Is Modern Apologetics a Threat to Faith? –  A Preview of Saturday’s Debate

“Apologetics itself might be the single biggest threat to genuine Christian faith that we face today.”  So says Myron Bradley Penner, an Anglican priest and author of “The End of Apologetics:  Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context.”  This is a pretty bold assertion, especially given that apologetics is widely revered in many evangelical circles, as

How Much Should Christians Accommodate Muslims?

How inclusive or accommodating should Christians be when reaching out to Muslims? On one extreme is an organization like the National Cathedral, which has invited Muslims to lead prayers at the church this Friday. On the other extreme are Christians like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson who said about Islamic radicals – “convert them or kill them.”

Can Sincere Wrong Belief Save?

They may have been evil, murderous and misdirected. But, the perpetrators of 9-11 were also likely sincere and authentically following their consciences. I thought about this fact last week when Pope Francis made some unfortunate comments – ironically, on the same day that Americans remembered the 12th Anniversary of 9-11. I’m sure to many, the

Fighting “Bloodfeud” in Jesus’ Name

(I just returned from a week-long trip to Bulgaria where Moody Radio hosted a training event for media professionals from six Eastern European countries.  Though we were the official teachers, we probably learned more from our students than they did from us.  Below is one of several inspiring stories they told me.)             Albanian Pastor Dritan

Tebow Shows the Power of a Simple Witness

            Who would have thought millions of people would read a Bible verse because of a football player?  But, that’s precisely what happened after Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow threw the longest overtime touchdown pass in the shortest overtime playoff in history.              That pass gave Tebow precisely 316 passing yards in Sunday’s game.  It also

Why Don’t More Christians Like Tim Tebow?

He’s successful, yet humble; polite, but still willing to take an unpopular stand.  Moral. Congenial. Unabashedly Christian.  So why are so many Christians critical of Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow? The football sensation has led the Broncos to six remarkable come-from-behind wins.  As one reporter admitted, it’s “a streak even non-believers are calling miraculous.”  Not only

Miley Cyrus & Designer Religion

Pop icon and self-proclaimed Christian, Miley Cyrus, reportedly has a new tattoo –the Hindu symbol “Om” inked on her right wrist. This adds to Cyrus’ already pluralistic body of tattoos – a cross from Christianity; the word, “karma,” from eastern philosophies; and a dreamcatcher – from native-American and New Age religions. Miley Cyrus truly is

Confronting or Accommodating Culture?

Recently, the imam of the “Ground Zero Mosque” spoke to a gathering of evangelicals at a conference called “Q,” in Portland, Oregon. His invitation understandably sparked controversy. But, Gabe Lyons, creator of “Q,” said he wanted to understand what the imam believes and why – and to bridge the chasm of fear between Muslims and

Telling Half the Story

I had a spiritual conversation with a stranger this week like none I’ve ever had before. The setting wasn’t unusual. I was sitting beside a gentleman on a plane flight. And, we struck up a conversation as passengers sometimes do. Neither was the man’s spiritual journey all that unusual. Apparently, he had grown up in