Secret to Sucessful Kids

Ironically, the secret to raising smart kids is never to tell them that they are. So says Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford University professor and

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Labels and Boxes

My husband dislikes personality tests. He doesn’t want to be classified as sanguine or melancholy nor likened to a lion or golden retriever. Though he

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Marketing The Gospel

Would you take a pal to Easter worship if the Jonas Brothers sang? So asked the headline of a USA Today article about Saddleback Church’s

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A Sham to Get Votes

It’s a meaningless sham designed to get votes. So says a pro-life attorney about President Obama’s promised Executive Order that supposedly nullifies abortion funding in

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The Math of Indoctrination

Galileo believed mathematics was the language with which God wrote the universe. Rene Descartes, however, reduced math to simply the means of explaining an impersonal,

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