insurance plans include free contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization. 
            Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby!   But there’s more.  Now, the American private sector is exporting these entitlements around the world.  This summer, Melinda Gates announced she’s launching a $4.6-billion dollar initiative to fund birth control in 69 countries.  Like Fluke, Gates defends this initiative as a righteous pro-woman cause, even labeling it “social justice.” 
            In the midst of this lunacy comes the voice of reason from a 32-year-old woman in Nigeria.  She’s appalled that American activists are foisting birth control on her country and wrote an open letter to Melinda Gates. “The moment these huge amounts of contraceptive drugs and devices are injected into the roots of our society,” she writes, “they will undoubtedly . . . erode . . . moral sexual ethics . . . I see this $4.6 billion buying us misery. I see it buying us unfaithful husbands. I see it buying us streets devoid of the innocent chatter of children. . . . Please Melinda, listen to the heart-felt cry of an African woman and mercifully channel your funds to pay for what we REALLY need.”
            You see, women in Africa – and America for that matter – have real needs, needs for health care and protection – not birth prevention and destruction.  Some American women understand this cause.  But, you won’t find them speaking at party conventions; they’re too busy helping at crisis pregnancy centers.  



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