Letter that Prompted Harvest Excommunication: “We are convinced that James . . . is not biblically qualified to be an elder”

Five years ago, eight former elders of Harvest Bible Chapel, including Dave Corning who had served as chairman of the elder board for 21 years, sent a strongly worded letter to the elder board about the character of Senior Pastor James MacDonald. In it, they said there are “20 disqualifying traits listed in 2 Tim. 3:1-5”

Why We’re all Responsible for the Scandals in the Church

The Catholic sex abuse scandal is revolting. That Theodore McCarrick sexually abused seminarians is horrific enough. But reports that the Vatican knew about it and did nothing shocks anyone with any sense of propriety and justice. Plus, now there’s a grand jury report revealing that more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania have been credibly accused

How Do We Live Our Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture? An interview with MBI President Dr. Paul Nyquist

  American Christians used to enjoy the respect of society and unprecedented freedom and prosperity. But, in the past decade, all that has changed radically. Marriage has been redefined. Religious freedoms are eroding. And, the church increasingly is being marginalized. How should Christians respond to these rapid and sweeping changes? And, how should we prepare?

Why Bother With Church?

Why bother going to church? After all, many churches are led by manipulative pastors, who care more about building their kingdoms than extending God’s. Churches are also filled with backbiting hypocrites – and many are designed more to entertain than to actually form people into the image of Christ. That’s the sentiment of many Christians

Why Pastors Should Get Political

            “Can you imagine if (Abolitionist William) Wilberforce said, ‘I don’t want to teach about the slave trade. I don’t want to be political. I might turn off someone who needs to hear the gospel’?”So challenged New York Tmes best-selling author Eric Metaxes at an event about a week ago at Moody Church.  Both he

Church “Anywhere and Everywhere”? Not Quite

I guess it was inevitable. Last week, I urged Christians to stop following Christian leaders like author and speaker Donald Miller, who don’t attend church. And, then I received e-mails and Facebook comments taking me to task, saying “Church is who we are, not where we go.” Plus, who’s to say Miller’s community of Christian

What to Do About Church-Ditching Christian Leaders

Did you know the person who wrote the best-selling Christian book and small group curriculum you’re using  – you know, the same one who’s speaking at the big Christian conference next month – well, this Christian leader doesn’t attend church. In fact, he hasn’t for years. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I should

What to Make of Pope’s Comments

            “A theological wreck.”  That’s what prominent Southern Baptist leader, Russell Moore, called the comments by Pope Francis in his second interview with atheist Eugene Scalfari.  And, I understand Moore’s concern.  In the interview, Pope Francis says that each person “must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them.”  He also

Why I Believe in Limited Church

If you’re a conservative, you likely subscribe to the notion of limited government. But, do you believe in limited church, as well? Now, that may sound blasphemous. After all, the church is God’s eternal family. Yet, just like God has established government with limited functions, God also has ordained the local church to serve a