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Acts 29 & Bullying In The Church

The Roys Report
The Roys Report
Acts 29 & Bullying In The Church

Last week, the church planting network, Acts 29, fired its CEO, Steve Timmis, for allegations of abuse and bullying. But now, there’s evidence that Acts 29 President, Matt Chandler, knew about Timmis’ abuse five years ago. But instead of dealing with it, he and the board fired the whistleblowers!

In this episode of The Roys Report, Julie Roys talks about what happened at Acts 29 with Stephen McAlpine, an Australian pastor and popular blogger who helped bring Timmis’ alleged abuse to light. But the two also look at the larger issue of spiritual abuse and bullying in the church. And Julie airs some shocking audio from both Chandler and Acts 29 founder, Mark Driscoll, revealing abusive attitudes dating back almost a decade. 



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2 thoughts on “Acts 29 & Bullying In The Church”

  1. I really want to like Matt Chandler. I have enjoyed watching some of his sermons, and have led a Bible study that he put his name on.

    There are several things that have worried me though. His patronizing race language. His affiliation with Acts 29 church. This Timmis story. The dis-ingenuousness of the first Timmis statement.

    I don’t want to give him a pass for the statement you played, but I do want to extend grace and not immediately assume the worst. As a pastor myself, there’s no way to do ministry in the image of God that isn’t personal and vulnerable. I’ve never acted that way, but I’ve felt like it once or twice. Pastors are folks, too.

    But then, that seems to be the under-girding issue with so many of these flameout church leaders, they set themselves apart and above others.

    “There is no “Us and them.” Only “Us and God”” ~ John Wesley

  2. His comments are SO spot on!! As a pastor, it is refreshing to hear another pastor with such an absolute biblical response. All that was missing was “you sons of satan,” and “you brood of vipers”

    All I can say is Amen and Amen!!

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