Author: Julie Roys

A 2010 Screwtape Letter

It appears, dear Wormwood, that our strategy of distracting Christians from their primary mission of making disciples is working. As I wrote you nearly 70

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Telling Half the Story

I had a spiritual conversation with a stranger this week like none I’ve ever had before. The setting wasn’t unusual. I was sitting beside a

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Sin Causes Brain Damage!

Habitual sin causes brain damage! That’s the shocking discovery of numerous studies documenting the effect of pornography, gambling – and even chronic overeating – on

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Too Good For Toilets?

My son and his entire team that’s traveling to Zambia this summer had to clean toilets this week. The team is training for the mission

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Obama’s Faith-based Trojan Horse

When President Bush launched the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, the Left was practically apoplectic. Claiming this violated the separation of church and state,

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