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Despite Requests by Benny Hinn, YouTube Refuses to Remove Documentary Exposing Hinn’s Alleged Deception

By Josh Shepherd
winger hinn
Theology video producer Mike Winger (left) has prevailed against a takedown request by Benny Hinn Ministries, on a lengthy video that Winger producer exposing Hinn's deceptive ministry practices. (TRR graphic)

Despite multiple requests by disgraced faith healer Benny Hinn, YouTube is refusing to remove a documentary exposing Hinn’s alleged deceptive practices.

On April 15, the copyright team at YouTube emailed video producer Mike Winger that his recent documentary, which included video clips of Hinn, would remain on the platform. The message noted that Hinn’s ministry had asked YouTube to take down the video, citing “copyright infringement.” But YouTube had denied the request twice, including after an appeal. 

The notice from YouTube stated: “We believe your content is protected by fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright protection. We are writing to let you know we do NOT plan to remove your video(s) at this time.” 

Winger, a Calvary Chapel-trained pastor, told The Roys Report (TRR) he is “shocked and very happy” that YouTube backed up his fair use of Hinn video clips in Winger’s four-hour documentary. 

“Initially, I wasn’t intending for it to be that long,” said Winger, who produces theology videos through his nonprofit ministry, Bible Thinker. “But as I dug into Benny Hinn, it was so bad and he is so messed up, I had to do four hours on it.” 

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Winger added: “Hinn is abusing biblical teaching in order to manipulate people to give money to his ministry, while making promises in the name of God that God doesn’t make.”

The lengthy video, posted April 1 on Winger’s channel, covers Hinn’s alleged false healing, false doctrine, failed prophecies, false repentance, and deceptive fundraising tactics. At press time, the video has 735,000 views.

TRR reached out to Benny Hinn Ministries for comment about the takedown request but did not receive a response. 

Initially, Winger’s video was flagged on YouTube for using a few segments of content from Jesus Image, a charismatic ministry linked to Hinn. Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida, is pastored by Michael Koulianos, son-in-law of Hinn, who has often invited Hinn to preach. 

In a statement to TRR, a representative from Jesus Image stated YouTube “automatically” generated that copyright claim. “Once it was brought to our attention, we dropped the claim,” the email stated.

Winger confirmed this general sequence of events. But he clarified that Jesus Image likely used a third-party service to submit the copyright claim, which YouTube does not “automatically” generate. And Winger noted he made a copyright claim appeal on April 1, but Jesus Image didn’t drop the claim until April 4.

Jesus Image offered “no further comments” on the content of Winger’s video. 

However, in his April 7 sermon — only six days after Winger’s lengthy video was posted — Koulianos condemned YouTube critics for not following Matthew 18. 

jesus image Koulianos
On April 7, 2024, Pastor Michael Koulianos preaches at Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida. (Video screengrab)

Matthew 18 is a passage encouraging believers first to talk to someone one-on-one about a personal offense, then to bring the matter to others if the person won’t listen, and eventually to the whole church. The passage does not address how to confront false teachers.

“Jesus said, ‘If there’s no effort — if that doesn’t work, then bring it to the church,’” preached Koulianos. “By the way, that doesn’t mean YouTube,” Koulianos added.

Elsewhere in the sermon, Koulianos spoke of being “tasered on social media” by critics. “It is such a blessing to not give your eyes and ears to social media,” he said, adding that ignoring such information “would cause your heart to warm.” 

TRR asked Jesus Image about Koulianos’ sermon remarks but did not receive a response. 

Learning from past takedowns

In the past, Winger has been unsuccessful in defending against a takedown request on a video — specifically, one exposing Joel Osteen’s ministry. 

Winger posted a video commentary to YouTube titled “Analyzing a Typical Joel Osteen Sermon” on Nov. 3, 2021. Following a takedown request from Lakewood Church, that video was removed a few months later. 

In a subsequent video titled “Joel Wins,” which summarized the incident, Winger spoke about how he consulted with two copyright lawyers. The knowledge he gained on fair-use policies helped as he produced the Hinn video two years later. 

“I tried to be very careful and strategic in how I used the video clips of Hinn and how often I would interrupt it,” said Winger. “Then, hopefully the automated system wouldn’t flag this video.”

As part of a notification process, YouTube forwarded to Winger the original takedown request and written appeal that Benny Hinn Ministries submitted to the video platform. 

In that correspondence, a staff member at Benny Hinn Ministries with the title “Creative Manager” submitted the appeal. (Winger redacted the person’s name in the forwarded email.) 

The staffer, who’s the creative manager at Benny Hinn Ministries, wrote, “The video in question from the YouTube user Mike Winger is over four hours long with our content being used throughout the entirety of the video. Below I have provided time codes from the video in question, that correlate to when that video uses our content.” 

Commenting on the sequence of events in a later video, Winger highlighted a particular time code stamp flagged by the ministry staffer. 

It was listed “as if I used their content for six straight minutes, when I didn’t,” he said. “I used it interspersed during that six-minute section.” 

Winger later concluded the staffer was not acting in “good faith,” noting: “When you do this all the time, you’re familiar with fair use law. You should know right offhand that I’m not violating anything. It’s that clear.” 

Commentators praise documentary on Hinn

Several evangelical commentators online have praised Winger’s work on the video and echoed his call for Hinn to repent. 

Charismatic-Messianic Bible teacher Michael Brown addressed the four-hour documentary on his national radio program which was livestreamed on April 2.

“Categorically, without question, Benny Hinn must repent at the very least of carnal manipulative fundraising, which he himself has renounced but has gone back to again and again,” said Brown. 

mike winger
Mike Winger (Courtesy Photo)

A day later, popular evangelical YouTuber Ruslan KD released a 20-minute video summing up the four-hour documentary.

“This video is just brutal (and) we got to call a spade a spade,” said Ruslan. “Benny Hinn is a false prophet. Avoid him at all costs.”

And commentator Kris Williams of All Things Theology called Winger’s video a “master class” in analysis.

“The ultimate reality is we need to avoid people like Benny Hinn,” said Williams. “They preach a false gospel, they have years of heresies, and they continue repackaging them for a new audience.” 

Meanwhile, Charisma Magazine has continued to promote Hinn’s latest book release. 

Winger has not backed down and told TRR that he has engaged an attorney who will respond to Benny Hinn Ministries “if they escalate this in any way.” He also said he would defend the video in court if the ministry files suit against him.

“If they decide to push this in court and go the distance, then I’m going to go the distance with it,” said Winger. “Because every day that I’m dealing with it, I’ll just be thinking, This is just what he would do to someone else.” 

He added: “It irks me to no end that not enough people are standing up for the sheep who are being abused.”

Watch the full documentary on Benny Hinn: 

This article has been updated to accurately state details of a YouTube copyright claim and when it was dropped.

Freelance journalist Josh Shepherd writes on faith, culture, and public policy for several media outlets. He and his family live in the Washington, D.C. area.



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46 Responses

  1. Thrilled to see this so called “pastor” finally being called out for who he really is. I believe he got his start here in Buffalo NY at a very large AOG “church.” Sad thing is many will not believe what they read. Hinn needs to be taken off the so called “circuit” and the Lord will do what He needs to do with him and so many others. Finding a decent church today is almost impossible. Thank you for the work you all do to expose these frauds.

    1. Don’t know if you had a chance to follow this, but a number of years ago, his own nephew, Costi Hinn, who had worked in Benny’s empire, left the family “ministry business”
      and exposed much of what went on. He became an Reformed evangelical pastor in the SW and seems to be making a significant difference for the Kingdom.

      1. Yes—read his book. A real eye opener. May the Lord use him to promote the truth of God’s word.

    2. I was in the Charismatic movement in the 70s and 80s they started preaching a false gospel of prosperity. They said just ask and God has to do it! I did become LDS for the next 30 years, why ? Because I saw the basic message of the gospel being lived. I am now a member of the Assemblies of God church. The church I attend does not preach a prosperity gospel.

      1. ” I did become LDS for the next 30 years, why ? Because I saw the basic message of the gospel being lived.”
        Thank you for saying this, Patricia. While I have gotten into a number of theological debates regarding the LDS church, there’s one thing I don’t dispute: the power of their evangelism is in their living out their faith. That speaks to people more than any words one can say.

  2. God is revealing the truth and the false. Woe to those who do evil in His name and claim to be of Christ. The tares (satan’s children) are being removed from amongst the wheat (God’s children). It’s the last days for them, not for humanity.

  3. Whaaaaaat???

    To be clear, I fully support any kind of takedown on Benny Hinn, it’s just… YouTube actually denying a BS copyright infringement report and using common sense? Where is this kind of common sense usually? Lol

  4. While I will admit Benny Hinn is probably a false prophet and has a major stumbling block with maman, I have a personal experience with his ministry:
    My late wife & I went with her son to Vancouver B.C. in the summer of 2006. My stepson wanted to see Benny Hinn for his 13th birthday. I did have a check in my spirit even then because of the money thing; just saying…
    While sitting there in the 2nd row of the 2nd level in B.C. Place filled to capacity (around 60,000 people) I watched in absolute astonishment as over 3/4 of the stadium went forward for the alter call to be saved. Mostly Indians & Asians people sitting to our right Indian Hindus, people to our left Asian Buddists responded; and upon returning to their seats, all shared their excitement and enthusiasm of how the pastors down in front that Benny had invited from many denominations around the area, got them connected with a house of Worship in their neighborhoods and how they were going to prosthelytize to everyone in their families and neighborhoods about Jesus; the loving saviour!
    I had heard this happened earlier in 2004 in Bangalore with 3.5 million in 1 day and 7 million over that 3-day crusade period, but to see it was pretty incredible! … I wonder how many souls Mike Winger has led to Christ?
    Listening to his worship times to this day, I cannot say there are many who steward the presence of the Holy Ghost with as much sensitivity.
    But yeah, I have a problem with ANY pastor who owns 8-9-10,000+ sq ft homes and have 50-100 million+ bank accounts etc… they need to repent!.. just like ALL of us do for various other reasons perhaps…

    1. No man who has been recorded for so many hours in his whole life will get everything right! I thank God that my history isn’t videoed for all to see. I don’t watch Benny Hinn or follow him, but he has ministered as he’s felt led.

      Has he gotten things wrong? Yes. But the Bible is replete with stories of Godly men failing in many aspects of their lives. Abraham is held up as a paragon of faith in Father’s eyes because he held on to one simple promise. No mention of whoring out his wife.

      People like Mike Winger are the martinets that destroy the works of Christ Jesus played out through fallible men. I continue to be aware of my failings, but my identity is son through redemption. Winger does the work of the devil while proclaiming Jesus.

      Paul made it clear we all have many functions as part of one body. When one part of the body with a different function attacks another part can it be said to be working as purposed?

      1. Try again. Friends of Benny Hinn being Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding CA and SEAN FEUCHT preach the false Gospel of Christian Nationalism and 7 Mountain Dominionism. Both are a White Supremacy Gospel. Both are DIEHARD SUPPORTERS OF TRUMP. Both are Election Deniers.

      2. I’m sorry but this man needs to be called out. He is not a brother in Christ he is a false prophet for money. If you watched the actual you tube from Mike Winger you will see it plain and clear. You don’t even have to watch all 4 hours. Just the first hour is sufficient. It’s astonishing and makes my stomach turn. Im all for not judging others but when someone is leading so many astray as he is, it is our duty as Christian’s to tell others that this is wrong. Not in a hateful way but in a very respectful yet logical clear way. It’s simple truth. Mike made it very clear without making it an attack. I appreciate everything Mike Winger has taught me through his podcasts. Not once have I felt wrong in my spirit when listening to him. I knew something was wrong with the 700 Club people and Benny Hinn way back in the 90’s when I was just a child and knew little of the Bible. It was instinctual almost. It’s as if the Holy Spirit said nope not these guys.

    2. Unfortunately, the addage of “what we win people with, we win them to”. How many of those “salvations” lead to disappointment and disgrace of Jesus because they did not get healing/financial benefit out of Jesus that they were promised? I’m not saying some of those conversions weren’t legit, but a lot of evil is done in the name of all the good a bad ministry has done.

    3. You make a very valuable counterpoint. The fact is Hinn has a gift from God to Evangelize. What you saw proves it. But Samson also had a gift. Yet he still suffered the consequences of his errors. The gifts operate by grace through all of our failures and foolishness. If they didn’t, God would have no one to use. Paul praised God that the gospel was preached through those who desired gain, only because the gospel is intrinsically powerful to accomplish Gods will even through corrupted messengers. This is both encourging and sobering at the same time. Encourging when we fear we have failed too much to be useful to God, but sobering lest we think our gifting successes would grant us liscence to be abusive or exploitative.

      1. All true! But I would simply point out, what Benny Hinn has a heart for (besides money OKay), is to draw souls to Christ. What Mike Winger does is post videos that turn souls cynical and away from Christ. Benny Hinn also plugged those converts into local churches to be fed, to thoroughly take the territory for Christ; not by saying “now y’all need to come to “my” mega church and tithe.
        How many are being saved through the works of Mike Winger and his “ministry” of tearing down God’s annointed by scouring through closets? I also wonder if Mike was surprised with an investigative team at his door barging in and checking his complete browser history, what might pop up on the screen?
        God knew in advance of Benny Hinn’s shortcomings, yet He was not intimidated in allowing his ministry to flourish.
        Neither waas God swayed by David calling for a hit man to murder a man whose wife he coveted; in bringing His Son into the world through his bloodline as an act of honouring him.

    4. I do not believe 3.5 million people “were saved” by anyone in one day let alone through Benny Hinn. When Franklin Graham came to Chiangmai Mai Thailand a few years back “thousands” of Buddhist and tribal background people went forward to “receive Christ”. Problem is most of them were already in churches. I know because friends who work in that region and speak the language we’re serving down front “at the altar” when these thousands came forward.

      Real practicing Hindu and Buddhist people don’t come to Christ in any significant number at crusades because they don’t go to them to begin with. Those who do go may raise a hand or go forward out of politeness to the friend who brought them but they don’t show up at church the next week.

      I’ve worked with Buddhists for 30 years. Buddhist and Hindu background people who become disciples do so through 1:1 witness from people they know and trust. Don’t believe any evangelist who goes overseas for a week, preaches through a translator then tells you how many people got saved at their meeting. It isnt happening.

    5. Why are these bunch of Baptist people against the Pentecostals? Why the hate toward Pentecostals? In the early 1900s, Baptist community, political leaders jailed innocent Pentecostals for no reason. STOP this hate!

  5. Kudos to Winger! It’s a great piece of work. I’m sick of these charlatans hiding behind Matthew 18. They aren’t brothers and these aren’t personal offenses. They are wolves devouring the sheep and should be treated as such–publicly exposed and driven out.

    1. Greetings Beloved;
      This morning I woke up to this article etc. About my Beloved Pastor Binn Hinn. While I did read through all the stuff.
      I was reminded of a few Words the Holy Spirit wrote by Holy men of old.
      Do not TOUCH my Anointing nor do any harm to my servants the Prophets..
      The Pharisees and the Sadducees did accuse Jesus Christ of having a devil when casting out a devil.!!
      Its been written in the Gospel one should take out the beam first of their own eye before sticking a toothe pick in someone else eye.
      Finally, beloved King David had such respect for Gods first King of Israel, King David did not Touch nor did ANY harm to King Saul.
      Short version of biblical history!
      Hypocrites are pretty good at what they do been there….
      Thanks, Bruce Ion Child of the living God

      1. Bruce, you have grossly misapplied Psalm 105:15. The context makes it clear that the author, David, is referring to the people of Israel as the Lord’s anointed, not a corrupt preacher. The passage that would apply to Benny Hinn is 1 Tim. 5:20: “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.” There’s also Eph. 5:11, which instructs us to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but to expose them. Covering for evil men is evil; exposing them is righteous.

      2. No American evangelical should be trusted when he comically pretends to use the Holy Spirit to knock people down. Yet many stories of people trying to get their family near for an ACTUAL healing and are not allowed near our modern day version of Elmer Gantry. Since the seventies a satanic spirit of fraud has been lapped by the undereducated masses. Pathetic. I’ll stick with small groups and discernment by reading the Bible and depending on God for wisdom.

  6. Matthew 18 is a passage for brother against brother discipline. In the third Pastoral Epistle Paul tells Titus, “For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision, whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain.  One of them, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith (Titus 1:10-13)”.
    Hopefully, this is a sharp enough rebuke for Benny that he repents and turns his life over to God.

  7. Every born again Christian has always known Hinn is a fraud. All non religious non saved people have known the same thing. It is extremely sad how many Hinn has led to hell. Hopefully this documentary is helpful in opening the eyes Hinn’s followers. I understand the deceit of Hinn and can’t watch anything for 4 hours.

    1. According to Dr. Michael Brown, Benny Hinn might still be a believer. Lol. I wonder what it would take for Brown to call someone a false teacher/prophet.

  8. All I want to say is I have been healed when I was in BennyHinn’s meeting in Memphis Tn! You can always take things out of context and make it sound like what you want it to say!! I know what the Lord Jesus has done for me through this ministry and no man can tell me otherwise!!! Christ Jesus is still in the miracle working business!! What is the difference in Benny Hinn asking for support than any other minister!!!

    1. Thank you for your testimony. There are many who would tear down Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, and other men of faith featured in Hebrews because they never lived perfectly.

      Paul had his detractors as did all the disciples. Benny, as far as I know, declares the majesty and glory of Jesus Christ our King.

      Do I expect him to have zero character flaws or live perfectly for all his detractors? No. Much like I don’t for his detractors who don’t live in front of a camera.

      1. How about his alleged Adulteress fling with the other false Prophet White. Hinn is a false prophet and healer. I have nothing against asking God to do a miracle but God heals through Doctors to or may chose not to heal. Sometimes the route of healing may almost kill you when you’re talking about Cancer. Bill Johnson another False Prophet lost his wife to cancer. Like I said sometimes God calls the person home. Pastor Bill Johnson is a false prophet and Elrction Denier and helped cause the violence on 1/6/21 by saying very publicly on 1/3/21 he saw the evidence and its was 100% clear that the Demon Democrats stole the Election from Trump. To date no such evidence exists so Pastor Bill Johnson lied just like his Buddy Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland do.

  9. “Alleged deception” lol. If Benny Hinn’s deception is “alleged”, anyone can tell any lie whenever and wherever they want with no expectation of repercussions. He’s like the definition of a false prophet. If he’s not false, then there is no such thing as a false prophet.

  10. Koulianos is full of crap. Is he honestly claiming people haven’t exercised Matthew 18 in 30 years of deception? Lol, gimme a break.

    When a matter is public, it is brought up publicly. Matthew 18 is not a catch-all. You start confrontation at the sphere in which the offense is done. This is the general thrust of all of Scripture. Michael Koulianos is 100% complicit as well since he platforms his false prophet father-in-law.

  11. “He answered and said, Whether He be a sinner or not, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.” John 9:25

  12. Per Jesus’ own words in Matthew 7:22, one can perform miracles and cast out demons in His name, and not know Him.

  13. Personally I have come to believe 99% of “apostles” and “prophets” these days are FALSE ones. (Not THEE “false prophet”… that is obviously Francis masquerading as “pope”).
    Except for men of God like David Hogan and prophets who seem to get most everything right like Terry Bennett, I see few others humble yet steadfast enough to qualify as true Apostles and Prophets.

    1. The office of Apostles and Prophets have been replaced. The gifts still operate in some form. I have little time to watch a video about Hinn. He is a false teacher and needs to be marked and avoided. I do not agree with the power dynamics that progressives try to create false premises. I would think that Hinn would be outta business with the Biblically conservative individual as well as the progressive Burger King Theology – “Have it Your Way” mentality. Individuals like the author has finally been fair without investing his biases. But God will ultimately fulfill His purposes. A biblical balance is apropos to the false teaching. This is why God has turned so many to a debased mind.

      1. While I do not disagree with anything you are saying; I still would ask how many souls were saved?.. or, at least “affected” so as to be squarely positioned with a life in pursuit of or 4 the 1 true God! Yeah? So let’s focus on the good even if it’s “in the past!”? AND as long as “they’re” claiming repentance for past transgressions AND willing to have people accountable watching them as they are truly to be held accountable in such positions (truly, “of government” by reporting, regarding their “money sins/serving mamman” issues hopefully being taken out of them) by those who love the Lord. We just should honor those that have done an “awful” lot of good, (when we’ve done far less good), despite their sins being different than ours. That’s how their dividing us!!!
        Peace to your House!

  14. “He is notable for his mistaken prophesies relating to the end times, including the destruction of homosexuals in the USA, the death of Fidel Castro in the 1990s, and the end of the world in 1992 and 1999.” God’s prophets are never wrong or mistaken. Hinn’s so-called ministries are nothing more than cash cows. “Not a single one of Hinn’s miracles has ever been verified, though many have been proven to be temporary or false.” Few, if any, claims of miraculous healing would stand up to any kind of scrutiny. Just because someone claims to have been healed doesn’t make it so. At least the Catholics have a Miracle Commission to investigate claims of miraculous healing.

    1. Of course, we all know the OT penalty for when a prophet makes just one false prophecy. Benny Hinn is fortunate to be living the 21st century (and fortunate that the populace can’t mete out the punishment).

  15. This reminds me when ABC News did an expose of Robert Tilton years ago. Shortly after he went on a series of tirades against them and shortly after that he was off the air and his church closed down.

  16. I would NEVER try to dispute anyone that has claims to being a minister of God–too dangerous–God will take care of the “false prophets”–the Bible says” judge not,lest ye be judged”–and if you are educated at all–you will understand the quote. However,should a person feel they are above God-and feel they are obligated or assigned the priviledge to judge others–be careful–God’s wrath can be very harsh.

    1. That is a dangerous misapplication of the scriptures. Rather than judgment which is for the Lord alone, we are called to be discerning. We are given the scriptures and are to use them to discern truth as the Bereans did. When challenged, a “Man of God” will repent as Peter did when Paul called him out on his error.
      Benny Hinn is a false prophet – most astoundingly was his proclaiming peace and prosperity between Israel and their Arab neighbors less than 2 weeks before October 7th.
      He spoke prophecies over the pandemic that were completely false. He is a wolf devouring the sheep and must be stopped –
      There’s nothing in the NT that indicates any special anointing or protection.
      If your pastor is teaching this it is only to sheild from criticism, and he must be disqualified from ministry.

    2. Jesus also said to judge with righteous judgment, and that we can tell a tree by its fruit (which requires evaluating and discerning). We ARE to judge between right and wrong (and between right and almost right). What we are not to do is render FINAL judgment on someone’s eternal destiny (that determination is reserved for God alone).

  17. In April of 2010 I was at his service and I was supernaturally healed from a blood disorder so if you didn’t get healed maybe you didn’t believe but people who judge him God said do not judge because you will be judged also everyone sins so what the problem let God be the judge because plenty of people got healed and save if you wasn’t there to witness the power God shame of you for saying negative things you know nothing about

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