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Interim Report Finds Ravi Zacharias “Engaged in Sexual Misconduct Over Many Years”

By Julie Roys
Ravi Zacharias

The firm hired by RZIM to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by Ravi Zacharias has released an interim report, finding “credible evidence” that Zacharias “engaged in  sexual misconduct over many years.”

“Some of that misconduct is consistent with and corroborative of that which is reported in the news recently,” the report said, “and some of the conduct we have uncovered is more serious.”

The report was given to the Executive Committee of the RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) Board of Directors yesterday and released today.

In a statement posted to RZIM’s website, the executive committee called the misconduct “deeply troubling and wholly inconsistent with the man Ravi Zacharias presented both publicly and privately to so many over more than four decades of publicly ministry.

“We are heartbroken at learning this but feel it necessary to be transparent and to inform our staff, donors, and supporters at this time, even while the investigation continues.”

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The statement and interim report come less than two weeks after The Roys Report published a stunning letter by RZIM Apologist Max Baker-Hytch, saying the ministry has lost trust because of its handling of the sex abuse and credentials scandal.

Soon after, Australian author and speaker John Dickson severed ties with RZIM.

And just this week, RZIM leader Carson Weitnauer published a scathing letter, accusing RZIM’s “secretive board and senior leaders” of misleading the staff and public. Similarly, two members of RZIM’s speaking team—Sam Allberry and Daniel Gilman—have publicly criticized RZIM’s leadership and said they believe Zacharias’ alleged victims.

In its update, the firm conducting the investigation, Miller & Martin, said it had interviewed dozens of witnesses, including many massage therapists who treated Zacharias. In addition, the firm said it reviewed “numerous documents and electronic devices used by Mr. Zacharias over the years.”

The firm said it was hired specifically to investigate the sexual harassment alleged to have occurred at two massage spas Zacharias co-owned. Miller & Martin added that it was “given broad discretion . . . to follow leads into other sexual misconduct.”

However, The Roys Report contacted Lori Anne Thompson—the Canadian woman who alleges Zacharias groomed and lured her into a sexting relationship, which became public in 2017.

According to Thompson, no one from Miller & Martin has contacted her.

Thompson also has publicly asked the Zacharias family to release her from a non-disclosure agreement, barring her from speaking about her relationship with Zacharias. But Thompson said the Zacharias family has not released her from that agreement, nor has she had any contact with the family.

In its statement, RZIM’s Executive Committee stated: “We are devastated for those who have suffered from Ravi’s misconduct and for the pain that they are enduring. They have asked for confidentiality and anonymity, and both we and the investigators are committed to honoring their wishes.”

Miller & Martin said they plan to finish their investigation in January or early February.

In its statement today, RZIM pledged to publicly release the Miller & Martin report “as soon as possible after the investigation is complete.”

Below is the interim report by Miller & Martin:

Click to access 2020-12-22+LMB+Ltr+to+Special+Cmte.pdf



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97 Responses

  1. Ravi was well respected and did a lot to advance the Kingdom of God to the Glory of Jesus Christ. But, he was just like the rest of us Christians, weak and feeble and prone to falling far short of the glory of God. Our Lord used him and took home to glory. Does it really do any good to continue to point out his failings. What would be written about Peter or Paul if they were alive today? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

    1. Pastor Dave, as a pastor surely you know that the original context of that Scripture was that the woman taken in adultery was going to be killed.

      No one is calling for the death penalty for Zacharias; indeed, at this point in time they cannot.

      They are simply asking for the light to be shone on the true character of a man who allegedly lived one way in public and a far different way in private, and for the ministry he founded to be transparent about it.

      When a pastor says that all Christians are prone to hiding sins such as adultery and sexual abuse, and when a pastor says that these egregious sins are “weakness” and “feebleness,” then I would want to suggest to the people he pastors that they might want to consider holding their own investigation into their pastor’s private life.

      When the Scriptures say that a pastor should be “blameless,” they are not referring to his public life only. The private life is exactly what they’re referring to.

      1. Be careful or you may find your mouth overloading your behind. Blameless and sinless are NOT the same. You are not sinless by a long shot because you’re a human being and you proved as much with your comment. Pastor Dave responded with GRACE and empathy for a fellow human,which is EXACTLY what Jesus said we are supposed to do. Go see what the Bible says about people who believe they are superior to a fallen brother or sister in Christ.
        Also, the good Ravi did at any point in his years of ministry is still just as relevant to the life/lives he touched as before this news was public fodder for entertainment or gossip value. He was a human being who allegedly made some seriously bad choices. That still doesn’t make you or me or anyone else superior to him. And as for the argument given on the woman caught in adultery? The story is less about her sin and more about the accusers thoughts on their apparent lack of sin. Jesus put the focus where it needed to go. On the hearts of a murderous crowd. They thought they were somehow superior to the woman and Jesus made sure they understood that they were in no place to condemn that woman when their hearts were full of hate and strife.
        No one is in a position to judge this man’s sin because no one is without sin themselves. A Pastor should be held to a higher standard because they are leading others but no one should behave like the title of Pastor is synonymous with perfection. If you believe that then perhaps rather than saying nasty things like

        “When a pastor says that all Christians are prone to hiding sins such as adultery and sexual abuse, and when a pastor says that these egregious sins are “weakness” and “feebleness,” then I would want to suggest to the people he pastors that they might want to consider holding their own investigation into their pastor’s private life.”

        you should go re-read the entire Bible, because you obviously missed the ENTIRE POINT of a man named Jesus.

        1. 1Ti 5:19-20 “Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. (20) Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.” So there is a reason for public rebuke.

        2. Beth,

          I really think you are missing the point entirely. Ravi was a public figure who professed to always travel with someone to keep him free from sexual temptation and sin. His ministry was based on telling the truth and being open to the truth wherever it may lie. But his ministry lied about his credentials and thus far have been covering up his gregarious sins. I applaud RZIM for being open and letting this being published, this is a great step forward. I feel really bad for his family as they seemed like they were really close and I envied him for being such a good father. I really liked Mr. Ravi and like to listen to him and read some of his books. Many people came to know the Lord because of him. He was an exceptional communicator although I did not always follow his logic. But he had exceptional talents and he used his stature to lead a double life and harm women. Men especially, are tempted and do treat women as objects. Lives have been destroyed because of his misdeeds and it sounds like some of it was criminal activity. There is no indication that he repented of the sins although we do not know. Jesus admonished the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. He forgave her but expected her to not engage anymore in her sexual sin. As I have said before, men in power are tempted by sex, money and often become drunk with power.

          May the Lord move redemptively in this situation and bring comfort to the many victims.

        3. Couldn’t disagree more . The balance of scripture must be applied!

          Jesus said there should NOT be many teachers


          Because they are held to a much stricter “STANDARD”

          Adultery? Molestation, Abuse of power, Living a Lie posing as a PHD when he had no such credentials?

          Leading people to false teachers and wolves like Joyce Meyer, Henry Nouven a mystic priest homosexual ?

          This man is a serial liar and imposter !

          God exposed him and you commend him

          Oh how the deceived are led so easily by the blind and wicked

        4. I would suggest that the sad truth of the whole issue is that this hidden sin, or at least thought to be hidden, will destroy all the truth he preached, at least I some folks minds. How sad to think that someone, anyone, might end up in a Christless eternity simply because they can’t separate the words from the deeds…

    2. Wow … your reply is sexist and chauvanistic at the least. At its worst, you – a PASTOR, no less – not only denigrated every victim of RZ with your response; you also completely excused his abominable behavior as if it was a sneeze.

      Your response = it is fine and normal for a “man of God” to commit adultery, to touch and assault any female at any time. Read your Bible again – God’s Word is crystal clear on this type of sin. Not a “mistake” or “gross error in judgment”, but SIN.

      If your response is your true belief, then you don’t deserve the honor of being a pastor any longer. Repent – publicly, to your congregation for your appalling remarks. Step down from your position, and let your church find a wider man to shepherd people who’ll defend the vulnerable. Go work with a sex trafficking organization, so that you can learn the true ugliness of sexual assault and abuse that happens all the time – even in pastoral positions.

      1. This present day phenomena of Christian celebrity is perhaps a lure of Satan for men and women of the Word to be puffed up in their own eyes; so they don’t see their failings as undermining their witness as long as they can keep it buried. Did Ravi ever confess to anyone his sins? Did his conscience bother him? Was the pressure of International fame such that he felt justified in gratifying the flesh? Harsh words, but I listened to Ravi every night on the way home from work. He is another in a long list living double lives. It is a fearful thing to process.

        1. Agreed! Satan comes as an Angel of light. Paul says why do you marvel then his servants come as apostles of righteousness

          I.E Ravi Zacharias fits the bill. These are what the deceivers look like

    3. Tisk tisk, “Pastor” Dave. Shame on you!! Did you really just defend what Ravi did???! I wonder what weak and feeble things you are up to, hmmmm?? God help your flock, there is a wicked hireling looking out for them if you cannot differentiate what Ravi has done with the normal failings and sins of other Christians.

      1. Seriously you mean to say his sin is greater than your sin, wow that’s your understanding?
        The word tell us All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
        Yes Ravi sinned fell short of what God expected , I acknowledge that and feel very sad for him and his family and friends and myself because I loved the teachings he brought.
        I wouldn’t want to judge him worse than anyone else or myself His Lord has had the last word on his life as he has passed from life here to stand and give account, as we al will.

    4. “But, he was just like the rest of us Christians, weak and feeble and prone to falling far short of the glory of God. ”

      Pastor Dave,

      I have some atheist, agnostic, moslem, buddhist and hindu friends and family you should meet. Their integrity standards for themselves, their peers, and their leaders far outshine those of christians.

      it would be laughable if it wasn’t so utterly devastating.

      Raise your standards, Pastor Dave.

    5. What a load of crock, Pastor Dave! We all go around grooming many others for sex? Really! Please speak for yourself. Peter and Paul did no such things. Their writings condemn false brothers who do. This man is a malignant narcissist and according to your writings here apparently so are you. You need to repent that is all there is too it. Wow, what a jerk! It was not God using broods of vipers like you guys, Jesus called such sons of the Devil for very good reasons!

    6. RZ knew he was dying, right? If he was the man his apologists say he was, where was the death bed confession? The final admission of guilt? The cleansing of his conscience? Or is it impossible for wolves in sheep’s clothing to do such things?

      1. Pastor Bob: Exactly. Why not come clean? Which brings me to have sad it is and shameful that he allowed his family/colleagues after his death to have to pick up the pieces! I used to listen to him almost every day. He is probably the only well known evangelical I ever trusted. Until now. I’ve long had no trust for the Jim Bakkers or the Osteen types. But I really thought RZ was above board. What else in Christianity is false??

        1. Halle – You ask a good question…
          “What else in Christianity is false??”

          Well, if the Bible is to be our standard?
          There is lots of… errr… stuff… to check out. :-)

          How about? For a start?
          1 – Titled pastors?
          2 – Church Leaders? Christian Leaders? Spiritual Leaders?

          If the Bible is to be our standard?
          And WE, His Sheep, His Kings and Priests?
          His Friends, His Bride, His Servants, His Redeemed?
          His Ekklesia, His Called Out Ones, His Church?
          His Body, His Followers, His sons?
          His Ambassadors?

          Desire to be one of His Disciples?
          Shouldn’t WE, His Sheep? look, at least a little…
          Like one of His Disciples in the Bible?

          1 – In the Bible? Can you find?
          One of His Disciples who “called” them self pastor?
          One of His Disciples who had the “Title” pastor?
          Or shepherd? Or under-shepherd? Or reverend?
          Like WE, His Sheep, see today?

          Job 32:21-22 KJV
          Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person,
          neither let me give “Flattering Titles” unto man.
          For I know not to give “Flattering Titles;”
          in so doing my maker would soon take me away.

          2 – In the Bible? Can you find?
          One of His Disciples who called them self “Leader?”
          One of His Disciples who called another Disciple “Leader?”
          Or church leader? Or christian leader? Or spiritual leader?

          Seems Jesus has a unique take on “leaders,” for His Disciples…


          And His Disciples must have believed Jesus… Because…
          NOT one of His Disciples called them self “Leader.”

          Mat 23:10-12 NASB
          Do NOT be called leaders;
          for “ONE” is your Leader, that is, Christ.
          But the greatest among you shall be your “Servant”.
          Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled;
          and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.

          Humble – a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

          Know many? any? who take the position of Leader?
          Who are Humble?
          Having a modest or low estimate of their own importance?

          Jer 50:6
          “My people” hath been “lost sheep:”
          **THEIR shepherds**
          have caused them to *go astray,*

          Notice it says **THEIR shepherds.**

          1 Pet 2:25
          For ye were as *sheep going astray;*
          BUT are now returned to
          the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

          {{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}

      1. That is for the Lord to decide whether His kingdom was advanced or not.

        We should feel sad that Ravi was caught up in sexual sin and that none of his peers advisors board members who knew called him to account and told him to repent and stand down from all ministry. Guilt and shame is on them for not acting righteously.
        Better to lose your ministry than to cover your sin or another’s.
        the fall out is such a wound on the spirit of those who trusted him, pray for Ravi s family and friends of the ministry.

    7. What an ignorant comment. Yes it does matter. Women were sexually abused by this man. Do they matter to you? Clearly not. Jesus would go to those women. He would not defend a dead, abusive, lying hypocrite. He was harshest on those who pretended to be holy, but underneath their hearts were dark.

      These women and their pain matter.

      God forgive your black heart.

      P.S. unlike you and I, Ravi had significant power. This matters greatly.

    8. Speak for yourself “Pastor” Dave, as for me and my house, we will listen to JESUS over folks like you.

      “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. “And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. Matthew 5:29-30

      “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. “And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:34-36

      “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:21-23

      And just in case you don’t listen and teach the words of JESUS, here is John:

      Little children, let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous. He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God. In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. 1 John 3:7-10

    9. Pastor Dave. Would you say that about a child molester? A murderer? Someone who is embezzling money from the church? Or does Ravi get a “let those who are without sin cast the first stone” pass for some other reason?

      And do you realize how dismissive you are being towards the many women he sexually abused? Let them suffer in silence, is that your proposal?

      Sorry, but something tells me you have a knee-jerk reaction to people calling your profession out for its (frequency and widespread) abusive practices.


      1. The book of Jude speaks a dire warning regarding people who pervert the grace of God into a license for immorality.

        1. It is so unfair to bring accusations after a person is dead! You believe the stories of un named women, so easily. I am shocked! You write against Ravi before the reports are even completed. People who knew Ravi for years are now speaking ill of him. If he was as bad as they say, why did they not accuse him while he was alive?
          This is a stragetic attack well planned against Ravi. Can’t you see that?

          We have not met him personally, yet we continue to respect the person Ravi was. It is very sad to read the slander in christianity today…. and other articles. I have lost my respect for “christianity today” We heard Ravi speak since Laussane 1983. We continue to remember him for his contribution to the Lord Jesus Christ.

          1. Ravi defended himself while he was alive: one of the first young women who stated he had asked for “more than a massage” was fired at his behest. Fired.

      1. Ravi slandered Ravi’s name with his behaviours. No one else is responsible. Doesn’t seem to me that ŔZ was worried too much about his name nor how his behaviours affected others including his family. RZ plotted this all out before he did it. He manipulated others so he could bring his plan to fruition. That speaks volumes. Took a lot of his mental space that would have been better used for God.

        Keep in mind that RZ travelled extensively. I heard him speak in Chennai with his wife there. God knows what he was doing away from home and specifically overseas. His behaviours overseas could leave an impression of American Christians internationally.

      2. Because of the many victims involved, whether 1 or 100 doesn’t matter. I don’t know why men are not taught that sex is sacred honorable in bonds of marriage only. They will be greatly tempted, be aware at all times!

    10. God loves and forgives but he HATES sin. The church should hate sin as well. I feel so bad for his family. I would feel angry and shattered. And they can’t confront Ravi to tell him how he hurt them. Sin has consequences.

    11. Shame on you Pastor! There are victims left in the aftermath, and you’re more worried about the reputation of Ravi, who willingly sinned and violated other image-bearers of God. Pray for the victims, pray for Ravi’s wife and kids, but this biblically needs to be exposed. Ravi did not confess his wrong doing (although I hope he confessed and repented to the Lord, wife, and children) publicly, he denied it and continued to lie. Let this be sobering to husbands, fathers, and those in ministry.

    12. Pastor Dave…which denomination do you serve? The ‘rest of us Christians’ are not predatory, not abusive, not living out a perverse exhibitionist sex life (worse than Louis CK – a corrupt comedian who had consent at least, who was fired immediately due to the #metoo movement).

      God forgives. God also sanctifies and God HATES perpetual, habitual sin. How could Ravi serve these two masters? He couldn’t, according to scripture.

      More damage will be done to the Kingdom because of the Global impact he had and because of the young, fragile lives he had influence over.

      If you relate to this, P. Dave, I’m concerned. As a man, this is incomprehensible to me. WAY above sin. WAY above falling short. This is predatory, wrong and an abuse of power.

      We need to be looking in the ‘sheep-in-wolves’ clothing direction and calling it what it is, should it be true.

      We pray for his wife and family. We pray for these victims. It is only these that deserve our love right now. I am so sad.

    13. You are right that none of us are perfect. But Scripture has clear standards for one who would be a church leader. You might want to familiarize yourself with those, especially since you are a pastor. As for continuing to investigate, yes, it does good. It shows that the church universal is serious about speaking and living the truth and not covering up serious sins that hurt other people.

    14. Oh boy pastor Dave, you do not speak the words of Paul Peter or Jesus

      We are no Mark them avoid them and Sharply rebuke them !

      This command is targeted at frauds like these

      It’s one thing to be a wolf as Zacharias , but it’s worse especially as a pastor to commend and lead sheep to the wolves as you have just done.

      Not good my friend not good at all

      You are to be a watchman and your eyes are dim

    15. I can say I was a RZ listener /believer /supporter as well. But this comment is such a short sighted reprehensible response. Show some compassion and decency. It’s not just about him lying about his theological background…oops I forgot I didn’t get a degree from there! The wake of devastation that RZ left behind from decades of abuse in the name of Christ we can only imagine. Should the bible not mention Judas and what he did??After all he died before anyone new of his sin. But there it is, still being read and understood thousands of years later. God can use anyone to to further His kingdom, even a false teacher and a fraud such as RZ.

  2. Well, I am not surprised by the findings, am I disappointed, yes, well really hurt describes my feelings the best. For many years I watched and listened to Ravi and learned so much from him about my faith and grew stronger in my walk.
    Learning that he was not the person I thought he was just plain hits me in the gut. It’s not that I elevated him to some super Christian but that he seemed to have such a well rounded understanding of Christianity. What can I take away from all of this?

    1. No one is immune from sin’s temptation, it can happen to anyone of us any time.
    2. I have to be willing to be accountable to other men, no hidden secrets or a dual life. The animal that gets cut from the herd gets eaten.
    3. For most guys, me included, sex is where we are getting spiritually killed. So many leaders seem to fail in this area. It is like a fire that is sweeping through the forrest of Christian men’s lives. I have to kill it through the power of the Holy Spirit or it will get me too.
    4. Head knowledge of our faith is not enough to protect us, a daily, deep union with Christ is a must.
    My flesh is my enemy and I can’t pretend to think I can control sin, maybe initially but in the end it always dominates and wins. It probably is the biggest lie we tell ourselves.

    I still am grateful from the things I learned from him throughout the years, I am disappointed that his legacy will remembered as one of lies and abuse. I want to finish strong and I sure have had many failures in my life too. His life is a very somber lesson for me that will take a long time to process. I feel for the ladies that he abused, I hope they can get help if they need and desire it. Finally I hope RZIM can start to do what several of their speakers want them to do, be transparent and work toward the truth. May the Lord use this for good in some way.

    1. I too am hurt. Sexual sin haunts most men. I read a great book called, ‘Finishing Strong’ and the indications of most men finishing strong are not to good – the odds are against us. There were two other men besides Billy Graham who were very popular and had stronger gifts then Mr. Graham. Booze, women, fame, and adultery destroyed the other two men, but young Billy gave his life to ministry. One died of alcoholism and was found alone in a hotel. The other turned into a lifelong atheist and repudiated Christianity.

      I thank Jesus for a godly wife who helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

    2. Thank you.
      He was dedicated and disciplined make a difference and a defense for the gospel sake.
      He sacrificed and so did his family.Lets not trough it all under the buss..
      The jury is still out.
      My heart breaks for the family and those who were mistreated.
      Just remember Corrie Ten Boom.
      His grace is sufficient for all of us, and only His not our opinion
      Lift up those who have suffered this great loss and those who are affected by it.

      1. Please do not bring Corrie Ten Boom into this. There has never been an accusation leveled towards her of the kinds of extremely serious sins Mr. Zacharias is alleged to have committed. DO NOT use her name in an attempt to gloss over sexual trespass; she suffered much for Jesus’ sake. Ravi was an extremely wealthy man who treated himself to a massage twice a week! There is no comparison between them…

  3. I understand this is a lot to take in. It is so very disorienting to learn these things about someone so deeply respected.

    But this sentence stood out from RZIM’s statement: “Unfortunately, Ravi had died several months before we first learned of these allegations, so we were unable to explore them with him directly.” This isn’t true, correct? Or is it technically true in regard to the August allegations (but still misleading)?

    1. Ravi died before the spa allegations were published, yes. But the board and execs at RZIM stood by Ravi as he sued and then defamed Lori Anne Thompson, and got her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s no wonder the board and CEO Sarah Davis, Ravi’s daughter, don’t want to go there.

      1. It is a family business it seems. Reports are that women went to Ravi’s wife and nothing happened. Believe she is on the board. ECFA guidelines prohibit family members being on boards but guess they never bother to check on organizations that carry their logo.

    2. JS, yes RZIM’s remark is misleading. They knew about the lawsuit Ravi filed to silence one victim resulting in the non-disclosure agreement to cover-up his sins, and this was several years ago.

  4. Can Mark DeMoss be added to the investigation list?

    it matters not if it was standard PR, let alone legal. those are beside the point. He apparently enables and protects sexual abusers and sexual predators, and destroys victims’ lives. in the name of God.

  5. Easy to appease everyone that has posted (is posting) on this board: Shut down the ministry. Period. Give that woman a BIG chuck of money (who doesn’t need money these days?), she’d welcome it, a big apology, and it *should” be fine. Then, everyone in this ministry should be told to go and find another job. That way EVERYONE will be happy and Julie Roys will continue to find many other problems in many other churches/ministries. She’s going to be busy for a very long, long, long, long, long, long, time……
    King David was guilty or murder, adultery, among other things. Also, he cursed himself when confronted with his sin, his own curse followed the death of his 4 sons.
    There!!!! Easy peacy, lemon squeezy…misspellings on purpose for those that may want to accuse me of not being perfect.
    Que será, será!!!

    (Jude 3)

    1. Please, Please, Please stop using David as an excuse for today’s ministers. You are comparing apples to oranges. Please read the qualifications of an Elder. Then, go back and carefully read King David’s story and the devastating consequences to his life and country.

    2. David’s sin was put in the Bible for generations to read about. I suggest the church keep a log of sins of Christian leaders so generations can read about it too. We might see all Christian leaders re-think committing sins if it was an open book! David himself might have had second thoughts if he knew his life would be a permanent record.

  6. First, I loved Ravi Zacharias, and I love him still in his absence here on earth. I believe that without question that Ravi knew the Lord as Savior and Redeemer as there’s simply no way an unsaved man could have the “illumination” of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in his life in terms of his intellectual ability to delve into the “deep things” of God’s Word and Ways the way Ravi easily could. My point? The Holy Spirit was there without a doubt!

    So, what does this teach us as fellow Believers in Christ? I humbly submit that I believe it teaches us that lust is a very powerful….and ugly monster that must be contained like Jesus warned us. Paul said to Timothy to “Flee Youthful Lusts”……but I’ve also learned that we who are no longer youthful must be aware that the monster of lust is still present even when we’re no longer youths or young men and women, and that is apparently true in Ravi’s case.

    I hope that the persons that were abused can find healing…..through Christ the true healer, and I hope that even in death, that they will someday be able to forgive Ravi for his sins towards them. I hope that Ravi’s wife and children can move forward while facing the grim reality that he was very much a flawed husband and father, though he did love them in his fallen state as a human being. Most importantly, I trust that where “Sin did abound in Ravi’s life, that the Grace of God did much more abound” even beyond our ability to comprehend such a truth.

    1. Wayne, I’m deeply concerned about your comments. I take from them, that you too have ‘struggled’ with predatory behaviour, or that you somehow relate to what Ravi has done, if you somehow believe that the Holy Spirit was there. Correct me if I am wrong, please. ..

      The Holy Spirit does NOT dwell with those who have grieved Him. The Holy Spirit works to reveal sin in our lives. ‘When we close our eyes to this light or disparage what we are meant to see by this brightness, we are guilty of resisting the Spirit (Acts 7:51), or quenching (1Thess. 5:19) or grieving the Spirit (Eph. 4:30).

      I am heartbroken that Ravi hid his predatory and nefarious behaviour, deflected it and did not repent of it, while he lived a grotesque and perverted life for many, many years. I am also heartbroken as I read the comments by a small handful of men on here who claim to understand what he did. Shame on you. BE MEN!

      As men, we must stand against this. Not ALL men are sick. Not ALL men have this kind of lust you describe. As Christian men, the bar is even higher.

      Wayne, this should help you.

      James 4:4
      Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

      Romans 8:7
      Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.

      Luke 16:13
      “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

    2. Lol, and I never heard you once speak of the women he raped abused and molested

      Wonder what the victims would think of defending their attacker

      If you were raped by Zacharias would you still be applauding him

      And what would you think if someone like you still praised your rapist

      Rather heartless and blind I would say

  7. Hey Wayne, here’s some “illumination” for you, me and everyone here , it’s found in 1Cor11:13 – 15 “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

    Is not that blasphemy when one attributes the work of the devil as the work of the Holy Spirit ? Why yes it is.
    The devil knows the Word better than ALL of us put together because he was there in the beginning. At one point
    he decided that he did not need to repent of his pride and BOOM here we are.
    Kinda like Ravi telling his brother and girlfriend to go kill their baby waaaay back in 1973 in order to protect his (Ravi) pride (new ministry) and BOOM here we are talking again about his GOOD and EVIL deeds.
    Of course the devil is going to throw some “good” into the mix , after all he is the deceiver.

    I am so very very surprised that what Allan posted on Dec 13th concerning Ravi’s “beginnings” was not even
    commented on. I believe that it needs to be read again and this time with clarity……. because the WHOLE THING which means EVERYTHING (RZIM) was founded on deceit , breaking the law of the land , murder, nastiness and treating other human beings in a very disturbing selfish evil way.

    The last disturbing thing that I would like to mention is why do not commenters here that feel the need to say that they learned so much from Ravi remember that God can speak out of an ass (donkey) if He wants to, so why oh why would not the commenters bypass Ravi and express ALL the thankfulness to God the Father and to Him and Him alone for what they have learned ????? Who is this Ravi anyways ? Yikes

    As significant as these allegations are, I believe Christians are forgetting the most serious transgression from 1973, when Ravi was an ordained Christian Missionary Alliance pastor and his brother Remesh, got his girlfriend Shirley Steward pregnant. In this case Margie (wife of Ravi and RZIM board member) was also seriously implicated in the procurement of an illegal abortion in Canada. It may be legal now, but it will always be murder in the eyes of Yehovah. The blood of the innocent cry out to God. I am posting the complete article, published online.

    JULY 10, 2019

    The following personal account is by Shirley Steward, who recently retired with the rank of Detective Constable from the Ontario Provincial Police after 34 years of service (Canadian Provincial police are comparable to state police in the US).
    The incident in Shirley’s personal account occurred in 1973. By that time, Ravi was a newly licensed minister, licensed by The Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada in 1972. Is it possible that he did not want to compromise his new ministry work and that it might affect his new career if people found out?
    The following is Shirley Steward’s Personal Story:
    Following the story coming out about Ravi Zacharias and his fall from grace, I felt it was time to tell my story and experience about this hypocrite, about his using his pastoral position to influence a 16-year-old girl (me) to have an abortion. Because his brother, Ramesh Zacharias (then 20 years old), was the father. I do this purely to inform folks that Ravi is not the person he claims to be; that he should be forbidden from bilking people of their hard-earned cash, which feathers his own nest. And that his counsel is only in his own best interests. And to the other victims that I’m sure this man has left in his wake — you are not alone. I believe you. You are not the diminished or evil person he painted you to be.
    While my story began almost 50 years ago, I am not totally sure it ever ended completely. There are parts of my life that were forever altered. However, I did move on from it. I eventually followed my dream of becoming a police officer. I recently retired following 34 years of a career that I am very proud of. I investigated everything from a simple parking ticket to a plane crash and assisted in a murder investigation. Of course, I had to testify innumerable times in court over the years. I appreciate and live for truth and justice. I have always been an active part of my community, volunteering with seniors, a local community theatre and my biggest passion — animals – cats and dogs, in particular. I think because animals are capable of unconditional love. Unlike humans. I have never been let down by an animal.
    At age 14, I was living in the east end of Toronto with my parents. My brother, who is 5 years older than I am, was attending a church in downtown Toronto called the First Alliance Church, on Yonge Street, Toronto. The church was headed by Reverend JR Deitz and he had a large and engaged youth group. Finally, my parents let me travel to this church. There, I met Ramesh Zacharias. brother of Ravi Zacharias. Ramesh was 4 years older than I, and Ravi, 10 years older than I. Ramesh and I soon started spending time together and a few months later, at age 15, we were considered a couple. I felt honoured to be welcomed by the Zacharias family. Ramesh was going to university to become a doctor. While he wanted me to consider nursing, I had another career choice in mind.
    As happens with relationships, ours became sexual after I turned 16. Then, as nature would take its course, I became pregnant. This was, I believe, in the late spring/early summer of 1973. Ramesh was living with his parents in the west end of Toronto. I was at their apartment and Ramesh wanted to talk to his brother Ravi to ask his advice as an older brother and, particularly, as a minister.
    Ravi was held in high regard in our church and had ministered to our congregation on several occasions. Ramesh was on the phone either in the living room or kitchen. I was on the extension in his parent’s bedroom (needless to say, they weren’t home at the time). I remember it like it was yesterday from the satin bedspread that had a stitched design on it, the phone extension was on the nightstand, along with an alarm clock and a lamp.
    Ramesh explained briefly the situation to Ravi. I remember Ravi was very angry, more at Ramesh than me it seemed. He was not speaking in kind terms, only pointing out that this news would ‘kill our parents’ and ‘end your future as a doctor.’ There was no talk of alternatives. I was in shock at this point. This ‘man of God,’ this ‘minister’ was actually suggesting that the baby be aborted! I couldn’t speak.
    When I think back, I wasn’t asked for my feelings or input anyway. I had so many questions. How could he be advocating to kill a baby? Was he thinking straight? Oh, he gave the usual platitudes about praying for guidance and forgiveness. Yet his own views left nothing to the imagination.
    Within a couple of days, Ramesh had come to my house to speak to my parents. He did all the talking. I just cried. At one point we all were crying and praying. Ramesh was much better at talking the talk, than walking the walk. He convinced them that the best way forward was an abortion. As I was under 18, they had to give their permission. The compelling part of the conversation was when he told them that Ravi had recommended the termination of the pregnancy, given all the circumstances. My church-going, God-fearing parents relented and agreed to give their permission. After all, if a minister felt it appropriate, then it must be. Right? Again, I was never asked what I wanted for myself. I was feeling powerless that these adults were making a decision for my life and that of my unborn child.
    In 1973, abortions were illegal in Canada, except in the case of a danger to the life of the mother and had to be approved by a panel of 3 doctors. I was in no danger from being pregnant and I was also too young to be aware of these legalities. So how was permission obtained? I found out after the fact, from Ramesh, that another parishioner was the one that made the arrangements. Vicki S. was a nurse who worked at St. Michael’s hospital in downtown Toronto. Coincidentally (?) she was the best friend and co-worker of Ravi’s wife, Margie. They worked together in the same department. And St. Michael’s hospital was where the abortion was performed.
    The procedure itself was a nightmare. My parents dropped me off at the hospital. No one showed up to show support and/or to pray with/for me and my baby. Not Ramesh, Ravi, Vicki or Margie. I was a scared little girl that at this point, felt abandoned and abused.
    Vicki went on to be Ramesh’s first wife and Ravi’s sister-in-law. What a cozy, dysfunctional family. All said and done, I dodged a bullet, by not becoming part of it.
    I stopped going to this church and having anything to do with these frauds after this whole fiasco. On a couple of occasions, when my brother (who still attended the church) happened to mention that Ravi would be at the church to minister to the congregation, I was very tempted to attend and to interrupt the service by yelling, ‘Hey Ravi, how about telling the congregation about counseling me to abort your brother’s baby!’ Maybe I should have. Except I’m sure he would have painted me as a lunatic.
    Fast forward 25 years. My parents had a copy of the Nov/Dec 1998 ‘Christian Reader’ magazine on their table when I happened to visit. On the cover were Ravi and Margie. I took the magazine and read this incredibly nauseating article. If they had tooted their own horns any harder, they would have blown their eardrums. They portrayed themselves as so godly and saintly. I was truly angered to my core. So, I wrote a letter to Ravi, letting him know in no uncertain terms, how I felt about him and asked how he could sleep at night, let alone pretend to be virtuous, given his role in my abortion?
    No response would have been better than his self-serving denial of any involvement in the events all that time ago. In this 3-page, typed letter, he repeats his dismissal of his part in the events several times. It brought to mind the old saying, ‘Thou protesteth too much.’ I was even more furious. What a liar!! It wasn’t until many years later, with the introduction of the internet, that it all became clear to me. Ravi had built a sizable empire with his ‘Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.’ With charitable status in Canada and the US (at least), he had amassed millions of dollars in donations. His cult-like following was totally taken in by his fake godliness. Of course, he was going to deny his participation!
    In 2014, Ravi happened to be having a fund-raiser in Kingston, which is near where I live in Eastern Ontario. It was held at a centre that holds 6,700 people. I certainly wasn’t going to pay to see this fraud. However, again, I was tempted to march with a placard at the entrance. I didn’t, but instead, sent his office an email saying that I knew he was a fraud and now understood why he had lied in that letter of 15 years earlier.
    My 16-year-old inside needs others to know that he is fake, a ‘false prophet’ as my mother recently said. He is bilking people out of their hard-earned money. He is too big a money-maker for the religion machine to strip him of his ministry. Sadly, this is horrible for the legitimate religious leaders in the world who are transforming peoples’ lives due to a calling not for profit, prestige and adoration that is at the core of this monster.
    Spiritual Sounding Board has maintained a compilation of important links related to Ravi Zacharias here:
    More articles linked to may include additional background. RaviWatch: Investigating the false claims of evangelist Ravi Zacharias can be seen here:
    A critical book on the life and ministry of Ravi Zacharias: Cover-Up in the Kingdom: Phone Sex, Lies, And God’s Great Apologist, Ravi Zacharias by Steve Baughman can be bought here:…

  8. I think it’s misleading to characterize Mr. Zacharias’s wrongdoing as rooted in “lust.” If he needed to void his prostate for relief of his genital appetite, he was a married man. The everlasting comparisons with King David actually reinforce this point: David had plenty of wives and concubines to service his genital urge. His forcing himself on Bathsheba was about enjoying the exercise of power. “It’s good to be the King!” as Mel Brooks observed.

    Forming an emotional connection with a woman and then asking for naked pictures or “phone sex” is not an expression of normal “lust.” Setting up businesses for the purpose of masturbating around vulnerable, immigrant women is not “lust.” These are twisted expressions of power-madness.

    If other men are learning about this and thinking that anyone could find himself doing what we may all reasonably believe Mr. Zacharias did, they have much bigger issues than simple human reproductive biology.

  9. I appreciate these examples the Lord is giving us. These exposures are opportunities to soberly consider all the Lord wants us to consider in them. Speaking of sobering up, I am reminded of 1 Corinthians 15:34 -“Sober up morally and stop sinning, for some have no knowledge of God. I say this to your shame.”

    I love the Lord’s appeal to renew our minds and come to a more full knowing of Him.

    And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3

  10. Men’s sexual nature is very powerful and needs to be constantly checked and under control. It’s a burden for men. It’s definitely a sad and tragic development for Ravi and his ministry.

    1. I would say men’s powerful and burdensome sexual nature is much more sad and tragic for women, young girls and boys, and small children than it is for men.

    2. G7, Men’s sexual nature and predatory, sick, exhibitionist behaviour – these are mutually exclusive, my friend. I’m concerned (deeply concerned) about the men that equate the two. I’m saddened to say that we were all fooled by this man. Christians should IN NO WAY support or normalize this behaviour. It’s horrible and is NOT in line with what a normal man would think about or do. I’m appalled.

  11. As in almost all these cases involving sexual indiscretion and abuse, ie Lentz, Hybels, etc, somebody (or many) in the RZIM org knew something about what was going on with Ravi and his victims. It comes down to a matter of protecting your job and income.
    And I am convinced that for a majority of “Christians” in ministry, it’s a matter of a gig, a job, something to pay the bills. And if you encounter anything that might threaten that, you shut up about it, allowing the abuse, (sin) to continue.

    1. Many Christian organizations make the workers sign clauses to keep their mouths shut. Did the board of Ravi Zacharias include this as a part of employment? Does anyone know? I think that is a red flag if so.

  12. First, let me say that I am a pastor. Unfortunately, what we are again witnessing in this case is not uncommon. It is sad. It is a tragic side effect of what is accurately referred to as the evangelical industrial complex.

    Two comments. First, let’s be careful about tarring most of us in Christian ministry with the same brush. I, for one, do not do this as a “job”. I could have found many other more “lucrative careers.” For me, as with many others, it is a calling. A high and noble calling. And I am humbled that God would chose me. This then informs my second comment.

    This calling calls for high standards. Higher than others. We are cautioned about this in James 3:1, where we are told that those of us in leadership will be subject to a stricter judgment. So, to suggest this is just part of the human condition is inadequate. It is part of the human condition, but leaders must model something more.

    Further, while it is true that all sin is sin, surely there are degrees of “falling”. Since this relates to male sexuality, there are vastly differing levels, if you will, of succumbing to temptation. For example, in a previous era, giving in to sneak a peak of a pornographic magazine in a corner grocery is different than having a subscription to Playboy. While all is sin, and sanctification should be our genuine desire, these are not at the same level. The latter is calculated. There is a difference.

    1. “Further, while it is true that all sin is sin, surely there are degrees of “falling”. Since this relates to male sexuality, there are vastly differing levels, if you will, of succumbing to temptation. For example, in a previous era, giving in to sneak a peak of a pornographic magazine in a corner grocery is different than having a subscription to Playboy. While all is sin, and sanctification should be our genuine desire, these are not at the same level. The latter is calculated. There is a difference.”

      Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. You have NO IDEA how grateful I am you have responded to others who are minimizing Ravi’s conduct by making it seem that he simply messed up or stumbled. What Ravi did was intentional, and true repentance does not leave sin covered up and continue to demonize the victims.

  13. There is much evidence that Ravi was a malignant narcissist by modern terms. He was cut out of the same mold as the Pharisees who had Jesus killed. Religion is a way to exercise and lord power over others. Jesus knew that and nothing has changed over the millennia. That is why Jesus warned us about the Pharisees and about how people in the end times would go looking for someone to scratch their itching ears. We live in a day and age where our “great men” claiming to be Christians are close to 100 percent narcissists. Until we realize this we will keep getting caught. It is our damned by God pride that causes us to be shocked when the reality comes peaking through the heavy veil we wear. This is just reality.

    We go looking for someone to tell us what we want to hear. In this case many found it in Ravi. Then we praise him as a substitute for the Holy Spirit and think he is helping us to become more Christlike. And yet the man’s righteousness is just filthy rags and that is all. Our faith is based in men instead of a direct relationship with God. We are just lazy looking for a human being to take the place of the hard work of following a Spirit that we cannot see. I know this because I went through this process decades ago when my role models fell into horrendous sins. There is only One Teacher and that is the Holy Spirit. All of our celebrities are just loud gongs, loving and promoting only themselves by leveraging a God that they know very little about in actual personal terms. We follow them because we also know very little about Jesus is actual personal terms.

    T’is the season for repentance on our parts. We are following blind men who are leading us into ditches. We need to turn around and find the One who will not do such things. He came to earth a long time ago to show us the way. May we drop the pure idolatry and find Him in this season.

  14. I have responded to Julie Roys’ reports on this before. I am a previous victim of abuse at the hands of a church leader, and this has been re-traumatizing for me, and I can’t stop crying because of people’s responses. I was angry. I was angry at the Thompson’s for accepting money to be silent and felt that trampled on those of us who have been victims, and so I thought that Lori’s and Ravi’s relationship was more consensual than what she was saying–because I was angry. But I’ve had to ask the Lord for forgiveness for that. In their shoes, having kids at home, I can understand the desire to want to protect their kids, and even though someone outside the situation might say that it would be better to teach our kids to stand up to the bullying of victims into silence, I realize it is not nearly that easy or clear-cut when someone is in the midst of scary circumstances such as the ones they were in. I have been reflecting on this, and these are my thoughts I wrote in to a You Tuber who had posted about the recent news regarding Ravi’s conduct:

    While people are right to say that we are all human and we all fall short, we could say that about any unrepentant unbeliever as well, and yet they are not saved or servants of Christ. Don’t get me wrong. I love that people are pointing to God’s ability to use this for good, to point people to the Lord despite this news about Ravi. That’s good, but I feel like there is a possibility that we need to be more discerning in how we are viewing Ravi and what went on. There is a difference between God’s sovereign ability to use anyone and everyone (and everything) for His good purposes and someone being a servant of Christ (which absolutely refers to their commitment to him and his ways even if the person stumbles). How do you respond to people who are comparing Ravi to people like Peter, King David, and Moses? Is it important for us, in how we respond, to consider the differences between Ravi’s response when confronted about his behavior and the responses of Peter, King David, and Moses when confronted with their behavior? Is that a good comparison, or is there something to recognize as different between Ravi’s continuously living a life of sin behind closed doors and the stumblings of the three men mentioned? Part of the truth of the gospel is that we are all sinners, but the other part is that true repentance is required for there to be forgiveness. John the Baptist condemned the religious leaders who came to be baptized by him, telling them their lives needed to bear fruit of true repentance. In fact, he did not hesitate to call them a brood of vipers (Matthew 12:34). So what does true repentance look like? Is true repentance in a situation like this between just the individual and God? Does true repentance demonize and silence the victims of the behavior? I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to speak to these questions, because I think these are important things for the Church to think on and consider. I honestly think the response of those in the Church has the potential to cause much more harm than Ravi’s actions.

    1. “The evil that men do lives after them;
      The good is oft interred with their bones.”
      William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

  15. The RZIM Board said a few times that these revelations were not consistent with the man they knew. I suggest they read about some serial killers, take Ted Bundy, for example. People couldn’t believe it. Same thing with Chris Watts who murdered his wife, unborn son, and two daughters. No one ever suspected he could do such a thing.
    That’s really not a good excuse or even a good explanation. Wake up, world. Narcissists wear masks.

    1. I would say his behaviour is pretty consistent with man’s fallen behaviour.

      Right now, I am not as angry at Ravi, as I am with every single person that exalted him, that he was somehow above sin.

      I am angry at any RZIM members that initially dismissed the victims in favour of their beloved and ‘well respected’ leader.

      Even prostitutes get raped.
      And even Christian leaders can do the raping.

      1. Agreed Vanessa..people will defend this behavior regardless of how much information comes out..

        They simply refuse to believe as they have put this man on a pedestal..
        Their worlds have been rocked and they feel gutted..I get it..
        I am grateful for the RZIM members who are speaking truth and demand the board get cleaned up and light shone into the dark corners..where sin hides..

  16. Truth cannot be hidden, it’s got to come out someday and take its own course. I can neither defend nor accuse Dr. Zechariah, because despite his weakness, shortcomings and failures, I believe God still used him as a blessing to so many around the world. Christian Apologetics owes a lot to his intelligence, prudence, Spirit of Discernment and anointing as well. Every believer has his/her struggles with weaknesses. No one is beyond the sinless state, except Jesus. As John 3:2 says, when Jesus appears, we shall be like him [sinless], when we see him as he is.

    What amazes me is that with one master stroke the authority, reputation, fame, legacy, everything has come to a standstill. It also reminds me as an individual that I am not infallible, no matter how long I have been a practicing Christian – every moment, everyday, I need to introspect myself and live in humbleness. I learnt the same lesson, when it happened to Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Dr. Theodore Williams, Bill Gothard and many others of my lifetime. Live warnings to walk cautiously while living in this world as a Christian leader.

  17. I do wish people would not hold court and talk about someone who is not here to either defend themselves or admit guilt. There is none perfect no not one. I just hope the your own skeletons stay within your own closet I know of men who are elders in churches who sit looking at porn on their computers. We all sin

    1. Dear Janet- watching porn on one’s computer – while problematic- is different from sexually harassing your very own Spa massage therapists who are your very own employees.

      Some are describing this as predatory.

      According to the recent interim investigative report, It’s looking to be understood that his sexually inappropriate behavior went on for years and there are likely more serious allegations to be reported.

      This is heartbreaking in light of No report of even a deathbed confession.

      At least King David repented.

    2. OK. You know of elders that look at porn but you don’t report that to the Pastor or whoever in charge? Isn’t that kinda being complicit? That is just a skeleton in a closet? Could it be it starts as looking at porn then a man starts a massage businesss to act out what he saw on porn, yet no one said anything all along? I find it downright scary we all share the same pew in this world.

  18. The firm hired by RZIM to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct by Ravi Zacharias has released an interim report, finding “credible evidence” that Zacharias “engaged in sexual misconduct over many years.”

    “Some of that misconduct is consistent with and corroborative of that which is reported in the news recently,” the report said, “and some of the conduct we have uncovered is more serious.”

  19. It is unfair to accuse someone after their death. This is a strategic attack to discredit Ravi. You believe the stories of un named women so easily! People who travelled with Ravi and worked with him for years should know him and defend him.

    1. OK. So if I murder someone and they found out after my death everyone should keep quiet? Who makes up these rules? The organization is raising money off the founder who is RZ. The family is reaping financially from RZ ministries. Books are being sold written by the founder. Other theologians are using quotes from that founder. His words and legacy lives on but we can’t discuss exactly what his behavior was? I just don’t get that. RZ has tremendous influence even after his death. We aren’t allow to question that? Says who? Every person in the Bible is DEAD yet we talk about them for generations so that rule surely doesn’t come from the Bible.

  20. James 3:1 is the answer. For those who say he’s dead now, and that all sin … well, judge yourself for yourself. Most of us work really hard not to live a double life, and all the more especially when those who are called to teach must have a stricter judgement. As a preacher, that scares me enough to help me stay on the right side of the line … it’s true that everyone sins and is tempted to sin, but when someone sets themself up as one who speaks for the Lord, while deliberately choosing to live a double life.

  21. “You write against Ravi before the reports are even completed’

    Ermm… Did you even read the story? It refers to the “interim report” filed by the law firm hired by the RZIM Board to investigate, which was then released and published by the RZIM Board of Directors. The identities of each of the victims is known by the detectives and the law firm. Their names are not being published because they are victims of spiritual and sexual abuse. It is standard legal procedure to protect the identities of sexual assault victims. It’s shocking that you point to this as a credibility issue.

    Furthermore, their “stories” are not randomly “believed” by these experienced detectives and lawyers. Each claim must be independently verified similar to any rape complaint. The investigators will be looking for contemporaneous documentation, third party verification and other corroborating evidence. Any claims that are not independently supported will not be regarded as credible claims of sexual abuse.

    FTR, Lawyers do not normally issue “interim reports”. They give updates as requested to their clients, but generally only provide a written report after the investigation is completed. It’s generally not wise to publish anything sooner as the data needs to be fully aggregated, analyzed and vetted for accuracy before being published. Interim reports represent risk that the clients may draw conclusions that are not fully informed.

    It was the RZIM Board who requested this special interim report right before Christmas. Why? Because they and RZIM execs have already received updates and they have a general idea of how bad the documented acts really are, despite the RZIM Board unethically limiting the scope of the sexual abuse investigation to abuse occurring at the spas plus any other abuse uncovered as a result of the spa investigation. Ravi traveled all over the globe for decades, and there are credible reports of abuse overseas.

    Even with this severe scope limitation, RZIM realizes the results of their limited investigation are going to be devastating. That’s why they chose to let some of the air out of the balloon right before Christmas. This is extremely manipulative and demonstrates that RZIM’s corporate structure is still struggling with manipulation and concealment issues. The incoming results had to have been bad enough for RZIM to want to issue this interim report at such an opportune time.Many people are not reading the news and social media right before Christmas, and those who do will be more inclined to forgive and forget.

    BTW, Brian Houston did the exact same thing, delaying the termination of Carl Lentz from his initial plan in summer 2020, instead, waiting until the chaos of the November Presidential election to do his news-dump firing of his Chief Hype-Priest Lentz. This is a strategic tactic used by abusive ministries.

    As to why didn’t they accuse Ravi while he was alive? These women were TERRIFIED of the retaliation they would endure. Some left their profession altogether and more than one fled their home state/province to escape further persecution. Some lost their jobs over the abuse. Ravi imported women from foreign countries for his pleasure, so that he could control them via work visas and threats of deportation. You need to pay attention to the details. They matter. Fact are not slander BTW. Just because you wish for the truth be false, does not make it false.

    This is why RZIM hired attorneys and detectives; to uncover the truth. All Christians should revere the truth. RZIM is controlled by Zacharias family members and indoctrinated cronies, yet even they are having to very reluctantly seek and then admit these uncomfortable truths.

    1. Thank you, Amy Moore, for sharing your perspective. The way people here are defending the poor helpless wolf against the sheep is so…predictable. Predictable but dismaying nevertheless.

  22. I don’t believe a single word of these allegations. The word says we will be lied about. Why wasn’t this brought to light when he was alive so he could defend himself? We can’t find evidence of voter fraud but we can so quickly find evidence of misconduct on a man not even here to defend himself!?

    1. It wasn’t quick. It took decades. The truth was found in the evidence of hundreds of women’s abuse by RZ. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  23. It is possible that Ravi made peace with God before dying. Hos family was with him so they could have led him to repentance. All things are possible with God and only God is the righteous Judge. Repentance is between God and man and it does not need to be done publicly.

  24. “When Ravi Zacharias was a cricket-loving boy on the streets of India, his mother called him in to meet the local sari-seller-turned-palm reader. “Looking at your future, Ravi Baba, you will not travel far or very much in your life,” he declared. “That’s what the lines on your hand tell me. There is no future for you abroad.”
    -from Ravi Zacharias’ obituary

    This story of Ravi was often told to illustrate how comically wrong the fortune teller was. But when considered in light of the deeply Christian truth as expressed by John of the Cross below, the fortune teller was shockingly accurate.

    “However high be your endeavors, unless you renounce and subjugate your own will – unless you forget yourself and all that pertains to yourself – not one step will you advance on the road to perfection.”
    -John of the Cross

  25. Anyone who doesn’t realize Ravi wasn’t qualified to be a pastor isn’t reading the qualifications to be one in the Bible and if they have they’re just throwing the Bible in the trash to do whatever they want.

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