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Moody Radio, AFR, and Others Drop Ravi Zacharias From Programming

By Christina Darnell
Ravi Zacharias

Moody Radio, one of the largest Christian radio networks in the U.S., is among several radio organizations dropping Ravi Zacharias broadcasts from its lineup after Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) confirmed many of the allegations of “sexual misconduct” made against the late apologist.

Moody Radio made the announcement Christmas weekend with the cancellations effective immediately.

“We are deeply saddened after reading the preliminary report provided to us by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM),” said Doug Hastings, vice president of Moody Radio. “The picture that is becoming clear about Ravi Zacharias through the work of an independent investigator is very much inconsistent with his public ministry.” 

The preliminary report was released by Miller & Martin, a firm hired to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and abuse made by former employees at two Atlanta-area day spas that Zacharias co-owned and frequented. RZIM shared it alongside a statement confirming that while the investigation was ongoing, the preliminary report “indicates this assessment of Ravi’s behavior to be true—that he did indeed engage in sexual misconduct.”

“Moody Radio prayerfully considers who we partner with, and as a ministry founded upon the Word of God, we firmly believe that those in positions of leadership and teaching Scripture must be above approach,” Hastings said.

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Moody is replacing RZIM’s weekly Let My People Think broadcast with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s Revive Our Hearts Weekend, and RZIM’s daily Just Thinking broadcast with Paul Cannings’ Power Walk. The change started Mon. (Dec. 28). 

Several other stations and networks also dropped Zacharias following the report. American Family Radio, a Christian radio network with more than 180 stations, confirmed that it dropped Zacharias’ Let My People Think broadcast from its Sunday evening lineup beginning last weekend after airing it for almost 20 years. 

WIHS Christian Radio in Connecticut also confirmed that it is cancelling all programs from RZIM.  

Bible Broadcasting Network in Charlotte dropped Zacharias in October when the day spa allegations against him first surfaced

“In the past, after hearing of similar allegations, BBN concluded we would give Ravi the benefit of the doubt based on our longstanding relationship,” said Jason Padgett, BBN’s business and operations manager. “At the time, however, we expressed to the leadership of RZIM that future questions of this nature would require us to discontinue our broadcast of Let My People Think. We have notified RZIM of this decision, effective immediately. We will continue to pray for the ministry of RZIM.”

Christina Darnell is a freelance writer who has contributed to MinistryWatch, WORLD, The Charlotte Observer, and other publications.



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17 Responses

  1. ““At the time, however, we expressed to the leadership of RZIM that future questions of this nature would require us to discontinue our broadcast of Let My People Think.”–Jason Padgett, BBN’s business and operations manager

    an incentive for RZIM to double down on its coverup and deception.

  2. Moody Radio…leading from behind again! Kind of ironic that former Moody on air personality Julie Roys is on this months ago and Moody Radio plods on and finally bringing up the rear steps up to the plate,,,,only to find game is over. New moniker “Moody Radio on the cutting edge of nothing”. Sounds about right.

      1. Jerome wrote: “Moody is controlled by the all mighty dollar, and nothing else.”
        I would agree with you…to certain extent. Julie’s “Up For Debate” was cancelled…..I believe……as a result of exposing some what I’d call “theological landmines” at Moody’s. Of course, the President (CEO?) of Moody cancelled Julie’s program before……retiring.
        By the way, Jerome, some King James Only people almost swear the KJV is the “inspired” translation.
        Happy New Year!

        (Jude 3)
        Post Tenebras Lux

      2. Jerome, maybe you want some of that money too without working. The money giving to Moody radio is to be on the air and for thousands of people to hear the Good News. WE need to pray for the money to be well spent at the end, God knows everything. The evil one is every where, but not in the same way Our GOD is. So, Sir, think before you type and may the Lord be with you and keep you.

  3. It’s “above reproach,” not “above approach.” Sigh…the v.p. of Moody Radio can’t quote scripture correctly? Really?

  4. Like I said before and I’ll say it again: this ministry has to go. Period.
    I was watching Dr. James White on a recent video on YouTube, “The Dividing Line”, where he commented on RZIM. His assessment is that many ministries (paraphrasing) usually disappear once its founder is taken by the LORD. I financially supported the ministry for several years, and 2020 (a crossroads year) is the final year. RZIM has to go out. Globally. All people involved, find another ministry and join them. Or perhaps make a separate ministry on your own. The ministry is NOT a popularity contest, paraphrasing the late Dr. Walter Martin, founder of the original Christian Research Institute (CRI). Paraphrasing Dr. White, our faith is NOT to be focused on an individual. The scholarship of an individual. The accomplishments of an individual. The charisma of an individual, etc. Your/our faith would be badly grounded. The objective reality of Gospel truth is that God is the one doing the saving, not a crooked stick. Yes, God can use a crooked stick to draw a straight line. The wonderful thing about the Word of God is that reveals all the warts that hide under our skins. No one is pretty under God’s microscope. Only God’s Son has pleased Him. And Through Him, Yeshua, we have been reconciled to a Holy God. All have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God. All of us are rebellious and our sinful nature will always reject God’s holiness. Thus, God in His mercy, has CHOSEN us for future salvation before the foundation of the world. David not only committed adultery but also premeditated murder. Yet, the Messiah, a descendant of David, will in God’s throne. Amazing grace. I have on my shelf the book “The Kingdom of The Cults” by Walter Martin. It is the latest edition, foreword by Ravi himself. The book will remain in my library, never ignoring Ravi’s contribution. I was exposed to Jehovah’s Witnesses false doctrines before being saved. This book, among many other apologetic works, has helped me get a solid Biblical doctrinal foundation, and prepare me to witness to people that are caught up in cults, like the JWs.
    I could go on, but I’d be here until next year. Here’s Dr. James White, talking about different subjects, and he addresses RZIM. I hope Julie doesn’t mind if share the link to his video:
    Also, for those that love to disagree with someone’s opinion or view in regards to a subject, I may have misspelled some words. On purpose. If it tweaks you the wrong way, please, find a hobby?

    In Messiah’s Grip,
    (Jude 3)
    Post Tenebras Lux

  5. Moody Radio, AFR and the others better be prepared to tear up and throw out 1/3 of the Old Testament. Stories revealing other very Godly men, who stumbled, who committed great atrocities. The Gospel is one of both redemption and restoration. Little wonder when God gave King David the option of being judged by Him or judged by God, he chose God. For “let us fall into the hand of the LORD, for his mercies are great; but do not let me fall into the hands of men” (2Sam 24:14). Those of you who are apt to be quick to condemn a servant of God, best remember the words of the Apostle Paul, “Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will stand, for God is able to make him stand”. I leave you with the words of Jesus, our God and Savior when speaking about judging, being merciful or giving “for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you”. RZIM have been more than adequately transparent in all this. Isn’t it enough that the god of this world, the accuser, and all his followers do the great Saint bashing, without God’s children jumping on the band wagon. I say stop the bashing and lift his widow and family in prayer throughout all this. There’s more Scripture directing to do this than there’ll ever be instructing us to criticize. Shame on Moody Radio, AFR and the others. Love and blessings to all.

    1. Thank you brother in Christ! You are the first person I find giving the right approach to all these articles found now on the Web. It is unfortunate to find these kinds of comments about someone who was a preacher of the gospel, and a defender of the Christian faith. I find your comment very proper and respectful, which is what God wants from us. Your Scripture quotes are enough to cause shame on all of those “making firewood from the fallen tree”. Our brother Ravi is in heaven. It is shameful that people bring something like this after a person has passed and is not able to defend himself. And we call ourselves, “brethren” in Christ. We are supposed to fight the same battle, and look at us, turning on each other instead, even when some of us have already passed away. I am a 56 year old man, and reading some of these comments here and on some other sites found on the Web, make my eyes get watery. It hurts to know some have the audacity to speak like that of a person who, although not perfect (and who is? throw the first stone…) risked his life going to places where not even 1% of those disrespecting him here (even after being deceased) would dare to go. He even dared to confront believers of religions who hate Christians at their own turf. Let’s stop the defamation and murmur. God condemns both, and no one is authorized to express oneself of a brother in that way. Instead, please, let’s pray for his family, and let’s pray for those who were able to hear about Christ through his preaching. The important thing here is the the Gospel is preached. Motives and intentions do not matter. Here is what Philippians 1:18 says: “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.” Brother Ravi, did that. The rest is in God’s hands–the Just Judge. No reason to take his preaching off from radio stations. All those radio stations are doing is serving as a stumbling block to the Gospel. This is my humble and sincere point of view.

  6. Issues have been brought up for years, to no avail. Timothy gives plenty of insight of what qualifications a church leader needs to possess. After years of denial and obfuscation, you say they “have been more than adequately transparent in all this”. Where have you been looking. Ravi destroyed the reputation of a women he seduced. I do not see any transparency in that issue, and there is much secrecy concerning the board, salaries and leadership in general. The inquiry was not tasked with looking into Lori Anne’s case and what’s up with the Non-Disclosure issue? What about justice for Lori Anne? What about lifting her up in prayer? What about letting her speak out as her case is relevant to the investigation?

    I also do not understand why you would accuse us of unjustly judging and then add a spiritual sounding, “Love and blessings to all”. Believers can say their piece without adding Christian Speak.

  7. How does a ministry like RZIM come back from the moral failure of its leader? And why should it not? RZIM has many young men and women doing meaningful work world-wide. To tar them all by the same brush is as unjust as leaving him on a pedestal. It falls off the horse of celebrity on the other side. Many in RZIM are still stunned and are just waking up from denial, which is the first stage of grief, soon they will be angry, they will question themselves and ask what they missed. More than most, they will feel deeply the moral failure of a man who led them and to whom they looked up. It takes time to absorb the kind of shock they are must work through.

    The board and senior leadership have questions to answer and profound issues to confront so they repent of real moral issues. But so does an American evangelical church built on a celebrity, image and franchise culture of modernity and corporatism. It is shaped by boards made from people recruited for their fund-raising capacity as much as for their wisdom. The danger, of course, is to generalize, no doubt, there are many thousands of godly board members. There is much talk on this site of accountability, but what does that mean. But one asks, did Ravi Z. have friends with whom he could have accountability of the heart? It would take a very courageous man or woman to confess to sin in the culture of graceless perfectionism that evangelicalism in the USA has become.

    What is the wider discussion here? All the cases on the Roys Report are embedded in a broader system and culture that needs questioning. The analysis does not go nearly deep enough, the picture is more complex than failed leaders, and the solutions are only as good as the diagnosis.

  8. The truth was revealed. A religious leader used his position and power to satisfy his needs as a sexual predator. God is the truth and loves the truth. Praise God for His revelation.

  9. Julie, on 1 Jan 2021 I sent an email to my local Christian station in New Zealand about the appropriateness of broadcasting Ravi’s programme every Sunday in light of the recent developments. Please find the content of my email.

    “Dear Rhema media team,

    In recent media reports in regards to sexual abuse allegations against Ravi Zacharias I am wondering if the Rhema media board is willing to continue broadcasting Ravi’s weekly radio program Let my people think. I have learnt that Moody Radio, amongst other broadcasters, in the USA have discontinued Ravi’s radio program- Please see . Could the Rhema media team please update me on their position on airing Ravi’s radio show on Sunday mornings and nights?

    Kind regards,

    Rhema supporter”

    I did not receive a response. However, on 3 Jan and 10 Jan Ravi’s programme was not broadcasted without any explanination. Now, I feel guilty for this.

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