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Chicago Radio Host & a Former Bodyguard Say James MacDonald Asked Them to Arrange Murders

By Julie Roys
James MacDonald

Chicago radio personality, Mancow Muller, says disgraced megachurch pastor, James MacDonald, asked him to find a hitman to kill someone. MacDonald’s former bodyguard is making a similar claim. 

Muller said MacDonald— a celebrity pastor who was fired from Harvest Bible Chapel in February—asked him at least twice in 2018 if Muller knew a hitman MacDonald could hire. Muller said he thought MacDonald was joking at first. But during a conversation in December, Muller said it became clear to him that MacDonald was “really serious.”

Similarly, Emanuel “Manny” Bucur, a deacon at Harvest and former confidant and volunteer bodyguard of MacDonald’s, said MacDonald asked him in 2015 to kill MacDonald’s former son-in-law. Bucur added that MacDonald offered to help him dispose of the body.

Bucur said he was upset by the request but didn’t report it because he figured MacDonald had spoken in anger and simply had a momentary lapse in judgment. Plus, Bucur said he has four daughters and understood MacDonald’s rage toward a man who had allegedly hurt his daughter.

Bucur agreed to tell his story anonymously on a podcast of Muller’s, which was recorded on Thursday but has not yet aired. Bucur said during the recording session, he heard Muller’s story for the first time and hours later, decided to go on the record with me.

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[pullquote]“When I heard that (MacDonald) was crazy enough to ask someone else to basically do the same thing . . . I figured, okay, this guy’s unhinged.”[/pullquote]“When I heard that (MacDonald) was crazy enough to ask someone else to basically do the same thing . . . I figured, okay, this guy’s unhinged,” Bucur said. “This is a problem. It’s a pattern here.”

Muller told me he doesn’t know the identity of the person MacDonald allegedly wanted to kill in December. Muller said he got the impression that the person was a rival who was bad-mouthing MacDonald and perhaps “snooping around.” Muller said he definitely didn’t think it was MacDonald’s former son-in-law. Muller said he urged MacDonald to leave vengeance to God, “who punishes worse than man.” 

I repeatedly called and texted MacDonald over the weekend to comment on both Bucur’s and Muller’s accounts, but he did not respond.

Muller began attending Harvest in 2014 and became friends with MacDonald in 2016. That friendship ended earlier this year when Muller’s view of Harvest and his former pastor soured. Muller now accuses MacDonald of stealing millions from congregants and calls Harvest a “cult.” In February, Muller aired vulgar comments by MacDonald that were recorded on a hot mic and MacDonald was fired the same day.

Muller at Camp Harvest with MacDonald.

Nathan Murray, an Indiana pastor who says he’s been a friend and spiritual mentor of Muller’s for more than 10 years, said Muller told him in January about MacDonald’s alleged murderous request. Murray said Muller was “freaked out about it” and in a “kind of Jim Jones shock.” Murray said he recognizes that Muller is a “shock-jock” who “exaggerates for a living.” But Murray said he can tell when his friend is serious, and Muller “was pretty dead serious about it.”

Muller said on Thursday he filed a report with police where he lives in Wilmette, Illinois. He added that he’s terrified of MacDonald, who he believes is “dangerous” and may be targeting him. Muller said police are increasing patrols around his house and Muller also has hired private security.

Wilmette Deputy Police Chief Pat Collins told me that Muller came into the station on Thursday and said there is an active investigation. Collins would not comment on the subject of the investigation. But he said my open-records request for Muller’s police report about MacDonald was denied and that police are not releasing Muller’s report until after the investigation is complete.

Bucur told me that on Thursday, he also gave a statement about MacDonald to police in Bartlett, Illinois. According to Bucur, Bartlett police called him on Friday and said they had talked to Wilmette police, who confirmed that Wilmette Police are investigating MacDonald. Bucur said Bartlett police said they would not be opening a separate investigation, but instead would allow Wilmette to handle the case. I called Bartlett police for further clarification, but they declined to comment.

According to Illinois law, a person who requests or encourages someone to murder another person is guilty of solicitation of murder—a Class X felony carrying a sentence of 15-30 years in prison.

Discussion Allegedly Turns Murderous After Visit to Creation Museum

Bucur said MacDonald asked him to kill MacDonald’s son-in-law, Tony Groves, during a motorcycle trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, from July 31, 2015, to August 2, 2015. Bucur said five others from Harvest were also on that trip—Harvest former Assistant Senior Pastor Rick Donald, former Elder and Executive Director of Harvest Bible Fellowship Kent Shaw, former Elder Marcel Olar, and church members Tom Moore and Steve Lupella.

Bucur said MacDonald’s request took place during breakfast at a restaurant in Indiana on the last day of the trip. Bucur said he was seated immediately to MacDonald’s left, Lupella was on MacDonald’s right, and the rest of the group was seated across the table or at the ends of the table.

Bucur said MacDonald was preoccupied with something on his phone, which he was holding with both hands under the table. Bucur said he glanced down and saw that MacDonald was on a porn site and asked, “Is that what I think it is? Are you on a porn site?”

Bucur, MacDonald, and others in front of Creation Museum.

Bucur said MacDonald then told Bucur in hushed tones that he feared that his son-in-law, Tony Groves, had posted something damaging to his daughter, Abby MacDonald, online, and that’s why MacDonald was searching porn sites. (Bucur said he never saw anything that Groves posted, nor did James MacDonald ever tell him that he found anything that Groves had posted.)

Bucur said MacDonald added that Abby and Groves were getting a divorce, and that Groves had cheated on Abby multiple times. (Groves and Abby divorced in April 2016. Prior to that, Groves was arrested twice and charged with domestic battery—once in 2012 and once in 2013. At least one of those incidents reportedly involved a “girlfriend/mistress.” I called Groves for comment. He said to call back later, but when I did, he didn’t pick up or respond to my messages. I also reached out to Abby MacDonald for comment, but she did not respond.)

Bucur said that MacDonald then leaned toward him until MacDonald was inches from his face and said that he needed to ask him something based on what Bucur had just heard. Bucur said MacDonald then asked Bucur if he would be willing to “take Tony out” for MacDonald.

Bucur said he replied, “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?”

Bucur said MacDonald said yes and noted that with Bucur’s background (as a combat marine veteran), it shouldn’t be too hard to kill Groves and get away with it. Bucur said MacDonald added that he’d help Bucur dispose of the body and no one would know.

Bucur, foreground, with MacDonald, background on the right.

Bucur said he replied, “Absolutely not! We’re not having this conversation and we’re not talking about this ever again.” Bucur said he didn’t think any of the other men at the breakfast table overheard his discussion with MacDonald.  I reached out to all five of them, but only Steve Lupella responded.

Lupella said he remembered sitting on the other side of MacDonald from Bucur during breakfast and seeing MacDonald on his phone for a long time. Lupella said he also remembers observing Bucur and MacDonald have a private conversation. Lupella said he didn’t hear what Bucur and MacDonald discussed but said Bucur was clearly upset and withdrawn afterwards.

Lupella said Bucur normally rode alongside MacDonald on bike trips, but that day Bucur dropped to the back of the pack. Lupella added that after the group stopped at a Dairy Queen later in the day, MacDonald took off before everyone else and headed home alone.

Lupella said a couple weeks later, Bucur told him that MacDonald had asked Bucur to kill Groves or find someone else to kill Groves. Lupella said he assumed MacDonald had just spoken in anger and didn’t really mean it.

Looking back, Bucur said he wishes he had gone to police immediately. He said at the time he was enamored with being in MacDonald’s inner circle and “duped” into believing MacDonald was a man of God. 

Spying and Intimidation

According to two former Harvest employees, a year or two before the incident Bucur described, James MacDonald had instructed them to spy on Groves.

Tom Hackl, who worked part-time at Harvest as a men’s ministry assistant, said the instructions to spy on Groves came from his supervisor, former Harvest Director of Biblical Soul Care Garrett Higbee. However, Hackl said he believed that MacDonald was behind the spying.

I talked to Higbee and he confirmed that MacDonald gave him instructions to monitor Groves, which Higbee then relayed to Hackl. Higbee said MacDonald was concerned that “there was some kind of impropriety going on with his son-in-law, and he was trying to enlist some guys to check it out for him.”

Though Higbee participated in the spying, he said he felt uncomfortable with it and told MacDonald that he should get a private investigator. “I let James know it was paranoia,” Higbee said, “and he needed to stop doing this because he was going to end up in trouble.”

[pullquote]“I let James know it was paranoia and he needed to stop doing this because he was going to end up in trouble.”[/pullquote]Hackl said shortly before Christmas in either 2013 or 2014, he got a text from Higbee directing him to go to an apartment where Groves might be and to look for a car with a certain make and license plate. Hackl said he went to the apartment, found the vehicle, and then communicated the information to Higbee. Hackle said Higbee told him to remain at the apartment until further instruction.

Hackl said Higbee then directed him to go to the door of the apartment and confront Groves. Hackl said he refused and Higbee backed down.

However, Hackl said he then began getting texts from someone who identified himself as “someone important to the MacDonald family.”  Hackl said the person strongly urged him to confront Groves, saying, “As a man of God, you need to do this.” Hackl said he texted back and forth a few times, but then drove away.

Hackl said he was fired in late December 2014 and told his position didn’t exist anymore. Hackl said he believes the real reason he was fired was because he refused to spy on Groves.

Hackl said a year later, the church rehired him for another position. But after a few days on the job, Higbee told Hackl that the church was withdrawing its offer because someone didn’t think Hackl was the right person for the job. Hackl said Higbee wouldn’t say who the person was, or why the person objected to Hackl. Higbee told me he can’t remember who the person was, but thinks the directive came from someone in human resources.

Guns and a Pattern of Violence

In my December WORLD article, “Hard Times at Harvest,” I recounted several disturbing stories concerning James MacDonald’s reportedly angry and violent nature. One involved MacDonald repeatedly stabbing a picture of a former pastor with a butter knife. Another recounted a time that MacDonald made a target out of pictures, including the wives of elders, and shot at it with a pellet gun. And a third, told how MacDonald displayed a “pattern of uncontrolled anger” while teaching high school students at Harvest Christian Academy, allegedly calling them names and threatening them physically.

Former employees at Camp Harvest tell additional, disturbing stories about MacDonald. Bill Pease, who worked as property manager at Camp Harvest from 2005-2010, said he once saw MacDonald shoot a deer at “point-blank range” and said MacDonald didn’t stop shooting until he was out of ammunition.

Former Camp Harvest groundskeeper, Mike Hulburt, attended the same shoot in which MacDonald allegedly unloaded on the deer. Hulburt said the shoot, which occurred in 2008, involved MacDonald and 8-10 of MacDonald’s friends. He said the deer were mangled afterwards—“a stinkin’ mess” with holes throughout their bodies, including bellies, legs, and hind quarters.

Another time, Pease said MacDonald’s assistant called him and asked him to retrieve a gun and $1,000 cash from the glove compartment of MacDonald’s car. According to Pease, a church employee had hit a deer while driving MacDonald’s car back to Chicago from the Camp. (Pease said MacDonald had flown home in a private jet.)

Pease said the car then was towed to a body shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pease said the next day, MacDonald’s assistant called Pease and asked Pease to retrieve the gun and cash from the glove compartment of MacDonald’s car. Pease said he then called his friend, who owned the body shop in Grand Rapids, who looked for the gun and cash but didn’t find it. Pease said when he called MacDonald’s assistant back, she said she had just discovered that the employee, who had gotten in the crash, had retrieved the gun and cash already.*

Bucur told me that MacDonald almost always carries a gun in his car. 

Podcast Coming

Muller billed the podcast he recorded on Thursday as the “nuclear option”—a last resort he said he’d produce if MacDonald didn’t confess and show remorse for his actions. MacDonald has been silent since Harvest fired him. And on Thursday, MacDonald reportedly informed Harvest that he is pursuing arbitration concerning his termination and ownership of Walk in the Word—MacDonald’s broadcast ministry, which used to reach millions. 

Fotopoulos and MacDonald

Muller was expected to release the podcast on Thursday. But he told me on Friday that police had requested that he wait a day or two before releasing it. Bucur told me he appears on the podcast anonymously as “George.” He said also on the podcast is an anonymous guest and Constantine Fotopoulos, a former church member and close friend of MacDonald. 

Muller texted me that he’s grieved to go public with something so sordid concerning his former friend and pastor. “Nobody wanted ANY of this,” Muller said. “We wanted to worship Jesus Christ and instead we got the devil’s messenger in Boss MacDonald. This is more hassle and heartbreak then most can imagine. I’m still a believer in Christ but believe MacDonald has pushed many towards being agnostic or worse.”

UPDATE: Mancow Muller’s podcast is now live. 

*Correction: The original version of this story reported that Pease had retrieved the gun and cash himself. 



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131 Responses

  1. Given Higbee’s involvement in the situation mentioned here with the ex son-in-law, and an apparent failure in ensuring Biblical soul care of the Harvest staff, I question his role in Great Commission Collective”s pastoral care leadership. But maybe things in GCC aven’t changed from the HBC ethos…

  2. The James MacDonald situation and the Mark Driscoll situation really shine a bright light on these “Propsperity Lite” megachurch pastors. They won’t claim the prosperity gospel but they are lovers of money, they live millionaire lifestyles, the church is their piggy bank, their ego project, their “brand”. To them, the church exists so that they may increase.

    We, the congregants, have failed if we permit a pastor to live an opulent lifestyle because we are tempting him to become a lover of money, and because the lifestyle of all Christians should be markedly below that of others around them and with the same sorts of incomes.

    Our lifestyle and spending should be markedly lower than it could be, because there are people around us in the church and outside who are in need. There are ministries that need support. There are kingdom purposes that don’t involve big game hunting and churches paying for stuffed bears and cars and free houses and motorcycles and Rolexes and the man’s every other whim.

    If a man is willing to take a million dollars a year and to spend a million more from a hidden expense account, that man doesn’t know or doesn’t believe his Bible, and we should have demanded a change.

    1. This I agree with. I remember when I learned about James’ mansion, extravagant lifestyle, and costly vacations. I remember bringing up my concern to one of the pastors and he said something along the lines of its not a sin to have expensive things – this was the response from many at HBC when asked about James’ lifestyle. While I do agree that I don’t think it’s a sin to have nice things, I don’t see how it’s right that a pastor is taking such a ridiculously large amount of money from the church. Other people’s hard earned money – money that people whole heartedly gave because they believe it belongs to God and should be used in a way that will glorify him. Money that can be used to help the members of the church, the needy, and to reach so many who don’t know Christ. It is NOT ok for a pastor to take that and use it for his own gain.

      1. That is why Jesus called them HIRELINGS or hired help in John 10 and He said that they care not for the sheep……….. I believe Him

      2. This is when a Christian should use discernment in giving. I avoid these Mega churches, and living in Dallas there are plenty to choose from. If a pastor of a mega church chooses to take a mega salary + mega expense account + mega housing allowance, they are not walking in the Spirit. Yes I’ll happily make that judgement on them!

  3. My family attended Harvest for two years back in 2003 to 2005. We have not at all been surprised by these terrible developments with James and the other leaders. It was clear at that time the culture was arrogant and sinful. I believe the problem has been augmented by the theology taught at Harvest. My wife was quite surprised to hear Kathy MacDonald state at a women’s small group meeting, “Here at Harvest we don’t believe you need to be faithful in order to go to heaven.” When my wife pointed out several scriptures contrary to that statement, Kathy responded, “We are not going to discuss this. In fact, we are never going to discuss this.”

    Many people wonder how James could continue in such sin while proclaiming the Gospel on Sunday. Its easy to understand if you realize the James believes it does not matter to God how he lives, that he does not need to be faithful, that his ticket to heaven is guaranteed no matter what he does. James and those who have been faithful to James rather than to Jesus Christ need to repent of their sins and learn the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. Obedience to God’s commands is necessary to be saved. In Matthew 19:17 Jesus said, “… If you want to enter life, obey the commandments.” As scripture says in, Hebrews 5:9 “… he [Jesus] became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.” And finally, Acts 5:32 says the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey him. Our leaders, as well as all followers of Jesus Christ, must be humble and holy rather than arrogant and sinful. If James had been living in “the obedience of faith,” (Romans 1:5, 16:26), none of this would have happened.

  4. Interesting that this story hasn’t been receiving much attention outside of a few Christian online sites. It’s too hard to believe he actually tried to get a hitman. Other outlets were present during podcast like local fox. They don’t seem convinced. Thoughts?

  5. A couple of sequential things that stand out among this Harvest mess; the first one in this article says “Looking back, Bucur said he wishes he had gone to police immediately. He said at the time he was enamored with being in MacDonald’s inner circle and “duped” into believing MacDonald was a man of God. “
    “Nobody wanted ANY of this……….We wanted to worship Jesus Christ and instead we got the devil’s messenger in Boss MacDonald. This is more hassle and heartbreak then most can imagine. I’m still a believer in Christ but believe MacDonald has pushed many towards being agnostic or worse.”
    The Apostle Paul states in his First Epistle to the congregation at Corinth in the first century, chapter one, that we are followers of Christ, not Paul, Peter, or someone else (1 Cor 1:10-17). We as believers are supposed to follow the RISEN Messiah, not people, pastors, (fill in the blank) in churches. Cults of personality have no place in ministry, it is not the place for a popularity contest. A person can/can’t push anyone to become an agnostic, atheist or (fill in the blank) if the persone is a TRUE follower of Messiah Yeshua. The FOCUS is Messiah….no your local “leader”. By giving this “pastor” breaks on his misbehavior, the people that were aware of it granted a “license” for MacDonald to continue his unopposed words/deeds. There are TESTS for people in ministry and they have to be held to a HIGHER standard than the “average” person sitting on the pews. By putting MacDonald on a pedestal, they became idolatrous towards him and not towards HIM who deserves all true worship!!.
    Thank you Julie for your reports. My prayers for you and your ministry are lifted up towards the Ancient of Days.
    Post Tenebras Lux

  6. In light of James’ narcissistic, abusive characteristics, I find myself wondering about his wife. Has she spoken out? Is anyone caring for her? Certainly she benefitted from the money, but textbook narcissism would suggest her life has been a prison of soul-crushing manipulation and secret abuse. If he was willing to use the faces of other women for target practice, imagine what he’d say and do to his wife behind closed doors! Have you heard anything about her??

    1. Hi Jane, no need to wonder any more and why would you spend ANY TIME AT ALL imagining anything about these two ? All you need to do is read through some of these blogs and your imagination is not needed.
      As a great big strong, intelligent , faithful man that I am , I decided that I would help you a little in this matter, here is a quote of part of Robert’s comment on the other page:
      May 22, 2019 at 12:41 pm Reply
      ” My family attended Harvest for two years back in 2003 to 2005. We have not at all been surprised by these terrible developments with James and the other leaders. It was clear at that time the culture was arrogant and sinful. I believe the problem has been augmented by the theology taught at Harvest. My wife was quite surprised to hear Kathy MacDonald state at a women’s small group meeting, “Here at Harvest we don’t believe you need to be faithful in order to go to heaven.” When my wife pointed out several scriptures contrary to that statement, Kathy responded, “We are not going to discuss this. In fact, we are never going to discuss this.”

      Now, one needs to understand that 1) her comments here are at least 14 years old 2) she has never left him 3) birds of a feather flock together. This means that his “stuff” never got better which means that her “stuff” could only have gotten worse as well.
      Only a reprobate mind whose conscience is seared could utter those types of things as a person in a position of leadership and if one is that far gone then…….. in this situation one does not get better with age. Theology might have played a part but wickedness, deception , pride,arrogance, deceitfulness and ungodliness in every manner and hearts far far from Him played a far larger part.
      I truly hope that your comment was not a projection of your own personal pain.

      1. I so agree with you. We were in a church with some similarities to Harvest and the pastor’s wife was part of the abusive/enabling structure. She asked one woman who dared to speak up about some unhealthy decisions in the church, “Why won’t you listen to the holy spirit?”

      2. Great point David! Kathy is just as responsible for playing her part in this charade. Their whole family along with other enablers are guilty too. They loved the celebrity status and all the benefits that provided. Like fame, money, opportunities to meet other celebrities and having a lifestyle many dream of with no end in sight. So sad they used the Gospel for advancing themselves, not God’s kingdom.

  7. I have no problem with bringing truth to the light. And I am thankful to you Julie for playing a part in all of this. However, some people need to be careful. I have noticed some posters on twitter who literally post and peruse twitter and all the blogs almost every hour. As if it’s their full time job. Almost every hour retweeting or posting something. It can turn into an unhealthy obsession. Some need to ask themselves, do they spend the same amount of time reading and meditating on scripture? Do they go back and talk to God every hour as they do with others on twitter? Also, the mocking and swearing that I have seen by some Christians is concerning. Jesus did indeed speak truth, however, the mocking that I have seen is not Christlike. James is shining a negative light on Christianity but so are the ones who claim they are Christians yet are joyful that all these issues are arising, hopeful that there is more drama, mocking, swearing, etc. Everything we do should be for God’s glory and a lot of what I am seeing by frequent posters especially on twitter are actually doing the opposite. My atheist brother even pointed out that what James has done is horrible but some of these “so called Christian” posting on twitter don’t seem like Christians. He not only got an angry vibe from them but hate. Wow. We need to be people that speak truth in love and be careful of the way we speak. The world is watching us and although we haven’t done something as crazy as James we too can taint Christ

    1. Jennie, I agree with you 100% its been a challenge for me to handle this Sad situation in a Godly manner all the time….sometimes I get so angry about what has happened at HBC that I LET my flesh get the better of me….I’m not making excuses because I know its wrong…I attended HBC for 10 years gave my time and money and sweat…I’ve seen many friends of mine hurt deeply, but in the end all believers should continually examine themselves repent and do what’s right….thank you very much for your words of wisdom.

      1. Most of the time one does not need to sit on here “full time” because you can comment on the comments any time you want even all at once, it does not take very long Jennie, most of my day is fully open for all the things you suggest that I and others should be doing.
        So I would now suggest that since you do not know me and most of the others here, that you really don’t have any idea of who I am , what my experience is , where my heart is or which FEW will make it to Eternity. I just brought a little (or more) truth to light AND I spoke it in love carefully……..
        For man looks on the outward APPEARANCE (appearing as) but God looks on the heart.

    2. Advocacy work often time goes unpaid and is initially underappreciated. Advocates rock the boat, they call for change, and they stand up to the establishment. The establishment does not like this because they know they will lose the power they so desperately want to wield. Those who don’t have a calling to be an advocate are often confused by the motivation that is demonstrated by those who are; they don’t understand why someone would be willing to pour so much energy into something without being compensated in some way. This often times leads people to question the motives of those who are called to be an advocate — “They must be bitter;” “They must want to tear down _____” — reality is further from the truth.

      Our society is experiencing social justice hemorrhages right now, which includes a focus on the evangelical structure. What’s coming to light within the Protestant church is similar to that of the Catholic church; it is run by money, power, and secrecy. People who have been affected by this system are entitled to feel righteous anger at the injustice of it, and they are entitled to call BS because that’s what it is.

      The message that has been pushed about how Christians “should” act in the face of abuse is one that is actually quite dangerous; grace culture (i.e. forgive and forget, we’re just going to trust that God will handle this) creates a vacuum for abuse to occur because abusers know their actions will not be held accountable. With this approach, abusers know that if they show the emotions you want to see, and say the things you want to hear, they can continue engaging in the same behaviors. When those who see through this facade call it out, it is often times promoted by others as being bitter, spreading gossip, and being malicious.

      Being angry about the injustice of what is occurring at Harvest and with James MacDonald and company is a GOOD thing; approaching what they’ve done with righteous anger is also a good thing. Speaking out about it with righteous anger is also good thing.

      We have to remember that abusers do not play by the rules of society, they create their own; when we approach them in a manner where we are willing to “hear them out” for the abuse they have inflicted, we are playing right into their hand. Rather, when working with people like MacDonald, and systems like Harvest, we must be people who are willing to boldly call out sin, stand firm in challenging their decisions, and hold FIRM boundaries.

      I think this bible verse adequately sums this up:
      “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
      – Matthew 18:6

      1. Thank you for spelling out the purpose and need for advocacy. A dear friend of mine is still ‘waiting in hope’ for change in the toxic church I left. Many who have stayed at the church have chosen to wait silently and pray, hoping the culture will change. Anyone who did speak up was belittled and ended up leaving.

  8. Ok. This is ridiculous. I have no problem with initially brining attention to the significant issues with James. But let it go. You are now engaged in GOSSIP.

    11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. James 4:11

    This is now slander and you are doing nothing but damaging the reputation of Jesus. He was held accountable, fired. Now all you are doing is committing the sin of gossip and slander. Leave the man alone. If he has committed crimes, the proper authorities will handle it. I’m totally embarrassed for you and those who continue to gossip and slander.

    1. Greg if it wasn’t for blogs like this one, the proper authorities wouldn’t know about any of the alleged crimes that they are now investigating….and if he is guilty of any of these allegations is just getting fired from his cushy job o.k? If blogs like this one dont keep people’s feet to the fire then Jamc would still be in business.

      1. Wow Greg you are the bearer of the knowledge of what is gossip and what is not and I just love the way you managed to twist it into slander (again) You were already called out in another part of this blog by someone else who explained clearly to everyone what slander is and is not.
        I can assure you that the One who made Himself of no reputation is for sure NOT concerned about His reputation , why would you be ? Now I am embarrassed for you because you do not rightly divide the Word of Truth.
        I can also assure you without question that jimmy canuck and his wicked wife (and others) are absolutely NOT my brother or sister , Jesus (whom you are concerned about) said clearly in Mat 12:50
        “For whosoever SHALL DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER, which is in heaven (not the devil) , the same is MY BROTHER and MY MOTHER”
        Also you said “IF HE….” Do you know that now you are complicit and in sin ? Which means that you are now not doing the WILL OF MY FATHER which is in heaven and slandering some of His children here that have testified to jimmy canuck and other’s behavior and ACTIONS by saying “IF HE”
        I’m sad because you have now disqualified yourself from being my brother as well unless you repent and let us all know that you did so that we can forgive you and welcome you into the fold.
        Remember that there will be FEW that will be saved. Disobedience and disrespect to His Word will not get you there.

    2. Greg, what is ridiculous is JMac is the one that will not stay away and leave HBC ALONE to recover and focus on ministry. He is the one that CANNOT let HBC go and continues his personal quest to milk every last penny from the church. Thus precious time, energy and resources are allocated to combat his guerrilla attacks. . Unsure if you know, but JMac is now pursuing arbitration w/ HBC. ( He brings attention to himself by his stubborn refusal to admit wrong w/ his counter attacks against HBC. Even tho JMac is knockdown on the canvas and then out of the ring; he climbs back and is the one who wishes to continue the fight. Thus the need for his sinful behavior and actions to be revealed so much more. At least, Bill Hybel had the sense to stay away admist his downfall. If you would be so kind, can I impose on you to contact the proper authorities to investigate his criminal activities. Then and only then will the presumed gossip and slander cease as you wish. Thank You in advance.

    3. You are the type of facilitator that allowed this man and situation to get where it is. When murder for hire, By a PASTOR is something you feel is not worth mentioning – and that it’s exposure is qualified as gossip you lack any semblance of discernment.

    4. I think I smell obvious pride in this and your other comments. We are all responsible before God for what we choose to do and what we choose to support with our money. I have supported and given to things that were as bad as Harvest and I had to publicly repent for it. I did and according to the scriptures when we freely admit our sins then we get forgiven by God. This is a good thing. Going on a public forum and talking like a disciple of JMac who never admits to any wrong, is not a good thing for you to do before God. While you are not responsible for what JMac and his evil cronies have done, you are responsible for how you responded to it and how you still are. What you are suggesting here is ridiculous. I guess you would blast Nathan the Prophet for calling out King David’s sin, which is recorded and is brought back to remembrance every time anyone reads the passage about David’s sin. A police investigation is not gossip. Paul publicly rebuked Peter and others for what they did, and so it is recorded and remembered. I guess Paul was an evil troll as well?

    5. Greg, Greg, Greg,

      1) slander; ˈslandər/ noun, Law
      the action or crime of making a FALSE spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation: he is suing the TV network for slander. Compare with libel.
      • a FALSE and malicious spoken statement

      2) gossip; ˈɡäsəp/ noun
      casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are NOT CONFIRMED AS BEING TRUE: he became the subject of much local gossip.

      Just because the miscreants who control Harvest do not own up to what they have done; this does not make slanderers or gossips out of individuals seeking said truths. There are now witnesses coming forth with these truths, and as far as I can tell all of Matthew 18:15-17 has been acted upon. We are to treat these perpetrators not as brothers in Christ, but as the pagans that they have allowed themselves to become as delineated in the verse.

      I absolutely marvel at the Harvest apologists trying to defend the indefensible. There is always a pleading to “Let it go, Take down the blog” and other such nonsense. I think that they know all of what they have done to hurt Christ and His Church and are terrified of all of the other crimes that will come out.

      Since Harvest apologists such as yourself like to throw around the “Do not judge” thing around quite a bit, here’s a verse for you 1Corinthians 6:1-3

      Actually, Harvest was guilty of violating verse 1 when they tried to stop the TRUTH from coming out by filing their frivolous lawsuit against TED and Julie. Had the judge let their shenanigans proceed I shudder to think of the kind of mercy Harvest would have shown them.

      So tell me Greg, which party is really damaging the reputation of Jesus?

      And by the way, JMAC has not even begun to be held accountable for the egregious crimes he has committed.

      And no, I don’t think that videos will work anymore. Harvest videos have been proven to be, “Satanic to the core.”

      TRUTH is not slander, TRUTH is not gossip. Will the gaslighting ever stop at Harvest?

  9. Posted on James MacDonald’s Instagram account and his video convo with ex-SIL Tony Groves, approx. 1pm CST 5/23/19:

    suesarkauskas Pastor James: May I speak with you and get your side of this? – Susan Sarkauskas, Daily Herald

    (wonder if he will?…..)

  10. It’s time for me to stop following this blog. It’s not healthy. Thankful others in my life helped me to see that.

  11. Wow that is interesting! I have found this blog to be incredibly healthy and I am thankful others have helped me to see that! I guess we are just two different people.

  12. The Catholic Church is far from perfect and sometimes boring but we have the Gospel and you are welcome back

  13. Your conscience is bothering you, David. I say this because Jennie’s comment contained no reference to you, and from the lack of indentation, it was not a response to you at all.
    Take time and read what you wrote. God was speaking directly to you not about what you wrote here, but what is written on your heart regarding this matter. It is almost one year later. I pray your thoughts, words and actions glorify God and not criticize man.

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