Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter Launches New Ministry; Critics Respond

By Julie Roys
Sarah Davis RZIM Zacharias
Sarah Davis, former CEO of RZIM and daughter of Ravi Zacharias, has launched a new apologetics ministry. (Video screen grab via Facebook/RZIM)

Sarah Davis, Ravi Zacharias’ daughter and the former CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), has left RZIM to launch a new apologetics ministry.

Two weeks ago, Davis filed articles of incorporation with the state of Georgia for a new nonprofit corporation, called Encounter, Inc. The stated purpose of the organization is “carrying the Gospel invitation to individuals,” “engaging their questions,” and “training and disciplining messengers of Christ’s love for their spheres of influence.”

Davis was appointed CEO of RZIM in 2019. And she has remained at the helm of the organization throughout the unfolding scandal of her father’s sexual abuse, and allegations of abusive and deceptive leadership at RZIM.

An investigation into Ravi Zacharias’s abuse also uncovered financial misconduct at RZIM. As first reported by The Roys Report, RZIM funded a sham ministry, called “Touch of Hope”—a fake humanitarian effort, which funneled money to four of Zacharias’ massage therapists.

In May, Davis apologized for her leadership failures. And she claimed that an independent investigation commissioned last February would help RZIM learn from its errors and incorporate “better forms of accountability.” Now, it appears the investigation by Guidepost Solutions may not become public.

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According to Christianity Today (CT) and sources who spoke with The Roys Report, the RZIM board moved early on to limit the scope of Guidepost’s investigation and keep its findings private.

Guidepost reportedly finalized its report over the summer. But to date, that report has not been made public.

The Roys Report reached out to RZIM and Davis for comment but did not receive a reply.

News of Davis’ new ministry was immediately met with criticism by Ruth Malhotra, former public relations manager for RZIM.

“I’m disappointed to read that Sarah Zacharias Davis is launching a ‘new’ ministry . . .” Malhotra tweeted. “Sarah Davis continually drove key aspects of RZIM’s destructive actions which enabled leaders to operate without accountability, silenced victims, maligned internal dissenters, & allowed ministry resources to be severely misused—all actions which significantly harmed many people.”

Similarly, Carson Weitnauer, a former RZIM director, challenged the notion that Encounter is a “new” effort, noting that Davis remains in charge, Encounter’s office is housed in RZIM’s building, and Encounter likely is funded by RZIM’s donors.

Encounter also will reportedly employ three former RZIM speakers: Alycia Wood, Alexandra “Xandra” Carroll, and Louis Phillips.

“If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but wants to be called a chicken, what is it? It is a duck . . .”

Meanwhile, the future of RZIM remains uncertain and its board remains anonymous.

Since 2015, when RZIM reclassified as an association of churches, the organization has not published IRS form 990s, which name board members and salaries of top executives.

According to CT, RZIM’s board has dwindled to 12 people from 21 at the time of Ravi Zacharias’ death. Some have left because they remain loyal to Zacharias and wanted RZIM to defend him. Some left in protest over the limited scope of Guidepost’s investigation and the board’s reluctance to seriously review RZIM’s culture.

An executive committee of five board members are reportedly making key decisions today. The committee includes Christopher Blattner, William Payne, Casey Cook, Paul Kepes, and Peter Sorensen—all longtime financial supporters of RZIM and defenders of Zacharias.

The highest ranking official at RZIM now is Michael Ramsden. Like Davis, Ramsden released a video months ago, apologizing for his role in RZIM’s scandal.

Articles of Incorporation for Encounter, Inc:

Encounter Inc. Articles of Incorporation-1


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9 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter Launches New Ministry; Critics Respond”

  1. Thanks for sharing further details. I wasn’t sure how I felt when I read CT’s article about this. Obviously her father was awful, but that didn’t automatically mean she was aware of it or did bad things herself. In the CT article it even looked like she was the one who wanted the investigation and other people were opposing her.

  2. Welcome to the Christian Industrial Complex. Ravi started a family business, not a ministry. All the family knows is the business which they all know has always been a money making scam. They do not know Jesus. They know Mammon intimately. Nothing changes because there is no fear of God in the CIC. Other rich men who claim to be Christians but serve Money as their god will fund this because to them that is what Christianity is.

  3. So apologetics is the family business and it’s all she knows??? Breathtakingly presumptuous is the kindest possible characterization of Davis’s actions.

  4. Two operating principles of Christian ministry (whether as church or as para-church). I. obey the law, and 2. Philippians 2:3-4.

  5. Dear Encounter,

    So you are different hey? Seems to me that you will have the same office key, same desk, same carpet, same elevator, same lobby, same floor, same building, same money, same people, same leaders, same aims, same coffee, same topics, same controls, same structure, same lawyer, same computer, same phone, same talks, same speakers, same car park, same donors.

    Could you have chosen a worse name? Did you find it here: “Tragically, witnesses described encounters including sexting, unwanted touching, spiritual abuse, and rape.”

    Apart from inviting in Guideposts (which was not just her decision) Sarah Davis has a lot of skeletons in her closet that people don’t know about. She was on the RZIM task force on LAT, she was the one who announced and drove the RICO lawsuit within RZIM and on the board, she smeared the original spa witnesses, she fired, made redundant, silenced, and subtly enforced. She hasn’t apologised to the whistleblowers or sought reconciliation with them. In what way exactly is she ready to lead a gospel ministry?

  6. I would say the correct name is the Ravi Zacharias Encounters for Profit Corporation, under the family lead authoritarian leadership of Ravi’s daughter.

    They just won’t break away from the cash cow that was RZIM.

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