Are Social Media Companies Censoring You?

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Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter claim to be neutral platforms, but are they? Hi, I’m Julie Roys. And this Saturday on The Roys Report, Eric Cochran—the man who blew the whistle at Pinterest—joins me. Eric got fired for leaking documents showing that Pinterest censored a pro-life group. But Eric says all the big tech companies are censoring conservative and Christian voices—and he urges people to speak out! Don’t miss this important Roys Report. This Saturday morning at 11 on AM 1160 Hope for your life!

Episode Guests

Eric Cochran

Eric Cochran is a former software engineer at Pinterest who blew the whistle on censorship of pro-life, conservative and Christian views in Big Tech. Now, he works at Project Veritas supporting new insiders to be brave and speak the truth.



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2 thoughts on “Are Social Media Companies Censoring You?”

  1. Excellent interview! Thank you Julie, Eric and the person from Google. I knew this was happening. It’s nice to have confirmation from professionals.
    I appreciate your integrity and willingness to be so brave in speaking out. Blessings to you all and keep up the great work!

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