Nabeel Qureshi Speaks About His Cancer Diagnosis and Journey from Islam to Christianity

By Julie Roys
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Despite being diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer, Nabeel Qureshi, a Christian apologist who converted from Islam, spoke this last weekend at a suburban Chicago church. Well, kind of. Since he couldn’t be at the church in person, Jim Nicodem, senior pastor of Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL, went to visit Nabeel at his home. The result is a powerful 45-minute, taped interview where Nabeel talks openly about his current situation and about his journey to faith. By listening, not only will you better understand Islam and your Muslim neighbors, you also will gain a better understanding of the Trinity and the Christian faith. Watch and share — and please remember to pray for Nabeel’s healing.


Followers of my blog will probably recognize Nabeel for his appearances here and on my podcast:

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