2015 Highlights

2015 was quite a year. Millions of people visited my blog, thousands more tuned in to Up for Debate, and I launched “Seeking Truth,” a new podcast. Followers on Facebook and Twitter helped expand the conversation and added new dimensions to our efforts to discern issues related to faith and culture from a biblical perspective. Here

Christian Persecution, Pro-Life Success, and Capitulation on Same-Sex Marriage

Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East continues to dominate faith news this week. Meanwhile at home, two prominent evangelical leaders capitulate on same-sex marriage; pro-life activists in Wisconsin make major gains; and one of my favorite authors explains how ordinary Christians can develop a strong evangelical mind.  All this and more in this

CT’s Whitewashing Sanger is Tip of the Iceberg

Christianity Today is facing sharp criticism for publishing an article last week whitewashing the legacy of Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who viewed contraception as a means of creating a genetically improved human race. According to Christianity Today editor Amy Julia Becker, the purpose of the article was “to draw attention to the number of women,