Abortion Survivor Tells Her Story

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Melissa Ohden is someone pro-choice activists would like to ignore. Ohden miraculously survived a saline abortion in 1977. And in a new, controversial ad, she and other abortion survivors ask, “Can you look me in the eye and tell me I shouldn’t exist?” 

In this latest episode of The Roys Report, Ohden shares her amazing story of survival. She also talks about the battle to change Americans’ hearts and minds about abortion, and the work she does with The Abortion Survivors Network and Faces of Choice. 



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3 thoughts on “Abortion Survivor Tells Her Story”

  1. Former abortion workers have reported infants who survive abortions are put in rooms where they are given no care and allowed to die. Babies born alive are also allowed to bleed out by nurses who refuse to clamp the umbilical cord off. The infanticide rate of babies killed after failed abortions is probably pretty high.

    LA public schools is allowing PP to set up 50 “clinics” inside of high schools to “fight STDs” So, they’re moving away from “family planning” and “women’s health” to disease fighting to stay alive and get access to young minds.

  2. Onward Christian Soldiers! I am emboldened by the story of the abolition of slave trade in England that was lead by Evangelicals like William Wilberforce. This is the slavery of our generation; let’s all work for it’s end.

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