OPINION: Spokesperson’s Letter Reveals RZIM’s Spiritually Abusive Leadership & Consequences Of Protecting “Ravi” & “Brand”

By Julie Roys
Ravi Zacharias Sarah Davis RZIM
Ravi Zacharias and his daughter Sarah (Davis ) Phillips onstage with RZIM President Michael Ramsden and his wife.

A devastating, 26-page letter written by Ruth Malhotra, the public relations manager for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), was published yesterday, documenting unconscionable actions by RZIM senior staff.

In the letter, addressed to the chairman of RZIM’s board, Malhotra gives specific examples of what appears to be a coordinated effort by RZIM senior leadership to suppress the truth about Ravi Zacharias’ abuse and misconduct.

For example, Malhotra reveals that RZIM Vice President Abdu Murray suggested hiring an ex-cop who was “rough around the edges” to discredit the massage therapists who accused Zacharias of abusing them.* CEO Sarah Davis, Zacharias’ daughter, called the therapists’ allegations false before even trying to ascertain the truth. And RZIM President Michael Ramsden initially labeled the therapists’ allegations “hearsay” and suggested the spa victims might not even exist.

Malhotra also gives gut-wrenching details about the spiritual abuse she suffered at the hands of RZIM leaders. And she shares vulnerably about her own internal struggles—trying to “protect the brand and reputation of RZIM” and “support Ravi,” while also aiming to uphold truth and integrity.

There’s no doubt Ruth Malhotra was put in a no-win situation at RZIM and my heart breaks for her. I grieved as I read her document yesterday, especially when I realized I had contributed to her anguish.

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After months of receiving obfuscating correspondence from Malhotra about Zacharias’ misdeeds, I let my frustration get the best of me and left a comment last month on her Facebook thread. In it, I asked her at what point she knew Ravi was abusing women and lying about his credentials.

“If those of us on the outside could see it, how much more those on the inside?” I wrote. “This whole Ravi debacle has made me weep. And I can’t help but wonder why those around Ravi not only didn’t speak up, but actually provided cover.”

I deleted the comment the same day and have reached out to Malhotra to ask for her forgiveness. I wish I had held my tongue.

Malhotra and I knew each other before this whole debacle erupted and that’s why I was especially confused and hurt by her involvement.

Yet, I had no idea at the time that she was being subjected to such extreme manipulation and spiritual abuse. I now believe Malhotra was trying as best she knew to navigate an extremely toxic situation.

And sending her bold letter to the board last week was an act of integrity and courage. It was Ruth Malhotra being exactly the person I have known her to be. I am proud of my sister and am truly hoping for reconciliation between us.

That said, I believe there are lessons we can glean from Malhotra’s story. But before I draw any conclusions, here are the details of the abuse Malhotra suffered at RZIM as outlined in her letter.

Spiritual Abuse at RZIM

Within her first month of employment, Malhotra said her then-manager told her, “Whatever you do, don’t cross the Zacharias family.”

“It quicky became evident to me that there was not just an unhealthy adoration for Ravi,” Malhotra writes, “but also a focus on self-preservation—and we were all expected to play along.”

Yet Malhotra, and those around her, didn’t always play along—and they paid a price.

Malhotra said she witnessed that when staff raised objections or refused to blindly believe what senior leaders told them, they were “intimidated, mistreated, or retaliated against.”

Because she asked tough questions and pushed back on false narratives, Malhotra said she was “systemically marginalized, maligned, and misrepresented to others by key members of senior leadership.”

In 2017, Malhotra was part of a task force formed to respond to the sexting scandal involving Lori Anne Thompson. At the time, Zacharias was claiming that the Thompsons were “two very wicked human beings” who had concocted the sexting scandal to extort money from him. We know now that Zacharias groomed Thompson and exploited her to satisfy his own perverse desires.

Malhotra writes that she saw red flags in Zacharias’ narrative in 2017. She saw the suicide email Zacharias had written to Thompson when Thompson said she was going to tell her husband about their relationship. When confronted, Zacharias told Malhotra that some of his phone calls with Thompson were long. He also divulged that he had not just two, but three phones.

Yet, when Malhotra raised some of these issues in meetings with the task force, Michael Ramsden called her “tired and emotional,” she writes. Abdu Murray said her “lingering questions” proved she had moved from “being skeptical to being cynical.”

RZIM Speaker Sanj Kalra reportedly accused her of siding with critics and “plotting to bring the ministry down.” And Director of the Zacharias Institute Vince Vitale urged Malhotra to “do the Matthew 18 thing and go to Ravi directly”—something she did not believe was “practical or appropriate.”

All these actions are textbook spiritual abuse. As I’ve often noted, in dysfunctional systems, leaders deny problems exist and instead make the whistleblowers the problem.

Or as Mike Bryant, a pastor expelled from Harvest Bible Fellowship for confronting James MacDonald, put it: “They want loyalty above righteousness, and it really messed with me internally.”

Clearly, it messed with Malhotra too.

In her letter, Malhotra includes a paragraph from her journal in 2018: “I was killing myself to try and protect this ministry. Yet from Sanj’s point of view, I felt like he was saying, ‘I thought you were killing this ministry.’”

“It was a crushing feeling,” she recounts.

The abuse reached a climax for Malhotra when CEO Sarah Davis arranged a three-day “group conciliation” with the task force and Judy Dabler in May 2018.

Dabler is a controversial figure who has an abysmal reputation among many in the abuse survivor community.

In a December letter to the RZIM Board, Max Baker-Hytch, a speaker with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), writes: “Dabler’s training and conciliation methods are at best questionable and at worst dangerous . . . Dabler’s particular approach is largely repudiated by sexual abuse victims and many in the advocate community as improper and harmful . . .”

Not surprisingly, Malhotra’s experience with Dabler was awful. She writes that Dabler “told me in front of the entire Task Force that I was ‘one step away from complete and total insanity,’ and others piled on.”

Following that “conciliation,” Davis urged Malhotra to go to Dabler’s center for a week of “intensive sessions.” Thank God, Malhotra instead went to a competent counselor familiar with Dabler’s approach and the RZIM situation.

“His exact words to me were, ‘You have been a victim of gaslighting,’” Malhotra writes.

To gaslight someone is to manipulate them psychologically so they question their own sanity. It’s a common tactic abusers use to gain power.

Protect the “brand” and “Ravi”

Again, there’s no doubt Ruth Malhotra was a victim in the Ravi Zacharias fiasco. She trusted Ravi, loved Ravi, and sincerely desired to serve God by serving RZIM.

But her letter betrays a tragic misunderstanding of her job. And I have found that just about every good person who gets entrapped in a corrupt Christian “ministry” has this same, tragic misunderstanding.

Our job as members of a ministry—whether we’re a board member, public relations manager, or work in the mailroom—is not to protect a brand or the leader of an organization. It is always to protect the mission.

I was fortunate when I was navigating the abuse and corruption at the Moody Bible Institute in 2017-18 to have a wise brother walking with me who kept reminding me of this truth.  

The MBI Board wanted to protect the brand. The most frantic call I received from a trustee during that season was in response to my intention to go public with facts I had learned about Jerry Jenkins, a trustee and one-time chairman of the board. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would irreparably harm the institute if I reported the truth.

I remember recounting the conversation with my wise friend who told me in no uncertain terms, “Julie, they don’t understand what it means to be a trustee. You protect the mission. You don’t protect a person.”

Yet this misplaced priority has wreaked havoc, not just at Moody, or RZIM. It’s been prevalent in almost every scandal the church has had of late—at Harvest Bible Chapel, Liberty University, Acts 29, Willow Creek Community Church, Hillsong, Grace Community Church, Cedarville, and now RZIM.

It’s epidemic in evangelicalism. And it’s undermining the church.

I’m so glad that in the end, Ruth Malhotra chose to serve God, not the reputation of RZIM. Her truth may end the ministry careers of certain leaders—and it should. It may also lead to the downfall of RZIM.

But truth and transparency always further the mission of God. And if we call ourselves Christians, that is what and whom we serve.

*UPDATE: In a tweet Tuesday (Feb. 16), Abdu Murray denied Malhotra’s allegation that he suggested hiring a “rough” ex-cop. “I did not do any such thing and would never do so. I hired Miller & Martin and the Muller Group to find the truth about Ravi’s abuse and misconduct and they did that.”

Also, Mark DeMoss offered the following statement in an email to me on Tuesday:

Ruth Malhotra has been a friend for many years and I appreciate concerns raised in her letter. The entire tragedy surrounding Ravi Zacharias is one of the most extraordinary crises in evangelicalism in my lifetime and countless people have been hurt in various ways.

While I will not disclose deliberations I was privy to, including counsel I may or may not have given, I will only say with regard to Ruth’s letter, parts of it I have no firsthand knowledge of; parts of it are accurate; while parts of it lack appropriate context which would likely have cast certain events in a different light. I take exception to a number of aspects of this letter, exceptions which I have or will discuss privately with Ruth. I think it is unfortunate that the contents of the letter were not able to be considered by the Board, to whom it was confidentially addressed, and members of the RZIM leadership team, which it called into question, before the letter was released publicly by its author.

Ruth Malhotra’s Feb. 6, 2021, letter to the RZIM Board:

Ruth Malhotra_Letter to RZIM Board Chairman_February 6, 2021 (1)


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52 thoughts on “OPINION: Spokesperson’s Letter Reveals RZIM’s Spiritually Abusive Leadership & Consequences Of Protecting “Ravi” & “Brand””

  1. I am thankful that Ruth had the courage to make her report. I am – at the same time – sickened and saddened at the horror that has been covered up in this ministry. I pray all truth will be revealed and God will be glorified out of the ugliness.

  2. Julie, I don’t think you were wrong in what you said about Ruth Malhotra, but, nonetheless, it is good that you say you’re sorry, since it’s hard for you yourself to know that and we should all err on the side of apologizing too much.

    I’m very impressed by her. “Better late than never” sounds trite, but it’s not. For a lot of people, it’s “never”. It takes courage to admit you were wrong, and to stand up to your bosses. And her questions for the Board are constructive; she’s not just criticizing them (though she is doing that too), she is telling them how to go forward.

    Yet again we see Christians who are ignoring the point Augustine, Luther, and Calvin make over and over: we are all sinners, and all of us need God’ grace every moment of our lives. Nobody is a perfect saint, and we all need to be protected from our own sinfulness.

  3. James Lutzweiler

    There is no going forward for RZIM. These people were all trained by Ravi and it is evident they still don’t get it. At present they are behaving more like laboratory rats for us to study (sadly) just how incurable repentant some scoundrels can be. Down with RZIM. Permanently. The organization has nothing left to say to the lost except fir this: “We at RZIM are totally lost also.” End of story.

    James Lutzweiler
    Archivist (1999-2013)
    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

    1. James,

      I agree with you but I’ll omit the “laboratory”. All of them are simply rats, period. The vast majority of “Christian ministry” is a feeding trough for rats.

    2. When a “Christian Org” begins using terms e.g. “brand” that they’ve hi-jacked from Corp America, it’s over – run! As w Corp America the Org will then do anything to protect the brand/$$. What passes for Christianity in the 1st world is laughable. As Our Lord said, there will be many surprises come judgement day…

    3. How did the letter get in the public domain? She writes it to be confidential and then it is leaked very quickly. That makes me wonder about whether it was ever expected to remain confidential?

          1. This paragraph near the end of the David French article indicates David and Ruth are friends and that Ruth probably shared the letter with David in the context of their friendship.

            “It’s also difficult because I’m friends with individuals involved. As I said, Ruth has been a longtime friend. She’s also a former client. When she was a college student I represented her in an incredibly contentious lawsuit against her university, Georgia Tech. She challenged a series of unconstitutional school policies and faced an avalanche of hatred for her stand, including death threats and rape threats. Confronting this crisis, she told me, has been far more difficult than anything she’s faced before.”

  4. Julie,

    RZ and his “ministry” prove that you don’t need to be saved, or even a remotely good person, to succeed in the evangelosphere and in theology. Let’s call a spade a spade about most ministry “work”. All you really need is to be somewhat charismatic and speak for two to four hours a week while the tithing rolls in. It’s not in any way difficult for anyone to do with an IQ higher than about sixty. It’s about the laziest job that’s ever existed, especially if you are the kind that “borrows” from other people’s sermons.

    Ravi Zacharias never did anything special. It’s not that hard to pick up an encyclopedia and read facts about different religions and philosophies. You certainly don’t need to be a Christian or moral human being to do either of those things. Yeah, there are probably some people who got saved through him–a drop in the bucket next to the number of souls harvested by evangelists like Billy Graham (another flawed figure, but I digress–you get my point).

    How many people get argued into heaven? Is a legitimate confusion about historical facts what keeps most people away from the kingdom of Christ, or is it their own heart that for various reasons (including such corruption and filth as that practiced by RZIM and GTY) refuses to consider the one true Gospel? How much time do Jesus and Paul spend on encouraging feeding orphans/widows/the poor and how much time do they spend on admonishing us to be better sophists? Does Paul outline the existence of a spiritual gift of debating prowess?

  5. What comes to mind is Psalm 139:23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts. I believe Julie asks that from her Lord and Savior often. And well she should, as should you and I. Because, as Jeremiah 17:9 says, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? All too often, we can’t know it! That’s why we need accountability in our lives. But above any thing else, we need to be walking in the Spirit, because it’s His conviction, in a true believer’s life, that brings us to repentance.
    I’ve seen it in my life. Thinking works are making me ‘holy’. But the fruit of the Spirit comes only through the vine.
    I sat under James McDonalds preaching for years, and deep down knew it was only lip service when he said “beware, you get sideways real easy”. Because I wasn’t walking in the Spirit, I just kept sitting there.
    People, wake up! Jesus IS coming soon. Do you have oil in your lamps?
    Julie, keep up the good work as God uses you to help purify his bride.

  6. Thanks Julie for posting Ruth’s letter, submitting your opinion, and giving your apology to Ruth. The story will keep growing as other insiders step forward and perhaps Ruth’s letter will help in that regard.

    Assuming someone from RZIM is reading all this information, I’ll keep pressing for actions (not necessarily in this order).

    1. Reveal the names of Board Members who should quit “apologizing” while hiding behind a veil of anonymity. This is spineless and furthers abuse of the victims.
    2. Board members step down immediately. Appoint temporary board to handle final organization actions (see below)
    3. Conduct in depth investigations into board and staff members’ actions into cover up and complicity.
    4. Conduct a financial investigation into misuse of funds especially as it relates to supporting Ravi’s sickening and sinful lifestyle (paid sex workers on staff, travel and houses overseas, hush money, etc?).
    5. Push the “executor” (family members?) to release Thompsons from NDA. Must be something big in there which is why they’re hanging on so tight. Keep up the pressure.
    6. Expand investigation into other potential sex abuses including overseas. There may be dozens or hundreds of victims. What crimes were committed? Sex slavery? Underage sex? Rape?
    7. Stop collecting donations immediately.
    8. Close the doors of all arms of RZIM forever.
    9. Pay restitution to all identified victims.
    10. All well known leaders who heaped praise on him when he died need to issue statements immediately.
    11. Pull all books and resources that are for sale (this has already started by some).

    Finally, I’m so tired of people trying to compare Ravi to King David. They say “We’re all sinners. He messed up like David and God still used him”. Wrong, David repented and he and his family paid the price for generations. Ravi was a habitual sex abuser who did not repent and was still receiving pictures of women up until he died. Most of us are not sex abusers – a particularly heinous crime that severely damages victims for life. Stop the sin leveling as the bible makes it clear that sins are not all the same.

  7. The statement “you will hurt this ministry if you tell the truth” — really catches my attention. If you have to lie to “protect” a ministry, it doesn’t deserve to be in business.

  8. Ruth’s example shows that in many of these cases of big men behaving badly, there are good and honest people in the org trying to speak up appropriately. The truth doesn’t always get out. We can’t accuse everyone in the org of enabling. We on the outside don’t know who is a Ruth and who is an Abdu.

  9. It is interesting to see how the various RZIM Board members react when their idols are stepped on. Some lie, some deny, some scheme, some attack, some close ranks, but only a few repent.
    Eph.5:3 “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.” Didn’t anyone, including Marjie or their children find it improper that Ravi took along a young female masseuse everywhere he travelled? Or how he spent donations and corporate funds or how ell he lived? The signs were there all along.
    The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it? Jer.17:9

  10. Imagine the CEO of your company is the daughter of the one who has pushed everybody into this catastrophe. Any normal employee will certainly not submit to her since she has lost the moral authority and the trust indispensable in any leadership as well as management. Fool knows the reasons why Sarah is the CEO is never because of her brilliance but her status which was absolutely needed by Ravi to implement his will and provide smoke screen for his sin.

  11. Except for the sex scandal part, the stories of how RZIM functioned are sounding more and more like the stories of those who have escaped from Gospel for Asia. The brand and the family seem to be valued more than the truth.

    1. KP has run off with over a Billion in donor cash so money is his big lust. Many there call him a billionaire so whatever he might do sexually is much farther under the rug than Ravi. I would be surprised if there is nothing there at all but Yohannan has plenty of money to hide any infidelities’ away from the public eye.

      Speaking of that I just had a conversation with someone I know who runs a small missions org in India. I commented that Ravi and KP were making India look very bad in the public eye. There response was “It is the real India I am afraid.” Take that as you will from someone who has worked there for decades….

  12. “Ruth keeps records of everything”.

    Indeed she does. And thank God for true professionals like her and Julie Roys who adhere to standards and don’t compromise the things that matter most.

    You know who else keeps records of everything?


      “It’s against this backdrop that RZIM conducted its May 2018 “conciliation.” They brought in a Christian “conciliator” named Judy Dabler to facilitate dialogue. Almost immediately, however, it became clear to Malhotra that the gathering wasn’t intended to bring reconciliation. Instead, it was designed in part to allow the senior leaders to vent at Malhotra. As the tension escalated—and as Malhotra fought back tears in the face of attacks from her more-senior colleagues—Dabler allegedly turned to her and uttered crushing words. Malhotra, she said, was “one step away from complete and total insanity.”

      I would like to see Judy Dabler from the Biblical Counseling Coalition , immediately disappear into retirement never to be heard of again for her disgusting assessment of another human being , never mind a sister in Christ.
      And remember everyone that this is only ONE of her recorded remarks, it makes me wonder in a very big way who else and how many other dear little ones, that Christ died for, has she hurt , maimed or perhaps even destroyed in her “career”
      I bet the depth of this “ravi” thing hasn’t even scratched the surface of all the despicable actions and words of everyone (not the truly innocent) that is involved at rzim ( that’s right, doesn’t deserve capital letters)

      “Then said He unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! 2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. 3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. 4 And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.” LUKE 17:1 – 4

      I can share with you all here that I am a little one and I am extremely offended by the actions and words of rzim’s leadership and I’m doing my best to rebuke them………. by the way , you won’t catch me holding unforgiveness in my heart either.

  13. It sounds like the only work Judy Dabler is qualified for in the counseling sphere involves gaslighting, and that she likely deserves to be the center of an investigation into her abusive techniques. Hopefully more of her victims will speak out about her counseling malpractice on the road to their recovery.

  14. Some people do not know the pre-RZIM back story about Ruth Malhotra, but I fully suspect that RZIM exploited that to not only hire her but also to keep her in the dark, manipulate, have her 2nd guess her suspictions, etc. I also suspect that Ruth was a bit naive and blinded by RZIM and their so-called “Christian” ministry (which of course they took advantage of).

    I would also wager that the scales started to fall from her eyes when the Ravi’s credentials scandal and the Thompsons scandal came up.

    Full disclosure: I do not know Ruth, but I know of her from her college days. She and I went to the same university albeit it a good 15- 20 years apart. Ruth went to one of the finest engineering universities on the planet (Georgia Tech) and I believe her father is a faculty member there. So the bogus credentials scandal would have been especially eye-opening.

  15. The lesson here is screaming at us. If a leader has a personal conflict of interest, which can easily happen in settings in which family members may supervise each other, one needs to recuse oneself from any inquiry or investigation involving serious questions of wrongdoing of that family member. Sarah Zacharias as CEO should have recused herself from any investigation into her father’s potential misbehavior and any decision on how to respond to the results. The problem obviously becomes more complicated if family members also sit on the board. They should all recuse themselves. The other option, of course, is bringing in an unbiased group to investigate and make the decision.

    Not only is this good moral and ethical advice, but I am guessing any lawyer worth his or her salt advising RZIM was telling them the same thing. Not to do this kind of thing incurs organizational and even individual liability on top of public contempt. It sets up the classic lose-lose situation.

    Evangelicals have no corner on this bad decision making. The worldwide Catholic clergy scandal was handled horribly for many decades. Pentecostals have had similar problems with family run tele-ministries. Liberal Christian churches have also been smitten. Bad, unethical, self-protecting organizational behavior can happen anywhere. It is the natural self-preservation response that must be resisted.

    The RZIM leaders caught up in the worst of these problems forgot the foundation of all wisdom: the fear of the LORD. There are no shortcuts to integrity. Leaders need to ask themselves, “How will I stand before the Lord and explain this?”

    All that is happening now can be understood not only as the consequences of bad choices, but God’s chastisement on the organization. There is redemption for them, but it will be a difficult journey requiring a lot of humility and some hard decisions.

  16. Thank you to both Ms. Malhotra and Ms. Roys for their courage and concern for truth and integrity in Christian missions. Both demonstrate conviction and humility that is too rare these days. I applaud you both, and I sincerely pray for healing and restoration in your relationship. We need you both.

    1. Judy *Dabler*?? Her name makes me feel I’m reading an allegory here… I would say she dabbles, alright, dabbles with people’s souls, all the while lacking the wisdom and discernment God gives to “anyone who asks”.

      RZIM needs to turn out the lights lock the door, and hang up the Closed sign. Permanently.


        And Judy Dabler needs to close up shop, turn out the lights and have her license revoked …….. oh wait …..
        what a surprise…. she doesn’t have one !

  17. RZIM morphed into a “church” after FYE2015 and was no longer required to file IRS Form 990’s with the federal government and was then exempt from state filings. Thus, no Board members’ names were evident. Nor were they place on the website as I understand it.
    This should have been a red flag back then to any compliance watchdog groups. Christians have to stop giving to organizations without due diligence. And RZIM should close down completely. I don’t think it is salvageable.

    1. From this website: From this page: https://ruthhutchins.com/post/rzim-governance/
      and she has other RZIM posts. I do not recognize her name but she does look to be doing good research.

      The Board in 2018: “Importantly, this 2018 document lists the Directors by name. This is the only public disclosure of the Directors that I can find after RZIM stopped filing 990s. They were:
      Ravi Zacharias, Peter Sorensen, Mo Anderson, Phyllis Beard, Margaret Zacharias, Christopher Blattner, Tony Cimmarrusti, Sarah Davis, Veronica Colondam, Stanley Foltz, Wee Tiong Howe, Paul Kepes, Darryl Lanker, William Payne, Chuck Zeiser, Casey Cook, John Diepersloot, Dr. Kenneth Gamble, and Beth Sankey.”

  18. Julie, You really need to do an expose’ on both Cretaive Conciliation (Judy Dabler’s conciliation organization) and Live at Peace Ministries (which she also founded in 2007, but no longer works for). These organizations are doing great damage in the name of Christ and “peacemaking.” They operate under a faulty paradigm of conciliation, making no allowances for power differentials and they do not acknowledge abuse. I myself spoke with Ms. Dabler and it was a horrible experience which caused me much distress. I tried to reason with her that her approach would be putting me in further harms way and she refused to listen. Also I know for a fact that one of the senior counselors at Live at Peace ministries is a pastor at an abusive church. I know because I was at that church for several years and when I realized what was going on I brought my concerns forward and they were denied, minimized and excused. It was the senior pastor at this E Free church who recommended I speak with Ms. Dabler, which ended up causing me further harm. The bottom line is that Ms. Dabler sides with the powerful over and against the victims. In the RZIM case, and in my own, she gaslighted a victim working at RZIM and a victim of substantial church abuse. When you are abusing victims and siding with power in the name of Christ and “peacemaking” you are committing malpractice and that needs to be brought to an end.
    There is nothing Christlike about the way these organizations are going about their work. They cover over darkness, rather than expose it. It must be said, that in my own case as well as with RZIM, Dabler gaslighting truth tellers enabled the abuser to continue to harm for another 2 full years (10 plus in my case). It is both incredibly devastating to all those victimized and a very serious personal offense. As I said, Ms. Dabler refused to listen and be corrected and thereby shows both her folly and her arrogance. She really believes she is above correction and being called in on high profile cases like RZIM does not help that mentality.. Please expose these organizations. PLEASE!


      Wow Stacey !
      I think we are on to something ! I really think we should all call her office tomorrow and for the next couple of months and share some of the vile , disgusting and arrogant things that come out of her mouth which is just above the millstone which hangs around her neck……
      This ravi thing just won’t quit , I think each individual that is named in Ruth’s 26 page expose has a truck load of ugly, evil , disgusting , putrid , false , lying fruit in their lives that they might need help with in getting rid of it.
      Like was shared elsewhere on Julie’s blog ,there can’t possibly be enough time left in one’s life to repent AND
      MAKE RESTITUTION to EACH and EVERYONE that these individuals have POLLUTED (at the least ) and/or DESTROYED (at the worst) and EVERYTHING in between , I mean how could they even possibly find each and everyone ? Somebody may have even committed suicide as a result of these “leaders” . How would someone make restitution for that ?
      Here’s a stupid little example of restitution :
      “That’s really great that you are sorry for stealing my TV , but WHERE IS MY TV ????? ”
      Or Biblically Luke 19 :1-10

  19. The statement by Mark DeMoss is a masterclass in the PR spin moves his clients hire him for.

    He starts sounding all reasonable, then says, some is true, some is not, without specifying what, subtly casting doubt on the whole thing.

    Even worse, he ends with

    “I think it is unfortunate that the contents of the letter were not able to be considered by the Board, to whom it was confidentially addressed, and members of the RZIM leadership team, which it called into question, before the letter was released publicly by its author.”

    which casts aspersions on Ruth Malhorta and distracts from the main point.

    The contents were sent on Sat 6 Feb. The board met 8-10 Feb. It absolutely should have been considered by the board.The same holds for the senior leadership who of course saw it as well.

    What is unfortunate, no, inexcusable, is that, as far as we can tell, the board *didn’t* consider the letter in their actions.

    It’s not hard to see that letter was not written with the aim of public release, but rather as a persuasion piece aimed at the board. Presumably Ruth hoped that in this final hour, they would do the right thing and so save what could be saved of the international team that she loves.

    When they didn’t, the UK board jumped ship. Others would if they could.

    The public release was final act of desperation, hoping to force some kind of change. By the looks of this message from DeMoss, and other noises coming from RZIMHQ, it didn’t work.

    1. Thank you for “translating” the DeMoss statement. Thank you for showing the timeline of the letter and related events. This board has mostly failed, although they have confessed to some errors.

  20. The best way forward is to close down the ministry and burn all the literature associated with RZIM and consider that a sad chapter of another hypocrite abusing the Christian religion. Unfortunately, that list of hypocritic leaders is getting longer.

  21. godefredus janssen

    What is his judgment before God. The world has already judge him. A name has stood so high in the work of the Lord. The road back is hard. For the staff it will take time and prayer. The family name is gone. Only Christ can bring some good out of all this. It is time for grace.

  22. Ms. Malhotra’s letter was very informative. It’s not difficult to understand how she was drawn in by her good intentions and then managed and tripped up by a group of manipulators.

      1. Yes, it is.

        My first reaction to the article was that she should have recognized the poisonous environment immediately, but reading her whole piece gives a better perspective.

  23. Does this describe RZ and maybe his enablers also. From John 3, “19 “This is the basis for judgment: The light came into the world, and people loved darkness more than the light, for their actions are evil. 20 All who do wicked things hate the light and don’t come to the light for fear that their actions will be exposed to the light. 21 Whoever does the truth comes to the light so that it can be seen that their actions were done in God.”

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