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Amy Grant Hospitalized for Observation and Treatment After Bike Accident

By Adelle Banks
grant bike accident
Musician Amy Grant. (Photo by Cameron Powell)

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Amy Grant has been hospitalized after a bike accident.

The accident, less than a week after Grant was named one of this year’s five Kennedy Center Honors recipients, occurred on Wednesday. She was taken to a Nashville, Tennessee, hospital.

“(S)he was wearing a helmet and taken to Vanderbilt where she was treated for cuts and abrasions, and is in stable condition,” Velvet Kelm, Grant’s spokeswoman, told media on Thursday. “She was admitted and stayed overnight as a precaution and will be staying another night for observation and treatment.”

Grant, 61, had heart surgery in the fall of 2020 and described herself as fully recovered.

She expressed awe upon learning that the Kennedy Center had decided to name her an honoree, marking the first time a contemporary Christian artist was recognized in that way.

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“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine ever receiving this prestigious Kennedy Center Honors,” Grant said in a statement. “I cannot wait to celebrate with my fellow honorees, friends, and family. Thank you for widening the circle to include all of us.”

She is scheduled to join actor George Clooney, singer Gladys Knight, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Tania León and the rock band U2 in a celebrity-filled gala at the center’s Opera House on Dec. 4.

Grant was the first contemporary Christian musician to have a No. 1 hit on the pop charts with “Next Time I Fall,” a 1986 duet with Peter Cetera of the band Chicago, and the first to perform at the Grammy Awards.

Her fame continued to spread with “Baby, Baby,” a hit from her 1991 platinum album “Heart in Motion.”

The six-time Grammy winner has been on tour in recent months, with a next scheduled performance in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Aug. 18, according to her website.

Adelle Banks is production editor and a national correspondent at Religion News Service.



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22 thoughts on “Amy Grant Hospitalized for Observation and Treatment After Bike Accident”

    1. Looks like she had heart surgery in 6/2020, but the convid injections weren’t available until 12/2020, so one could logically conclude no.

      I don’t think it’s out of bounds to ask if someone’s health issues or death is connected to the injection, especially since so many people who naively took them are dying or suffering major health setbacks, and sadly most hospitals are turning a blind eye to the cause.

      A friend of mine said he knew of at least 12 couples in his circle who miscarried in spring of 2021, though they were not injected, but worked daily around those that were. Very concerning.

      1. Kenly: You said:”A friend of mine said he knew of at least 12 couples in his circle who miscarried in spring of 2021, though they were not injected, but worked daily around those that were. Very concerning.” Without proof this is likely Fake News.

        1. Tom, what type of proof and how much of it do you personally need in order to correlate adverse advents with an injection? I’m not sure you’ve thought through this in event that the so called “authorities” are lying, which according to their own data is obviously/painfully clear.

          So many pastors were part of the problem in trusting the “authorities”, that they in turn led the sheep astray. I’m calling for repentance in those who were directly and indirectly complicit in this fraud. Even the bloggers and commenters who shamed people for not complying need to repent.

      2. Gordon Hackman

        How on earth is working around those that were injected while not having been injected yourself supposed to be responsible for the problems these people experienced. The correlation is indirect and seems tenuous, and, in any case, correlation does not equal causation.

        It’s also interesting to me that the people who are the most outspoken antivaxers often seem to have numerous friends and acquaintances who experienced negative affects after being vaccinated while most people I know were vaccinated and I don’t know of a single person who has experienced any negative affects.

        1. Gordon, the technology for self spreading vaccination has been around for a while. Pfizer admits in their own studies that uninjected people who are in close proximity to those who have been injected can have adverse reactions. The human bioelectric resonant field is not something many doctors understand, which explains why so many labs that have analyzed the contents of the injections have found graphene oxide in them.

          I am not anti-vaccine, but rather anti-fraud because I love Jesus, plus I am gifted by God in smelling fraud and manipulation more than many are. Sadly, the vaccine industry has been steeped in fraud since Jenner’s day. Just research what Rockefeller medicine has spent so much money and propaganda to conceal. Mcbean’s book “The poisoned needle” is a good place to start.

          As I’ve said before, the allopathic health industry can not recover from this, but is being exposed for what it is…fraud heaped upon fraud.

      3. Alison Swihart

        A “friend” told me she had 3 close friends who died after receiving the vax. I think we all know that’s not true.

  1. Sara Zobrist,

    I agree with virtually all of what you write here, probably more than any other TRR commenter, but… was that really necessary?

  2. Stacy Lynn Harp

    She hit a pothole while riding her bike and fell. It has nothing to do with her heart at all. But given that around half of Tennesseans were smart enough to not get vaccinated, we have a 50/50 chance of her not being vaccinated.

    I personally have three friends who died because they were vaccinated and I have my best friend’s husband who now has pericarditis because of the vaccine. I don’t think it’s a silly concern, the data is valid. And I have two friends who lost grandchildren because their kids got vaccinated while pregnant.

    1. Stacy: You said”I personally have three friends who died because they were vaccinated and I have my best friend’s husband who now has pericarditis because of the vaccine. I don’t think it’s a silly concern, the data is valid. And I have two friends who lost grandchildren because their kids got vaccinated while pregnant.” How can you possibly know all of what you said happened because of people taking the vaccine? It could have been from other factors. But, let me guess you are Anti-Vax?

    2. Stacy Lynn Harp,

      I don’t believe for a moment that the vax is as safe as is claimed… at the same time, COVID itself causes a great many of these purported side effects too. We now know that even mild, undetected cases of COVID can cause in some people lasting heart and lung damage.

      We are likely not to get any sort of impartial truth for years if ever, since the discourse is completely dominated by the “the jab is the best thing for humanity since food and fresh water” government establishment shills and “the vax is literal Satan injected into your body” conspiracists.

      The truth is surely somewhere in between.

      1. “COVID itself causes a great many of these purported side effects too.”

        Brian, technically not accurate. Convid19 is the term used to describe a group of symptoms (generic) that present themselves in people, but is not a term related to causation.

        Sars-Cov-2 is the unproven viral theory that falls pathetically short of what is to blame for the convid19 symptoms. No governmental health agency (over 180 world-wide) has been willing to provide proof (per Freedom of Information requests) the supposed virus has been isolated/purified for starters, much less, provide clinical double blind studies that show statistical causation of said isolate.

        Seems terribly strange in light of the fact that thousands of papers have been written supposedly proving isolation/causation – doesn’t it? Not really when you consider how many terms those in power conveniently/quietly redefine to further their agendas – terms like vaccine, immunity, man, woman, or recession.

        Do you think the president of Bayer’s pharmaceutical division was misinformed, or worse, lying about the injection being a gene altering therapy? He was gloating in the fact that people who were injected were so easily fooled. Sounds rather demonic to me.

        1. Kenly Wayne,

          If COVID is so very harmless, why did Daszak, Collins, Fauci and Co. work so hard to finance its development and keep it a secret? All of this is out there.

          The real conspiracies are obvious and plain before our eyes. COVID was a bad pandemic. It’s certainly not the worst disease in history per capita, but 20 million dead worldwide (mostly elderly and weak) in 2 1/2 years is more than three times the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

  3. Just a journalistic note. Use of “accident” implies something that was humanly unpreventable. For example, a deer jumping in front of a car could cause an accident, or a lightning bolt hitting a tree that falls onto a car.

    This “crash” was caused, presumably, by improper road maintenance – if it was caused by a pothole. It could also secondarily caused by lack of attention.

    Some municipalities take this seriously. My bicycle crash resulted in criminal charges of careless driving because the driver of the other vehicle turned left in front of me. Vision Zero is leading engineers to redesign dangerous intersections – from the perspective that the intersections themselves are causing crashes.

    1. I will recommend this article with some precautions. Dr. Anthony Fauci is not an Evangelical Christian. I suppose he’s a good Catholic. I shouldn’t generalize, but they are not known on the whole to be users of English completely free of profane language. :-( So, you have been warned! I think the article will help you realize the good and bad points about him. It’s very informative.

      I think I should comment about what the Roys article was about, bicycles are great until they meet a pothole or a car meets them. I had experience with the latter. I didn’t end up in the hospital, but it didn’t do my bike or me much good. :-/ Mark, I was crossing an intersection with the walk light and was still struck by a car!

      1. Jim Worrest,

        Dr. Fauci actually *lied under oath* (what Trump is constantly accused of doing) to Congress about being behind funding for “gain of function” research. Senator Rand Paul called him out on this. Nothing Fauci says has any credibility at this point.

        If we have a Jan. 6 commission dedicated to locking up Trump’s surrogates who tried to dodge testifying or who said something false when they did, surely there also needs to be such a thing for Fauci, Collins, and Daszak, whose lies were not about one day of rioting, but a worldwide genocide that has killed 20 million people.

        1. Well to argue from analogy I have four covid shots and I certainly haven’t gotten sick from the shots and I would give a lot of credit to the shots for keeping me healthy. I would say that for all my vaccinations. Vaccines have been a boon to mankind!

          1. Jim Worrest,

            I am not arguing against the COVID vaccines other than that I oppose mandates. I know they have helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives. I also don’t think they have been as efficacious and harmless as claimed (or as terrible as the anti-vax movement claims).

            Nonetheless, I will never again listen to a word Fauci has to say.

      2. Jim,

        I have hope. First, many traffic engineering studies in the last 10-20 years have contradicted nearly a century of what was held religiously. For example, “induced demand” – that building capacity doesn’t eliminate congestion because, surprisingly, economics/convenience also plays a part in deciding whether to make a trip. Second, as I alluded to, municipalities who have adopted Vision Zero recognize that dead people isn’t an unavoidable and necessary cost of convenience, and as such, the engineers shouldn’t treat non-automotive infrastructure users as an afterthought. It’s not great, but getting better. Also, with texting, the multi-lane low conflict arterial is less and less attractive because drivers tune out and check their messages. Engineers now have to design roads to feel or be much more dangerous than they would have 10 years ago, ironically, to make them safer even for drivers.

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