Supporters of President Donald Trump gather outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Shafkat Anowar)

David French on Christian Nationalism and Evangelicals’ Existential Angst

By Yonat Shimron

Editorial Note: David French is a conservative evangelical writer, but for the past four to five years, has been the target of vitriol by his own tribe for his “Never Trump” stance. Yet we have found his insights to be keen, even if at times, they’ve been unwelcome. Below is a recent interview between French and Yonat Shimron of Religion News Service.

David French, the conservative evangelical writer and “Never Trumper,” admitted he was shocked by the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

“I could see the violence forming,” he said. “But the actual takeover of the Capitol? Holy smokes!”

In the days afterward, he penned a series of commentaries for The Dispatch, the conservative outlet where he is senior editor, reflecting on Christian nationalism, patriotism and the roots of Christian rage.

French, who lives south of Nashville, Tennessee, holds a law degree from Harvard and used to work for two of the largest Christian legal firms, the American Center for Law and Justice and the Alliance Defending Freedom. In 2007, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving as a judge advocate during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Last year, he wrote a book, “Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.”

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Religion News Service caught up with French to ask his unblinking perspective on the dangers of Christian nationalism, so prominent in the Capitol attack, and how the nation might begin to heal. The Q&A was edited for length and clarity.

You’re an evangelical Christian. When did you begin to depart from the mainstream in your perspective?

I haven’t changed my perspective on things like being pro-life or believing in strong religious freedom protections. But I stopped being a Republican after (Donald) Trump’s victory in the 2016 primary.

In 2007, much to my embarrassment today, I was speaking to a very conservative convention and someone asked why I was volunteering to go to Iraq and I said the two greatest threats to America were far-left radicals at home and jihadists abroad.

Then I went to Iraq and I saw the difference between an opponent and an enemy. I had lived in deep blue places in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in Ithaca, New York, with people on the far left of the political aisle, and I had a good life in both of those places. I could not have had a good life in Iraq under the control of the Islamic State. And I thought, “We are superheating our political rhetoric at home out of proportion to the stakes of our political controversies. And that’s dangerous.”

What do you see as the country’s greatest threats today?

David French
David French. (Photo courtesy of John Locke Foundation)

Today, the greatest threat we have is polarization itself —this commitment we have to view fellow citizens as enemies and the incredible animosity existing across American communities that would lead people to feel so desperate about the state of the Union they would literally storm the Capitol to stop the democratic process.

This feeling of desperation is not limited to the few thousand that were there. The sense that Joe Biden would destroy America, that sense of existential crisis that is above and beyond any realistic policy stakes of any election, is a real danger to the body politic.

One thing we have to do is introduce a sense of proportion and perspective and dial back on the increasing hyperbole and hysterical and inflammatory language in American politics.

Recently, a Southern Baptist pastor called Kamala Harris a Jezebel, which sparked a lot of controversy. Is that inflammatory rhetoric being stoked in churches?

I think it’s stoked less by pastors but much more by conservative media. One of the misnomers about white evangelicals is that their churches are deeply political. That is by and large not true. The median evangelical pastor doesn’t talk a lot about politics from the pulpit. The politicization of evangelicals is occurring through conservative media and conservative religious activists. An awful lot of American Christians are not receiving a comprehensive theological instruction in political engagement. They are being catechized into religious political engagement through Fox, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, OAN, Breitbart, viral Facebook videos. Yeah, there are pastors who stoke it, but that’s not who’s reaching the millions.

What about Christian nationalism? Is that also being driven by conservative media, or are churches contributing to it?

I think it’s both/and. It’s very rare to find an outright Christian nationalist church. There’s not a huge wave of Christian nationalist churches. I agree with Baylor historian Thomas Kidd, who says much of (Christian nationalism) is a sense of emotional attachment, rather than a theological construct. There’s a big church near where I live, and during the month of July the church is surrounded with American flags. But you get that pastor in a room and say, “Following Jesus is more important than serving America, right?” And he’ll say, “Of course, absolutely.”

Even Christians deeply enmeshed in Christian nationalism wouldn’t recognize the academic theology of it. But what they do have is a deep set of emotional convictions, and those convictions place the United States in a special, virtuous, godly position in world history. There will be a fierce defense of the history of the country. Any revisionism that says America’s history is more checkered than you might think will be met with a fear, a pushback.

I like the way C.S. Lewis characterized a more toxic version of nationalism; one that’s committed to a certain vision of history that may be at odds with the reality of the nation and a particular commitment to the superiority of the nation over other nations. There’s a version of patriotism that is quite healthy and can see the virtues of the country but also see its faults.

Do evangelicals need to be reminded of the prophetic tradition of denouncing the powerful for disobeying God?

There are a lot of Christians who say that hasn’t disappeared and American evangelicalism stands in the tradition of the prophets by decrying the secularization of the country and the liberalism of the country. Many of the prophets spoke out against other nations but also turned their focus inward on the people of God.

Part of the negative partisanship of the time is that if you’re turning your gaze inward toward the church, you’re seen as giving aid and comfort to the enemy — you’re enabling, or empowering, the critics of the church. When all of this gets connected to partisan politics, to the tribe of red versus blue, it’s seen as a zero sum game — if you make any critique against red, you’re enhancing blue. It creates a sense of betrayal when there’s a serious or critical critique from within.

Do you fear Christian nationalism will become our civil religion?

The forms we’ve seen erupt in the last year are not our civil religion. It’s a dissenting faction from mainstream American life. When I think of civil religion, I think of a long bipartisan tradition of presidents who refer to Scripture in State of the Union addresses and in prayers at inaugurals. That’s a nod to the fact that America is a nation full of people of faith. It’s an acknowledgment of the spiritual reality of the country.

Christian nationalism is a subset of that. It is a more extreme version that says, “We’re not just a nation that’s composed of millions of believers, but a nation conceived by a particular religious idea that’s designed to be advanced by people with a particular kind of religious faith. Any departure from that threatens America’s greatness and maybe even America’s existence.”

How does America lower the temperature?

There are people who believe they are losing everywhere and the last wall, the last line of protection they see is the Oval Office or that hard-fought Supreme Court majority. The committed activist class is in a sense of existential angst. To the extent you can relieve that, it will rely on an appeal to faith in a powerful and personal way that starts to remind Christian believers of the toxic effects of fear and the reassuring reality of God’s sovereignty — that God preserves and protects his people, not the Republican Party, not Donald Trump, not the Democratic Party. God admonishes believers against fear and commands them to react to people who hate them with love and kindness. It will come not from a secular critique but from a religious reawakening that says, “We need to rediscover many of the basic biblical doctrines that have provided God’s peace in far more challenging circumstances throughout history.”

How does that happen in a time when many say religious leaders don’t have much influence over their flocks?

There is a human tendency to follow people who tell you what you already believe. At the same time, it’s just not true there isn’t leadership. There is absolutely leadership. Where leaders can step in and be very effective is to provide clarity. There are an awful lot of Christians who are younger. The evangelical church has grown much more diverse. There’s a lot of questioning, a lot of concern that Jesus isn’t being glorified in the way we see evangelicals in politics. When there’s discontent, there is an opportunity for leadership. There’s an opportunity for people to say, “There’s a better way.” When people have not been catechized into a particular theology of political engagement, there’s a real opportunity for teaching in the principles of the faith in this arena of life. Getting people who are firmly and angrily ensconced in their position, that will be hard. But there’s also a large number of people who know something is wrong and not quite sure they know what’s right.

Yonat ShimronYonat Shimron is a national reporter and senior editor for Religion News Service.



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36 thoughts on “David French on Christian Nationalism and Evangelicals’ Existential Angst”

  1. David French and his Dispatch crony Jonah Goldberg have made themselves virtually irrelevant by letting their barely-disguised hatred of Trump lead them down all sorts of crazy rabbit holes. I used to follow both of them regularly in print and podcasts but their nonstop anti-Trump campaign turned me off completely. I hope Mr. French feels the pain every time Biden signs away another part of our nation’s heritage with his executive pen. Thanks so much for making that possible, David! I hope your halo is still nice and shiny.

      1. Wow. Your post contained six lines, and three of them contained lies, surmises, and false conclusions. Batting .500 now! That’s pretty low for a Trump-hater.

        1. You are just pissed because I calledu out on it. Of course the actual numbers EOs signed by your Cheeto Jesus you cannot dispute, so you deflect.

    1. I Agree Larry. Biden IS destroying America…and he just got started. Unfortunately, my antennae always goes up when I hear people went to Harvard… so many come out with liberal crybaby syndrome. Oh, and who cares what C.S. Lewis thinks? His theology was quite suspect. Nationalism? Ever heard of Israel? If you voted for Biden I question your Christian walk, not because Trump is the greatest but because Biden is worse. My prayer for David French is that he finishes well, but this article doesn’t give me hope.

    2. “I hope Mr. French feels the pain every time Biden signs away another part of our nation’s heritage with his executive pen.”
      – You’re good at proving French’s points, like this one, “I could not have had a good life in Iraq under the control of the Islamic State. And I thought, “We are superheating our political rhetoric at home out of proportion to the stakes of our political controversies. And that’s dangerous.”

      You’ll be fine Larry! In 4 years time your life will be no different than today, unless some non-political life event happens or the trumpist taliban wreak havoc. And if I’m wrong, you’ll still be OK! God loves you and will take care of you and your family and your community…

      1. So our biblical principles should be set aside due to our material comforts? Should we not care about Biden authorizing our tax dollars to fund abortion around the world? About executive orders to enforce transgender ideology into high school sports? I am not defending Trumps character, but fundamentally evil idealogies like abortion and transgender messaging need to be vehemently opposed.

        1. “vehemently opposed”… I’d like to know what that means or entails for you? The apostles lived in a world with pagan practices of the sort you mention plus even more and far more widespread and taken for granted. They did oppose them, exhorting their flocks to not participate and to cast off those practices…and if that’s what you’re referring to, no problems. But I suspect you mean something different…maybe like seizing power and wielding it, like a pagan, in order to Make America …something again?. Jesus Christ, apostles and early church fathers didn’t do that; they wielded love, from the margins. I believe we are called to do the same, in circumstances less pagan/violent/immoral than theirs.

          Jeff, you’ll be fine. You still have more religious freedom and the culture is more christiany than anywhere on the planet or in human history.(And that will most likely be the case in 4yrs too) Oppose these evils with your lifestyle/living, your gracious loving hands and mouth, and let God do the rest. He’s strong enough to do that. I’m trying to do the same, but one difference maybe… less fear.

          Ok, Biden changes a few things (reflecting the majority of the populations wishes as a democracy does), if he can get it past an even Senate and an opposition SC. Even then, we’re decades and piles of legislation away from the most secular nations today; yet if that were even possible, which I highly doubt…even in those most secular countries… there are Christians living, working, going to churches, etc… so you’ll be fine Jeff. You and yours will be blessed.

          1. I thank you for the reply. You are mistaken in believing my post is out of fear, I have no concerns for myself and I am certainly not proposing anything as obnoxious as “seizing power”. My concern is that messages of not fearing are missing the mark as complacency seems a much larger issue with people I know. Certainly using loving words and actions to model but not hesitating to call out abortion and transgender messaging as evil as well. God Bless

  2. Our merciful and gracious LORD JESUS is not a nationalist . “There is neither Greek or Jew,” Galatians 3:28. I could go on quoting scripture all day, but the bottm line is LORD JESUS casigated the “religious” nationalists of his day, the Saducees and the Pharisees. LORD JESUS told us they were the children of Satan (John 8). Going to church or waiving a bible does not make anyone a CHRISTIAN. Only a personal intimate relationship of surrender with our LORD JESUS will make someone a CHRISTIAN. We can only love our enemies into the kingdom. As Ravi Zacharias (yes he was a sinner just like me) said, “if you cut off someones nose, they can’t smell the rose.” People can be a fragrant aroma or a putrid stench. LORD JESUS favored the former. I pray for everyone to know LORD JESUS and become a light to our desperately lost and broken world. JESUS is the only WAY! Grace and peace to you.

  3. What a disgusting article, giving a forum to a phony with nothing but fluffy questions and slanderous, broad-brush answers. I’m un-following this blog. French and his fellow “conservatives” are giving us less religious freedom, less freedom of speech, more abortions, more taxes, more jobs sent to China, etc.

    1. Agree, including Angie’s comment. And to be better informed, I first spent time today looking up the writer, Yonat Shimron, reading her posts, tweets/retweets, including Leftist msm Washington Post. Here’s just a few…

      – “White Evangelicals Are Religious Outliers on Every Issue of Concern to Voters”
      – “A look at Joe Biden’s religiously and ethnically diverse cabinet nominees”
      – “Five faith facts about Biden VP Kamala Harris”… ” Few, if any, vice presidential candidates have had as much exposure to the world’s religions as Kamala Harris”
      – Referring to Never-Trumper David French – “we have found his insights to be keen”
      – “New report finds white supremacist propaganda on college campuses doubled”
      – Writing on Kamala Harris: “She embodies the future of American religion”… “a kind of multifaith and spiritual belonging unfamiliar to the mostly white Christian majority”

      Read her piece, “Khyati Y. Joshi argues equal religious freedom in America is an optical illusion”, where she again speaks on ‘white Christian privilege’ and her subject speaks of ‘institutional racism and institutional religious oppression.’

      The ‘Editorial Note’ in this Roys Report article hinted at the flavor saying ‘we have found his insights to be keen.’ I don’t care – I want objective NOT subjective! I’m terribly saddened that Roys gave a platform to this writer, and concerned for those that may not discern the angle of her content, or take the time to investigate. She gets paid to write for a ‘news service’. Her views are political not biblical, including the framework for critical race theory.

      Super disappointed, Julie. Questioning if you even vetted this writer(?)

      1. Kamala Harris, who’s platform when she was a presidential candidate revolved around the idea of legalizing prostitution, sure has a great faith we can all look up to!

      2. Dr. Peter J Oehler

        I actually think its a good idea for Julie to present different view points on subjects of Christian concern. It allows me to focus more on those who speak the Truth and less on sheepy looking wolves. As in this article, French attempts to display a desire for solid Truth but his shining Canines come to fore. My first clue was right off the bat, so to speak, when he said “But the actual takeover of the Capitol? Holy smokes!”, an obvious overstatement from the Main Stream Media. The clowns NEVER took over the Capitol much less even the one particular bldg. They invaded to a certain point and then were removed, most often just by request, and it wasn’t a “few thousand” it was a few hundred, maybe.
        So good to know I don’t have to waste much time on his blathering.

        1. Pot meet kettle. A few hundred that left just by request? Where do you get your information?
          But hey, who am I going to believe you or my lying eyes?

    2. You are truly clueless on how many things work. As for jobs sent to China, read up on the Law of Comparative Advantage and get back to me.

  4. I’m about to follow suit with “eternity matters” in their above comments about leaving this blog . That grieves me because I’ve been so supportive of Julie’s work at exposing HBC and other corrupt spiritual leaders. At the very least, this article requires a follow up article that takes aim at the equally if not more harmful radicalization of the Left, the effects of which are becoming more stunning by the day! I implore you, Julie, hire some journalists that aren’t so slanted and can bring a more balanced perspective to this blog!

  5. I read this quote a while ago–Our job as Christians is to be loyal & faithful to our God no matter who occupies the White House. We need to pray for all in government as we are to pray for and love all humanity as Jesus taught. Christians need to start putting God first. Many have lost that track.

  6. Great article, as a conservative pro life evangelical Christian I agree with essentially everything Mr French says. What has been amazing to me is the extent to which certain evangelicals have put all their hope in Donald Trump. Donald Trump has become for some an idol. Actually, for some Christians politics has become their idol.

  7. I can’t find much to criticize regarding French’s analysis of evangelical perspectives. I think he’s right that very few churches are into Christian Nationalism. My church certainly isn’t. Our pastor consistently reminds us which kingdom we are serving. At the same time, from this article, it seems that French is naive regarding the dangers of the “cancel culture” and the leftist (immoral) agenda. He seems unaware of the dangers of the Equality Act for the evangelical church in particular. He doesn’t seem to be aware of the elite leftist’s desire to minimize the role of churches in America. So, in this article, he’s not wrong, but he appears to be naive. Maybe he covers these subjects in other places, but in this interview, he falls short of defending the kingdom of God. However, it’s true that the kingdom of God does not need any defense from people. However, it doesn’t hurt to hear a prophetic voice against what’s happening in our culture.

    1. My read from the article was that these threats seemed less ominous to him compared to what he saw in an Islamic State. Having political differences continuing to escalate and polarize can’t end well.

  8. I don’t understand how ANYONE who calls themselves a “Christian” could get behind a man who continually says the vulgar things and lies as often as Trump does? Who is so “familiar” with the Bible that he actually says Two Corinthians, instead of 2nd
    Corinthians? Why ANY “Christian” EVER got behind Trump AND then continues to believe the LIE that somehow he won the election with no proof of any widespread fraud is way beyond me? Who calls Veterans (of which, I am one) “Losers and Suckers?” Really? Who doesn’t “turn the other cheek” but continues to act like a spoiled brat and continues to lie about something “stolen” from him? Tjis is the one of whom we want to be our president…seriously? Joe Biden is much better man, not to mention a better president in two weeks than Trump was on four years! Maybe we might not agree with him on everything, but he does deserve the opportunity to make things better! May God bless us and rule over us the way He sees fit. Obviously, God wanted Biden in because we prayed for the better man to win!

    1. Biden is such a great guy that he unilaterally shut down a pipeline that employed thousands with good jobs both in the US and Canada. He did not even consult our ally. These were good union jobs. Oh, they also showed a clip of Biden saying how he was going to be the most pro union President everrrr. I believe some people now have buyers remorse.

  9. Julie, I think David French is solid in his analyzing of events but do not think he is without error. I listened to him prior to the elections and agreed with most but also disagreed with other points. Saying this, I agree with one of the comments above about how we would like to see what is posted on your site written by people who hold to a similar world view. Yonat Shimron does not hold to the world view that the majority of your readers hold to. We count on you in this area. Also, to give “the whole picture” from a solid Biblical standpoint/world view, you need to balance this type of article out with others by other Godly people. I just responded to today’s podcast with the idea of interviewing Rod Dreher about his excellent book, “Live Not By Lies.” Or you could interview Carl Trueman – i think this goes without explanation. Alisa Childers just interviewed Rod Dreher and she is not even a journalist but is interested in truth. I can understand why the above readers/listeners are no longer going to follow you but I am not in that category. I believe you will do the right thing and represent “the whole picture.” Julie, we count on you to represent all aspects of situations – you had not problem doing that with other stories. We do not come here to get “politically preached to.” Way back in the day, at Indiana University, I took a “journalism class.” Back in the 1970’s at least we were still being told to look at and report on all facets of a story. I hope this is what we will see here. Thank you, Julie.

    1. An alternative view by Dreher or Trueman would be welcome. I read an article by Mr. French prior to reading this one and both times I thought he had creative input but I also had a sense of ill-ease: something was missing. I had the same feeling with this article. He did not address the cancel culture, how the left has used their power to silence conservative views, and the virulent BLM and Antifa, which incorporates Marxist and Fascist ideology. Antifa bashed in the head of a young reporter, causing brain damage, and no one was arrested. How Big Tech is silencing voices and is in league with this administration. If you do not follow the party line, comrade, we are going to make life extremely difficult to you. Cities have been destroyed, businesses destroyed and the Far Left is rewriting history. This “soft totalitarianism” is coming to a theater near you. I do not know if Mr. French is aware of these issues or chooses not to address them. I do not see any peace possible. Also, there was evidence of voter fraud and there was a lot of testimony as well as data mining that showed how votes were switched by the voting machines. It is verifiable but no leftist media would say anything. Was it enough to switch the outcome? That is not the issue. We want both conservative and liberal parties (Americans) to be confident in the election process. At least 70 million people do no think so anymore. When Mr. French addresses these issues, then I think he has a platform.

      1. Vance, Dreher and Trueman are both thinkers but also, to a degree, humble. But regardless of this, they are true intellectuals that sadly, many can not even follow. It is like Neil Shenvi trying to explain what CRT/I “fully” is – most can not follow this brilliant young man either. Shenvi was not raised a Christian – he met the Lord at Cal Berkeley in Grad school after completing undergrad school at Princeton. Many can not follow people like Shenvi, Dreher or Trueman as they are thinkers. Trueman actually calls out “lazy Christian thinking.” I am no intellectual and am intellectually lazy on many levels, but I know “progressivism” and also know “orthodox Christianity” and these men are solid. Many people poo pooed Dreher’s book “The Benedict Option” when it came out 5 years ago. Now many of those “nay sayers” are singing a different tune. God has given these three men their wisdom and insight and they would quickly give Him the glory. May all of us be those who work against being intellectually lazy – for the glory of the Lord.

  10. I laughed out loud at that editorial note. David French himself doesn’t even refer to himself as a “conservative” evangelical. This was the case long before trump.

  11. Say what you will about Shimron, is what French says false? (And, this comes from someone who AGREES that pastors should call out Kamala Harris–and Donald Trump.)

  12. The term Christian Nationalism is now in vogue and in use by Relevant magazine, which certainly skews left of center and continually criticizes White Evangelicals, as does David French. What I find terribly frustrating in reading these articles is French seems only to critique those who supported Trump and gives them the basest of reasons without delving into policies except abortion.

    Energy independence, lower corporate taxes and containing or getting rid of ISIS were important and beneficial. Has David French or Julie Roys written or critiqued recent Executive Orders of Biden on the transgender issue or the remake of marriage and family?

    The United States was founded on unique principals and French — and Julie Roys — should note that much good has come from missionaries who have been voluntarily supported since the early 1800s with hospitals and schools being built in areas where the quality of life was quite low.

    Our country has a wonderfully written Constitution that was forward-thinking in how it was drafted.

    I’m continually discouraged that French does as much to intellectually attack the right with terms like White Evangelicals and Christian Nationalism than he does the left. I know he’s referred to Trump supporters in the past as racists. I have a multi-racial family adopted out of foster care and bi-racial grandchildren but I voted twice for Trump.

    Living in LA County, I also have a burning question. Our former District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, an African American woman, was voted out of office and voted in was George Gascon, who is a Progressive and literally was supported by George Soros.

    Why not critique the left for also driving prominent Black Americans (and evangelicals) out of the public square. There are several examples that come to mind.

    Finally, for French and Roys, why not look into Vice President Harris’ tenure in California as Attorney General? How many of you reading this know the name and case of David Daleiden who’s now facing the prospect of a decade in state prison and millions in fees for his undercover videos regarding Planned Parenthood?

    Why does it seem that those on the Left escape scrutiny, even those who purport to be Christians? I get it. Roys wants a pure church so the terms like White Evangelicals and Christian Nationalism will continue while the Tolerant Left will go untouched. Unfortunately, this also ignores the voice of many African American Evangelicals who don’t agree with the Progressive push that’s trying to forever change many American values.

  13. Vance and Don bring up some good thinking points. “Keen insights” bear other keen insights. I think an interview with Rod Drehr would be a good counterpoint.

    I’ve heard of some of what’s in his book “Live Not By Lies” and it’s worth a read/listen. Fascinating to consider the things he brings up are being spoken of on (conservative) Christian radio shows like “CrossTalk” on VCY America. Drehr was interviewed on Hank Hanegraff’s podcast recently too.

    Some other things to consider…I think several in the church are getting sidelined by a “religious” spirit, like “my belief/tradition vs yours, like the Pharisees vs Jesus, who was the Word. That spirit divides the unity of the Church.

    Also, God loves the Nations, each uniquely. If each person is made with a God-given destiny, then the same can be true of nations. Consider the story of Israel in the Bible. There was a destiny (way) it could go if it followed God’s purposes, and a way they would go if they ignored Him. I think God is determined to manifest His Purposes for each nation, which is where prayer comes in.

    The most interesting thing French said is:
    “A change] will come not from a secular critique but from a religious reawakening that says, “We need to rediscover many of the basic biblical doctrines that have provided God’s peace in far more challenging circumstances throughout history.”


    I’ve heard Christian prophetic teachers/pastors mention a similar thing…And they’re in a way different steam then French.

    Think God’s trying to tell us something? That we Church have been asleep and need to wake up?

    The 3rd Great Awakening.

    A great liberating worldwide move of God, like the days of Acts, a new thing.

    If you are one of those who’s feeling that same stirring then pray into it.

    THAT will heal America.

    1. Sabrina, along with Rod Dreher’s book Carl Trueman has written one that I would say is even more of a must to “get the whole picture.” Notice I am not saying “to get the other side,” but “to get the whole picture.” Yes, read David French as a believer AND also read Dreher’s “Live Not By Lies” and Trueman’s “ The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self:Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution.” It is the most discussed book of 2020 among believers. I would assume that since Julie Roys is trying to keep up on things, that she has read it. It would be so good to now have that article by Dreher or Trueman.

  14. Editorial Note: David French is a conservative evangelical writer, but for the past four to five years, has been the target of vitriol by his own tribe for his “Never Trump” stance.

    Totally false. David French was a target long before Trump for very good reason.

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