A Luxury Suite, Questionable Loan to Officer, & Gambling: The Disturbing Truth About Leadership at MBI

As a Christian non-profit ministry supported by donors and dedicated to equipping believers to make disciples around the world, the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) should maintain the highest ethical standards among its leadership. Sadly, this has not been the case in recent years.

From maintaining a luxury suite for a famous board member to questionable loans to officers and targeting whistleblowers, MBI leadership has overseen a system of perks, privileges, and punishment that’s an affront to the gospel.  And sadly, this web of influence and corruption has not only hampered the board’s ability to deal with the current crisis facing the institute, but contributed to it.  

Board Engages in “Self-dealing”

Though IRS rules prohibit non-profits from loaning officers and board members money, or providing them with facilities and services, the MBI board apparently has been engaging in this practice, called “self-dealing,” for years.

In 2009, the institute gave President Paul Nyquist a $500,000 interest-only loan to buy a $1.08 million condo “adjacent to the institute.”  This was at a time when the institute was experiencing significant financial stress, which has only exacerbated over subsequent years.  Recently, the institute announced it is closing its Spokane campus and cutting one-third of its faculty due to financial troubles. 

“I’m always against loans to corporate officers and directors. . . . If it’s not paid back, then that certainly puts it into the category of self-dealing. I’d be very uncomfortable in an audit in a situation like that.”

When asked generally about the practice of loaning to officers (not MBI in particular), Attorney Rich Baker, a partner with Mauck and Baker, a Chicago law firm known nationally for representing religious institutions, said: “I’m always against loans to corporate officers and directors. . . . If it’s not paid back, then that certainly puts it into the category of self-dealing. I’d be very uncomfortable in an audit in a situation like that.” According to the latest 990 Tax Form, over the past nine years Nyquist has repaid none of his $500,000 loan. 

When I confronted Randy Fairfax, current chairman of MBI’s Board of Trustees, about Nyquist’s loan, he said he’s talked to lawyers and accountants who would dispute Baker’s opinion. He also said that he had been involved in the decision to give Nyquist the loan, and that the institute did so only after consulting with legal and accounting professionals who assured MBI that the loan was legally permissible. He added that the institute has reported the loan every year on its 990 tax forms.

The IRS allows for an exception to certain types of compensation to so-called “disqualified persons,” provided the compensation is “reasonable and necessary to carrying out the exempt purpose” of a non-profit.  However, Nyquist’s home is worth more than double the median sale price of homes around the institute.  And, his total compensation in 2010 was $309,630, and increased 9.4% to $338,735 in 2016.

I emailed MBI CFO Ken Heulitt for clarification concerning Nyquist’s loan, but did not receive an answer. I also have asked Paul Nyquist for an interview, but he has not responded. 

From 2000 to 2008, the institute again reportedly engaged in self-dealing by providing Jerry Jenkins, author of the popular Left Behind books and then-chairman of Moody’s Board of Trustees, with a luxury suite on the top floor of Jenkins Hall.  In 1999, Jenkins donated an undisclosed amount of money to Moody, enabling the institute to purchase the building that bears his name.  And according to a 2006 article in the Chicago Tribune, MBI then converted two former senior units on the top floor of the building into a suite for Jenkins and his wife’s use, something state officials reportedly found “troubling.” 

“According to Konrad Finck, former facilities manager at MBI, Jenkins and his family members used this ‘glitzy’ suite as a ‘second home.'”

According to Konrad Finck, former facilities manager at MBI, Jenkins and his family members used this “glitzy” suite as a “second home.”  Finck said that other than those who cleaned the apartment and maintained it, only Jenkins and his family members had access to it.

Had MBI allowed other people to use the suite, and had Jenkins used the apartment only when he was in town on trustee business, it would not be considered self-dealing.  However, Finck said the family left their clothes in the closet and furnished it with their own furniture.  In addition, Jenkins’ wife would stay at the suite when in town, and a child of Jenkins used it as well. 

The suite had top-of-line finishes, and a “big walk-in shower,” which became a “bone of contention” to Finck.  “(Jenkins) kept complaining that it leaked,” Finck said. “It was at that point that I started to have some very negative feelings about the whole thing because he was very demanding.”

Finck said others at the institute started expressing concern about the apartment as well.  “It looked to some of us like it wasn’t really quite according to Hoyle.  I mean was he paying rent? . . . It didn’t look to us like he was.”

Sometime around 2008, Finck said someone at the institute submitted an anonymous “whistleblower report” internally at MBI.  As a result, senior management reportedly put an end to Jenkins’ exclusive use of the suite. 

Finck said he dropped the matter after that, and assumed Jenkins’ use of the suite had changed.  However, Finck knew the identity of the whistleblower.  And at one point, he said a senior manager at Moody called him into his office and asked him to divulge the name of the whistleblower, but Finck refused.

“I know Jerry was very upset about (the whistleblower),” Finck said. “I know that he was trying to find out who had – he wanted to talk to the person that had done the report. . . . To me, even asking for that was totally unacceptable because the whole agreement with the (whistleblower) website was that you would not be asked to identify yourself.  He should have known that as the chairman of the board.”

Jenkins declined my request for an interview, but offered the following statement: “This unfortunate misunderstanding was thoroughly investigated years ago by the board of trustees and the administration, and I received an apology for any implication that I had ever maintained for my exclusive use or considered my own the guest apartment in Jenkins Hall.”

I sent an email to Ken Heulitt, MBI chief financial officer, and Brian Regnerus MBI director of strategic communications, asking for details of this investigation and clarification about Jenkins’ use of the suite, but received no response. I also asked Trustee Emeritus Paul Johnson, who reportedly knew about the MBI investigation, if he would be willing to talk to me about it, but he did not respond. 

Then yesterday at noon, I received an email from Greg Thornton, MBI senior vice president of media, informing me that “after consulting with the Executive Committee of the Moody Board, leadership is terminating your employment.” No reason was given and I was informed that my boss, Program Manager Dan Craig would be at my house in two-and-a-half hours to pick up my laptop..

MBI Dropped Gambling Prohibition With Knowledge Its Chairman Was Gambling

For several years, I have been deeply concerned about apparent unethical behavior and collusion between MBI management and its board.  In 2013, I served on the employee committee that reviewed MBI’s employee standards and suggested changes to leadership. After numerous meetings, our committee recommended dropping prohibitions against alcohol and tobacco use, but insisted that a prohibition against participating in “institutionalized gambling” be retained based on Eph. 5:3-7

Several weeks after making these recommendations, Greg Thornton, who had facilitated the employee committee discussions, called me into his office for a private meeting.  Because I had expressed the most opposition to dropping the gambling prohibition, Thornton said he wanted to meet with me personally to let me know that senior management had removed the gambling prohibition, contrary to the committee’s recommendation.

In September 2013, Moody announced its new employee standards.  And a month later, WORLD Magazine reported that Jerry Jenkins had admitted to gambling both in his home and at casino poker tournaments.

“I asked him if MBI officers were aware that Jenkins was gambling when they decided to remove the gambling prohibition.  Thornton admitted that they knew.”

After this revelation, I met privately with Thornton again.  I asked him if MBI officers were aware that Jenkins was gambling when they had decided to remove the gambling prohibition.  Thornton admitted that they had.

Jenkins has since apologized to the board, faculty and staff of MBI for the trouble his gambling caused.  He’s also pledged to “never patronize a casino again,” but has not pledged to stop gambling. Jenkins also retained his position as board chairman, but in 2015, after a transition year training Randy Fairfax to succeed him, he stepped down and now serves as a trustee.

Foxes Guarding the Henhouse?

Given Jenkins’ history, and the suspect loan between the board and Nyquist, it’s not surprising that Jenkins and his successor, Fairfax, initially ignored evidence of wrongdoing by Nyquist’s administration, which surfaced this fall.

In October, prior to an on-campus meeting of the board of trustees, a recent MBI graduate sent an email to Fairfax and board member Juli Slattery, charging that MBI had “begun trading the sure foundation of God’s Word . . .  for the fragile foundation of the cultural tides of the day.” The letter documented numerous examples of this, including several disturbing accounts from the classes of Professor and Chair of the Urban Ministries Program, Clive Craigen.  The email was reportedly forwarded to Jenkins, but not some of the other board members, and resulted in no action.

Then on October 25, I sent an email to Slattery informing her of potential wrongdoing at the institute and urging her to share the information with other trustees and commission a full investigation.  My email told about a meeting on April 5 between administration and the Faculty Concerns Committee “after a substantial number of faculty members (perhaps 30 or more) sent letters to the Faculty Concerns Committee in early 2017 expressing serious concerns.” 

These concerns included “charges against (Provost Junias) Venugopal of his changing his expectations, mishandling individuals and groups, unfair hiring practices, mandates without discussion, dismissing concerns about theological drift at the institute, violations of shared governance, and lack of respect for faculty.” 

As evidence, I attached a letter from a Moody professor to Associate Provost Larry Davidhizer, referencing the April 5 meeting and also expressing dismay about the way the administration had handled the meeting. Reportedly, Venogupal shut down discussion, he and the deans treated faculty in an antagonistic manner, and Nyquist ended the meeting with a divisive comment thanking those loyal to the administration. The letter also referenced an incident when Venugopal reportedly reprimanded 18 faculty who had come to him with an issue involving theology and asked why those who were seeking to protect the doctrinal statement would be treated in that manner.

“Fairfax later told me that he responded by calling and talking to Nyquist, but then dropped the matter without forwarding any of the information I had sent to the rest of the trustee board or talking to even one faculty member . . . ”

Slattery told me that she forwarded the contents of my email including the professor’s letter to Jenkins and Fairfax.  Fairfax later told me that he responded by calling and talking to Nyquist, but then dropped the matter without forwarding any of the information I had sent to the rest of the trustee board or talking to even one faculty member.  He also admitted that he had not requested any of the 30 or more faculty letters submitted to the Faculty Concerns Committee. To my knowledge, neither had Jenkins or Slattery.

On December 15, I flew to Detroit to meet with Trustee Emeritus Paul Johnson and Vice-Chairman of the Board Rick Warren (a businessman from Michigan, not the famous pastor) so I could share the contents of my investigation with them. At that time, Warren had heard nothing of the April 5 meeting with the Faculty Concerns Committee, nor the issues that had led up to it. Johnson had heard of it days earlier, but only because he had a phone conversation with Theology Professor Rich Weber and then had received a 65-page document from Weber detailing many of the issues. 

Jenkins recently claimed in a comment on an article published by the Christian Post, “By the time Ms. Roys went to Warren and Johnson, several of us trustees were discussing the serious issues she and many others had raised.” I don’t know who these trustees were who were having these discussions with Jenkins, but apparently it didn’t involve Johnson or even the vice-chairman of the board.

From my vantage point, it wasn’t until after Weber sent the document and I met with Warren and Johnson that the board began to take any action.  But instead of driving the process, both Fairfax and Jenkins sidetracked it by criticizing me for allegedly violating “protocol” and going directly to trustees.  Fairfax confronted me for violating protocol during a phone conversation the day after I met with Warren and Johnson.  Similarly, Jenkins sent a letter soon after my meeting with Warren and Johnson to the entire board likewise complaining that I had violated protocol.

“Trustee boards are supposed to hold administrations accountable and protect whistleblowers.”

Trustee boards are supposed to hold administrations accountable and protect whistleblowers.  Fairfax and Jenkins did just the opposite. And disappointingly, when I sent a document to the trustees informing them of Fairfax’s and Jenkins’ actions and inaction, nothing happened.  But then again, some of those on the current board probably approved Nyquist’s loan. Certainly all must know about it.  In addition, some more veteran members probably are aware of Jenkins’ alleged improper use of the MBI suite.

These sad facts are what finally drove me to go public with this information. I am glad board members are finally willing to investigate and address the very serious issues with the current administration. But what about the extremely serious issues with the board? I have followed the “protocol” of Matthew 18. I have talked to administrators and numerous trustees. I have confronted them with evidence of wrongdoing and urged them to own their sins and step down.  But they have not. And now is the time for reckoning.

The words God spoke to the church in Sardis two-thousand years ago seem especially apropos to Moody today:  

I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God. Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent.

The full MBI board is scheduled to meet tomorrow on the Chicago campus of the Moody Bible Institute.  I pray for the sake of Moody, but more importantly for the sake of God’s Kingdom and glory, that these leaders confess, lament, and own all they have done and allowed.  I believe God can and will rebuild Moody, but only if its leaders respond with humility and contrition at this crucial hour.

Please continue to pray for Moody and its leaders. Pray too for the faculty, staff and students, who certainly are hurting and struggling as a result of the current state of affairs.   

Correction: An earlier version of this post noted that Paul Nyquist made $233,252 in 2009, which would mean his salary increased 45% between 2009 and 2016. However, Nyquist’s employment began in April 2009, so his 2009 salary was for a partial year.  

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109 thoughts on “A Luxury Suite, Questionable Loan to Officer, & Gambling: The Disturbing Truth About Leadership at MBI


    Letter of the law (mam made) vs intent of the law (God made) is Pharisetical hypocracy in full view! It may not be technically illegal but is it what God would approve? Christ followers are Ambassadors living in and representing the Kingdom of God. To make excuses that it’s ok by the legal system of man is no excuse! I see no example of Jesus demanding a fine place to stay when he came to town. I see no evidence of Paul demanding special treatment from his flock, it was Pharisees that demanded extra, more and special treatment. Such a shame. Allowing the first sins early on then demands that other sin be allowed because how do you call out one without calling out the other! Of course improper teaching and theology become allowed, you can’t pull the sliver out when they can turn around and expose your beam! Prayers for wisdom for those who are not blinded by excuses and for humility to come to the proud. Unfortunately for the board and MORE so for the students, money speaks and if supporters back away due to lack of movement toward correction, it is the Kingdom of God that gets knocked. God’s work will get accomplished on earth, I am praying that Moody will still be here to continue in it.

  2. Roger

    It seems to me the trustees have only two options at this point….
    1) Remove Nyquist and his enablers,and preserve and restore the historic Gospel mission of MBI or
    2) Continue to rally around his failed leadership,flawed theological points-of-view and bullying tactics and, as result, see the complete destruction of the great school and ministry.
    One more thing: a new board of trustees who are engaged and payinh attention to what is going on.

  3. Larry

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Having been forced out by MBI myself in a previous administration, I feel your pain. I remember the man who fired you as a fresh-faced up-and-comer in the print division many years ago, and I also worked at a Christian school where Venagopal exhibited the same kind of behaviors that he apparently is still exhibiting at MBI. My family has links to MBI that go back to the 1940s. It’s so sad to read what’s happening now, and to know so MANY employee friends who have been let go.

  4. Lisa

    My child is currently going to MBI… I wonder if she will even be able to graduate? How can they think they are doing right in the sight of the Lord? Is God, God… to them? If I were them, I would fear God!

    • Lisa

      Also, I am so sorry you lost your job over this. God will provide…

  5. D

    I’d like to add that the recent layoffs dont even count all those employees of strong conviction who have been fired, demoted, and laid-off in the past several years. A few years ago, my husband tried to stand firm against the tide of compromise in his department only to be demoted to a position that would no longer support our growing family. Thankfully, God used it for good by teaching my husband to be a Daniel in this generation–he grew in courage to becomecthe pastor he is now (praise God!). That said, we weep for Moody and pray for a return to its mission and values. Where will it stand when my children are looking to train for ministry? Will it stand at all?

    • Broken Twig

      D, this is what we are fighting for. Thank you for speaking out, more people need to do this too.

    • William Orris

      What is also sad is that this trend has been going on for some time and so many commentators act like this is the first time they’ve heard anything or suspected anything like this could possibly happen. First beer and smoking are acceptable, bullying from Dr. So and So, misappropriation of funds. Years ago I heard that there were six phases of a project. Enthusiasm, panic, search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent and praise and honor for non-participants. sounds like what just been described above. We need more people like Daniel.

      • Gary F

        William Orris — your missing project phase is “disillusionment”, it goes right after “enthusiasm”. That gives you six !

  6. Landon Otis

    This is deeply disturbing information and sadly not unheard of in large Christian organizations.

  7. Angela

    If Nyquist and his Cronies aren’t removed soon, I am pulling my financial support from Moody…pronto!

  8. Roger

    Angela. The only way this happens is to build a fire under the trustees by contacting them any way you can

  9. Well, this definitely changes where I might apply for a higher degree. Moody was in contention, but if the administration and board are doing these things and demoting those who hold to solid theology, why go there? That is a sad situation and I have seen this same thing happen in the past. I am not impressed, but am impressed by your courage, Julie. Thank you and I’m sorry you had to do it. I remember the pain myself in another situation.

  10. Marth Brown

    Sad to hear how some” heros of the faith” are being spoiled by worldly glitter

  11. Betty Nelson

    You are courageous — May God bless and reward you!

  12. What scares me about his whole situation is the possibility of “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” I would hate to see the wonderful Biblical influence Moody has had over the years be thrown away do to the inappropriate behavior of some.

    No wonder the Bible lets us know the visible church must contain the wheat and the tares together until God’s final reaping. I wish I knew how to dig out the whole truth. I pray for wisdom for everyone and pray that God will discipline those who have not honored His name at MBI.

  13. Nancy Self

    This is sad… even if only half is true, it is wrong. It is the responsibility of all leaders to speak out against the small things before they become big things that will destroy a ministry. There should never be “gray areas” within the ministry.
    It is not easy to go against the grain, and speak out, and sometimes your career may suffer, but if something is wrong it must be stopped. God will honor you for protecting His ministry.

  14. Eric Bartl

    God has raised his servant Julie Roys to be a voice of a prophetess to the leadership at Moody Bible Institute. This appears to be the culmination of years of drift at the school from godliness into worldliness and from biblical correctness into political correctness under the Nyquist Administration. Julie follows years of efforts by others to confront this drift. Behind her voice is the voice of many who have been part of the Moody legacy.

    Rather than hearing this collective rebuke and call to repentance, the leadership at MBI has proven the allegations against them to be true and has demonstrated the hardness in their hearts. Rather than humbly receiving the rebuke they decided to fire the person God sent to deliver it to them.

    Moody Bible Institute is at a crossroads. The full Board of Trustees meets tomorrow. Their actions at this moment may take MBI across a point of no return.

    Soon God’s message to MBI may no longer be repent, but as in Matthew 23:37-38 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate.”

  15. To say that the Jenkins’ building has a “luxury suite” is completely laughable.

    As a Moody graduate (and my husband is one as well), we have both been inside of Jenkins. I can recall sitting on the floor of a 1-bedroom apartment (in their living room) in Jenkins’ with a total of 6 people crowded ON THE FLOOR and cramped in like sardines for a missions meeting!

    For those who are not Moody alumni, you should know that Jenkins Hall is a very humble (to say the least) apartment complex in which married Moody students, Moody grad students, and IMMIGRANTS who are SENIOR CITIZENS live. The rooms which they would have converted according to Julie’s article were probably rooms “left behind” (pun intended) when senior citizen immigrants who lived there died…

    As a Moody graduate, I am proud to call the Moody Bible Institute my Alma Mater and I STAND WITH AND FULLY SUPPORT MOODY.

    For anyone reading this article, I strongly believe that Satan is using people to attempt to destroy the Moody Bible Institute. Today an article was posted by a popular blogger (not Julie) who has been actively responsible for the destruction of a very large God-fearing church on the West coast, and is actively trying to destroy the largest missions movement in history. I am choosing not to name these two organizations, as his blog is not worth your time. He has been on Julie’s program before and per his blog, they have been correspondence since she was fired yesterday. I do not find the fact that they are and have been in touch coincidental, as this individual is known for seeking to destroy Godly organizations.

    Please, we are the Body of Christ. Jesus’ prayer in John 17:22 – 23 was for unity in the Body of Christ. I have only seen disunity being bred through these postings. With humility, I earnestly implore you, pray for unity for Moody. Pray for God’s power to be demonstrated over the power of Satan in this attempt to destroy the 132+ year legacy of the Moody Bible Institute and its Godly founder D.L. Moody himself.

    My prayer and FIRM ASSURANCE is this, that…


    As Christians we are called to demonstrate discernment, to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” Matthew 10:16.

    I urge you to note where this discussion does not line up with behavior that is taught in the Bible, and then to demonstrate your own pursuit of unity and the expansion of God’s work through MBI.

    For the advancement of His everlasting kingdom,
    Melanie Allum, Class of 2012

    • Actually… Julie’s claim about Jerry’s room is true. As a contractor for Moody I have stayed in that suit. I believe it is 14F, which is on the top floor, in the east corner facing campus. It is extremely nice, so much so, that the first time I walked in there I couldn’t believe it, and texted pics to my wife. – I will see if I can find those.

      But this is true.

      • Dallas Jenkins

        “As a contractor for Moody I have stayed in that suit.”

        So then you acknowledge that this article, which states that the Jenkins were the only ones allowed to stay there, is false.

        • Hey Dallas! How are you doing? – I looked it up, it was in August of 2015 many years after the issue in question.

        • pastordavej

          Perhaps you stayed in AFTER they disallowed their private use of the suite.

        • We would like to point out that Dallas Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins son, does not deny or defend ANY of the claims Julie has put in her article. Nor does he say she’s lying or anything else… but is only concerned with the timing of this Contractor Peter. Dallas you know the truth, and we know it too. Seems like Moody has their own 1% and your day of reckoning has come.



      • ann

        I can’t wait to see them, I have been there and understood why Moody’s invited guests preferred to stay at a hotel for their comfort.

  16. Rob Styler

    Is anyone concerned they are jumping the gun? I don’t know if these “charges” are true or not and neither does anyone else commenting. If they are then yes things should be corrected. Haven’t really heard from anyone besides disgruntled former employees. A MBI alumni

  17. Susan T.

    It is the mark of a toxic, spiritually abusive environment, whether it be a church or in this case, an organization, where those that have the courage to point out a problem do themselves become ” the problem” in the eyes of those who are propagating the wrongdoing. Julie, I am so proud of you for being courageous and following through,even though I am sure you were aware it would probably cost you your job. Thank you for caring enough about the Lord’s honor and His work, to put your reputation and employment on the line. Praying for God’s will to be done. And may He bless you in deep, wonderful ways. Keep doing His work! (And personally, with you gone from the lineup at WMBI, I have even fewer reasons to listen to its broadcasting. I am glad Family Radio is available with better music and solid programming.)

    • Laura Shurson

      Out of the mouth flows issues of the heart – will you stand fast with us in His mercy knowing the truth is being made known and all things being made new that are pruned. His mercy triumphs over judgement.

      The voice of God is everlasting and is to be seen and heard with the heart of Him who gave it to us. Isn’t it? That is our call being made in Him.

      WMBI is a blessing in Christ to weary world. Pray with us; will you?

      Love, Laura

  18. ann

    I am saddened that “FAKE NEWS” has creeped into Christian Journalism. The Holy Spirit grieves when one of his own is persecuted falsely. I pray truth will be revealed before more damage is done to the godly men and women who have given so much of their lives to follow God’s leading in guiding this school for His Glory.

    • kezeveras

      I am saddened that we call things “FAKE NEWS” when we do not hear what we WANT to hear.

  19. Kindsey

    I am a current student at Moody. It’s my senior year, I am a TESOL major and have met with Mrs. Nyquist a few times throughout my Moody career.

    I would just like to say that I would be so so so cautious in laying out these accusations about the President&administration.

    First, I think it’s safe to say that we are ALL sinners, we ALL deserve death, hell, eternal separation from God. We ALL have big problems and we ALL need Jesus. Secondly, this article truly breaks my heart. Not because I believe what is written, but because of the accusations made that are not justified and only given through one person’s perspective. Hurting people hurt people. Julie, I pray that God can mend your heart. He loves you. He wants what’s best for you. Wether it’s true or not, His heart breaks over misgivings, gossip, and misleading accusations.

    As believers, we MUST stand for God’s truth, yes. But must not look at situations and make judgements based off of one perspectives perceived accusations. I truly believe that God is allowing this because of the true blessing Moody has been for so many years. I was taught solid theology, by solid professors, who love the Lord with all of their hearts. I have LOVED my Biblical training. It breaks my heart knowing that articles such as these may bring them fear for their calling to be at a blessed and annointed institution.

    That being said, we are ALL far from perfection. We all need refining and we all need to lean on the grace of God to carry us through. Please, readers, take these words with a grain of salt and just PRAY for Moody! Trust that God IS doing a good work. And don’t be too hasty to believe words of one perspective. Whether it is right or not, it’s hurtful and harmful to the school and administration that it is not being given their choice to deal with the matter properly. Let us keep trusting Him! Truth will set free!

    • Kindsey is right. As believers in Christ we should be careful not to simply believe everything that we read online, and most certainly such comments are “hurtful and harmful to the school and administration.”

      I’ve been watching these blogs and what I see as a constant pattern is quick comments trying to say destructive things towards MBI. In any situation where cuts have to be made, it is normal to have employees become disgruntled and it seems to me that there is a community of people who are monitoring and posting simply to make it seem as if they are the majority…

      I too was deeply saddened over cuts that MBI has had to make and I grieve deeply with the Moody community; however, it is important that we exercise discernment. Rather than continuing such gossip, we should instead pray for God’s hand of blessing to be on Moody and for unity to prevail and God to protect the Moody Bible Institute from such assaults and make her shine as the diamond she has been in His kingdom work.

      We are not here to tear down the body of Christ, but rather to build Her up. Pray for Moody to stand through this trial.

  20. Laura Shurson

    Lord in your mercy, every one of us are humbled, and praying in repentance and grief over this sin. With the body of Christ, the brethren; our brother’s and sister’s in Jesus Christ we are praying. Lord cover and renew us. Amen.

  21. Friend

    Praying for all you asked. your courage is commendable and the Lord knows. Luke 12:1-7 has been comfort to me in a similar situation: turned on and called ungracious for attempting to hold Christian leaders to biblical standards. There is diminished fear of God throughout evangelicalism. It’s very sad but we must not fear and we must hold fast to the truth!

  22. not an alum

    I’m not an alum of MBI, but have visited the campus/church and appreciated Moody from afar. A friend told me about what was going on when she sent me your previous post.

    I’ve been the person who pointed out the truth in another Christian situation and was forced out. I was lied about to the board. I lost a job I liked and needed.

    But God.

    He vindicated me several months later when the truth came out. I received apologies from those who believed the lies. It couldn’t fix everything, but I firmly believe that God is not mocked or amused when His children who tell the truth are hurt in the process.

    I pray God will also vindicate you and will provide beyond all that you could ask or imagine.

  23. Pam Bever

    Julie, Thank you for caring enough about Moody Bible Institute and the work God is doing there to shine a light into the hidden areas of men’s lives. As someone else above said we are all sinners, even those who serve in leadership positions at the Institute. The question is 1. Are they admitting their sin and seeking forgiveness? Or 2. Are they denying their sin and seeking to make others the scapegoat for their actions? It is actually very simple: Did he take a loan from the Institute? Did he gamble? Did they use their position/power to try to silence or fire people for telling the truth? Very easy questions to answer. I am praying for the board that God will provide clarity and courage to do the right thing. There is a time to clean house and let leaders go when they cover up their sins and seek to find fault with those who told the truth. May God allow the truth to be revealed and accomplish his will at Moody Bible Institute!

  24. Broken Twig

    Julie, it is obvious that you would loose your job. If you worked anywhere else in the world, say Chick-fil-A for example, and you posted a terrible article, with mostly untrue claims and already settled arguments. Then yes, your boss would fire you too and come collect your uniforms in an hour. You reap what you sow and all you have sow is rumors, lies, deceit, malicious evil, and you’ve been sowing it all for the glory of the devil not God. It’s clear that Satan has a bigger hold on your heart right now than God. My advice is get on your hands and knees and ask for forgiveness. Even now you could still earn your position at moody back if you posted a blog dispelling all of your rumors and lies and asked for forgiveness from God and moody leaders. They would forgive you and welcome you back. I know that because they really are committed men of God’s word and would welcome home the lost son that you have become. Come home Julie before it’s to late and Satan locks you away in his pocket. If you choose to stay this course then may God have mercy on your soul and may you have peace to know that you deserved to be fired and any institution would do the same. Even whistleblowers at your beloved Medill have been fired in the past, I hope you know that and weren’t hidden from that at Medill… maybe you missed the day in class where they talk about that… ackward….

    • To the person who wrote comment 24 and is claiming to be The Broken Twig. There are multiple people at the Twig… but you ARE NOT one of them. Julie is right now target, doing what God has called her to do. We support her and are very grateful for her. #WeStandWithJulieRoys


  25. Eric Bartl

    It seems to me that it was a big mistake to allow Jerry Jenkins’ combination of being a big time money donor and a wielder of power on the trustee board at the same time. I think it’s his presence on the Board that makes some of these things worse than they otherwise would be. But if this were all just about a glitzy Jenkins suite or gambling I don’t think we would be having this conversation. To me the worst thing is the Machiavellian maneuvering by MBI’s leadership, the way these layoffs were used to purge their most vocal critics (some of whom had raving reviews from every student I ever heard speak of them), the firing of Julie being confirmation of that, and the way MBI has been transformed into a haven for worldliness and political radicalism (forsaking its Christ-centered mission). And the radical politics have nothing to do with pursuing godliness or biblical morals (such as defending the sanctity of life or the sanctity of marriage), but quite the opposite, they have to do with shoving worldly ideologies that are even too extreme for many mainstream liberals down MBI students’ throats (racist ideologies such as “white guilt” and “white privilege”, etc..see Morgan Freeman’s comments on youtube calling it out for the nonsense it is). Approval of abortion and gay marriage by Moody staff is now tolerated in practice even though it still may be against policy (See the Broken Twig website). Saul Alinsky would be proud, while the Holy Spirit grieves. MBI has seen the rise of a toxic divisive bully culture Berkeley would be proud of. This letter from a 2017 Moody grad is just heartbreaking. It is atrocious what the Nyquist administration has done to MBI. When I was a student just over a decade ago morale was high and there was no such division on campus. Such things were rare to nonexistent. As an outside observer I have noticed some of the things this student describes. Not too long ago I noticed an MBI student celebrating gay marriage on facebook. I questioned him and a debate ensued. He wholeheartedly supported gay marriage and condemned opposition to it. Most MBI students paying attention to the dialogue gave him support. No current MBI student chimed in to rebuke him. One MBI student private messaged me to thank me and to express the intimidating and corrupting presence this student I debated had on campus at MBI. It has become clear to me that the Nyquist administration is responsible for the division, decline, and potential demise of MBI, not Julie or most of the critics of this administration https://thebrokentwig.wixsite.com/snap/single-post/2017/12/14/Student-Exposes-MBIs-Liberal-Shift

    • Gary

      Outstanding comment Eric. Spot on. The way things are supposed to work, and the way they DID work at Moody for several decades was where the board was made up of Godly people who held the administration accountable. Today though, the main requirement for being on the board is that you’ve made a ton of money. These rich people are of course used to getting their way and thus they call the shots. They give paul n a posh, luxurious residence and a large salary increase and in effect, buy his allegiance to them. Great system huh?

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