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Despite Many Reports of Lying, Bullying & Blacklisting, Calvary Megachurch Pastor Remains

By Rebecca Hopkins
Ron HIndt Calvary Houston
Former staff, deacons, and members of Texas megachurch Calvary Houston are accusing senior pastor Ron Hindt of lies, bullying, manipulation, blacklisting former members, and abuse of power. (Photo: Calvary Houston)

Former staff, deacons, and members of a 2,000-member Texas megachurch associated with the Calvary Chapel movement are accusing the senior pastor there of lies, bullying, manipulation, blacklisting former members, and abuse of power.

The whistleblowers say Ron Hindt, senior pastor of Calvary Houston and member of a regional oversight team of the Calvary Chapel Association (CCA), was confronted numerous times in a Matthew 18 way. This involved going first to Hindt and then to others.

They add that many people have asked the church board and the CCA to hold Hindt accountable for his abusive leadership, but Hindt remains in both positions.

Meanwhile, 14 of Calvary Houston’s 17 paid staff and two missionary couples have resigned or were removed by Hindt in 2019 and 2020, according to former Calvary Houston board member Doug Hoffman. At least 25 deacons have also resigned, said former deacon Brian Fontenot.

The concerns and testimonies from the former staff, deacons, and members are captured in 220 pages of testimonies, emails, texts, and other documents obtained by The Roys Report. We also have been given 14 hours of secretly recorded meetings involving Hindt and former staff, deacons, and missionaries.

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Hindt’s son, Matt Hindt, told The Roys Report his father fired him for defying a “blacklist” of former members and staff that current staff can’t contact. Other former staff and deacons report that just “liking” an excommunicated member’s Facebook post prompts repercussions from Hindt or his wife, Yani Hindt.

Ron Yani Hindt Calvary Houston
Ron and Yani Hindt (Photo: Calvary Houston)

Matt Hindt said his father secretly married Yani in 2014, months after Matt’s mother died, but lied to the church about it. Matt said his father and Don McClure—a CCA Leadership Council member and director of CCA’s Calvary Bible Institute—then enlisted Matt to perform a “publicity stunt” wedding to quell criticism.

The younger Hindt added that both his father and McClure covered up Matt’s own sexual sin. Matt has since repented of infidelity and been reconciled with his wife.

Ron and Yani Hindt did not return calls for comment about these and other accusations.

Recordings of several meetings from 2019 and 2020 show that Ron Hindt verbally attacked those who have opposed him. Hindt used terms like “divisive,” “avenger” “enemies of Christ,” “disloyal,” “utterly insubordinate,” “deceitful,” and immature “millennials”—though many of those who left were from older generations.

Hindt also attacked critics for changing their theology to “plurality of leadership” and other “dangerous” beliefs instead of the typical Calvary Chapel Moses model. This model calls for elders to support the work of the pastor, not criticize it.

In a recorded meeting on Jan. 19, 2020, with current church member Zach Davis, Hindt alleged his “whole board wanted to fire everybody on staff.”

Yet one of those board members, Doug Hoffman, said he merely stood up for a church youth director whom Hindt had fired. As a result, Hindt fired Hoffman as a Calvary Houston pastor.

Evidence supporting Hoffman’s claim is on a recording obtained by The Roys Report of an Aug. 4, 2019, meeting between Ron Hindt, his administrative pastor Frank Possert, and Hoffman.

Cameron Dorsey, the high school youth director whom Hoffman defended, said he’s told CCA members about his concerns regarding Hindt.

Calvary Houston
Calvary Houston (Photo: Facebook/Calvary Houston)

As recently as December 2020, church member Jill Norton reported Hindt to the CCA for “abuse of power.” She cited “a(n) unrepentant pattern of lying both to and about others . . . as well as abuse of power demonstrated by removing or firing those who disagree with him or seek to hold him accountable. . . .”

Rick Coburn, a Calvary Houston board member and a CCA leader in 2019, told The Roys Report that he considered the reports to be about “conflict,” not abuse. Coburn did not call for an investigation, but he said the CCA leadership knew about the situation.

Coburn retired a couple years ago and Hindt replaced him in regional CCA leadership.

Other Calvary Chapel pastors’ failure to publicly rebuke Hindt has been disappointing, said Matt Curran, who led the men’s ministry until he resigned in 2019.

“They just stayed out of the situation to protect their own positions,” Curran said.

One pastor, Calvary Chapel San Angelo Pastor Robert Bigouette, has spoken up. Bigouette told The Roys Report that Calvary Chapel isn’t a denomination, and the CCA doesn’t have the authority to remove pastors. But they are hiding wrongdoing, he said.

“If nothing else, at least do I Timothy 5:19, to openly rebuke and bring leaders into accountability,” Bigouette said. “Everybody’s trying to hide everything when the church is supposed to be completely open.”

Secrets, lies, and a “first exodus”

The unhealthy dynamics began shortly after Hindt’s first wife, Kym, died in May 2014, former members stated in written testimonies.

“I started to see a different side of him that I had never really seen before,” said Charlie Quiroz, one of the church’s original members and a pastor for 20 years at Calvary Houston.

Quiroz had counseled Yani Perez and her ex-husband, Jon Mough. He and other former members told The Roys Report they had concerns about Perez’s character. Harris County records show Perez was divorced twice.

About a month after Kym’s death, Ron started dating Perez, Matt Hindt and his wife, Tori, told The Roys Report. In early December, Matt and Tori said, they realized Perez was living with Ron.

According to a marriage certificate obtained by The Roys Report, Ron Hindt and Perez married Dec. 12, 2014, in Galveston County. But according to Matt Hindt, they kept their marriage secret.

Even Matt didn’t know about the December wedding until Pastor Sabino Medrano, a Calvary Houston missionary showed Matt the public records five years later, Matt wrote in a 2019 letter to Calvary Houston staff and board.

Ron and Yani’s relationship caused such a stir in the church, it led to the “first exodus” of people, former member Sandy Ryding described to The Roys Report. Ron Hindt seeming to “erase” Kym from the church didn’t help, both Quiroz and Tori Hindt said.

About 300 left the church then, Ron Hindt said in a recorded meeting on Nov. 26, 2019.

Don McClure Calvary Houston
Don McClure

Ron Hindt and CCA leader Don McClure decided they could quell the criticism if they ordained Matt Hindt in time to officiate a wedding for Ron and Yani in February 2015, Matt Hindt explained in his 2019 letter. Matt Hindt called it a “publicity stunt to sway the people.”

Ron and Yani Hindt applied for a marriage license for the 2015 ceremony in nearby Harris County and had Matt Hindt sign the application. But county records show Ron and Yani never returned the form.

Matt Hindt said his father and McClure also counseled Matt to cover up his sin when Matt confessed to infidelity in March 2016. (After a separation and ongoing marriage counseling, Tori and Matt say they are in a healthy marriage.)

Matt said he initially tried to resign from Calvary Houston. But Ron Hindt insisted Matt take a short sabbatical instead. Matt said Ron Hindt, with Don McClure’s knowledge and input, crafted a deceptive statement for Matt to read to the staff.

“(The statement) was, ‘We have a lot going on right now,’” Matt Hindt said, and described a need “to focus on our family and our daughter’s health. But no mention of the sin or anything like that was brought up at all. They wanted very much to keep it covered.”

Don McClure did not return calls for comment.

In the following months, the church produced a “black list,” naming “enemies of Christ” staff weren’t allowed to speak to, Matt Hindt said. When Matt refused to comply, his father fired him for “being unsupportive of his leadership and disloyal to the orders he gave,” Matt said.

Ron Hindt has told staff in recordings obtained by The Roys Report that Matt is a “prodigal” son.

But Matt told The Roys Report that his father’s abusive behavior was not confined to church relationships. Matt said he also witnessed his father abuse his sister, Brittani, when they were kids.

“I’ve seen multiple times where he used his hands on her, he’d slap her, throw her to the ground, throw her onto a couch,” Matt Hindt told The Roys Report.

The Roys Report was not able to reach Brittani Hindt House for comment. House has a criminal record and Ron and Yani Hindt have adopted her children.

A missionary slandered and a second “exodus”

A second “exodus” from Calvary Houston came after Ron Hindt allegedly slandered longtime Calvary Houston pastor Dan Loaiza, who decided in 2016 to move to Scotland with his wife, Angela, to be missionaries.

Initially, Ron Hindt seemed supportive, Loaiza explained in a statement obtained by The Roys Report. But a “coldness” developed in the following months, apparently related to the Loaizas seeking support while Calvary Houston was raising money for a building project, Loaiza wrote.

Over the next few years, Hindt told multiple staff and church members that Loaiza had stolen from the church, according to pastors, deacons and members.

Hindt accused Loaiza in private meetings, former deacon Paul Ryding and his wife, Sandy, told The Roys Report. Former church member Lori Considine, who had visited the Loaizas in Scotland, wrote about a time Hindt accused Loaiza to her in a statement. Hindt also accused Loaiza to a group of pastors from other churches at a 2018 conference, said Bigouette, the Calvary San Angelo pastor.

In a recording of a meeting obtained by The Roys Report, missionary Sabino Medrano confronted Ron Hindt for telling him Loaiza had done “illegal activity that you could press charges against him.”

On the recording, Hindt admits making the allegation, but adds, “(T)hat wasn’t the main thing. I said, ‘If you wanted to, you could say he misappropriated funds, but I would never do that.’”

The accusation related to improvements made to Loaiza’s home so he could house students for Calvary’s School of Ministry. Hindt also had issues with how Loaiza submitted other expenses. These concerns are outlined in Loaiza’s statement.

Quiroz told The Roys Report that the board approved the housing expenses, and that all the other expenses Loaiza submitted had been settled.

Bigouette also investigated the matter. “Everything (Dan) did was with Ron’s approval,” he told The Roys Report.

Ron Hindt
Ron Hindt speaks at Regenerate Church in Huntington Beach, California, in 2020. (Source: Video screengrab)

In 2017, Hindt had the church take control of all Loaiza’s missionary financial support from individual donors, calling it “accountability” in a recorded meeting with former deacon Paul Ryding. Hindt told Ryding in the meeting that he wouldn’t reconcile until Loaiza was “totally broken.”

Hindt also obtained the list of Loaiza’s supporters in 2017 from Sandy Ryding, a board member of a nonprofit that funded some of Loaiza’s ministry.

Ryding told The Roys Report that Hindt had said Loaiza gave permission for her to turn over the list. But in his statement, Loaiza says he had not agreed to that and had told Hindt earlier that donor information was confidential.

Ryding also said that Hindt told her Loaiza had misappropriated funds and warned her not to associate with Loaiza’s ministry. Ryding said Hindt pressured her to resign from her nonprofit board, bringing up more than 30-year-old issues from her past, so she did. Without Ryding’s help, Loaiza said he had trouble getting funds from the nonprofit.

After obtaining the donor list, Hindt sent Loaiza’s supporters a letter saying the church “with a sad heart” was withdrawing support from Loaiza. The church had never financially supported their ministry, Loaiza said.

That letter caused the Loaizas to lose donors, Loaiza said in his statement—and Hindt then “blacklisted” the Loaizas.

“It felt like we lost our family,” Dan Loaiza told The Roys Report.

In May 2019, Calvary Houston missionary Sabino Medrano confronted Ron Hindt in a recorded meeting for slandering Loaiza, Matt Hindt, and other former staff. Medrano then resigned from his missionary role.

“I don’t want a sending church that operates in all these types of lies,” Medrano told Hindt.

Medrano declined to interview with The Roys Report.

On May 22, 2019, at the end of a heated board meeting, Hindt and Loaiza agreed to sign a letter stating Loaiza had done nothing wrong and that they had reconciled. This meeting was recorded and the audio given to The Roys Report.

But Hindt continued to malign Loaiza, causing pastors Hoffman and Dorsey to confront Hindt, Hoffman told The Roys Report. Hindt then fired Hoffman and Dorsey. Most of the other staff resigned soon after.

Other issues with Hindt revealed

Over the years, other character issues involving Hindt have surfaced, according to the Rydings, Hoffman, Curran, and former staff and missionaries who spoke up in a 2019 staff meeting.

In his 2019 meeting with Hindt, Medrano confronted Hindt with public records revealing Hindt’s secret marriage in December 2014. Hindt called it a “clerical error.”

Also, in May 2019, several people sent letters to all staff and the Calvary Houston board calling out other abuses and lies.

Loaiza accused Hindt of lying about a time his wife, Angela, confronted Hindt for his actions. According to Loaiza, Hindt said Angela stood and yelled at Hindt in a restaurant, but that never happened.

Similarly, Jana Parnell wrote that after she shared at a women’s event about her admiration of Hindt’s deceased wife, Hindt told her many women were offended. But Parnell said she followed up with the women he listed and none said they felt that way.

On May 10, 2019, board member Rick Coburn and Pastor John Randall met with all Calvary Houston’s staff to handle what they considered a staff division. Audio of this meeting was obtained by The Roys Report.

“Let’s be on side Jesus,” Coburn urged the staff in the meeting.

But when Randall asked if the work environment is “unhealthy,” “a majority” of the long-term staff raised their hands, Randall stated in the recorded meeting

“It’s been an abusive relationship,” said Tanner Smith, head of the School of Ministry, in the meeting.

Quiroz, one of the first to worship at Calvary Houston in 1991, was the most recent staff member let go. In June 2020, Hindt fired Quiroz, citing funding problems, Quiroz said. Quiroz, who had been forced to fire other staff for speaking against Hindt, knew the church’s finances were strong.

“I didn’t argue with him—he’s the pastor,” Quiroz said. “What hurt me the most, though, was I didn’t feel loved.”

Calvary Houston celebrates 30th Anniversary

Calvary Houston celebrated its 30th anniversary in November. Despite these issues, several pastors from around the country—including Randall and fellow Calvary Chapel pastor Brett Bergstrom, and Watchman Fellowship’s James Walker—praised the Hindts’ ministry on the church’s Facebook page.

About 20 percent of the church has left, Zach Davis estimated. Davis said Hindt still hasn’t owned any of the problems from the pulpit.

On December 14, Davis tried one more time to reach out to Hindt to urge him to address people’s concerns. But Davis said Hindt has stopped answering his texts.

Davis told The Roys Report that Frank Possert, Calvary Houston’s administrative pastor, met with him on December 14 to tell Davis he’s not in a spiritually healthy place. Possert then pulled Davis from the church play and from serving in the coffee bar.

Possert did not return a call for comment.

Davis has stayed at the church because he still hopes and prays for restoration.

This story has been updated to correctly report the date of a meeting that occurred in May 2019 and clarify who authored the statement Matt Hindt wrote to the church. A link to an audio recording was also corrected.

Rebecca Hopkins is a journalist based in Colorado.



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29 thoughts on “Despite Many Reports of Lying, Bullying & Blacklisting, Calvary Megachurch Pastor Remains”

  1. Another example where the CC mosaic model produces abusing narcissistic pastors that somehow are never held accountable. CCA is a joke and should disband for not rebuking these abusers publicly. How many people will CCA allow to be hurt before leadership steps up. Other pastors that are reading this if you remain quiet you are also complicit with the hurting and continued sinful behaviors

    1. There are practical problems with the model even where overt sin isn’t involved. Chuck set the example of staying in the pulpit until you’re just about dead, and most of these pastors don’t have anyone in the bullpen.

      Who wants to be second in command when there is still only one vote that counts?

      1. Whether the senior pastor is in charge or whether the elders are in charge, the issue comes down to the character and conduct of the person or persons in charge. If a senior pastor is in charge, and his conduct and character are damaging, it harms the church (such as in the case of certain Calvary Chapels in which this problem has surfaced, such as what is referenced in this article). If the elders are in charge, and their conduct and character are damaging, it harms the church (such as in the case of what happened at First Baptist Atlanta in the early 1970s when Charles Stanley was brought on-board as an associate pastor, and the elders ran the church like a business and in harmful ways).

        1. Okay, sure, but in the church with a plurality of elders ruling, you can make an appeal. In CC churches, there is no avenue for appeal if the lead pastor is unrepentant.

          If you don’t see why it’s important for a pastor to have accountability, there’s a 15-hour podcast series I’d like to recommend.

    2. It will all be revealed come the JudgDay. I think they lose sight of the fact that they are servants!!! I know that mega churches are not the New Testament church. Nowhere, from Acts to Revelation will you find a pattern for mega churches. Men build them for their own kingdoms, not The Kingdom.

    3. You are absolutely speaking truth.
      We attended this church for a long time.
      We didn’t realize it was spiritual abuse by Ron until our eyes were opened & then it became so clear! There is no accountability in the CC model. And, it is devastating when the other ‘pastors’ in the church remain silent when they witness the horrific behaviors and do not confront in love. They are absolutely being compliant and also do not care about the sheep in the flock. It Is a horrific situation to walk through and the scars are DEEP.
      We continue to pray for reconciliation for all involved and pray for hearts to heal.

    4. David, I wonder if CCA attracts, or produces this type of narcissistic leader? I suppose it is likely both.
      In this church structure, who owns the assets? I ask because I think if the congregation, or attendees withhold giving for a few months until the lead pastor steps down, it might work. The power lies in the pocketbook in this case. Most churches do not carry large rainy-day funds for operating costs. Eventually, the lead pastor will decide the loss of income will spur his exit. Then the church can either vote in a stronger board structure, or leave the denomination altogether for another one that has more safeguards in place.

      Either way, the congregation has a lot of work to do to look at how THEY participated in this debacle.

      I speak as one who has walked a similar road.

  2. Surely the Moses model requires a burning bush and audible voice from God. No burning bush? No ”Moses model”.

    Oh, and you have to be an ancient Israelite with a brother called Aaron.

  3. Systemic with the self protective CCA Leadership all the way through the regional leadership they personally anointed. They will mow down lives and back each other up. Go to the web site and you can see their “mafia” leadership starting with Don McClure. Most CC are not like this. But from the top is not good.

  4. I will note the same as I did in the Calvary Chapel Cary article a couple months ago.

    The Calvary Chapel Association (CCA) carries out selective morality as to when they decide to step up. A few years back when Brian Brodersen dared to lightly challenge some Calvary Chapel traditions by suggesting that it might be wiser to dial back a little on the End Times hysteria or that it might not be the best choice to teach verse-by-verse on Sunday mornings through some OT books such as Leviticus, the Old Guard in the CCA decided to drive Brodersen out of the Association. Such infraction was major cause for them to take action.

    However, in a case where real people are getting hurt and real misconduct is taking place and real disqualifying sin has taken place, they do not want to lift a finger to do anything about it. Actually, I correct myself – they will lift a finger, such as Don McClure in this case, to help cover up the sin when it involves one of their own.

    1. Actually Brian Broderson is not innocent and it didn’t turn out as you described. He chose to leave if I’m not mistaken, then he went total liberal embracing critical race theory, false teaching and a host of other things. He did not merely suggest a de emphasis from prophecy, he embraced false teachings and emphasized them instead. He is also guilty of nepotism and spiritual abuse issues, same problems listed here. Just want to clarify so people aren’t misled.

      1. Sara, I never said that Brodersen was innocent of all things. Yes, he chose to leave, but only after several others on the CCA Council targeted him, made it clear they didn’t want him on the council, and generally made things miserable for him.

        However, the manner in which you portrayed him here is very problematic if not outright slanderous. If you are going to make the charge of false teaching, please document what false things Brodersen is teaching in light of historic orthodox Christianity. If he went “totally liberal”, please document all these totally liberal things Brodersen is teaching compared to historic orthodox Christianity. If he is embracing critical race theory, please document his teachings where he either says that he’s embracing it or is promoting significant elements of CRT which can be truly documented as CRT by those who are actually credited with forming and teaching the theory.

        And please give real documentation and not hearsay, guilt by association, or opinion. Thank you.

        1. Kevin, everything Sara said is true. Brian has many times clearly expressed his views on KWAVE’s Pastor’s Perspective and in other places. And his views are exactly what Sara said. You can investigate these things yourself, if you want to know the truth. It is very sad to see how far Brian has moved away from what Chuck Smith preached.

  5. This is so, so sad. And so common; not just a mega church thing. My story is so similar to those who were kicked out of Hintz’s church, and people like him leave such an aftermath of destruction and wounded faith. It’s heartbreaking.

  6. I have attended this church many times and have been blessed by the teachings… which would lead me to question what the writer and commenters are trying to accomplish by this? I would question ulterior motives… why try and vilify a pastor that is obviously reaching many and bringing people to Christ…are you bringing people to Christ by doing what you are doing? Christians should ask themselves constantly if what they are saying or doing is bringing people to Christ or doing Satan’s work? After reading this it’s clear to me…so ask yourself if it’s clear to you….

    1. Might the Jews of Jesus’ day have said the same? “Hey, the Pharisees are standing for holy living in the midst of Roman rule. Why knock them?”

      1. Jesus “knocked” them…I’d say let Jesus handle this and everything else involving His followers as He most assuredly will…He gave us all instructions with the most important being love…is this article filled with love? Are these comments filled with love? I see a lot of gossip and backbiting but no love unfortunately…

        1. “Where is the love?” you ask. Where is the love for the MANY people Ron Hindt slandered, ran off, told not to come back, and point blank lied about, fired, let go, and misrepresented? I didn’t want to believe the Pastor I knew for 20+ years could be getting off course either but when evidence starts piling up, it gets very difficult to maintain a steady course without adjusting the sails.

          The number of people who left the church is over 1000. Estimates are above that, but Ron Hindt used that number in the recordings. Are 1000+ people wrong? Many who left were in leadership, on staff or graduated the school of ministry, or were with Calvary Houston since the beginning. Did you know that at one time there were as many as 32 people on staff and it dwindled to 3ish? Do you really think all those treasured, dependable, well respected staff members are all gone without some thread of commonality?

          Listen to all the recordings before you start defending one side over the other. If there was a road sign that said “Bridge Out Ahead” would you ignore that sign?

    2. Christine Crislip

      Kelly I attended this church for 22 years and the teaching was good. His own son was an amazing teacher bringing people to Christ. You read hear as his own son openly admits be was in sin during that time. We must remember as Christians a donkey has been used to speak Gods word and it never comes back void. Only Jesus saves not a man. Christians have to start looking at character of a man not how eloquently they can speak.
      It is impossible that you read all the article, listened to the hours of audio and read the attachments and still wrote your response. Do all those things then come back and respond.

    3. Kelly, I have to agree with you. I wasn’t involved in these meetings but, I did witness Christ working through Ron. I saw Matt’s resentment of Jani showing from the worship stage. I love our couple that went to Scotland but questioned Ron’s sending them to lead a church then, fortunately found here Ron didn’t. Ron is the 1st to admit that being a spiritual leader comes with continual attacks by Satan. Ron is a human. Ron doesn’t ask us to pray for him because he is “Mega”. I could see how Ron might hide his marriage to Yani for a time. I thought I was to protect Matt’s feelings. I still do. I watched this from Pam’s death till now an feel that Ron’s actions were about protecting souls.

  7. I listened to all the recordings. I am astonished and sad at how many times the “older” pastors talked down the the “younger” pastors and told them they were naive, immature, young, hoped for things like this to happen to them in the future, and called them (in a
    condescending tone) “son”. All I could think of was 1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you were young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and impurity.”

    It’s taking a wiser, younger generation – perhaps more in touch with their feelings – to call out different types of abuse when they see it. I actually thought the younger pastors acted much more mature than the older ones who were saying “Bro” all the time and being prideful.

    I am getting so frustrated with the church but I will stay – if only to try to question the status quo and change the conversation.

  8. Ronald Tiracchia

    I have attended this church about 7 times and was about to make it my church. Now I think I changed my mind. Which is sad

    1. Brother, it’s painful to read all this and feel torn from a place you hope to call home. I hope it doesn’t push you away from the faith altogether. Lifepoint and Onelife may be good places for you to visit. My wife and I have found good bible teaching in those places, and hope to find good fellowship in time as well. God bless.

  9. I was a founding pastor at one of those CCA churches in Texas. My marriage fell apart, I resigned, and got a divorce.

    I was excommunicated, stripped of my ordination, and summarily judged by Hindt, Quiroz, Bigouette, Fontenot, (all people in your article) and others. These people had been my friends for many years. They fell into lockstep with the edict Hindt laid down. I jokingly call this the “left foot” of Christian fellowship. I think he would have taken my salvation if he was able.

    This man and his cult of personality tried to wreck my life. They failed to do that, and I’m better for it today. This is the most unchristian organization I’ve seen.

    There’s is a Biblical law of sowing and reaping. Other folks call it “karma” or, “what goes around comes around”. Ron is reaping the harvest of all this. I’m just glad I got to see it all happen this side of heaven.

    1. Sorry to hear Jeff. You know what happened is Biblical. Our pastor for many years (through my childhood) had to step down because of divorce. My dad was one of his closest friends but had to agree. They remarried a few years later and was back leading our church. God uses man to glorify Him. Peter is a perfect example of men. Pray that Jesus take your bitterness away and you try to win your precious wife back

  10. I’m 72 years old , it was 52 years ago when I gave my heart to the lord. I had attended a youth service at a large spirit filled church in North Houston where I had a profound spiritual experience that changed my life. After a few years of backsliding I repented and when I inquired about thIs church I had for a time been commuting to From Galveston , was told that the church had been brought down when the pastor there got involved in adultry . Since then I have witnessed this happening to a number of churches both large and small. It’s not always adultry . Sometimes power , addiction or whatever the devil can use. Upon reading this article my thoughts are “ the saga continues “. It’s actually very simple what happens. Satan finds what our weakness is and uses it to destroy. I pray that every Christian will look to Jesus for daily renewal of our rebirth in Christ. Only he is Lord and savior.

  11. My brother and I were members of this church. We got rebaptized in this church. When my brother came down with cancer not once did Pastor Ron visit him nor did he come to his funeral.
    When I would occasionally run into Pastor Ron and I shook his hand, he always acted nervous, antsy. Something wasn’t right.
    I didn’t say anything to my brother I didn’t want to deter his journey in Letting Christ back into his life, but I never felt the spirit in this so-called church.
    They have circles of people that are wolves sheep‘s clothing in this church. Do not get me wrong. There’s some good Christian people in that church that was there for my brother. But after his passing Pastor, Frank told me they couldn’t help me anymore. They already did too much. I was a grieving sister that reached out to her church family & got rejected!
    Like a friend of mine said, I am so glad that Jesus didn’t feel that way!
    My mother and I were fixing to be homeless we had to get out of my brothers house and we needed help. One of the main wolves told me I needed to make a public apology to the church when I absolutely didn’t say anything against them.
    Jesus told, us in the last days to be aware of false teachings and wolves in sheep’s clothing

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