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  1. I would listen to walk in the word everyday going to work, brother James was a true representative for Jesus, and has in spired me daily. My mother watches him in Michigan, no one is perfect , James will be the 1st to admit this, please don’t play Pilot on him, he has made all Christian’s proud. I do not go to his Church and neither does my mother who’s 88 yo old and I am 65, God blessed James and his wonderful program/ family /WIFE ETC

    I miss walk in the word, I pray the Lord will remove these doubts and criticism ,let those without sin be the 1st to cast the stone of destruction.

  2. Ever since I listened to Jmac on walk in the word, he always struck me as talking down to others. I never liked the guy. I don’t trust any of them. Trust What God says to you in his word and by speaking with you alone. People ?? Forget it.

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