Evangelical Leaders Laud Roe’s Reversal, Urge Support for Pregnant Women

By Josh Shepherd
dobbs roe overturned
Pro-life advocates celebrate outside the US Supreme Court, Friday, June 24, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Many evangelical leaders praised the Supreme Court’s historic decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, while urging faith communities to provide more support for pregnant mothers.

In a 6-3 decision today, the Supreme Court overruled both Roe, decided in 1973, and a 1992 decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which reaffirmed a constitutional right to abortion. The ruling came in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which challenged a Mississippi law that imposed strict restrictions on abortion.

“Abortion presents a profound moral question,” the Supreme Court ruled. “The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives.”

The Dobbs decision has been anticipated since May, when an early draft of the ruling was leaked to Politico. Friday’s decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion was met with both rejoicing and dismay by faith leaders, who have been loud voices on either side of the abortion debate since before Roe

Evangelicals, who largely oppose abortion, responded positively to today’s decision. According to Pew Research, 74% of white evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases. More than half of Americans (61%) overall say abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

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Texas pastor Bart Barber, newly elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said that Southern Baptists rejoiced at today’s ruling and they support laws that would ban abortion, “except in cases wherein the life of the mother is endangered by carrying the baby to term.”

Barber also said that “expectant mothers facing difficult circumstances deserve the love and support of the church, the community, and society.”

Many evangelical churches have for years made pregnancy care a key part of their outreach programs. Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of multi-site megachurch Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, which helps support a local pregnancy care center, called the ruling “a remarkable answer to the prayers of millions of people for decades.”

He continued: “We do not gloat or dare say anything but praise to our God for this courageous and just decision by the Supreme Court. Now we must support, love, and demonstrate God’s grace and goodness to would-be mothers and the precious children this decision has rescued.”

Rolland Slade, lead pastor of Meridian Baptist Church in El Cajon, California, and outgoing chairman of the SBC Executive Committee, said the Dobbs ruling is “a call to the Church to care.”

Pastor Rolland Slade
Pastor Rolland Slade

He explained: “As I celebrate the ruling of the Supreme Court, I take into account the words of Micah 6:8. We must humbly step into this space of care with loving kindness and compassion as we walk in the power of our faith in God.” He noted the importance of “meaningful and tangible” outreaches to families in need, and partnerships with local pregnancy care clinics that must continue for “months and years.”

Similarly, Karen Swallow Prior, an evangelical author and pro-life advocate, urged people of faith to think about the circumstances facing a woman who’s unexpectedly pregnant and what she might need.

Prior stated: “We can’t assume that a woman or girl who is scared and uncertain will not feel too scared and uncertain to reach out for help. She needs to know ahead of time that such help and love is there for her. So while many churches, like mine, offer housing and other means of support for moms in crisis, making visible bridges to that help is crucial. We need to be able to imagine together—before a crisis occurs—what it will look like to choose life together.”

Karen Swallow Prior
Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D. (Photo Courtesy)

Known for speaking out often on issues of life and abortion, Prior concluded: “The church ought also to re-examine how we can support pro-life policies more broadly through our tax dollars, ensuring access to health care and support systems for families in need. We can help those whose lives come into contact with the church. But we need to help those we have yet to reach, too.”

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Heartbeat International helps resource more than 2,250 pregnancy help centers nationwide, most supported by local churches. The group’s vice president of mission advancement, Cindi Boston, graduated from Assemblies of God-affiliated Evangel University. 

“Our work is not over, and in fact, in many ways, is just beginning,” Boston said in a statement. “Women still need compassionate care and support, and we continue to be here to offer practical resources and life-affirming options throughout our network of pregnancy help, as we have been doing for more than 50 years.”

The National Association of Evangelicals, which filed a brief in the Dobbs case, welcomed the news that Roe was overturned. 

“God is the author of life, and every human life from conception to death has inestimable worth,” said Walter Kim, NAE president. “Under Roe v. Wade, our ability to consider policies that safeguard life at the most vulnerable stage was severely limited. While the Dobbs decision doesn’t resolve all the questions on abortion policy, it does remove an impediment to considering pro-life concerns.” 

Other evangelicals pastors who take a public pro-life stance urged substantive action over political messaging. 

Samuel rodriguez
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, pastor of New Season Church in Sacramento, California, and president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, stated: “The Church must come alongside mothers and provide the necessary economic support that government cannot provide.”

“If we are celebrating this victory, we must likewise double down in providing services of compassion and outreach and support for the mother and the child not just in the womb, but after a baby is born,” he added.

Similarly, Ron Citlau, senior pastor of Calvary Church in Orland Park, Illinois, stated: “The church’s calling isn’t to bring about political change and the overturning of Roe doesn’t change that; we are called to love.”

ron citlau calvary church
Pastor Ron Citlau (Photo: Calvary Church)

“Now we have a chance to shine and break through stereotypes,” he continued. “We must do all we can to love and support pregnant women in crisis and those who have had abortions seeking grace.” 

As leader of a network of approximately 60 evangelical churches nationwide, Pastor Mike Hayes of Churches in Covenant stated this is an “opportunity to provide spiritual and practical help.”

“If every church responds with love in action, we can minister healing to many,” said Hayes. “This is the time to be creative and driven with programs for mother and child for love, support, care, and counsel for the challenge of giving birth and mother and child be cared for.” 

Ecumenical Texas-based nonprofit group 40 Days for Life mobilizes thousands of Christians—from a cross-section of Catholic and Protestant churches—who pray outside of abortion facilities in prayer vigils. Volunteers offer to pray with women they meet.

The group’s president, Shawn Carney, stated in response to Dobbs: “Churches are more important now than ever, as we prepare for an outpouring of mercy for those who have had an abortion and regret it. This decision will have a very profound impact on many hearts and souls who have been through the tragedy of an abortion.”

Some leading evangelical voices urged Christians to consider their public witness.

Scott Sauls, an author and pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, published a 3,500-word post about the sanctity of life and abortion issues on his popular blog to pastors. He included some stats rarely discussed in pro-life circles: “More than 60% of women seeking elective abortion live alone and below the poverty line. Some are afraid because they lack adequate healthcare, they lack support from spouses, partners, or loved ones, or they are facing an at-risk pregnancy that threatens the viability of mother, child, or both.” 

He added: “If pro-life people seem ambivalent about showing up for and helping solve these and other, complicated forms of crisis-pregnancy-related distress, their advocacy for unborn life loses credibility in the eyes of many.”

Dr. Lina Abujamra
Dr. Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra, an author, Bible teacher, and longtime pediatric ER physician, stated “I’m extremely happy because this decision will save lives — especially the lives of those who have no voice.”

In responding to pro-choice advocates, she cautioned: “What is needed is compassion and patience with those who might see the decision as the worst thing that could happen to our culture.”

As a medical professional, Abujamra added that it’s “hard work” to save lives. She called the ending of Roe “a lot like a resuscitation. It’s exciting to see that life has been preserved, but the real work of saving lives happens in the aftermath, in the ICU, and takes the help of every member of the team. It’s costly work, but if we truly believe in saving lives, it’s mandatory work. Every one of us who calls ourselves ‘pro-life’ must ask the questions: What’s my part now? What can I do to help in the continuing process of saving lives?'”

Nashville pastor Sauls concluded that faith communities must become places “where any mother, married or unmarried, would feel welcomed and loved and known that her needs and the needs of her child would be attended to. If the Church does what the Church is called to do, then there will be no poor or disregarded or demeaned in our midst.”

Bob Smietana contributed to this report.

Freelance journalist Josh Shepherd writes on faith, culture, and public policy for several media outlets. He and his wife live in the Washington, D.C. area with their two children.



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60 thoughts on “Evangelical Leaders Laud Roe’s Reversal, Urge Support for Pregnant Women”

  1. Abortion is a serious moral issue I have prayed over. Every abortion is a tragedy–something has gone wrong. But I do not believe that every early-term abortion is the murder of a human being.
    Some recent abortion legislation assumes that any fertilized, but un-implanted egg is a human being. So an IUD is murder.
    10-30% of all fertilized eggs do not implant without an IUD, and only 55% of all fertilized eggs go to term.
    If God is the designer and author of all of His creation, I do not believe that He is a mass murderer.
    The abortion pills only work in the first 10 weeks. Ireland and France allow abortions up to 12 weeks, but make them available. 90+% of US abortions occur in the first 12 weeks. That is when most miscarriages occur.
    Do not let the extremists on both sides make the laws.

    1. Brian Patrick

      John Fenner,

      100% of Homo sapiens will die of pathogens, heart disease, cancer, strokes, dementia, accidents, or violence. Since all humans will die anyway, does that mean shooting someone in the heart or running over them with a car are no big deal?

      1. –The question remains: Are all fertilized eggs human beings?
        –And if not (Aquinas was not sure, so he said “conception”) then when?
        –On a practical level, better, semi-permanent birth control means fewer abortions. (It worked in Colorado.)
        If you oppose abortion, you should support expanded birth control ASAP.

        1. Rabindranath Ramcharan

          No, the question is, Who gets to decide. Should access to abortion be regulated by the people, acting through representative legislative processes, or by judicial fiat wielded by unelected judges with lifetime tenure?

          1. Which is why the Supreme Court also invalidated the 111 year old New York law that kept guns out of the NYC subways?

        2. Marin Heiskell

          I hear you, John, which is why I’m concerned with Justice Thomas saying the court should revisit its prior rulings on birth control.

        3. Brian Patrick

          John Fenner:

          I’ll going out on a limb and say most Christians in 2022 believe in more access to birth control. The question remains for YOU: is murder not such a big deal since 100% of human beings will die?

  2. Dr. Balmer (sp?) of Dartmouth’s Religion Dept. wrote that Richard Vigurie–a conservative Christian fundraiser–urged Evangelical leaders to focus on abortion in the 1970s, when religious “Segregation Academies” lost their 501(c)(3) status and popular support for Segregation was waning.

    1. Did you have an articles like this,John, Randall Ballmer?

      “The beauty of the religious right’s embrace of abortion as a political issue is that it allowed leaders to camouflage the real origins of their movement: the defense of racial segregation in evangelical institutions.”—Randall Ballmer

      “There’s a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement”


      I consider the RCC organization to be more to sincere then many evangelical churches about abortion . The RCC he’s more supportive of universal health care for one thing ❗

  3. Marin Heiskell

    I admit I still don’t know what to think about all this.
    Just as banning guns does not stop gun violence, I do not believe banning abortions will stop them from happening. I have a fear this will lead to awful self-harm techniques and back-alley procedures – especially among the poor who will not have the resources to travel to other states.
    Abortion is a complex issue that will take efforts on multiple fronts to eradicate. We still have too many children being born into poverty, food deserts making it difficult for young moms to nourish their children, a complicated foster care/adoption system that takes too much money and time to navigate, unequal access to parental leave and/or healthcare for expectant moms and young children…..those who are cheering are cheering too soon.

    1. Rabindranath Ramcharan

      If your baseline is,It’s better to be dead than poor, abortion isn’t really all that complex. Neither is it complex to decide what to do about it.

      1. Marin Heiskell

        Rabindranath –

        My baseline argument is “banning abortion is not going to make it stop” (just like banning guns does not make gun violence stop). Eradicating abortion (which is the goal, right)?) will take a multi-pronged effort that addresses access to birth control, health care, pre-and post-natal care, and more.
        So again, I say, to cheer for this ruling as if it will eradicate abortion is premature.
        Reading this article, the church is talking a good game (“we will support pregnant women” and “we will not judge those who have had abortion”), but I’ve been around the church long enough to know this is just that….TALK.

        1. Rabindranath Ramcharan

          That’s as may be. How to end abortion is still a different question from whether abortion is an appropriate tool to eliminate the poor.

          1. Marin Heiskell

            Who ever said abortion was an appropriate tool to eliminate the poor? I have heard access to abortion (or lack thereof) impacts the poor, but never heard about it as a tactic to get rid of the poor.

          2. “Who ever said abortion was an appropriate tool to eliminate the poor? I have heard access to abortion (or lack thereof) impacts the poor, but never heard about it as a tactic to get rid of the poor.”

            Marin, Each of us is on our own trajectory of exchanging lies for the truth, so I pray you are open minded enough to see what has been playing out in front of us all these years is a religious war- a war between good and evil.

            Did you know the same time the abortion debacle was playing itself out in the chambers of the High Priests with black robes (aka the Supreme Court) here in the early 70’s that the World Health Organization was strategically focusing on sterilizing as many women as possible, due to the diabolical belief the world was overpopulated and needed culling?

            One of the first ways they experimented making women infertile was with tetanus shots.


            I could give you months of reading material of infertility efforts being used today – cell phones, laptops, stratospheric aerosol injections, chemicals on food and in clothing, covid injections, etc., …all disguised as something good and necessary. To ignore this fact is itself no less than diabolical, imo, which most churches are guilty of. Far too many people today are in the denial stage.

          3. Rabindranath Ramcharan

            Who ever said that? Margaret Sanger, for one.
            But my point was you don’t have to decide what to do about abortion if you (and I’m using “you” in the generic, hypothetical, rather than the personal sense) think abortion is a good thing that ought to be encouraged.

          4. Marin Heiskell

            No one encourages abortions or thinks they are a great thing. That’s an exaggeration to vilify those who are pro-choice as some sort of “eager baby killers.”
            Abortion is an awful decision to have to make (or tragic procedure to have to perform in cases of health endangerment), and should not be forced on anyone.
            The other side of the question is, should giving birth be forced on a woman?
            While I don’t agree with both sides, I do understand where both sides are coming from. And that is leads to more constructive dialogue than simply vilifying those I don’t agree with with silly exaggerated labels.

        2. Banning murder or bank robberies doesn’t make them stop either. Civilized societies have to decide what they tolerate as ethical behavior for the betterment of society. If most of the people in TX for example think that abortion is killing an innocent life, then that civilized society should be allowed to vote and elect leaders who legislate their will. I suppose the same could be said of Ireland, NY, MS, AL or anywhere else.

          1. Marin Heiskell

            Hi Ruth –

            Let’s remember most citizens of southern states hated integration and were hollering for states’ rights to keep Jim Crow. It was the feds who had to come in and say you can’t do that.
            And we fought a whole war about states rights to keep slaves.
            Yesterday it came out that the Texas State Board of Education is proposing its textbooks to replace the words “slavery” with “involuntary replacement” and “slaves” with “workers” to make white students feel more comfortable (forget that it’s offensive, dishonest, insulting, and diminishes the plight and survival of Black people). This is after pictures of Texas textbooks were posted featuring a lesson on how Native Americans heard the new European settlers needed land and voluntarily moved to give it to them.
            (Guess the anti-CRT folks won!)
            So you’ll have to forgive some of us for not trusting states rights will lead to the most ethical decisions.

            And I believe we have done more as a society to make murder and bank robbery unnecessary options than we have for women and expectant mothers. I think more needs to be done than just an abortion ban. We still have work to do.

    2. As is usually the case, The majority of the work by non-government organizations for helping women with pregnancies will be done by the RCC❗ (See the last article in the series that I have here.) The fundamentalist protestants talk a good case but they do not put their money where their mouth is. 👎

      Not at all religious organizations Are happy with the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade

      “The Jewish Context of the Abortion Debate”

      “The GOP stands firm in its opposition to abortion in any way, shape or form, for any reason whatsoever — this pro-life position is in direct conflict with Jewish law.”
      Menachem Rosensaft, Contributor


      While this is an 11 years old article, the latest articles on Roe versus Wade and the Supreme Court cancellation of it; I’ve seen on other sources such as Jerusalem Post still agree with this position.

      “American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion”


      “Without abortion, pregnancy aid programs face surge in demand”
      “Catholic bishop calls for “increased compassion, services” for women in crisis”


      1. Brian Patrick

        Jim Worrest,

        What’s your point? That evangelicals and Catholics should adopt the views of Reform Judaism on abortion?

        Reform Judaism is the Jewish equivalent of mainline Protestantism if not Unitarianism. It’s far out of the pale of Biblical Orthodoxy. Talk to some from devout Orthodox Jews about abortion… they will tell you it’s only Torahically permissible when the mother’s life is in danger (in that case the fetus can be considered a “rodef”, or enemy of Jewish blood).

        The last time I checked, even the furthest-right U.S. anti-abortion advocates didn’t say to ban abortions for life and death emergencies like ectopic pregnancies.

        1. Marin Heiskell

          Brian –

          You said, “even the furthest-right U.S. anti-abortion advocates didn’t say to ban abortions for life and death emergencies like ectopic pregnancies”. This may be true, but the challenging part is the way that the laws (or rulings) are written, and the way that science/medicine defines treatments.
          Treatment for an ecoptic pregnancy is medically referred to as an abortion. So is treating a septic uterus. So is treating a miscarriage that does not leave the body. And laws like SB8 (when passed in Texas) were not written well enough to make sure a woman with these diagnoses would have access to the care needed. I know even some hard core pro-lifers who didn’t realize how poorly that law was written and revoked their support (to the disappointment of others who interpreted it as “so now you are pro-abortion”?)
          This is why we as Christians need to be ready to listen and understand, rather than staying poised and ready to pounce whenever the word “abortion” is mentioned.

          1. Marin Heiskell,

            Hypothetically yeah, there could be some gray areas but realistically… how would Texas be able to get a jury of 12 to agree that a woman with a septic miscarriage actually had an illegal abortion? Texas doesn’t have an overwhelming monopoly on the anti-abortion cause. It’s a purple state that only went for Trump by about 5% and abortion opinion is probably split down the middle. It’s very unlikely that post-Roe there will be prosecutions for any but the most clear-cut cases.

            But, leaving that aside, I needed to call out Jim Worrest for painting a one-sided and inaccurate version of what Judaism says about abortion (he cited a liberal Jewish activist likely out of the Reform tradition, not an Orthodox rabbi or scholar who would be more akin to a Bible-believing fundamentalist in Christianity) and John Fenner who is plainly arguing out of bad faith (abortion is no big deal because miscarriages exist). Would you like it if some random nobody on the internet said Christianity supports slavery because a bunch of slaveowners claimed to be Christian?

    3. Marin Heiskell,
      Thank you for your critical thinking and expressions of some of the nuanced and profound complexities that go into how to think about abortion. I have appreciated reading all your posts as they go beyond black and white and the simple solution of just preventing abortions. Pro-birthers need to really think hard about what it means to be “pro-life.” Ensuring a child is not aborted is just the beginning step.

  4. I find it not surprising Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) on her deathbed confessed she was told what to say in exchange for money during the Roe vs Wade debacle. She then also took large sums of money from the Religious Right campaigning for them after she had supposedly found Jesus in the mid nineties.


    Again, just another example of the corrupted system. We’ve been played big time, and I sense we’re being played again with the timing of this reversal (it really took almost fifty years??), along with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn NY gun law. The ruling class obviously needs more tension and chaos amongst the people in order to prepare for mid term election stunts.

    A great summary by someone who has been telling us for more than a half of a century how the system is riddled with fraud and corruption.


    If you aren’t familiar with the concepts of non linear warfare, I would suggest you watch this explanation. Just about everything they tell us is a theater of lies to get us to obey in modern day slavery.


  5. Cynthia Norbeck

    The Bible says God knew me before I was born. Not at 2 days or six weeks or twenty….Just ….before I was born.


    Before I was “viable,” before I could walk or talk or draw or reason.


    Before I could dress myself or cook a meal or walk my dogs.


    If God knew me before I was born, it means He could see me developing in my mom’s womb.

    Wow. What an incredible God!

    1. God also has foreknowledge of our trajectory after death, but it doesn’t mean we are “alive” then, at least not in the sense of having recognizable rights under some legal document like the US Constitution.

      Christians have long separated the eternal nature of the soul from the temporal nature of the body.

      I don’t believe that I know when “life” begins.

      But churches who believe a month old fetus is equivalent to a baby should be holding a lot of funerals for miscarriages, if they want to be consistent.

      1. Cynthia Norbeck


        Ask a scientist. Most will be able to tell you when life begins. Further, the women I know who have had miscarriages tend to mourn the loss. Every single time. So please, do not belittle the sadness that comes when there is a miscarriage. For many women (and the men who love them), a miscarriage is a death.

        1. Surely it is the churches who are belittling these women (and men) then, by not honoring their babies with a funeral. Why don’t they?

  6. “faith communities” I guess that means churches?

    Sex is for marriage. Marriage is for fathers in the home. Absent both, the occurrence of únwanted’ pregnancies skyrockets.

    The greatest help the church can give is to remind people of the universal utility of moral rectitude, and at the same time demonstrate compassion for those who decide to make all their decisions below the waistline. At the same time we must live out and argue the gospel (I mean discuss it in terms understandable by the hearer), because unsaved people who avoid abortions are still unsaved.

    1. Brian Patrick

      John Fenner,

      There’s a 100% chance that an aborted baby, is killed.

      There’s a frankly enormous chance that someone born into poverty (in the West–not necessarily the developing world)–will get out of it in their lifetimes. Even if they don’t, a humble life beats being dismembered without anesthesia ten times out of ten.

      But–to deliberately hijack your constant mudslinging at pro-lifers–we need to stop thinking that poverty is always “bad”. That’s secularist, materialist thinking. If you have the right values and work ethic and focus on eternity rather than the now… it can be a tremendous character builder. Compare the faith and humility of the average American worker or small farmer in 1850 (or the Depression) compared to the fat, happy, content, comfortable American of today. No comment necessary.

      Our best life is supposed to be in heaven, not the here and now. If you deny that, you deny the message of the Gospel.

      Even the poorest Westerners of 2022 have it much better than 99.9% of humanity did just 75 years ago.

      1. Marin Heiskell

        Brian –

        “There’s a frankly enormous chance that someone born into poverty (in the West–not necessarily the developing world)–will get out of it in their lifetimes.” The data says otherwise. Even here in the US, economic mobility – especially out of lower to middle class – is below 50% and dropping (with Black people being most likley to “fall” from middle to lower class). One important factor in this is that college – which used to be one of the biggest indicators and and propellers of economic mobility – has become so expensive it’s weighing families down.

        But I don’t understand your argument AGAINST John’s plea for the church to support babies born into poverty. (I’d also like to see the church champion more foster kids and support a less-bureaucratic, less-expensive adoption process, but that’s another thread.) “Let them be poor and develop work ethic” can’t possibly be an argument for the church to avoid supporting poor children, given the current percentage of US children who suffer from hunger. Then there’s actual scripture, which tells us to help the poor. Can you clarify?

        1. Brian Patrick

          Marin Heiskell,

          “The data says otherwise. Even here in the US, economic mobility – especially out of lower to middle class – is below 50% and dropping (with Black people being most likley to “fall” from middle to lower class). ”

          I’m not sure when joining the middle/upper class like the Joneses became a human right–but even if it is, less than and up to 50% is a heck of a lot better odds than a 100% chance of being torn apart or injected full of salt before you’re even born.

          I will repeat… the idea that “poverty” is the worst thing in the whole world is a secular, materialistic concept. I can think of a whole laundry list of worse things than being of meager means for a short time (and even a lifetime is a short time, in the context of eternity). Murder, rape, death, and hell are just a few that come to mind.

          “(I’d also like to see the church champion more foster kids and support a less-bureaucratic, less-expensive adoption process, but that’s another thread.)”

          It’s the Democrats that never met red tape they didn’t like, and that tried to shut down California’s Christian pregnancy care clinics.

          “Then there’s actual scripture, which tells us to help the poor. Can you clarify?”

          God tells us to help the poor, not make social mobility an idol.

          1. Marin Heiskell

            Brian –

            Go tell a starving family that struggles to feed their kids in summer (because they rely on school lunch programs) that to desire to get out is idolatrous. Go tell those kids “you’re hungry, but hey that’s better than being raped, right?”
            We as a church need to be WAY more empathetic and sympathetic than this.

            And to consistently blame (Democrats or whoever) rather than looking in the mirror (collectively as a church) on what we can do to better serve hurting communities (foster kids, poor families, etc) flies in the face of the personal responsibility conservatives claim to stand for.

    2. Child support beginning at conception seems a reasonable solution.
      I wonder if churches will support that?

  7. These are just a few sad observations. The pro-birthers concern over abortion just seems to get women to give birth. They neglect to address the reasons why women are having them. Oh I shouldn’t say that. I did hear of one pro-birther group that was organizing a diaper drive. Give me a break. When they start encouraging our legislatures to be truly pro-life by providing substantial health and educational care for babies that are born into the world, maybe I can listen and support their viewpoint.. Also Clarence Thomas rubbed salt in the wound, by mentioning that LGBT and contraception rights need to be revisited. How ill-timed and cruel. You noticed he didn’t mention the Supreme Court decision about interracial marriage. There surely was none of that going on when the constitution was written.

      1. While we are talking about “right -to-life” issues, I also want to affirm the rights of Americans not to be gunned down by weapons of war. These weapons designed to kill multiple people in a few minutes, even seconds, were inconceivable when the constitution was written. I fully support responsible gun ownership and the right of people to own guns, just not weapons that have the potential to kill large amounts of people in few minutes. How was the right to life of the children at Sandy Hook and Uvalde Elementary schools protected to not be assassinated in this way? Not to mention the many other victims of AR -15s. Solving this pro-life issue will involve not just control of what kind of weapons people can own, but also addressing mental health issues. We need to support parents to parent children well so mental health issues are prevented and people have the resources to deal with them when they occur. Being pro-life involves support of legislation that funds these services. It is not either or; it is both.

        Being pro-life is so much more than just preventing abortion. It is caring about all the needs of human beings through the life-span and giving personal support and advocating for laws that reflect that as our value of this. I wrote as I did in the original post as I feel many of the “pro-life” people I know seem to narrow their understanding to just preventing abortion. I just ask for people to think more deeply about these other issues that are related.

  8. Remember the pregnant man, who was actually a biological woman? Women singularly have the blessing and burden of giving birth. “She shall be saved…” not by simply giving birth, but in the rearing of that child. She cannot conceive alone but often has to raise that child alone.

    Men inflict pressure, intimidation, and violence upon females in pursuit of sex – including Christian men. Even in consensual relations, the woman bares the stigma and trauma of the pregnancy, and sacrifice needed for childcare. Women tell themselves they aren’t killing babies, but making a responsible decision to avoid monumental physical, emotional and financial challenges she isn’t prepared to meet.

    As Christ declared, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” The Catholic church? Seriously? With their history of sexual abuse of children? Evangelicals? Society has lost respect for these charlatans, modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. Society? The foster care system inflicts even more abuse on these devastated children, then dump them in the world at 18 – ill equipped, alone and broken. Covid added more than 140,000 more orphaned children. Christians dismissed covid and vaccines too. Where are these adoptive parents? Homosexuals are adopting children. My family has fostered and adopted for generations. It is difficult work. One Church One Child was founded for the church to rescue these precious children. It folded due to a lack of support – from the church.

    The carnal mind does not, cannot conform to the law of God. (Romans 8:7) Behavior follows conversion. The church seems to have lost both the desire and ability to accomplish our first mission. This problem needs to be solved on MANY levels. Each one reach one, is my personal effort to prevent the need for an abortion.

    1. “Covid added more than 140,000 more orphaned children. Christians dismissed covid and vaccines too. ”

      Debra, not all Christians dismissed, but rather some were sounding the alarm of a false covid narrative along with its dangerous experimental injection.

      We are currently seeing many women suddenly lose pregnancies, while others (injected and non injected) become fertile. Here is one summary by an ex Marine Corps surgeon married to a senior officer at the Pentagon:


      If you want more sources, please let me know.

        1. Brian, Sorry, but I glean info from a rather broad range of sources since no one has a lock and key in truth (except for Jesus) and let the chaff blow in the wind.

          I was short on time and thought it convenient to have the cliff notes of Dr. Merritt’s talk. You can search for it elsewhere if you want to listen to it in full.

          Did you know?

          “Wikipedia co-founder says site is now ‘propaganda’ for left-leaning ‘establishment’”


          Breitbart also did a more comprehensive article on it.


          1. Kenly Wayne,

            So… you defend using a borderline white-nationalist site as a “source” for your “news”. Let’s see you still defend that when you stand before the Great White Throne at the end of your days.

            I’m *far* from a vax fan, but nor am I going to spout wacko kooky borderline evil nonsense just to bolster my POV.

            The vaccine should be a matter of choice, it is probably not as great as the establishment tells us, mandates are always wrong… that’s all our message needs to be.

      1. Kenely,

        It takes a lot effort to deny the obvious. If your statement is true, then the level of people withholding information from the world is astounding!

        Almost every world leader, the Royal family, the military, first responders, past and present presidents, political leaders, journalist, doctors, hospital staff, educators, restaurant workers, children, actors… did I leave out anyone? ALL vaccinated.

        It’s like the rapture, if the vaccine is dangerous, those left behind will have a very difficult time.

        God Bless

        1. Thank you Debra for your comments. As a nurse, I have vaccinated well over 1000 people personally and participated in clinics that vaccinated thousands. Outside of the predictable side effects that are a part of the body forming an immune response, no life-altering or serious side effects were reported. I work for the federal government and we are updated constantly about Covid and people’s response to the vaccine. However, I am sad to report I have witnessed the tragedy of many who died or suffer with Long Covid because they were afraid to take the vaccine d/t to the politicization of this illness and the vaccine to prevent it

          1. Beth,

            No! I thank you!!! One of my kids is a physician. What you all have had to endure is both heroic and heartbreaking.

            My family, close friends and I, have all been vaccinated and boosted. Members of my extended family that have refused the vaccination have one by one become seriously ill and lost several co-workers and friends. My pastor talked down the vaccine in a sly way then he, his son and grandchildren became very ill. It swept through our church, cancelling events. I started writing to members as they came to mind. I was saddened to discover some had been hospitalized, one lost a young son, one a husband, before the vaccines were available. I know a young doctor, just three years out of residency, treating the innocent AND the rebellious alike, has now developed long-covid.

            It angers me quite frankly. People refuse to wear a simple mask when you all have/had to wear custom fitted PPE all day, for the protection of yourself, the innocent AND those that made an ill-advised decision.

            No! Beth, I thank YOU!!!!

      2. Kenely,

        I am speechless. Do you also doubt that over 1 million Americans have died from Covid? They kept data on the deaths like they do on all public matter. You should speak with morgues, funeral homes, first responders, those who have lost loved ones, and those with long covid. How do you justify believing their lost isn’t real? What is the motive for the lies and deception? Who benefits?

        Life must be crippling to believe the whole world is in on a con to deceive us on the realities of Covid and the vaccines.

        1. Debra, looks like I goofed when I said the injections were making women fertile, when I should’ve written infertile.

          I agree it’s a tough cookie to wrap one’s mind around the extent at which people fell for it.

          “Pfizer knew that “exposure” to the vaccine was defined — in their own words – as sexual contact (especially at time of conception), skin contact, inhalation or lactation. [https://dailyclout.io/vaccine-shedding-can-this-be-real-after-all/]. ‘Fact-checkers’ can deny this all they want. The documents speak for themselves.”


          “Fifth largest life insurance company in the US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021 – Total claims/benefits up $6 BILLION.

          Company cites “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” in explanation of losses from group life insurance business: Stock falling, replaces CEO”


          The only difference from previous years was the injection.

          1. Kenly,

            In love, I will say, the level of arrogance, and or ignorance, to believe “you,“ not investigative journalist, with a myriad of tools at their disposal, whose full time job it is, who could win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, has not uncovered that the whole world is being dangerously mislead about the safety of the vaccines, that millions around the world have received, for two years now, is astounding! The Bible refers to a person who refuses to be corrected as a scoffer.

            Since you have more integrity than the gazillion people that would be personally privileged to this information, but is withholding it, you, Kenly, have an obligation to go public – by all means possible, and be the whistleblower.

            Before you do, you should also investigate to find out how much, Fox News, OneAmerica, NewsMax, Alex Jones, and Rudy, to name a few, have paid out for impugning the reputation of those they made false claims against.

            You should be warned that God detest one who bares false witness. Be very careful!

        2. Rabindranath Ramcharan

          After about a year of “fifteen days to flatten the curve” and watching our political and public health elites wearing masks and maintaining social distancing whenever they darn well felt like it and seeing reports of people dying of covid with comobidities like exsanguination incident to multiple gunshot wounds”, I started to get a little skeptical about the official version of events
          I don’t know how “crippling” it is, but it’s not all that great, and it’s not like I got here on my own.

        3. Andrew Thomas

          Debra H,

          “Do you also doubt that over 1 million Americans have died from Covid?”

          Yes, there is a medical distinction between “dying from” and “dying with” and the CDC/FDA have chosen to not make that distinction in the official numbers.

          “You should speak with morgues, funeral homes, first responders, those who have lost loved ones, and those with long covid”

          I have and what they are telling me is not matching what your evening news research is reporting.

          “How do you justify believing their lost isn’t real?”

          Of course their loss is real, but the cause of their loss is up for debate.

          “What is the motive for the lies and deception?”

          Evil will use whatever means to acquire power and wealth, usually through the use of fear, and counting on the Christians that blindly trust authorities that do not follow God’s Laws/Jesus’s example of how to live in this world.

          “Who benefits?”

          Evil and those willing to sell their souls

          “Life must be crippling to believe the whole world is in on a con to deceive us on the realities of Covid and the vaccines.”

          Not at all, the “con” is in every aspect of our lives, not just the not vaccine. It has allowed us to see which churches/pastors/friends/fellow Christians/enemies serve God and those that don’t. Satan has influence in this fallen world and only has to effect those that will best serve his purpose to lead us away from Christ. It is how we respond to this evil (not why is evil, evil) that defines us in our walk under service to God. Read Matthew 23.

          1. Andrew Thomas,

            “Yes, …the CDC/FDA have chosen to not make that distinction….”

            Do you hear yourself? You are inferring a vast number of professionals, some Christians too, lack the integrity to do the right thing? It is your duty, to provide the public with your expert findings.

            “I have and what they are telling me is not matching … reporting.”

            Lying is certainly evil. Maybe you should expand your research. Funny, the servants who actually witnessed the death and suffering, aren’t a part of this ongoing nonsense.

            “Evil will use whatever…to acquire power and wealth, … through … fear, and counting on the Christians that blindly trust authorities …in this world.”

            Yes! It will. Evil will also seek to justify whatever agenda they are serving. The blind here are in very good company. Wealth? Do you realize how financially devasting the pandemic was worldwide? What wealthy/wise person/company would be so naive?

            “Evil and those willing to sell their souls”

            Not selling our souls, using our God-given brains. Trust God, but lock your doors. You do lock your doors – right?

            “Not at all, the “con” is in every aspect of our lives, not just the not vaccine. It has allowed us to see which churches/pastors/friends/fellow Christians/enemies serve God and those that don’t. Satan has influence in this fallen world … that defines us in our walk under service to God. Read Matthew 23.”

            Amen! It has indeed allowed us to see “churches/pastors/friends/fellow Christians/enemies” for who they serve. God gives some over to a reprobate mind. God reminds us to “examine ourselves,” to make sure we’re not the con.

            What is YOUR motive? Since you think the medical establishment has defrauded us, why would you ever seek medical services again?

  9. Andrew Thomas

    The churches/pastors, “hey everyone, now the the SC has overturned federal law R v W, our federally approved 501c3 status is safe, per Walter Kim, NAE president. “Under Roe v. Wade, our ability to consider policies that safeguard life at the most vulnerable stage was severely limited.” (we need to be asking them “why?” and whom they serve), and we can now openly talk about abortion.

    We have the need to raise more money for church community programs that should have already been in place/operational, and finally helping these “at risk” single women/young girls that are pregnant without a support system.

    We will no longer be treating them as the worst sinners ever to walk through our doors, shaming them, and telling them they aren’t welcome because of a poor choice/assault.

    We have a whole new revenue stream to exploit because our members will never question our motives and ask why haven’t we been doing this from the beginning.”

  10. “So… you defend using a borderline white-nationalist site as a “source” for your “news”. Let’s see you defend that when you stand before the Great White Throne at the end of your days.”

    Brian, it appears your judgement of that website was simply created by your appealing to Wikipedia as your authority, and not from reading through many of their articles and coming to that conclusion on your own. Wiki obviously wants you to believe that to keep you from reading there. Why? Because they are involved in a conspiracy to hide truth.

    People often idolize famous characters in history like Winston Churchill by using quotes of his. Does this mean they must support the evil/reprehensible crimes the man was responsible for – namely the genocide of millions of people? I could go on and discuss the issue of fake vs real Jew, or “Jew”, but this is not the time to do so.

    Btw, getting back to the abortion theme, check out some of the videos The Founded Earth Brothers put out on the subject of “the breath of God”, and maybe you’ll enjoy the rest of their channel’s content. Wink wink 🙂

    1. Debra – you mentioned using one’s brain, so here is a statistical analysis for your consideration:


      I would simply ask for you to carefully read this report and show where he is in error using the Canadian government’s own data about the supposed pandemic. The only common sense/rational conclusion is that everyone involved in this scam (especially the high priests in white coats administering the injections) is guilty of serious crimes against humanity.

      Why do you think the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in suing whistleblowers for defamation and libel?

      Answer: if they did – the evidence in their published (and not yet published studies), and the medical evidence from all the adverse reactions and deaths world-wide would prove the whistleblowers are telling the truth.

      1. Kenly & Andrew:

        These are the five stages of grief:

        1) Denial
        2) Anger
        3) Bargaining
        4) Depression
        5) Acceptance

        Perhaps like many, you were mislead or lied to by someone with an agenda, that you admired and trusted.

        Thank you both for being gracious with your opposing views. Admitting you were wrong is very difficult for some. This is too exhausting. I do not believe anything I or anyone else can say will enlightened you with the obvious truth, so I’m “shaking the dust off my feet” and moving on like the majority of the world.

        I pray that you both get to the “acceptance” stage. The number of those who will not admit they are obviously wrong, is a shrinking group.

        God Bless

        1. Andrew Thomas

          Debra H,

          “Perhaps like many, you were mislead or lied to by someone with an agenda, that you admired and trusted.”

          That would be God, His Son’s teachings, prayer for discernment, and the Bible (not man or woman. Who are you trusting in and being led by?

    2. Brian Patrick

      Kenly Wayne,

      I’m very familiar with that rag and what it argues. Wikipedia was just a convenient quick source. It’s telling that you attack the messenger rather than the message. I wonder why this could be.

      “I could go on and discuss the issue of fake vs real Jew, or “Jew”, but this is not the time to do so.”

      I’m really not interested in that kind of nonsense. What you are doing here is tantamount to pushing the Turner Diaries or Protocols on TRR, and you can defend that any way you want to us–I’m not sure they will succeed before the one righteous Judge in the end.

  11. Peter Maxwell

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