Election Perspective

            I once heard a pastor say, “I’m going evangelize like an Arminian and worship like a Calvinist.”  By this, he meant he’s going to

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Re-Kindling First Love

            Worship has always been like a spiritual portal to me.  As a kid, I often felt indifferent towards God. I believed in Him, respected

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Transitioning Out of Church

          They were expected to win gold.  But, in 2008, both the American men’s and women’s 4 x 100-meter relay teams dropped their batons and

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Gay Agenda Advances

            Imagine an America where parents are forbidden from trying to help their own children overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.  That shockingly may become the reality.

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Succumbing to “Sportianity”

           Imagine missing your daughter’s wedding to attend a college football game!  That’s what Mr. and Mrs. Reese, two avid University of Alabama fans, did. 

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