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Televangelist Benny Hinn Served Lawsuit While Preaching

By Barry Bowen
benny hinn lawsuit
On August 7, 2022, televangelist Benny Hinn is served a lawsuit during a service in California. (Video screengrab.) 

A California pastor and owner of a Spanish-speaking television network has sued televangelist Benny Hinn and two associates of Hinn’s for defamation. Hinn was served the lawsuit while speaking at a “Miracle Service.” The exchange can be viewed on YouTube.

Bringing the suit is Norman Quintero, CEO of TeleAmerica Television Network and Senior Pastor of Iglesia Getsemani in Anaheim, California. Quintero is suing Hinn, Hinn-associates Donald B. Price and publicist Ronn Torossian, and Torossian’s company, 5W Public Relations.

The lawsuit was filed May 5 in Superior Court Orange County, California, and initially named Price and “Does 1-25” as defendants. Quintero then filed several amended complaints over the summer specifically adding Hinn, Torossian, and 5W to the suit.

Quintero alleges that Price published a website “to destroy Dr. Quintero’s personal reputation.” According to the lawsuit, “The Website states, or at least implies, that Dr. Quintero has been convicted on criminal charges. The statement is false.”

While the offending website is now offline, a backup copy of the website can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

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Price, an officer at Benny Hinn Ministries, also runs eMinistries Consulting and Family Altar of the Air. The suit alleges Price defamed Quintero “to run (Quintero) out of business for Price’s own interests and the interests of Toufik Benedictus ‘Benny’ Hinn.”

Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

In an online post, Quintero claims that the suit against Hinn will reveal “many secrets.” These include a “double life, donations to finance a lavish lifestyle, and more. . . . For over 40 years Benny Hinn and his staff have manipulated the system; NOW, they faced the biggest battle of their life and ministry.”

The lawsuit lacks details on Hinn’s alleged role in Quintero’s defamation, but this could surface during court testimony.

The suit asks for a jury trial and damages “of at least $500,000,” as well as legal “and equitable relief the Court may order.”

Prior court battles

The court battles between Quintero and Hinn associates began in 2021, with Price suing Quintero in Dallas County Court in Dallas, Texas. According to court documents, the suit involved “tortious interference with contract, tortious interference with prospective contract, defamation, and business disparagement, stemming from a failed real estate transaction.”

The case took a quick detour in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas before being remanded to the lower court because of a question about Quintero’s residency.

However, the court may have questioned the wrong person’s residency.

Price’s lawsuit says, “Plaintiff, Donald B. Price, is an individual residing in Dallas County, Texas.” Investigators with The Trinity Foundation, which is based in Dallas, searched Dallas County Appraisal District and found no evidence Price lives in Dallas County.

However, Price’s ministry, Family Altar of the Air, owns a 14,500 square-foot mansion worth $6 million in nearby Collin County. Family Altar of the Air also owns a Florida mansion worth over $4 million.

Julie Roys contributed to this article, which was originally published by Trinity Foundation. This article has been corrected to correctly note the worth of real estate owned by Family Altar of the Air.

Barry Bowen is a staff member of Trinity Foundation, a public nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas that has been tracking religious fraud and helping victims for over 30 years. 



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6 Responses

  1. It is always about the money…why do religious people get so easily taken in???

    Partisanship/tribalism – a two bit NY RE grifter takes literally the entire evangelical community for a ride straight to hell…. the world shakes its head as this community belligerently defames the name of Jesus of Nazareth…????

  2. You can look up tax records for free on some websites. Hal Lindsey was paying himself at least $1 million a year before Obama limited what nonprofit CEOs can get paid. The last year it was allowed to make more than $1 million a year I think Lindsey paid himself $3 million. His wife is his treasurer who gets paid at least $350,000 a year. Benny Hinn probably paid himself much more than Lindsey.

    1. Did Barry Obama wave his mighty Presidential Pen and say, “Non-profit CEOs, thou shalt not make over $1 million per year!” …? No. Non-profits can still pay executives whatever they wish; however, there is an IRS rule which levies a 21% excise tax on salaries over $1 million.

  3. Your organization should put out a list of the top 15 – 25 Peachers and their yearly income and properties (mansions), jets, etc for the public to know. A bill should be passed to limit the income of “ Pastors “ of “not for profit” churches and church organizations, or a yearly list of all Pastor’s incomes for public knowledge. Jesus preached for nothing, except for food and shelter.

  4. I was sitting in Benny Hinns church in Orlando many years ago. In that meeting an elderly woman stood and claimed to be healed. When Hinn came down from the stage to interview her, she told him that she was not a christian but was jewish. It was an interesting few moments while he tried to explain to her that it was Jesus who healed her. She constantly asserted that she was not a christian but was jewish. In a later video Hinn tried to explain that he simply did not understand why the healing occurred because the woman never changed that she was not christian but jewish. Her husband confirmed this. Mr Hinn’s conclusion was that God could do anything He wanted whether Hinn understood it at all. Benny Hinn has always-preached with a flair that I found disconcerting but this alone made me confident that he was speaking humbly. i am very afraid that he may not be the same man today as he was then but the answer is to pray for him

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