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Whether hosting a radio program or presenting live, Julie’s passion for conveying truth in a compelling and challenging way comes naturally. Whether moderating debates, speaking at churches, conferences, or special events for groups and causes she supports, Julie captivates and inspires audiences. She is passionate about life issues, biblical worldview, parenting and education, gender and sexuality, Christian journalism, and the intersection of faith and politics.

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The Human Rights Issue of Our Day (Full-length version)
Can You Be Gay and Christian? Up for Debate

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Julie, thank you! Your message was 'spot on'! . . . We've heard nothing but rave reviews. Several men have told me they wish (the event) wasn't for ladies only. I love that!"

- Jackie Larson,
Past Executive Director of Informed Choices in Lake Co., IL

"Julie Roys incredibly blessed our ministry when she spoke! Julie is very engaging and identified well with our ministry and our audience. She took the time to learn about our ministry before she spoke and very effectively integrated her message with Biblical truth and her own life experience. We are very grateful for Julie's partnership in ministry!”

- Jay Curtis,
President & CEO of Fox Valley Christian Action

Julie has emceed our last three Fall banquets and provides a warm and engaging presence. Her style, demeanor and winsome personality add a very special touch to our annual event and always makes our guests feel welcomed and appreciated.”

- David E. Smith,
Executive director of the Illinois Family Institute

With all the issues facing the church today, Christians must be able to examine divergent views and evaluate them according to Scripture. That’s precisely what Up for Debate, an hour-long, live talk show on the Moody Radio Network, equips believers to do. Each week, Host Julie Roys explores debatable issues in the church with two Christian leaders with different perspectives. She also invites listeners to call in and add their thoughts. What results is a lively, thoughtful and informative exchange that challenges Christians to think critically and biblically. Up For Debate airs every Saturday at 11 a.m. Central Time/noon Eastern on more than 145 stations nationwide.” Click to visit the Up For Debate website.

"Julie Roys is a rare combination of grace and grit. She doesn't pull any punches but I have always found her to be respectful, thoughtful, and capable of crafting questions that skirt the bull and get to the heart of matters. In a moment when talk radio has earned itself a nasty reputation, Julie Roys is redeeming the air waves one intelligent debate at a time."

Jonathan Merritt, Author & Senior Columnist for Religion News Service

“Up for Debate fills a real void in American Christian radio, providing well-produced and well-conceived discussions on critical issues facing the church and bringing together able representatives of the opposing sides. Julie Roys is a clear-headed, biblically-grounded communicator and serves as a terrific host for the program.”

Dr. Michael Brown, Founder of FIRE School of Ministry

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