My Interview on The Drew Marshall Show: Lawsuits, Megachurches, & Why Investigative Journalism is a Holy Pursuit

By Julie Roys

I had a great time interviewing with Drew Marshall on his show, which is Canada’s most listened-to spiritual talk show. We talked about the accusations of wrongdoing against Chicago-area megachurch, Harvest Bible Chapel, and its pastor, James MacDonald. We also talked about investigative reporting, and why I, as a Christian, believe it’s a holy pursuit.

Since Drew’s show targets both Christians and non-Christians, I tried to speak to both audiences, especially those who write off all Christians because of a few bad apples. I thought our discussion was productive and hopefully brought more light than heat.



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4 thoughts on “My Interview on The Drew Marshall Show: Lawsuits, Megachurches, & Why Investigative Journalism is a Holy Pursuit”

  1. Time to Close Harvest

    If you are new to Julie Roys, or Wondering Eagle, or the Elephants Debt, or World Magazine, or Christianity Today, or the US Federal Court, or Mancow, or The Daily Herald, or Twitter, or The Chicago Tribune, or Facebook, or WYLL, or The Mortification of Spin, or the testimony of thousands of ex-Harvest members … or …. any of the other hundreds of media outlets and platforms and podcasts that are exposing (yet once again) James McDonald and his entire family and Harvest and its fake-male leadership and fake-elders as utterly evil, deceiving, remorseless, self-enriching, foul, Godless people, you would be forgiven for wondering “What the hell is going on?!”

    No worries, just check out this blog and everything else mentioned above; but be forewarned, it will make you sick to your stomach and filled with much righteous anger.

    May God close Harvest yesterday, it is way, way beyond repair – and a cancer on American Christianity.

  2. Many of the people there are brainwashed and either in denial or in a zombie like state. Ever wonder why they push “100%” attendance weekends or why people and volunteers are CONSTANTLY LEAVING. The place is a revolving door. And don’t get me started on their small groups with James “approved reading list!” Can you say Nazi Germany anyone? One word= CULT. For those of us who have escaped we need to start altering the narrative to what Randy Williams is cited as describing Harvest. How do we begin these conversations with people who slowly start to realize what has happened to them. The first thing a person does when told they have been in a cult is to defuse to accept it. Start to test this in your conversations very gently. It’s what all the clinical experts are saying. I’ve done my part in notifying the proper authorities. Julie is doing her part on exposing the evil and focusing on the immoral and criminal elements. It’s time for us to assist in rescuing souls.

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