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Reporting the Truth.
Restoring the Church.

MacArthur Grace Community Church Hohn Cho

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  1. Wow, this is very disturbing. I listen to a lot of John MacArthur’s sermons and get a lot out of them. I get it, the bible supports a measure of submission and reconciliation but in NO WAY is that to mean a woman should stay in a relationship where she fears the safety of her or her children. Especially if there is sexual perversion going on. Can’t hardly believe John doesn’t see that. Makes me sick to my stomach. I pray for all involved and especially John MacArthur. Now I’m wondering if I should continue to listen to John. Pray for me. Sincerely Howard.

  2. I don’t know what to think about this article yet but I pray the whole truth will come out and whoever needs to repent will.

  3. There are no perfect church or pastor but only perfect scriptures. I pray that the truth will come out. Even Peter made mistakes and yet Jesus endorsed His sheep to Peter.

  4. John MacArthur, a hero to me, preaches beautifully about how life will be full of many disappointments but we always believed he would not be among these. I remain hopeful there is an explanation. Any admission, even privately, may be Satan’s way of opening the door for lawyers to bring current and decades-old child abuse claims citing laws supporting such lawsuits (thousands of ads against the Catholic Church are out there soliciting this). Google: church sex abuse lawyers – thus John would have to balance the lawyer frenzy vs. privately repenting which would be an admission of guilt. A moral dilemma between John and God..

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